Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Billy Burke, Chaske Spencer, Mackenzie Foy, Maggie Grace, Jamie Campbell Bower, Christopher Heyerdahl, Michael Sheen



Second and final part of the romantic fantasy sequel directed by Bill Condon. The story follows on straight from the ending of Part 1, Bella (Kristen Stewart) is now a vampire and is adapting to the changes in her condition. Bella and Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) daughter, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), is growing at an accelerated rate and when a vampire sees her and reports her to the Volturi as an immortal child, which is illegal, the Volturi set out to destroy the Cullens. In order to prove that Renesmee is not a threat, Bell and Edward ask friends and family to come stand with them.


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[first lines; Bella wakes up as a new vampire and she immediately notices the differences in her senses, noticing dust particles in the air, the textures and details of things in the room, she focuses on Edward and they start touching each other lightly, Edward strokes her face]
Edward Cullen: You’re so beautiful. We’re the same temperature now.
[Bella looks at herself in the mirror, then turns to Edward and embraces him, not realizing her newly found strength as Edward starts feels uncomfortable in her embrace]
Edward Cullen: Hey, Bella. You’re a lot stronger than I am right now. It’s your turn not to break me.
Bella Swan: I love you.
Edward Cullen: I love you.
[they start kissing, then Bella looks at Edward]
Bella Swan: Renesmee.
[Edward smiles]
Edward Cullen: She’s incredible.
Bella Swan: Where is she? I have to see her.
[Bella turns to go]
Edward Cullen: Wait. Wait. You need to get your thirst under control.
[Bella starts to look hungry]
Edward Cullen: Yeah, you’ll need to hunt.


[Edward and Bella go to the woods on a hunt, as they run at super speed Bella again starts to notice everything in the woods, finally they stop after jumping over a waterfall]
Edward Cullen: Close your eyes.
[Bella closes her eyes and turns]
Edward Cullen: What do you hear?
[Bella starts hearing an owl, a squirrel and then a dear, she goes over to look at the dear when she sees a human in the distance and starts smelling his blood as he hurts himself as he climbs the mountain, Bella looks like she’s about to attack when Edward intervenes]
Edward Cullen: Bella, don’t!
[Bella bolts and starts running towards the human, Edward catches up with her and stops her as she’s about to attack]
Edward Cullen: Bella, stop! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize they’d be people this far off in the trail.
[Bella looks at the human and tries to control herself]
Bella Swan: I have to get out of here!
Edward Cullen: Okay, I could help you.
[Bella jumps off the cliff and Edward looks at her as she leaps off and smiles]
Edward Cullen: Or not.
[Bella goes to catch the dear but a mountain lion comes up and leaps towards the dear at the same time Bella jumps and takes down the mountain lion, the dear runs off]


[after Bella has fed on the mountain lion Bella and Edward walk back to the house]
Edward Cullen: Well, I’m amazed. You ran away from human blood, you made a hunt. Even mature vampires have problems with that.
[Bella sees Jacob walking out of the house and coming towards them]
Bella Swan: You’re still here.
Jacob Black: So are you. I didn’t expect you to seem so you.
[Bella smiles]
Jacob Black: Except for the creepy eyes.
[as Jacob starts getting closer]
Bella Swan: I would, I would keep my distance, for now.
Jacob Black: It’s safer for the baby to see how you deal with me first.
Bella Swan: Since when do you care about Renesmee?
[Jacob and Edward look at each other, knowing that Bella doesn’t know that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee]
Jacob Black: Alright, take a whiff.
[Bella steps closer and takes a sniff]
Bella Swan: Well, I can see what everybody’s been talking about.
[Jacob smiles]
Bella Swan: Jake, you really do stink.
[Edward and Jacob laugh]
Jacob Black: You guys really look great together.
Edward Cullen: want to come meet our daughter?
[Jacob runs ahead into the house as Bella and Edward make their way into the house]


[as Bella and Edward walk into the house, the whole family are there with Renesmee, they turn to face Bella]
Esme Cullen: Welcome to the family.
Alice Cullen: You look amazing, Bella.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Someone’s been waiting to meet you.
Edward Cullen: Rose.
[Rose is holding Renesmee, turns to face them, Bella finally sees Renesmee, who looks a few months old, Rose hands over Renesmee to Bella and Renesmee tenderly touches Bella’s face, Bella starts seeing image of herself when she gave birth to Renesmee]
Bella Swan: What was that?
Edward Cullen: She showed you the first memory she has of you.
Bella Swan: Showed me how?
Edward Cullen: How do I hear thoughts? How does Alice see the future? She’s gifted.
[Bella notices how much older Renesmee looks for a new born baby]
Bella Swan: I’ve only been out for two days?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Her growth is unprecedented.


[as Bella is holding onto Renesmee, Jacob starts to act protective]
Jacob Black: Alight, that’s enough experimenting for one day.
Edward Cullen: Jacob, she’s doing great.
Jacob Black: Yeah, let’s not push it though.
Bella Swan: What’s your problem?
Rosalie Hale: Oh, do tell her, Jacob?
Emmett Cullen: This should be good.
Edward Cullen: Hold on a second. Bella.
[Edward takes Renesmee from her]
Jacob Black: Look, it’s a wolf thing.
Bella Swan: What’s a wolf thing?
Jacob Black: Um, you know we have no control over it. We can’t choose who it happens with, and it doesn’t mean what you think, Bella. I promise.
Bella Swan: Take Renesmee out of the room.
[Bella starts to look angry, Edwards comes up behind her and touches her shoulder]
Bella Swan: Edward, don’t touch me right now. I don’t want to hurt you.
[Edward takes his hand away, furious with Jacob, Bella grabs hold of him and throws him out of the house]


[after throwing Jacob out of the house]
Bella Swan: You imprinted on my daughter?!
Jacob Black: It wasn’t my choice!
Bella Swan: She’s a baby!
Jacob Black: It’s not like that! You think Edward would let me live if it was?
Edward Cullen: I’m still debating it.
Bella Swan: I’ve held her once. One time, Jacob! And already you think that you have some moronic wolfie claim on her?! She’s mine!
[Bella suddenly strikes Jacob hard in the face and Leah and Seth in their wolf form arrive on the scene]
Jacob Black: It’s fine, Leah.
Bella Swan: You’re going to stay away from her.
Jacob Black: You know I can’t do that.
[Bella punches Jacob hard in the stomach and he falls down]
Esme Cullen: Stop her, Edward.
Edward Cullen: He said, it’s fine. She’s amazing, right?


