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Far from the worst movie I have ever seen, Captain America: Civil War was nothing else, but a revenge story, that took one of the greatest teams in the Marvel universe and pinned them against each other. Another incredible retelling of an iconic comic book, Batman v Superman, is what the title suggests; nothing more and nothing less than one of the greatest comic book battles in history that took a battered, bruised, and old Dark Knight, and pinned him up against one of the most powerful beings in the universe. The question remains which story stood higher, in comparison of title, intentions, conflict, character, and plot, and showed the fans that there’s more to their heroes then partnerships, and fighting crime. I’m sure for those already familiar with both Captain America: Civil War, and Batman v Superman, you are preparing yourselves for the review that determines which one is better; well here it is.

Captain America: Civil War besides its constant comedy, and extreme action adventure sequences, is without a doubt one of the best cinematic portrayals of The Avengers; and although we were refused the big guns: Hulk, and Thor, we instead got to experience the new Avengers members go head to head together for the first time. If I’m being honest, Captain America: Civil War, was nothing more then what the fans wanted, which was a big fight, and a sad, but yet comical story, staring jokes with powers. The villain Baron Zemo, was merely an ordinary villain that’s goals were beyond him, allowing him to cleverly pit the heroes against one another and assume the victory for himself. This villain though considered dull by many, exceeded any hope of creative powers with his eager approach to see the iconic team fall.

The heroes however, were cleverly pushed in the story to the point of breaking, so that this conflict would determine The Avengers feelings, and opinions towards one another. If one side wants what they want, and the other side doesn’t want what the other side wants, then of course there’s going to be conflict, but this was not at all apparent, when the fight took place for 10 minutes in an airport, to stop one side from getting to a plane. This was not Civil War (MADE CLEAR BY THEIR CONSTANT JOKES AND CONVERSATIONS), until Ironman’s end discovery, which drove him to anger, making the end fight the true Civil War, and the true determining factor in the movie. So basically, besides all the Winter Soldier flashbacks, the 10 minutes of Baron Zemo, and the end fight, everything else was completely useless and irrelevant to the story line. I’m pretty sure Ironman’s hatred for Captain America and Bucky is not going to be fixed with a letter, but you can try Captain America.

Batman v Superman on the other hand, besides its constant clip changing in the first few minutes of the movie (WHICH IS WHAT MOST PEOPLE COMPLAINED ABOUT), was a story of uniting, so besides the really similar plot between Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman, the starting intentions, and end outcome were completely different. Captain America: Civil War had the continuous flow of the story, the excessive action, and the more relatable heroes while Batman v Superman, had the stronger villains/heroes, the more effective/meaningful fight, and the resolved conclusion, so unless Marvel intends on doing another Civil War, should we just expect this feud to continue into Avengers 3 or a possible Ironman 4. Captain America: Civil War’s conflict was certainly better built, and their villain certainly had the more diabolical plan; but Batman v Superman’s Lex Luthor was more appealing, while the telling of two stories (BATMAN AND SUPERMAN), undoubtedly trumped the attempt to tell the stories of Captain America and Ironman, who have had 8 movies including Civil War to lead up to this sudden conflict; though besides their random hatred for one another, we believe that Ironman is jealous of Captain America, while Captain America fails to see Ironman as a hero, which is acceptable, even though Marvel has been building on the idea of those two characters, ‘in particular’, growing closer. Also referring back to Batman v Superman’s constant clip changing at the start, from what I could see in Captain America: Civil War, this was the exact same starting approach, which were both used for the same intentions, to set the scene for each character, and the lead up to the fight to come.

Both movies had their strengths and weaknesses, and although many would argue that Batman v Superman won in weaknesses, they fail to see the intentions the two movies have to offer. If these two movies are based on conflict, then Batman v Superman arguably takes the win, but if these two movies are based on coming together after conflict, then sure enough Batman v Superman again takes the win. Captain America: Civil War exceeded Batman v Superman in giving the fans what they wanted, while also exceeding in effect, which they displayed incredibly to give viewers the idea of hatred, and forgiveness, which in Batman v Superman, started and ended pretty quickly. Both two great movies that exceeded each other in many categories, in the end gave fans a different outcome, and impression of the stories future.

If a winner was to be chosen, then in my opinion Batman v Superman won, through and through as the in depth idea of conflict, and resolution, stole Captain America: Civil War’s own idea of this, with two words: struggle, and unification to show fans how the DC heroes lack of pride allows them to overcome their struggles and unite. Batman v Superman was also the more appealing story, which gave hints, clues, and ‘VISION’s’ of the future of DC, and with everything Superhero fans have excepted from Marvel, I believe a surprise will come from DC’s pocket for everyone, forcing us to decide whose side we will take in the future; as I cannot speak for both Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman fans, I leave it up to you, to decide which conflict you prefer, and which conflict you want to see again.

Captain America: Civil War: 8/10
Batman v Superman: 9/10


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