By Xavier Brown (London)


This is a crime drama film which is written, directed by and starring BAFTA-award winning Noel Clarke. It serves as the sequel to Adulthood and the third installment in the hood series.

The film is again centered on the troubled and now dad of two Sam Peel, who is portrayed by Noel Clarke. It seems as though sixteen years after Sam has murdered Trife that there are still people out there who want him dead and this is a problem he has to overcome throughout Brotherhood.

Sam’s younger brother Royston is an aspiring musician and is shot in the opening scene, which Sam believes the shooter is somebody who is really out to get him. Sam goes to visit Alissa, who after all these years has forgiven Sam. He gives her some money for their daughter. She informs Sam that they must tell her soon what really happened.

Sam has always been troubled as a youth and is now still troubled as a grown man, he has bettered himself in some way as he now works in a local gym. Sam learns from Royston’s friend that the shooting was not an accident, Henry gives him a letter with an address on it and a furious Sam storms over to the address. He gains access to the house but is unfortunately outnumbered. After being jumped by many the fight is intervened by a conceited but successful criminal, Daley.

All three of the films are well known for its drug use as well as violence. This film in particular wraps a quite torrid and emotional 16 years for Sam. Noel Clarke’s character started out as an aggressive teenage bully whose life was seen to be on the line on more than one occasion, specifically in Adulthood. It seems as though in this film he gets as stable as he can, but acknowledges that after all these years he is unfortunately still looking over his shoulder for crimes he committed nearly 20 years ago.

The question is will Sam continue with his criminal ways or will he change so there is a much brighter future for his children. Throughout the film he faces a large number of people who want to hurt him.

In one of the better scenes of the film Sam gets jumped by some younger guys in the middle of the street and it does not look good for him at all. Luckily in the nick of time his brother’s friend Henry arrives and the pair of them escape. Despite getting away, Sam realises that his family is in danger. As a result of this, he makes a phone call to his partner Kayla and advises her and the kids to spend the night at her mum’s as these people know where they live. Do you remember in Kidulthood, Uncle Curtis? He has many run-ins with Sam throughout the film and none of them are pleasant. Towards the end of the film there is a vicious stand-off between the pair of them. Can Sam leave this life in the past and protect his family?

Rating: 4/5


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