Jacob Black: Do you remember how much you wanted to be around me three days ago? That’s gone now, right?
Bella Swan: Long gone!
Jacob Black: Because it was her. From the beginning, it was Nessie who wanted me there.
Bella Swan: Nessie?! You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?!
[as Bella moves towards Jacob in anger, Seth in his wolf form attacks her, but Bella pushes him aside easily and he hits the tree before falling to the ground in pain]
Jacob Black: Seth, are you okay?
[Seth whimpers in pain]
Bella Swan: Seth, I’m sorry.
Jacob Black: He’ll be alright.
[Jacob turns to Bella again]
Jacob Black: Bella, you know me, better than anyone. All I want is for Ness…
[he sees Bella get angry at the mention of her nickname]
Jacob Black: Renesmee to be safe. Happy. Look, nothing ever made sense before. You, me, any of it. And now I understand why. This was the reason.


[back at the house, as Jacob sleeps on the couch, Bella and Edward watch from the window as the Cullen’s come back after their hunt, Rosalie comes into the house first looking at Renesmee in Bella’s arms]
Rosalie Hale: My turn.
[Bella gives Renesmee to Rosalie]
Bella Swan: Where does she sleep?
Rosalie Hale: In my arms, or Edwards or Esme’s.
[Jacob wakes up as the other enter the house, Alice walks up to Bella]
Alice Cullen: Happy Birthday.
Bella Swan: I stopped aging three days ago.
Alice Cullen: Well, we’re celebrating anyway. So suck it up.
[Alice holds out a key for Bella]


[Alice takes Bella to her surprise present]
Bella Swan: I still hate surprises, that hasn’t changed.
Alice Cullen: You’ll love this one. Welcome home!
[Bella sees a house, which is near the Cullen’s house]
Alice Cullen: We thought you guys might like a place of your own.
Edward Cullen: What do you think?
Bella Swan: I think it’s perfect.
Alice Cullen: Go inside.
[Edwards takes Bella’s hand and they walk towards their house]
Alice Cullen: Have fun.


[Edward and Bella enter their new home and Edward shows Bella around]
Edward Cullen: This will be Renesmee’s room.
[they walk towards their room which has a massive walk-in closet]
Edward Cullen: Closet.
Bella Swan: Wow.
Edward Cullen: Alice stocked it for you.
[Bella looks at the expensive dresses]
Bella Swan: Clearly.
[Bella walks into their bedroom and looks at their bed]
Edward Cullen: This is our room.
Bella Swan: Vampires don’t sleep.
Edward Cullen: It’s not intended for sleep.
[Edward starts kissing her neck, Bella pushes Edward onto the bed and they start making love]


[as they lie in each other arms after making love]
Bella Swan: You really were holding back before. I’m never going to get enough of this. We don’t get tired, we don’t have to rest, or catch our breath or eat. I mean, how are we going to stop?
[Edward smiles]
Edward Cullen: Rosalie and Emmett were so bad, it took a solid decade before we could stand to be within five miles of them.
Bella Swan: I think we might be worse.
Edward Cullen: Definitely worse.
[they start kissing and making love again]


[the next morning, Bella and Edward walk into the Cullen’s house]
Emmett Cullen: Wow, done already?
Bella Swan: Where’s Renesmee?
Jacob Black: Blondie stole her
[Jacob watches Rosalie from the window as she plays with Renesmee]
Emmett Cullen: Break a lot of stuff?
Bella Swan: Emmett. No.
[Emmett laughs]


[as the Cullen’s phone rings]
Bella Swan: Is that Charlie?
Edward Cullen: He’s been calling twice a day.
Jacob Black: He’s in pretty rough shape.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Eventually we’ll have to tell him you didn’t make it.
Edward Cullen: He needs to mourn, Bella.
[Jacob nods his head in agreement]
Bella Swan: Okay, we’ll do it tomorrow.
Emmett Cullen: I’m going to miss this place.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We’ll come back, we always do.
Jacob Black: Wait, nobody said anything about leaving.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Once people believe that Bella’s dead we can’t risk anyone seeing her.
Jacob Black: So you just disappear?
Edward Cullen: Jacob, we don’t have another choice.


[upset at the prospect of losing Renesmee, Jacob goes to see Charlie]
Charlie Swan: Hey, you heard anything?
Jacob Black: Charlie, Bella’s, uh…
[thinking that he means’ Bella’s dead]
Charlie Swan: No, she’s not.
Jacob Black: No, no, no! I mean, she’s, she’s fine. She’s back home and she’s feeling better.
[Charlie looks relieved]
Charlie Swan: Why didn’t you say so? That’s great.
[Charlie starts walking off]
Jacob Black: Wait! There’s something you need to see first.
Charlie Swan: I need to see Bella.
Jacob Black: Look, in order for Bella to get better, she had to change.
Charlie Swan: What do you mean, change?
Jacob Black: Here goes nothing.
[Jacob takes off his jacket and starts taking his clothes off]
Charlie Swan: What the hell are you doing?
Jacob Black: You don’t live in the world you think you do.
Charlie Swan: Jacob, put your clothes on.
Jacob Black: Now, this may seem strange. Really strange. But stranger thing happen every day, trust me.
[suddenly Jacob shifts into his wolf form in front of Charlie, who looks shocked]


[after telling the truth about himself to Charlie, Jacob defends himself to Bella and Edward]
Jacob Black: Look, I solved a problem. You were leaving, what did you expect me to do?
Bella Swan: You don’t realize the danger you’ve put him in. The Volturi will kill anyone who knows about us.
Jacob Black: No, I didn’t tell him about you, just me. I only said you were different.
Edward Cullen: And that we have a niece, who we adopted.
Bella Swan: I mean seriously, Jake, he’s not just going to let that go.
Edward Cullen: Did you consider the physical pain you’ll put Bella through? It’ll be like sticking a white hot branding iron down her throat, and that’s assuming she can control her thirst.
Jacob Black: Look, Charlie’s been in hell, and I know you’ll be much happier with him in your life.
Edward Cullen: Jacob, don’t try and pretend you’re doing this for anyone but yourself.
Jacob Black: I’m sorry you feel that way. Because he’ll be here in ten minutes.
Bella Swan: What?!


