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Bella Swan: [voice over] Everyone showed courage, though we knew that Aro’s army was moving against us. Soon we would face the dark gifts of Jane, and worse the paralyzing vapor of her brother Alec, who could rob of you sight, sound and touch.


[in London, we see Jane and Alec chase down a Japanese vampire, Toshiro, they corner him and Alec releases his vapor, nearly killing him when Aro, Caius and Marcus arrive]
Aro: Alec.
[Alec takes back his power, releasing Toshiro from his vapor, Aro moves closer to Toshiro]
Toshiro: I will never go against you.
Aro: Of course not. My dear, Toshiro.
[Aro indicates that Toshiro gives him his hand, when he takes his hand Aro reads his mind]
Aro: It seems Carlisle is still expecting you.
[Aro and the others turn and start walking off, leaving Alec and Jane to deal with Toshiro]
Caius: Carlisle is all but ensuring his own destruction.
Aro: Sad, isn’t it?


Edward Cullen: Aro will want us incapacitated before he attacks. Jane and Alec will try and take me out first, because I can anticipate their moves.
Garrett: Too bad we don’t all have your shield.
Bella Swan: Doesn’t help me fight though.
Tanya: No, but it could help the rest of us if you could project it.
Bella Swan: What do you mean?
Tanya: I mean shield someone other than yourself.
Bella Swan: Is that possible?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Gifts can be developed, over time.
Kate: At first mine was just in my palms, now I can radiate it all over my body.
Bella Swan: How do you do it?
[Bella takes Kate’s hand, a little too hard]
Bella Swan: Tell me.
Kate: Ow!


[Kate and the other vampire try to help Bella develop her power]
Kate: You need to visualize it. See how it moves, what color it is. Now picture it expanding. Will it to go beyond you.
[Bella tries but only manages to bring up her shield for moment]
Kate: I think she needs something to motivate her.
[Edward steps forward]
Bella Swan: No.
Edward Cullen: It’s alright, I can take it.
Garrett: He says that now.
Emmett Cullen: Focus, Bella, or he’s going to be hurting.
[Edward puts his hand up ready to touch Kate’s hand]
Bella Swan: Edward, I’m not ready to do this yet…
[Kate touches Edward hand, sending a painful electric shock through him]
Bella Swan: I’m sorry! I said that I wasn’t ready!
Emmett Cullen: Dude, you’re not motivating her.
Edward Cullen: You wanna try?!
[Emmett puts his hands up and backs off]


[Bella tries again to use her power and Kate touches Edward, sending another electric shock through his body making Edward scream in pain]
Bella Swan: Kate!
Kate: You seem to lack incentive. Shall I go and see if Renesmee’s awake?
Bella Swan: Are you crazy?!
Kate: Alright. This one’s on full power.
[as Kate is about to touch Edward, Bella manages to bring up her shield and protects Edward from Kate’s power when she touches him]
Edward Cullen: It’s painful, but it’s bearable.
[Bella smiles]
Bella Swan: Okay, we should go again.
Edward Cullen: Emmett?
Emmett Cullen: I’m good.


[Bella reads to Renesmee to sleep]
Bella Swan: There is sweet music that softer falls. Than petals from blown roses on the grass. Or night-dews on still waters between walls. Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass. Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies.
[Bella sees that Renesmee has closed her eyes and she closes the book and turns off the light]
Renesmee: Mom.
Bella Swan: Hmm?
Renesmee: Did Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper run away because we’re gonna die?
Bella Swan: No. I think they left to keep us safer, and that’s what all these other people are here for too. I’ll never let anybody hurt you.
[Bella kisses Renesmee on her forehead and pulls her close to her]
Bella Swan: Come here. Go to sleep.


