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[USS Bainbridge, Assigned to Counter-Piracy Task Force 151; Captain Castellano makes his way to the bridge]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: Captain to Combat.
[Castellano picks up the phone]
Captain Frank Castellano: CTF 151, this is Bainbridge, Charlie, Oscar, over.
Admiral Howard: Captain, this is Admiral Howard. A US flag cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama, has been hijacked eight hundred and twenty nautical miles west of your current position. Four armed men have taken the ship’s Captain hostage in a lifeboat. Presumed Somali pirates, over.
Captain Frank Castellano: Roger, Ma’am. Do we have any other information, over?
Admiral Howard: Not at this time, Captain. But best guess is that they’re heading to the Somali coast. Your orders are to proceed at best speed and intercept, further to follow. This is CTF 151, out.
[Castellano puts down the phone and turns to his officer]
Captain Frank Castellano: Hobbs, inform ScanEagle, begin surveillance.
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: Aye, sir.
[Castellano picks up another phone]
Captain Frank Castellano: CCS, this is Captain, come to full power. KOI, get position.
USS Bainbridge Officer: KOI.
Captain Frank Castellano: Bridge, Captain. Full, left, rudder, come to course two-eight- five.


[later that night inside the lifeboat, Muse tries to contact his men on their ship via the radio]
Muse: [subtitled] Hufan, do you read me?
[the radio just crackles]
Muse: [subtitled] Hufan, can you hear me?
Najee: [subtitled] Where’s your boss? He should be with us by now.
Muse: [subtitled] Don’t worry. He’s coming.
[Muse winces in pain due to the wound to his hand]
Muse: [subtitled] Stupid hand.
[then Bilal starts to moan in pain from the cuts to his foot]
Muse: [subtitled] Stop whining! You sound like a little girl! You wanted to come with us. You asked for this.
Bilal: [subtitled] I didn’t think this would happen! I could lose my foot!
Muse: [subtitled] You have to be ready for anything, this game isn’t for the weak.
[Phillips looking tired, takes off hi glasses and rubs his eyes]
Muse: You okay, Irish?
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah.
Muse: Your face looks scared. But everything gonna be okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.
[Muse lights up a cigarette]
Muse: In two days, you will be eating in Somalia. Rice, goat meat. You’ll like. My boss talk to ship company, insurance man come bag of dollar, you go home.
at that moment they hear the sound of a horn coming from a ship, Muse looks out from the boat window
Najee: [subtitled] What is it?
Muse: [subtitled] It’s a gift.
[Muse opens the lifeboat door and sees the Maersk not far off from them, Muse shuts the lifeboat door]
Muse: Irish. You lie, Irish. The ship no broke. They come Somalia, too.
[Muse smiles]
Muse: More money.


[on the Maersk Shane looks at the radar as they follow the lifeboat]
Shane Murphy: Looks like they’re heading to north to the closest point of land.
Ken Quinn: And that’s only gonna take them thirty-six hours, at the most.
Shane Murphy: Just gotta stay with them until the navy gets here.
[the next morning, Phillips wakes as he hears the pirates arguing]
Najee: [subtitled] Give me some khat.
Elmi: [subtitled] Why? You’ve had more than your share.
Najee: [subtitled] Say who? Give me some more!
Elmi: [subtitled] Shut up!
Muse: [subtitled] Both of you shut up! Just take it!
Najee: [subtitled] This is it?
Elmi: [subtitled] That’s all I have.
Najee: [subtitled] Where is the rest?
Bilal: [subtitled] I don’t have any. It’s all gone.
Najee: [subtitled] You are useless. I should have taken it from you.
[Phillips notices that Bilal is still losing blood from the cut on his foot, then he watches Muse as he counts up the money he had given to them the day before]
Muse: Irish. It’s taxes. This money, taking you, that’s all it is. You come to our waters, you got to pay.
Captain Richard Phillips: We are in international waters. Not your waters, international waters, and we’re carrying food…for starving people in Africa. Even Somalis.
Muse: Yeah, sure. Rich countries like to have Somalis. Big ships come to our water, take all the fish out, what’s left for us to fish?
Captain Richard Phillips: So you’re, uh…you’re fishermen?
Muse: Yeah, we all fishermen.
[suddenly the boat hits a rough patch and Muse is pushed to the side, he uses his injured hand to stop him falling and he moans out in pain]


[referring to the wound on Muse’s had]
Captain Richard Phillips: Hey, let me…let me clean out that cut. Let me get the first aid kit, clean that out, it’s gonna get infected.
Muse: No.
[referring to Bilal’s cut foot]
Captain Richard Phillips: Well, how about the kid? Can I…can I look at his bare foot?
Muse: No!
Najee: [subtitled] They’ll fix him when we get back.
Captain Richard Phillips: No, come on, he’s bare foot. You three got sandals. He’s got bare feet.
[Muse hesitates and looks down at Bilal’s foot]
Muse: Go ahead, go.
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright. I’m just gonna get the kit.
[Phillips gets up and grabs the first aid kit from the lifeboat floor with Najee watching him closely, Phillips sits opposite Bilal]
Captain Richard Phillips: Now, come here. It’s alright. Give me your foot. Give me your foot. Come on. Let’s see. It’s alright.
[Bilal winces in pain as he lifts his foot and holds it out for Phillips to look at]
Captain Richard Phillips: How old are you, anyway? What are you? Sixteen, seventeen?
[he starts cleaning Bilal’s wound]
Captain Richard Phillips: You’re too young to be out here doing this.
Najee: No talking! No talking!
[Phillips takes out a bandage and gets pocket knife to cut it]
Najee: Hey! Hey!
Muse: What you do?
Najee: [subtitled] He’s got a knife!
[taking Phillips pocket knife]
Najee: Hey! What gonna do with this?
[to Bilal]
Najee: [subtitled] Get back…get back there!
[Bilal limps off taking the bandage which is half covering his foot]