[the Cullens help Bella get prepared to meet Charlie; Alice places contact lenses in her eyes]
Alice Cullen: These will irritate your eyes at first.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: The main thing is not to move too fast.
Esme Cullen: Try taking as seat, crossing your legs.
[Bella gets up to take a seat, but she moves too fast and slams into the seat]
Esme Cullen: Maybe a tad slower.
Alice Cullen: And blink at least three times a minute.
[Bella starts blinking repeatedly]
Alice Cullen: Good.
Jacob Black: For a cartoon character.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Hold your breath, it’ll help with the thirst.
Edward Cullen: Just don’t forget to move your shoulders, so it looks like your breathing.
[Bella starts moving her shoulders up and down]
Rosalie Hale: And don’t sit so straight, humans don’t do that.
[Bella slouches, then stands as it all gets too much for her]
Bella Swan: Okay, I got it. Move around, blink, slouch.
[Bella hears Charlie’s car park up outside the house]
Esme Cullen: Good luck.
[everybody leaves the room]


[as Charlie walks up to the house, Carlisle opens the door]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Hello, Charlie.
Charlie Swan: Where’s Bella?
[Carlisle motions for Charlie to come inside and he takes Charlie to Bella, she’s sat on the couch with Edward]
Charlie Swan: Bella?
Bella Swan: Hi, dad.
Charlie Swan: Are you okay?
Bella Swan: Never better. Healthy as a horse.
Charlie Swan: You don’t turn into an animal too, do you?
[Bella smiles and shakes her head]
Jacob Black: She wishes she was that awesome.
Edward Cullen: Let’s give her some privacy.
[Edward, Carlisle and Jacob leave the room]


[after the others leave the room, Charlie sits next to Bella on the couch]
Charlie Swan: Uh, Jake said that, this, this was necessary. What does that mean?
Bella Swan: I really think it would be better…
Charlie Swan: I want to know what happened to you!
Bella Swan: I can’t tell you.
Charlie Swan: I think I deserve and explanation.
Bella Swan: You do, but if you really need one, I can’t stay here.
Charlie Swan: Oh, come on! No! No more going away!
Bella Swan: Dad, you’re just going to have to trust that for whatever reason, I’m alright. I’m more than alright. Can you live with that?
Charlie Swan: Can I live with that? Well, I don’t know, Bella. I mean, I just watched a kid I’ve known his entire life turn into a very large dog. My daughter looks like my daughter, but doesn’t.
Bella Swan: Can you just believe that I’ll tell you anything that you need to know.
Charlie Swan: And I don’t need to know this?
Bella Swan: No. Really, you don’t.
Charlie Swan: Well, I’m not going to lose you again. I can’t.
Bella Swan: Then you won’t. I promise.
[Charlie hugs Bella]
Charlie Swan: I missed you, Bells. So much.
Bella Swan: I missed you, dad.


[as Bella and Charlie are hugging, Edward walks into the room with Renesmee]
Edward Cullen: Charlie, this is Renesmee.
Charlie Swan: Your niece.
Edward Cullen: Our daughter.
Charlie Swan: Right. The adoption.
[Charlie looks at Renesmee for a moment]
Charlie Swan: Renesmee? She’s got your eyes, Bella. Need to know, I guess.
[Bella nods her head and smiles]


[as they watch Charlie drive off]
Jasper Hale: Well done, Bella. I’ve never seen a new-born show that kind of restrain.
Emmett Cullen: I’m not sure she is a new-born. She’s so tame.
Edward Cullen: Emmett, don’t antagonize her. She’s the strongest one in the house.
Emmett Cullen: Please.
[this leads to an arm wrestling match in the woods between Bella and Emmett]
Edward Cullen: Don’t hurt yourself, Emmett.
[Bella and Emmett get into position]
Jasper Hale: Alright, on three. One, two, three!
[Bella beats Emmett easily and everyone claps, Bella turns to Edward]
Bella Swan: Did you see that?
[Bella then punches the rock nearby making it break and crumble, showing off her new found strength]


[after her wrestling match with Emmett, Bella feels the sun coming up in the woods, she steps into the sunlight which makes her skin sparkle]
Bella Swan: [voice over] My time as a human was over, but I never felt more alive. I was born to be a vampire.


[we see Sam making up with Jacob and Bella getting an expensive necklace with a note from the Volturi]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Everything was falling into place. Even the Volturi seemed to accept by new status, though they’d want proof eventually. It seemed we had only one enemy left; time.
[we see Renesmee growing up from looking like a few months old to a few years old]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Renesmee was growing too fast. We all worried how long we would have with her. It just made every moment precious.


[Renesmee, now looking at least 6 or 7 years old, is playing in the snow with Bella ad Jacob in his wolf form]
Renesmee: Look, a snow flake.
Bella Swan: It’s beautiful. Why don’t you go get another one?
[Renesmee runs off to play as Bella and Jacob watch her]
Bella Swan: Edward thinks that we’ll find answers in Brazil. There are tribes there that might know something.
[Bella watches Renesmee as she leaps into the air to catch snowflakes, suddenly they see a figure off in the distance watching them]
Renesmee: Who was that?
Bella Swan: I think that’s our cousin from Denali.
[Bella shouts out]
Bella Swan: Irina!
[looking visibly upset at seeing Renesmee, Irina and runs off before Bella can speak with her]


[back at the house, after Carlisle has spoken to the leader of the Denali Coven]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Tanya convinced Irina to come reconcile with us.
Edward Cullen: Well, it looks like she changed her mind.
Esme Cullen: Seeing Jacob must have been too much for her.
Bella Swan: I wish I could have just spoken to her.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She’s family. She’ll come around.
[Edward, who’s sat with Renesmee at the piano, starts playing the piano]


[in Italy we see Irina going to see the Volturi]
Aro: What a pleasant surprise.
Caius: What do you want? Hm?
Irina: I have to report a crime. The Cullens, they’ve done something terrible.
Aro: Allow me, my dear.
[Aro takes Irina’s hand, seeing that the Cullens have created an immortal child]
Aro: Oh, my.


[back at the Cullens house, everyone is gathered and listening to Edward play the piano when Alice has a vision of the Volturi coming to Forks to kill them all and drops the vase of flowers she was carrying]
Jasper Hale: What is it, Alice?
Alice Cullen: The Volturi, they’re coming for us. Aro, Caius, Marcus, the guard and Irina.
[to Renesmee]
Bella Swan: Honey, come here.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Why?
Edward Cullen: What did Irina see in the woods?
Bella Swan: We were just walking.
Jacob Black: Ness was catching snowflakes.
Edward Cullen: Of course. Irina thinks Renesmee’s an immortal child.


