By Adam (Parbold, Lancashire, England)


!!!!!!! Massive Spoilers !!!!!!!!

Just to let you get an idea about how I’m going to review this film, I am a massive movie fan and in this case a massive superhero movie fan.

Notice how I didn’t say superhero comic fan, just to get this out there I love comics and graphic novels, I’ve read a few and greatly appreciate what they are trying to do in terms of story, but I don’t pretend to be a massive expert although I know more than most.

I see movies, books and comic books as separate mediums and one should not interpret the other, so going into this particular feature, I knew there was a graphic novel and had an idea what happens in that story BUT…

The movie I was seeing was following separate continuity, which started with 2008 Iron Man and followed 7 years’ worth of events, so was I impressed. OMG…

This is a brilliant movie, and not just in terms of entertainment, but storytelling and amazing script writing.

Let me make clear that (sorry to offend some people) I think The Dark Knight is the greatest comic book movie ever BUT, this would probably come a very easy second. Am I automatically saying this film is better than The Winter Solider? Yes and no, they are two very different films and both accomplish what they set out to do, this film just does this on an epic scale.

I’ve always said ensemble films can be done right, even with a mass amount of characters if each character has a reason an a purpose for being there, so on that note let’s get the obvious out the way, Spider-Man and Black Panther are the big standouts , Spider-Man all of a sudden feels fresh again and it was a clever move by having a kid play a kid , which instantly makes you feel no matter what this character does you’re always going to be on his side because you’ve started this journey with him and I’m excited to see more of this interpretation. Black Panther I am not really going to go into because this is a brilliantly rounded character so it would only seem fitting to let you see it for yourself and see how brilliant this character is.

The rest of the film really holds up because of the weight of the characters and the journey we’ve been through these 11, 12 movies with them, and it couldn’t have been accomplished without them, because we care about these people, no matter what side they’re on or whose point of view matters most, it just works.

Now is this movie perfect? No, because no movie ever is, one big moment that doesn’t work for me, and it is a BIG moment is the airport battle. Although hugely entertaining it just jars out of the rest of the film a little but it’s a minor problem that doesn’t really affect the third act.

Everyone is saying that the bad guy is not good… I massively disagree, I think he’s one of the best villains in the MCU, and why do I say this, it’s because at the end were he reveals his true intentions, I actually feel sorry for him and feel, although crazy an psychotic, it was a very human reaction, which is nice if you compare the rest of MCU.

So overall this film is solid 9/10.

Great script, brilliant acting and amazingly entertaining.



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