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Steve Rogers: Colonel Phillips?
Col. Chester Phillips: Well, if it isn’t the star spangled man with a plan. And what is your plan today?
Steve Rogers: I need the casualty list for Rosano.
Col. Chester Phillips: You don’t get to give me orders, son.
Steve Rogers: I just need one name. Sergeant James Barnes from the hundred and seventh.
[pointing to Peggy]
Col. Chester Phillips: You and I are gonna have a conversation later that you won’t enjoy.
Steve Rogers: Please tell me if he’s alive, sir. B-A-R…
Col. Chester Phillips: I can spell.


[referring to Barnes]
Col. Chester Phillips: I have signed more of these condolence letters today than I would care to count. But the name does sound familiar. I’m sorry.
Steve Rogers: What about the others? Are you planning a rescue mission?
Col. Chester Phillips: Yeah! It’s called winning the war.
Steve Rogers: But if you know where they are, why not at least…?
Col. Chester Phillips: They’re thirty miles behind the lines. Through the most heavily fortified territory in Europe. We’d lose more men than we’d save. But I don’t expect you to understand that, because you’re a chorus girl.
Steve Rogers: I think I understand just fine.
Col. Chester Phillips: Well then understand it somewhere else. If I read the posters correctly, you got some place to be in thirty minutes.
[as Phillips walks away Steve looks at the military map which shows where the men are]
Steve Rogers: Yes, sir. I do.


Peggy Carter: What do you plan to do? Walk to Austria?
Steve Rogers: If that’s what it takes.
Peggy Carter: You heard the Colonel, your friend is most likely dead.
Steve Rogers: You don’t know that.
Peggy Carter: Even so, he’s devising a strategy to take
Steve Rogers: By the time he’s done that, it could be too late!


Steve Rogers: You told me you thought I was meant for more than this. Did you mean that?
Peggy Carter: Every word.
Steve Rogers: Then you gotta let me go.
Peggy Carter: I can do more than that.


[referring to Stark and Peggy helping him find Barnes and the other missing soldiers]
Steve Rogers: You know, you two are gonna be in a lot of trouble at the lab.
Peggy Carter: And you won’t?
Steve Rogers: Where I’m goin’, if anybody yells at me I can just shoot ’em.
Peggy Carter: They will undoubtedly shoot back.
Steve Rogers: Well, let’s hope it’s good for somethin’.


Howard Stark: Agent Carter, if we’re not in too much of a hurry I thought we could stop off in Lucerne for a late night fondue.
[Peggy looks awkwardly at Steve]
Peggy Carter: Stark is the best civilian pilot I’ve ever seen. He’s mad enough to brave this airspace, we’re lucky to have him.
Steve Rogers: So are you two…? Do you…? Fondue?


[as their plane is being attacked Steve goes towards the opened door of the plane to jump]
Peggy Carter: Get back here! We’re taking you all the way in.
Steve Rogers: As soon as I’m free, turn this thing around and get the hell outta here!
Peggy Carter: You can’t give me orders!
Steve Rogers: The hell I can’t! I’m a captain!
[he looks at her and then jumps out of the plane]


[as he finds some of the captured American soldiers]
Gabe Jones: Who are you supposed to be?
Steve Rogers: I’m…Captain America.


Steve Rogers: Get out fast and give ’em hell. I’ll meet you guys in the clearing with anybody else I find.
Gabe Jones: Wait! You know what you’re doin’?
Steve Rogers: Yeah. I’ve knocked out Adolf Hitler over two hundred times.


[he finds Barnes strapped to a chair in one of Schmidt’s testing labs]
Steve Rogers: It’s me. It’s Steve.
[he unstraps him from the chair]
James Barnes: Steve!
Steve Rogers: Come on.
James Barnes: Steve.
Steve Rogers: I thought you were dead.
James Barnes: I thought you were smaller.


[referring to Steve’s change of appearance]
James Barnes: What happened to you?
Steve Rogers: I joined the army!


[referring to Steve’s undergoing change to a super-soldier]
James Barnes: Did it hurt?
Steve Rogers: A little.
James Barnes: Is it permanent?
Steve Rogers: So far!


Johann Schmidt: Captain America! How exciting! I’m a great fan of your films. So Dr. Erskine managed it after all. Not exactly an improvement, but still impressive.
[Steve punches Schmidt hard in the face]
Steve Rogers: You got no idea.
Johann Schmidt: Haven’t I!
[he goes to hit Steve but Steve protects himself with his shield]



Johann Schmidt: No matter what lies Erskine told you, you see I was his greatest success!
[he peels off the skin on his face to reveal that he is the Red Skull]
James Barnes: You don’t have one of those, do you?
Johann Schmidt: You are deluded, Captain. You pretend to be a simple soldier, but in reality you are just afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind. Unlike you, I embrace it proudly. Without fear!
Steve Rogers: Then how come you’re running?


Col. Chester Phillips: I can’t touch Stark, he’s rich and he’s the army’s number one weapons contractor. You are neither one!
Peggy Carter: With respect, sir, I don’t regret my actions. And I don’t think Captain Rogers did either.
Col. Chester Phillips: What makes you think I give a damn about your opinions. I took a chance with you, Agent Carter. And now America’s golden boy and a lot of other good men are dead, cause you had a crush.
Peggy Carter: It wasn’t that. I had faith.
Col. Chester Phillips: Well, I hope that’s big comfort to you when they shut this division down.


[after Steve has returned with the soldiers that Schmidt was holding prisoner]
Steve Rogers: I’d like to surrender myself for disciplinary action.
Col. Chester Phillips: That won’t be necessary.
Steve Rogers: Yes, sir.
[he turns and walks away from Steve and he notices Peggy]
Col. Chester Phillips: Faith, huh?


Col. Chester Phillips: We are gonna set a fire under Johann Schmidt’s ass. What do you say, Rogers? It’s your map, you think you can wipe Hydra off of it?
Steve Rogers: Yes, sir. I’ll need a team.
Col. Chester Phillips: We’re already putting together the best men.
Steve Rogers: With all due respect, sir. So am I.



Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan: So let’s get this straight.
Gabe Jones: We barely got out of there alive and you want us to go back?
Steve Rogers: Pretty much.
James Montgomery Falsworth: Sounds rather fun, actually.
[before speaking Morita burps]
Jim Morita: I’m in.


[referring to himself and Jacques Dernier]
Gabe Jones: We’re in.
Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan: Hell, I’ll always fight. But you gotta do one thing for me.
Steve Rogers: What’s that?
[drinks the rest of his beer in his glass in one go]
Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan: Open a tab.
[the others laugh and Steve gets up to go to the bar]
Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan: Well, that was easy!


Steve Rogers: You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?
James Barnes: Hell, no! The little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him. But you’re keeping the outfit, right?
Steve Rogers: You know what? It’s kind of grown on me.


Peggy Carter: Howard has some equipment for you to try. Tomorrow morning?
Steve Rogers: Sounds good.
[Peggy turns her head to listen to the men singing in the bar]
Peggy Carter: I see your top squad is prepping for duty.
Steve Rogers: You don’t like music?
Peggy Carter: I do, actually. I might, even when this is all over, go dancing.
Then what are we waiting for?
[looking at Steve]
Peggy Carter: The right partner.
[to Steve]
Peggy Carter: Oh-eight-hundred, Captain.
[she turns to leave]
Steve Rogers: Yes, ma’am. I’ll be there.


[referring to the rejection he got from Peggy about going dancing with him]
James Barnes: I’m invisible. I’m…I’m turning into you. It’s like some horrible dream.
Steve Rogers: Don’t take it so hard. Maybe she’s got a friend.


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