[Carlisle recounts the history of immortal children for Bella]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: The immortal children were very beautiful, so enchanting. To be near them was to love them. But their development was frozen at the age they were turned, they couldn’t be taught or restrained. A single tantrum could destroy an entire village. Humans heard about the devastation, stories spread, the Volturi were forced to intervene. And since the children couldn’t protect our secret, they had to be destroyed. The creators grew very attached, fought to protect them. Long established covens were torn apart, countless humans slaughtered. Traditions, friends, even families, lost.
[we see in flashback that Irina’s mother was one of the creators of immortal children]
Bella Swan: So the Denali’s mother made an immortal child?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Yes. And she paid the price.
[we see the Volturi decapitate Irina’s mother and burn the immortal child]
Bella Swan: Well, Renesmee is nothing like those children. She was born, not bitten. She grows every single day.
Jacob Black: So can’t you just explain that to the Volturi?
Edward Cullen: Aro has enough proof in Irina’s thoughts.
Jacob Black: So we fight.
Jasper Hale: Their offensive weapons are too powerful. No one could stand against Jane.
Alice Cullen: Alec’s even worse.
Bella Swan: Well then we convince them.
Emmett Cullen: They’re coming to kill us, not to talk.
Edward Cullen: No, you’re right. They won’t listen to us. But maybe others can convince them. Carlisle, we have friends all around the world.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I won’t ask them to fight.
Edward Cullen: Not fight, witness. If enough people knew the truth, maybe we can convince the Volturi to listen.
[Esme turns to Carlisle]
Esme Cullen: We can ask this of our friends.


[to Carlisle as they all pack to go and gather as many vampires as they can]
Esme Cullen: At least we get to go to London again, we haven’t been there in a long time.
Jacob Black: Alright, let’s get this show on the road.
[Jacob sees Sam walking up the house; Sam gives Carlisle a note]
Sam Uley: Alice asked me to give you that. She and Jasper crossed our lands to the ocean last night.
[Carlisle reads the note and looks at the others]
Esme Cullen: Carlisle.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: They’ve left us.
Rosalie Hale: Why?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She didn’t say.
Bella Swan: Can I see that.
[Carlisle gives Alice’s note to Bella]
Alice Cullen: [voice over] Gather as many witnesses as you can before the snow sticks to the ground. That’s when they’ll come.
[Bella turns the note over and sees that it’s a page torn from ‘The Merchant of Venice’ by William Shakespeare]


Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice’s instructions were clear, but the question remained. Why would she and Jasper leave at the moment we needed most? What did they know? Our search for witnesses began with a trip north to our closes relatives.


[Bella and Edward drive up to the Denali’s house, Edward gets out of the car and walks up to them]
Carmen: Edward, is everything alright? Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?
Kate: Is it Irina? Have you heard from her?
Edward Cullen: Not directly.
Eleazar: Why is your bride waiting in the car?
Kate: And why have you brought a wolf with you? I can smell him from here.
Edward Cullen: My family’s in danger, I need your help.
Carmen: What’s happened?
Edward Cullen: It’s hard to explain, but I need you to be open minded, can you do that?
Tanya: Of course.


[Bella, Jacob and Renesmee wait in the car as Edward talks to the Denali’s, Bella turns to Renesmee]
Bella Swan: Okay, time to meet some new people.
Renesmee: What if they don’t like me?
Jacob Black: They’ll love you.
Bella Swan: They will, once they understand you.
Jacob Black: They just haven’t met anyone like you before.
Bella Swan: Okay.
[they all get out the car and the Denali’s are immediately shocked at seeing Renesmee]
Kate: The Volturi will come for all of us.
Tanya: You get that thing out of here!
Edward Cullen: She’s not what she looks like.
Tanya: This is a crime!
[Tanya suddenly attacks Edward and he quickly pushes her aside, Kate then attacks Edward but Bella quickly jumps in and throws Kate aside, then both Kate and Tanya move to attack Edward and Bella]
Bella Swan: Stay back!
Edward Cullen: She has blood in her veins, you can feel her warmth.
Carmen: I can feel it.
Edward Cullen: I’m her biological father, Bella’s her mother.
Kate: Impossible.
Bella Swan: It’s true. She was born while I was still human.
Eleazar: I’ve never heard of such a thing.
Edward Cullen: She can show you if you let her.


[as Jacob brings Renesmee towards the Denali’s]
Edward Cullen: Tanya, you owe us this much. We’re all under a death sentence because your sister didn’t let us explain.
[Jacob brings Renesmee closer to Tanya, Renesmee goes to place her hand on Tanya’s cheek]
Bella Swan: Don’t be afraid. This is how she communicates.
[Renesmee touches Tanya’s cheek, letting her feel her memories, Tanya suddenly understands and turns to her family]
Tanya: It’s true. She’s not immortal.
Bella Swan: [voice over] I knew the rest of our family would face this fear as well. Fear of the unknown, fear of the Volturi.


[Carlisle and Esme visit another vampire family in Egypt]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Amun, please!
Amun: I can’t help you, Carlisle.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t urgent.
Amun: You must go.
[suddenly Amun’s son, Benjamin uses his powers to make the water in their small house pool rise up like a wall to block the doorway]
Benjamin: I’d like to hear about it. I never get to meet any of Amun’s friends. He likes to keep me hidden.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I can’t imagine why.
[Benjamin makes the water fall back into the pool, and he walks up to Carlisle and they shake hands]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Carlisle.
Benjamin: Benjamin.


[back in Forks, we see Renesmee touching Benjamin’s cheek, then Benjamin takes Renesmee’s hand and uses his power to entertain her]
Edward Cullen: Benjamin can influence the elements.
Bella Swan: And here I get super self control.
[suddenly they all hear something fast move in the woods getting closer to them, suddenly we see two female vampires appear out of nowhere]
Bella Swan: Who are they?
Edward Cullen: Senna and Zafrina, from the Amazon.
[Bella and Edward take Renesmee to Senna and Zafrina]
Bella Swan: [voice over] The arrival of Senna and Zafrina meant that our plea was being heard in even the most remote corners of the world. While others searched for witnesses closer to home. A patriot Carlisle first met on the battlefield at Yorktown would become our most unlikely ally.


[we see Carlisle’s friend, Garrett, for the first time, as he attacks a punk singing in the streets and holds him up by his throat]
Garrett: Shut up! I hated the first British invasion. I hate the second one even more.
[he starts to squeeze the punk’s throat tighter]
Emmett Cullen: Even the Beatles? Really, Garrett?
Garrett: Old habits die hard.
Rosalie Hale: Carlisle needs you.
[Garrett lets go of the punk’s throat and he drops to the ground and tries to crawl away]
Garrett: Sounds interesting.
English Punk: Help!
Garrett: But first, I better finish my meal.
English Punk: Help me! Help!
[Garrett attacks the punk, drinks his blood and kills him]


[we see as the different vampire clans gather at the Cullens home]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Each of them was won over, each was made to see. Carlisle convinced his Irish friends to make the journey to Forks. Although we were grateful for their help, their thirst for human blood complicated the situation. The Nomads Rosalie and Emmett sent were even more unpredictable, especially Peter, who had fought alongside Jasper as a new-born.
[as Jacob looks around the room at all the vampires]
Jacob Black: A lot of red eyes around here.
Bella Swan: They agreed not to hunt the area.
Jacob Black: But they’ll feed somewhere.
Bella Swan: [voice over] As more vampires set foot in their territory, more Quileute’s turned, their nature compelling them to join the pack.
[Jacob runs into a newly turned wolf in the woods]
Jacob Black: Hey! Easy there! It’s alright, you’re going to be okay.


