Starring: Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Levi Meaden, Ajiona Alexus, Seth Carr, Christa Miller


Thriller directed by James McTeigue in which the story follows Shaun Russell (Gabrielle Union) who, after the sudden death of her father, takes her two kids, Jasmine and Glover (Ajiona Alexus and Seth Carr) to her father’s Malibu mansion, designed with impenetrable security, to settle his estate. At the mansion they find four villains intent on finding the house’s safe and making off with its contents. Shaun fights to protect her family.


Best Quotes:

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Shaun Russell: I know this is not how you wanted to spend your weekend, but guess what, me neither.
Glover Russell: She was supposed to see her boyfriend.
Jasmine Russell: Whatever. He’s not my boyfriend.
Glover Russell: Then why did he make you a playlist with his sex songs?
Jasmine Russell: Oh, my God, shut up! Mom?
Shaun Russell: A whole playlist?


Glover Russell: You grew up here? Why are you selling it?
Shaun Russell: That’s what you do when someone passes away.


Glover Russell: Check it out. Fully automated security system, the windows have retractable shields. This place is a fortress.
Shaun Russell: I guess some people get paranoid in their old age.


Shaun Russell: [to herself] What were you trying to hide, dad?


Maggie Harris: I just want to say again how sorry I was to hear about your father.
Shaun Russell: I just want to make it through the weekend and come home.


[walking through the house]
Jasmine Russell: Mom? I swear to God if you’re hiding…
[suddenly a man grabs her from behind]


Eddie: I want you to listen. You are a woman alone at the mercy of strangers.
Shaun Russell: What do you want?
Eddie: We want something in the house.
Shaun Russell: I will do anything to protect my kids.
Eddie: Do exactly what I say or you and your kids will not survive this night. Do you understand?


[referring to Shaun]
Sam: She’s gone.
Eddie: Find her.


[referring to Shaun]
Sam: She took out the lights.
Eddie: She’s smart, but we have her kids. Now she’s desperate.


Shaun Russell: I’m just a mom. You have no clue what I’m capable of.


[referring to Shaun]
Eddie: She’s in the house.


Eddie: [to Shaun] This isn’t going to work! You’re dead!


Shaun Russell: [to Duncan] You broke into the wrong house.




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