[after putting Renesmee to sleep, Bella goes to the living room and looks at Alice’s not once more when Edward walks in]
Bella Swan: It’s strange. Physically I feel like I could demolish a tank, mentally I just feel…drained.
Edward Cullen: How about a bath?breaking-dawn-2-11
[Edward sits next to her and kisses her shoulder and starts unbuttoning her shirt]
Bella Swan: I do remember how to undress myself.
Edward Cullen: Yeah, I just do it so much better.
[Bella smiles and looks at Alice’s note again]
Edward Cullen: Bella, I’ve had a bad habit of underestimating you. Every obstacle you’ve faced, I’d think you couldn’t overcome it, and you just did. You’re the reason I have something to fight for, my family.
[they kiss for a moment]
Edward Cullen: I’m gonna get the water running.
[Edward leaves the room, Bella looks at Alice’s note again, turns the note over to look at the ripped page from The Merchant of Venice, she notices the book on the book shelf, opens it and finds a hidden note from Alice that says ‘J. Jenks, Seattle – destroy this’]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice made sure only I would get the message, because only my mind would be safe from Aro.
[when Edward walks back in the room, Bella throws the book into the fire]


[talking to Bella on the car as they take Renesmee to Charlie]
Jacob Black: Surprised you took a break from Jedi training.
Bella Swan: If I don’t take Renesmee to my dad, he’ll come to us. Twenty seven vampires, one human, not so great.
Jacob Black: I know that’s what you told Edward.
[Bella doesn’t reply as she realizes that Jacob is aware she’s up to something]
Jacob Black: Whatever. I’m just glad to get away from all the reeking blood suckers.
[Bella gives Jacob a look of disapproval]
Jacob Black: I’m sorry. I know, they’re the good guys. But come on, Dracula one and two are…creepy!
[they both laugh]


[as Bella pulls up the car at Charlie’s Renesmee quickly gets out of the car and runs towards Charlie and Sue as they come out of the house]
Charlie Swan: There she is! Come here!
[Charlie catches Renesmee in his arms and spins her]
Charlie Swan: Wow! Look at you! You’ve grown half a foot. Seriously! Like six inches.
Sue Clearwater: Come on inside, lunch is on the table.
[looking at Renesmee]
Charlie Swan: We got a tree to decorate, huh?
Bella Swan: I’ve actually got a few errands to run, guys. I’ll be back soon, okay?
[Jacob gives Bella a knowing look as she leaves and goes inside the house with Renesmee]


[as Bella drives to Seattle to meet with J. Jenks]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice’s note gave me a sense of hope. Maybe she had a plan for us after all, and maybe J. Jenks was the key.
[Bella arrives at the restaurant she’s meeting Jenks an is directed to his table]
J. Jenks: Mrs. Cullen.
Bella Swan: Hi.
J. Jenks: I’m so happy you called.
[they sit down]
J. Jenks: I always meet my private clients here, it’s more uh…comfortable than the office.
Bella Swan: And it’s more public.
[Jenks smiles]
Bella Swan: So what type of work do you do, J?
J. Jenks: Well, you know, this and that. It’s always different which keeps it interesting.
Bella Swan: Have you known Alice and Jasper long?
J. Jenks: I’ve been working with them for more than twenty years. And my late partner, knew Jasper fifteen years before that. He’s uh…unusually well preserved.
Bella Swan: Yes, he is.
J. Jenks: I trust that Mr. Jasper is enjoying his vacation.
Bella Swan: He didn’t tell you where he was going, did he?
J. Jenks: No, no, no. He uh…just mentioned that he was living when he came by to place his order.
Bella Swan: I assume that his order is ready?
J. Jenks: Of course. I’ve never been late with a delivery.
[Jenks slides an envelope towards Bella, she opens the envelope to find forged passports and documentation for Renesmee and Jacob]
J. Jenks: Is there a problem?
Bella Swan: No. My husband and I thought that we’d all be traveling together.
J. Jenks: Jasper said only two were traveling. His instructions were very clear.
[Bella clearly disappointed puts the passports and documents back into the envelope]
Bella Swan: It’s my mistake. Apparently that’s not going to happen.