Bella Swan: [voice over] Finally, Carlisle and Esme returned with our last witness.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: How many came?
Edward Cullen: Eighteen. You have some good friends.
Esme Cullen: And Alice?
[Bella shakes her head indicating that Alice has still not returned, Esme hugs Bella]
Alistair: Well, we’ll all be on Aro’s list now. Centuries on the run, that’s what you brought me. Some friend, Carlisle.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Alistair, come meet everyone.
Alistair: I already told you, if it comes to a fight, I won’t stand against the Volturi.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It won’t come to a fight.
Alistair: I’ll be in the attic.
[they watch as Alistair jumps up onto the roof and walks off]
Esme Cullen: He’s not a people person.


Bella Swan: [voice over] We opened our home to eighteen vampires, many with gifts of their own. Zafrina had power over the mind, she could make anyone see what she wanted them to.
[Bella watches as Zafrina makes Edward see something in the forest]
Edward Cullen: If you weren’t holding my hand right now, I could swear this is real.
Bella Swan: I don’t see anything.
Eleazar: You didn’t tell me your wife was a shield.
Bella Swan: What’s a shield?
[Edward suddenly understands and smiles]
Edward Cullen: The ones I’ve met are so different.
Eleazar: It’s a defensive talent.
Edward Cullen: It’s why I couldn’t read your mind even before. It’s why Aro couldn’t.
Eleazar: You have a very powerful gift.
[suddenly Kate takes Bella’s hand]
Kate: Oh, yeah. She’s a shield alright. It should have put her on her ass.
Garrett: Or your voltage has been exaggerated.
Kate: Maybe it only works on the weak.
[Kate puts her hand up, daring Garrett to try and touch her]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Garrett, I wouldn’t.
[Garrett touches his finger to Kate’s hand and he’s instantly electrocuted and falls to the ground]
Garrett: You, are an amazing woman.


[Jacob is teaching some young Quileutes how to control themselves when they turn into wolves]
Jacob Black: Now, you guys can do some serious damage. Which is why you’ll need to control your phasing. If your mom pisses you off, you don’t want to tare her head off.
[suddenly Jacob stops as he hears something in the woods]
Jacob Black: Whoever’s coming wasn’t invited.
[Jacob turns into a wolf and runs into the forest with the young wolves following him, they catch up and chase after two vampires who jump up some trees and then jump down and sit on some rocks mocking the wolves when Carlisle and the other vampire find them]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Vladimir, Stefan. You’re a long way from home.
Kate: What are they doing here?
Vladimir: We heard of the Volturi were moving against you, but that you would not stand alone.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We didn’t do what we were accused of.
Vladimir: We do not care what you did, Carlisle.
Stefan: We have been waiting a millennium for the Italian scum to be challenged.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: It is not our plan to fight the Volturi.
Vladimir: Shame, Aro’s witnesses will be so disappointed.
Stefan: They enjoy a good fight.
[to Carlisle]
Eleazar: Aro’s witnesses?
Vladimir: Oh, still hoping they’ll listen?


Eleazar: When Aron wants someone from a coven, it’s never long before evidence turns up proving that coven committed some crime.
Bella Swan: So he’s done this before?
Eleazar: It happens so rarely, I never realized it was a pattern.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Apparently he always pardons one person whose thoughts he claims are repenting.
Eleazar: This person always has an ability, and always given a place with the guard.
Edward Cullen: This is all about Alice, he has no one like her.
Bella Swan: Which is why she left!
Emmett Cullen: But why does he need witnesses?
Alistair: To spread the word that justice has been served, after he slaughters an entire coven.
Amun: Benjamin, Tia, we’re leaving.
Edward Cullen: And where will you go? What makes you think they’ll be satisfied with Alice? What’s to stop them from going after Benjamin next? Or Zafrina, or Kate, or anyone else with a gift, anyone they want. They’re goal isn’t punishment, it’s about power, it’s acquisition. Carlisle might not ask you to fight, but I will. For the sake of my family, but also for yours, and for the way you want to live.
[there’s a moment of silence as the vampires look at each other, then Jacob stands]
Jacob Black: The packs will fight, we’ve never been afraid of vampires.
[the Delani’s stand]
Tanya: We will fight.
Garrett: This won’t be the first time I’ve fought a king’s rule.
Benjamin: We’ll join you.
Amun: No!
Benjamin: I will do the right thing, Amun. You may do as you please.
Senna: We will stand with you.
Siobhan: So will we.
[the other vampire start to step forward]
Vladimir: That didn’t take much.
Edward Cullen: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
Alistair: We’ll see.


Bella Swan: [voice over] Everyone showed courage, though we knew that Aro’s army was moving against us. Soon we would face the dark gifts of Jane, and worse the paralyzing vapor of her brother Alec, who could rob of you sight, sound and touch.


[in London, we see Jane and Alec chase down a Japanese vampire, Toshiro, they corner him and Alec releases his vapor, nearly killing him when Aro, Caius and Marcus arrive]
Aro: Alec.
[Alec takes back his power, releasing Toshiro from his vapor, Aro moves closer to Toshiro]
Toshiro: I will never go against you.
Aro: Of course not. My dear, Toshiro.
[Aro indicates that Toshiro gives him his hand, when he takes his hand Aro reads his mind]
Aro: It seems Carlisle is still expecting you.
[Aro and the others turn and start walking off, leaving Alec and Jane to deal with Toshiro]
Caius: Carlisle is all but ensuring his own destruction.
Aro: Sad, isn’t it?


Edward Cullen: Aro will want us incapacitated before he attacks. Jane and Alec will try and take me out first, because I can anticipate their moves.
Garrett: Too bad we don’t all have your shield.
Bella Swan: Doesn’t help me fight though.
Tanya: No, but it could help the rest of us if you could project it.
Bella Swan: What do you mean?
Tanya: I mean shield someone other than yourself.
Bella Swan: Is that possible?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Gifts can be developed, over time.
Kate: At first mine was just in my palms, now I can radiate it all over my body.
Bella Swan: How do you do it?
[Bella takes Kate’s hand, a little too hard]
Bella Swan: Tell me.
Kate: Ow!


[Kate and the other vampire try to help Bella develop her power]
Kate: You need to visualize it. See how it moves, what color it is. Now picture it expanding. Will it to go beyond you.
[Bella tries but only manages to bring up her shield for moment]
Kate: I think she needs something to motivate her.
[Edward steps forward]
Bella Swan: No.
Edward Cullen: It’s alright, I can take it.
Garrett: He says that now.
Emmett Cullen: Focus, Bella, or he’s going to be hurting.
[Edward puts his hand up ready to touch Kate’s hand]
Bella Swan: Edward, I’m not ready to do this yet…
[Kate touches Edward hand, sending a painful electric shock through him]
Bella Swan: I’m sorry! I said that I wasn’t ready!
Emmett Cullen: Dude, you’re not motivating her.
Edward Cullen: You want to try?!
[Emmett puts his hands up and backs off]


[Bella tries again to use her power and Kate touches Edward, sending another electric shock through his body making Edward scream in pain]
Bella Swan: Kate!
Kate: You seem to lack incentive. Shall I go and see if Renesmee’s awake?
Bella Swan: Are you crazy?!
Kate: Alright. This one’s on full power.
[as Kate is about to touch Edward, Bella manages to bring up her shield and protects Edward from Kate’s power when she touches him]
Edward Cullen: It’s painful, but it’s bearable.
[Bella smiles]
Bella Swan: Okay, we should go again.
Edward Cullen: Emmett?
Emmett Cullen: I’m good.


[Bella reads to Renesmee to sleep]
Bella Swan: There is sweet music that softer falls. Than petals from blown roses on the grass. Or night-dews on still waters between walls. Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass. Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies.
[Bella sees that Renesmee has closed her eyes and she closes the book and turns off the light]
Renesmee: Mom.
Bella Swan: Hmm?
Renesmee: Did Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper run away because we’re going to die?
Bella Swan: No. I think they left to keep us safer, and that’s what all these other people are here for too. I’ll never let anybody hurt you.
[Bella kisses Renesmee on her forehead and pulls her close to her]
Bella Swan: Come here. Go to sleep.


[after putting Renesmee to sleep, Bella goes to the living room and looks at Alice’s not once more when Edward walks in]
Bella Swan: It’s strange. Physically I feel like I could demolish a tank, mentally I just feel drained.
Edward Cullen: How about a bath?
[Edward sits next to her and kisses her shoulder and starts unbuttoning her shirt]
Bella Swan: I do remember how to undress myself.
Edward Cullen: Yeah, I just do it so much better.
[Bella smiles and looks at Alice’s note again]
Edward Cullen: Bella, I’ve had a bad habit of underestimating you. Every obstacle you’ve faced, I’d think you couldn’t overcome it, and you just did. You’re the reason I have something to fight for, my family.
[they kiss for a moment]
Edward Cullen: I’m going to get the water running.
[Edward leaves the room, Bella looks at Alice’s note again, turns the note over to look at the ripped page from The Merchant of Venice, she notices the book on the book shelf, opens it and finds a hidden note from Alice that says ‘J. Jenks, Seattle – destroy this’]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice made sure only I would get the message, because only my mind would be safe from Aro.
[when Edward walks back in the room, Bella throws the book into the fire]


[talking to Bella on the car as they take Renesmee to Charlie]
Jacob Black: Surprised you took a break from Jedi training.
Bella Swan: If I don’t take Renesmee to my dad, he’ll come to us. Twenty seven vampires, one human, not so great.
Jacob Black: I know that’s what you told Edward.
[Bella doesn’t reply as she realizes that Jacob is aware she’s up to something]
Jacob Black: Whatever. I’m just glad to get away from all the reeking blood suckers.
[Bella gives Jacob a look of disapproval]
Jacob Black: I’m sorry. I know, they’re the good guys. But come on, Dracula one and two are creepy!
[they both laugh]


[as Bella pulls up the car at Charlie’s Renesmee quickly gets out of the car and runs towards Charlie and Sue as they come out of the house]
Charlie Swan: There she is! Come here!
[Charlie catches Renesmee in his arms and spins her]
Charlie Swan: Wow! Look at you! You’ve grown half a foot. Seriously! Like six inches.
Sue Clearwater: Come on inside, lunch is on the table.
[looking at Renesmee]
Charlie Swan: We got a tree to decorate, huh?
Bella Swan: I’ve actually got a few errands to run, guys. I’ll be back soon, okay?
[Jacob gives Bella a knowing look as she leaves and goes inside the house with Renesmee]


[as Bella drives to Seattle to meet with J. Jenks]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice’s note gave me a sense of hope. Maybe she had a plan for us after all, and maybe J. Jenks was the key.
[Bella arrives at the restaurant she’s meeting Jenks an is directed to his table]
J. Jenks: Mrs. Cullen.
Bella Swan: Hi.
J. Jenks: I’m so happy you called.
[they sit down]
J. Jenks: I always meet my private clients here, it’s more, uh,comfortable than the office.
Bella Swan: And it’s more public.
[Jenks smiles]
Bella Swan: So what type of work do you do, J?
J. Jenks: Well, you know, this and that. It’s always different which keeps it interesting.
Bella Swan: Have you known Alice and Jasper long?
J. Jenks: I’ve been working with them for more than twenty years. And my late partner, knew Jasper fifteen years before that. He’s, uh, unusually well preserved.
Bella Swan: Yes, he is.
J. Jenks: I trust that Mr. Jasper is enjoying his vacation.
Bella Swan: He didn’t tell you where he was going, did he?
J. Jenks: No, no, no. He, uh, just mentioned that he was living when he came by to place his order.
Bella Swan: I assume that his order is ready?
J. Jenks: Of course. I’ve never been late with a delivery.
[Jenks slides an envelope towards Bella, she opens the envelope to find forged passports and documentation for Renesmee and Jacob]
J. Jenks: Is there a problem?
Bella Swan: No. My husband and I thought that we’d all be traveling together.
J. Jenks: Jasper said only two were traveling. His instructions were very clear.
[Bella clearly disappointed puts the passports and documents back into the envelope]
Bella Swan: It’s my mistake. Apparently that’s not going to happen.


[driving back to Forks after her meeting with Jenks]
Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice’s vision was clear. Renesmee would have a future, but Edward and I wouldn’t be a part of it.
[Bella watches as Renesmee goes to Edwards arms and he picks her up lovingly, she then goes and packs a bag for Renesmee, with some money and writes a letter for Renesmee]
Bella Swan: [voice over] My dearest Renesmee, I thought we would have forever together. But forever isn’t as long as I’d hoped. I know now why Alice left me clues, it’s to keep you safe. Everything you and Jacob will need is in this pack. Jacob will protect you and he’ll help you learn about the Tekona legends.