[driving back to Forks after her meeting with Jenks]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice’s vision was clear. Renesmee would have a future, but Edward and I wouldn’t be a part of it.
[Bella watches as Renesmee goes to Edwards arms and he picks her up lovingly, she then goes and packs a bag for Renesmee, with some money and writes a letter for Renesmee]
Bella Swan: [voice over] My dearest Renesmee, I thought we would have forever together. But forever isn’t as long as I’d hoped. I know now why Alice left me clues, it’s to keep you safe. Everything you and Jacob will need is in this pack. Jacob will protect you and he’ll help you learn about the Tekona legends.


[as Bella finishes up writing her letter to Renesmee, Alistair walks into the room]
Alistair: It’s a romantic notion, isn’t it? That a righteous few can defy a great evil. But I must admit you uh…even had me believing, for a moment. Well, good luck.
[Alistair turns and starts walking out]
Alistair: You’re gonna need it. Cheers.
[he walks out]


[spending Christmas at Charlie’s house, Bella watches the snow outside with worry, Edward walks up behind her]
Bella Swan: The snow is sticking.
Edward Cullen: But we still have today.
[Bella watches as Sue helps Charlie clear up in the kitchen]
Bella Swan: I’m so glad Charlie has somebody to take care of him.
Edward Cullen: Bella, no one’s giving up here.
[Charlie walks into the room]
Charlie Swan: Alright, present time! Let’s go! Seth, Leah, stop eating. Jake, you start. Get it going
[Jacob passes a present to Renesmee]
Bella Swan: Well, dad, we didn’t have time to wrap yours, but here it is.
[she gives Charlie a piece of paper]
Bella Swan: It’s a five day fishing to Fraser River. It’s for you and Sue.
Edward Cullen: You leave tomorrow.
Charlie Swan: Wow, that’s really nice. Thank you. Tomorrow? I can’t…I can’t leave tomorrow.
Sue Clearwater: I made arrangements for you at work.
Charlie Swan: Sneaky, and extravagant.
Edward Cullen: And non-refundable I’m afraid.
Charlie Swan: You two trying to get to rid of me?
[Bella and Edward go quite, thinking he might have figured out something is wrong]
Charlie Swan: Cause it’s working!
[Charlie laughs]
Charlie Swan: Fraser River, that means we’ll be chasing cutthroat.
Sue Clearwater: We might even hook a rainbow or some bulls.
Charlie Swan: Woman knows her trout.


[referring to the present Renesmee has just opened]
Bella Swan: Hey, beautiful, let me see.
[she sees that it’s a bracelet]
Bella Swan: Jacob made this for you? Wanna put it on?
[Bella puts the bracelet on Renesmee’s wrist]
Renesmee: It’s so pretty.
Bella Swan: It is really pretty.
[Bella turns to Edward who smiles]


[as the snow is falling, the vampires and Jacob have set up camp in the woods, Jacob brings some wood and drops it on the ground, then Benjamin uses his powers to produce fire from his fingertips and throws it on the woods to start a fire]
Jacob Black: That’s what I’m talking about. A little pre-battle bonfire, telling war stories.
[Jacob sits next to Benjamin and looks across the fire and sees the other vampires standing]
Jacob Black: What are you standing there like a freaking statue?
[suddenly Garrett spins in and sits next to them by the fire]
Garrett: Name any American battle, I was there.
Jacob Black: Little Big Horn.
Garrett: I came this close to biting Custer, but the Indians caught him first.
[just then Kate spins in and sits next to Garrett]
Kate: Try Oleg’s assault on Constantinople, he didn’t win that one on his own.
Liam: If you’re talking battles, you’re talking the Eleven Years War. No one does rebellion like the Irish.
Garrett: You lost the Eleven Years War.
Liam: Aye, but it was one hell of a rebellion.


[sitting around the camp fire with the other vampires]
Vladimir: When we ruled everything came to us. Prey, diplomats, favor seekers. Such was our power, but we never put on white hats and called ourselves saints.
Stefan: We were honest about what we were.
Vladimir: We sat still for a very long time, we didn’t notice we were beginning to petrify.
Stefan: Perhaps the Volturi did us a favor when they burned our castles.
Vladimir: We’ve been waiting fifteen hundred years to return that favor.


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