[as Bella finishes up writing her letter to Renesmee, Alistair walks into the room]
Alistair: It’s a romantic notion, isn’t it? That a righteous few can defy a great evil. But I must admit you, uh,even had me believing, for a moment. Well, good luck.
[Alistair turns and starts walking out]
Alistair: You’re going to need it. Cheers.
[he walks out]


[spending Christmas at Charlie’s house, Bella watches the snow outside with worry, Edward walks up behind her]
Bella Swan: The snow is sticking.
Edward Cullen: But we still have today.
[Bella watches as Sue helps Charlie clear up in the kitchen]
Bella Swan: I’m so glad Charlie has somebody to take care of him.
Edward Cullen: Bella, no one’s giving up here.
[Charlie walks into the room]
Charlie Swan: Alright, present time! Let’s go! Seth, Leah, stop eating. Jake, you start. Get it going
[Jacob passes a present to Renesmee]
Bella Swan: Well, dad, we didn’t have time to wrap yours, but here it is.
[she gives Charlie a piece of paper]
Bella Swan: It’s a five day fishing to Fraser River. It’s for you and Sue.
Edward Cullen: You leave tomorrow.
Charlie Swan: Wow, that’s really nice. Thank you. Tomorrow? I can’t, I can’t leave tomorrow.
Sue Clearwater: I made arrangements for you at work.
Charlie Swan: Sneaky, and extravagant.
Edward Cullen: And non-refundable I’m afraid.
Charlie Swan: You two trying to get to rid of me?
[Bella and Edward go quite, thinking he might have figured out something is wrong]
Charlie Swan: Cause it’s working!
[Charlie laughs]
Charlie Swan: Fraser River, that means we’ll be chasing cutthroat.
Sue Clearwater: We might even hook a rainbow or some bulls.
Charlie Swan: Woman knows her trout.


[referring to the present Renesmee has just opened]
Bella Swan: Hey, beautiful, let me see.
[she sees that it’s a bracelet]
Bella Swan: Jacob made this for you? want to put it on?
[Bella puts the bracelet on Renesmee’s wrist]
Renesmee: It’s so pretty.
Bella Swan: It is really pretty.
[Bella turns to Edward who smiles]


[as the snow is falling, the vampires and Jacob have set up camp in the woods, Jacob brings some wood and drops it on the ground, then Benjamin uses his powers to produce fire from his fingertips and throws it on the woods to start a fire]
Jacob Black: That’s what I’m talking about. A little pre-battle bonfire, telling war stories.
[Jacob sits next to Benjamin and looks across the fire and sees the other vampires standing]
Jacob Black: What are you standing there like a freaking statue?
[suddenly Garrett spins in and sits next to them by the fire]
Garrett: Name any American battle, I was there.
Jacob Black: Little Big Horn.
Garrett: I came this close to biting Custer, but the Indians caught him first.
[just then Kate spins in and sits next to Garrett]
Kate: Try Oleg’s assault on Constantinople, he didn’t win that one on his own.
Liam: If you’re talking battles, you’re talking the Eleven Years War. No one does rebellion like the Irish.
Garrett: You lost the Eleven Years War.
Liam: Aye, but it was one hell of a rebellion.


[sitting around the camp fire with the other vampires]
Vladimir: When we ruled everything came to us. Prey, diplomats, favor seekers. Such was our power, but we never put on white hats and called ourselves saints.
Stefan: We were honest about what we were.
Vladimir: We sat still for a very long time, we didn’t notice we were beginning to petrify.
Stefan: Perhaps the Volturi did us a favor when they burned our castles.
Vladimir: We’ve been waiting fifteen hundred years to return that favor.


[watching the other vampires as they sit around the camp fire talking]
Edward Cullen: I can’t help thinking, all these people are putting themselves in danger because I fell in love with a human.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: You found your mate, you deserve to be happy.
Edward Cullen: But at what cost?
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Everyone here has something to fight for. I certainly do.
[Edward looks over at Bella and Renesmee in their tent]
Edward Cullen: Carlisle, I’ve never thanked you, for this extraordinary life.
[Carlisle puts his hand on Edward shoulder as they stand and keep watching over the others]


[in their tent, Renesmee opens the locket containing a photo of Bella and Edward and the message ‘Plus que ma propre vie’ engraved in it]
Bella Swan: This means ‘more than my own life’, and that’s how much I love you. Tomorrow I’m going to need you to stay with Jacob, no matter what. Even if I tell him that, that he has to take you somewhere.
[Renesmee starts crying and Bella takes her into her arms]
Bella Swan: Hey, baby, it’s alright. You’re going to be safe. Always.


[when it is time for the Volturi to arrive, the Cullens and their witnesses, all gather are met in a large, snow-covered field, Garret stands next to Kate as they watch and wait]
Garrett: If we live through this, I’ll follow you anywhere, woman.
Kate: Now you tell me?
[they hear the Volturi and their army getting closer]
Garrett: Red coats are coming. The red coats are coming.
[suddenly Aro and his army become visible and it’s clear that they outnumber the Cullens and their witnesses, Edward watches Aro as they walk towards them]
Edward Cullen: Aro’s looking for Alice.
[as Aro and his army get closer, we see the wolf packs coming out to join the Cullens and their witnesses, Jacob in his wolf form comes and stands next Bella, Renesmee and Edward]


[Aro and his army stand in a line facing the Cullens and their witnesses, Carlisle walks forward]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Aro, let us discuss things as we used to, in a civilized manner.
Aro: Fair words, Carlisle. But a little out of place given the battalion you’ve assembled against us.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I can promise you, that was never my intent. No laws have been broken.
Caius: We see the child, do not treat us as fools.
[Carlisle raises his voice]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She is not an immortal! These witnesses can attest to that. You can look. See the flush of human blood in her cheeks.
Caius: Artifice!
Aro: I will collect every facet of the truth, but from someone more central to the story. Edward, as the child clings to your new-born mate, I assume you are involved.
[Edward looks at Bella then makes his way towards Aro, as Bella watches Edward walk towards Aro she uses her powers to shield Edward]


[as Edwards reaches Aro he extends his hand, Aro takes it and uses his power to read his thoughts and realizes that Renesmee is not an immortal child]
Aro: I’d like to meet her.
[Edward turns and looks at Bella and Renesmee, then Bella, Renesmee, Jacob, joined by Emmett walk towards Aro]
Aro: Ah, young Bella. Immortality becomes you.
[Aro smiles and then shrieks with laughter as he hears Renesmee’s heart beating]
Aro: I hear her strange heart.
[Aro holds out his hand and Renesmee walks closer to him]
Renesmee: Hello, Aro.
[Renesmee then touches Aro’s cheek, using her powers on him, Aro becomes transfixed by what she shows him]
Aro: Magnifico.
[turning this army]
Aro: Half mortal, half immortal. Conceived and carried by this new-born, while she was still human.
[Aro turns and looks at Bella]
Caius: Impossible!
Aro: Do you think they fooled me, brother?
[Bella, Edward and Renesmee walk back to join the other witnesses]


Caius: Bring the informant forward.
[Irina is brought towards Caius and Aro]
Caius: Is that the child you saw?
Irina: I’m not sure.
Caius: Jane?
Irina: She’s changed! This child is bigger.
Caius: Then your allegations were false.
Irina: The Cullens are innocent. I take full responsibility for my mistake.
[looking towards her family]
Irina: I’m sorry.
[Edward sees that Irina is about to execute]
Edward Cullen: Caius, no!
[Felix then steps forward and hits Irina and snaps her head off]
Tanya: Irina!
[Caius then sets fire to the rest of Irina’s body, Kate and Tanya scream and run towards Aro and his army, Garrett gets hold of Kate, she uses her power to electrocute him, Edward then turns to Zafrina]
Edward Cullen: Blind them.
[Zafrina uses her power to blind Kate and Tanya, stopping them from attacking]
Tanya: We must attack!
Edward Cullen: Tanya, this is what they want. If you attack now, then we’ll all die.
[Edward then looks at Zafrina and she stops blinding Kate and Tanya]


[as Tanya and Kate stop their attack on Aro and his army, Jane looks at Edward]
Jane: Pain.
[she uses her power to bring Edward down in pain, but Bella manages to use her power to shield Edward, he gets up and walks towards Bella]
Edward Cullen: It’s working.
[Bella smiles as Jane realizes her powers are useless against her shield, then Alec steps forward and tries to use his deadly vapor but Aro stops him]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Aro, you see there’s no law broken here.
Aro: Agreed. But does it then follow that there is no danger?
[turning to his army]
Aro: For the first time in our history, humans pose a threat to our kind. Their modern technology has given birth to weapons that could destroy us. Maintaining our secret has never been more imperative. In such perilous times, only the known is safe. Only the known is tolerable, and we know nothing of what this child will become. Can we live with such uncertainty? Spare ourselves a fight today, only to die tomorrow.
[just then two figures emerge from the nearby woods]
Aro: Ha!
[Edward realizes it’s Alice and Jasper]
Edward Cullen: Alice.
Aro: Alice!


[as Alice and Jasper walk up to Aro and his army, two of Aro’s guards stop them]
Aro: My dear, dear Alice, we’re so glad to see you here after all.
Alice Cullen: I have evidence the child won’t be a risk to our kind.
[Aro looks at her with suspicion]
Alice Cullen: Let me show you.
[Alice extends her hand, Aro motions for his guards to let Alice go]
Caius: Brother.
[Alice walks up to Aro and he takes hold of her hand, as Aro reads her thought Alice realizes that Aro won’t change his mind]
Alice Cullen: It doesn’t matter what I show you. Even when you see, you still won’t change your decision.
[at that moment Alice turn, looks over to Bella and whispers]
Alice Cullen: Now!
[Bella looks at Renesmee who’s sitting on top of Jacob, then Bella looks at Jacob]
Bella Swan: Take care of my daughter.
[Jacob turns and starts running into the woods with Renesmee]


[as Jacob is running in the woods with Renesmee, we see one of Aro’s guards catch up to them]
Renesmee: Jacob! Jacob! Jacob! Jacob! Watch out!
[just then a vampire jumps onto Jacob from above, but Jacob manages to kill and behead the vampire and he continues to run in the woods with Renesmee]


[as we see Aro die, we’re suddenly transported back to the field before the battle and it’s clear that the battle was a vision that Alice was showing Aro]
Alice Cullen: Now you know. That’s your future, unless you decide on another course.
Caius: We cannot alter our course, the child still poses a grave threat.
Edward Cullen: But if you were sure she could remain concealed from the human world? Could we leave in peace?
Caius: Of course, but that cannot be known.
Edward Cullen: Actually, it can.
[we see two more witnesses, walking in from the woods, they come and stand next to Alice]
Alice Cullen: I’ve been searching for witnesses of my own, among the Tekona tribes of Brazil.
Caius: We have enough witnesses…
Aro: Let him speak, brother.
Nahuel: I am half human, half vampire, like the child. A vampire seduced my mother, who died giving birth to me. My aunt Huilen raised me as her own. I made her immortal.
Bella Swan: How old are you?
Nahuel: A hundred and fifty years.
Aro: At what age did you reach maturity?
Nahuel: I became full grown seven years after my birth. I’ve not changed since then.
Aro: And your diet?
Nahuel: Blood, human food. I can survive on either.
Marcus: These children are much like us.
Caius: Regardless, the Cullens have been consorting with werewolves, our natural enemies.
[Aro turns and addresses his army]
Aro: Dear ones, there is no danger here. We will not fight today.
[some of the Volturi look disappointed, including Caius and Jane, but they all listen to Aro and quickly leave, then before leaving Aro looks at Alice and Bella]
Aro: Such a prize.
[Aro then turns and leaves]


[after Aro and his army leave]
Vladimir: We have on the run, now is the time to attack!
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Not today.
Stefan: You’re all fools! The Volturi might be gone, but they will never forgive what happened here.


[back at the Cullens house, the witnesses are saying goodbye and leaving, Edward and Jacob watch Renesmee as she speaks to Zafrina and Senna]
Jacob Black: She’s going to be around for a long time, isn’t she?
Edward Cullen: A very long time. I’m glad she has you.
[Jacob smiles]
Jacob Black: Should I start calling you dad?
Edward Cullen: No.
[Jacob laughs, then Renesmee runs into Edwards’s arms and Bella joins them]
Bella Swan: Hey.
[Bella takes Renesmee’s hand and puts it on her cheek to listen to Renesmee’s thoughts]
Bella Swan: Yeah, we’re all going to be together now.


[last lines; Edward and Bella are back in their meadow]
Bella Swan: I want to show you something.
Edward Cullen: What?
[Bella lifts her shield and shows Edward her thoughts and memories of their time together from the first time they met to everything that’s happened to up to now]
Edward Cullen: How did you do that?
Bella Swan: I’ve been practicing. Now you know, nobody’s ever loved anybody as I much as I love you.
Edward Cullen: There’s one exception.
[Bella nods understanding that he feels the same for her and they kiss]
Edward Cullen: Can you show me again?
[Bella smiles]
Bella Swan: We got a lot of time.
Edward Cullen: Forever.
Bella Swan: Forever.
[Bella and Edward kiss and the movie ends with the final words from the novel being shown; ‘And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.’]

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