[a ScanEagle flies over the ocean to spot the lifeboat as the Bainbridge is closing in on it; on Bainbridge Castellano is talking on the phone]
Captain Frank Castellano: UAB scanning shows the lifeboat is currently one hundred twenty-six nautical miles off the Somali coast, moving on course 3-0-5 at 5 knots. With the mother ship dead in the water at six zero miles to the northeast. Do we have any idea who these guys are?
Official: The mother ship is a Taiwanese fishing trawler that was hijacked last year. According to an organized database that vessel’s under the control of Somali warlord Garaad. We’re working on getting the ID’s of the kidnappers.
Captain Frank Castellano: If this is indeed Garaad’s guys, they’re looking for a pay day, which means they’ll talk and if we can get them talking, we can begin to wear them down.
Admiral Howard: Frank, you need to know that this thing is running big here and there’s a lot of pressure building. The White House hopes this can be resolved peacefully, but whatever happens, Captain Phillips does not reach Somalia.
Captain Frank Castellano: I understand, Admiral, but we’re gonna need some time. I think if we press too hard we put the hostages at risk. We’re gonna need to use some tactical patience, over.
Admiral Howard: Do your best to talk them down, Frank, but you’re on the clock. With deploying a SEAL team of USS Boxer and USS Halyburton for support. If you haven’t gotten back by the time they arrive, the SEALs will take care of it.
Captain Frank Castellano: I understand all that, Admiral.
[the call ends, then Castellano watches the radar as the lifeboat gets closer to the pirate’s mother ship]


[back on the lifeboat, Phillips looks tired and worn out]
Captain Richard Phillips: May I have some water, please? Water?
[Elmi, Najee and Muse ignore his plea, but Bilal picks up the carton of water and slowly takes it to Phillips, at the same time as Najee is rolling up a cigarette they hit some rough water making the paper and tobacco fall out of his hands; shouting at Elmi]
Najee: [subtitled] Drive this thing right!
Elmi: [subtitled] Calm down, we’re on the ocean.
Najee: [subtitled] I should throw you off this boat right now!
Elmi: [subtitled] You need to sit down and relax.
[Bilal hands the carton of water to Phillips and he starts drinking from it thirstily]
Najee: [subtitled] Hey! Hey! That’s enough.
[Najee takes the carton away from Phillips]
Najee: [subtitled] Take it away.
[he hands the carton back to Bilal]
Najee: [subtitled] From now on this water is only for us!
Muse: [subtitled] Stop being such an asshole.
[referring to Najee]
Elmi: [subtitled] You’ve got to control him.
Muse: [subtitled] Just drive and shut up.


[Muse picks up the radio]
Muse: [subtitled] Hufan, can you hear me?
[there’s no response]
Captain Richard Phillips: You having trouble?
[Muse looks at Phillips]
Muse: No trouble, Irish.
[referring to the lifeboat]
Muse: Slow piece of shit.
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah, yeah. It’s a shallow draft and it’ll find the current, you gotta take that into account
Muse: I know what I’m doing.
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah, yeah, sure, of course. You’re the Captain now. Well, hey, Captain, why don’t we open up that hatchet and get a little more air in here?
[suddenly Najee bangs on the window in anger]
Muse: [subtitled] What’s wrong with you?
Najee: [subtitled] Do not talk to me.
Captain Richard Phillips: You know, a little air might do him some good.
[Muse pauses for a moment before replying]
Muse: Yeah, open the hatch so your crew play tricks. No. No tricks, Irish.
[Muse speaks into the radio again]
Muse: [subtitled] Hufan, can you hear me? Hufan, can you hear me?


[later that night as the air is getting tighter in the lifeboat]
Muse: [subtitled] We should be heading northwest, we’ve got to get to Garaad’s port.
Elmi: [subtitled] I am, but there’s a lot of wind.
Muse: [subtitled] Just go!
Elmi: [subtitled] Okay, then let me do it!
[suddenly the radio comes to life with Hufan contacting them]
Hufan: [subtitled] Muse? Are you there? Are you there?
Muse: [subtitled] Hufan, where are you?
Hufan: [subtitled] I’m having trouble with the engine. Head home. I’ll be there as soon as I can.
Muse: [subtitled] Hey, we are alone out here, we need you to pick us up! We’ve got to get out of this lifeboat.
Hufan: [subtitled] Shut up and listen to me! You screwed up getting the ship, so Garaad says bring back that Captain or don’t come back at all!
[Muse tosses the radio aside]
Captain Richard Phillips: Sounds like there’s problems. You got a problem?
Muse: Problem? No problem, Irish. Everything will be okay.


[SEAL Staging Base – Virginia; SEALs are being driven to their aircraft when the SEAL Commander gets a phone call]
SEAL Commander: Yes, Sir.
Official: Here’s the latest from SOCOM. Bainbridge CO have until your arrival to negotiate a surrender, but upon boarding you will assume operational command. The White House has authorized any means necessary to resolve this.
SEAL Commander: Roger that.
[the SEALs reach their aircraft and get ready to board the plane]


[back on the lifeboat, everyone is feeling the air getting thinner, Phillips watches as Najee drinks the water from the carton]
Elmi: [subtitled] I need air.
Bilal: [subtitled] When are we going to be home? I can’t feel my foot anymore. It’s like hell in here!
[Elmi uses the back of his gun to try and break one of the windows]
Captain Richard Phillips: You wanna tell him maybe not to do that?
Muse: He wants air.
Captain Richard Phillips: Well, that thing is still loaded, he’s got the clip in it.
[Muse tells Elmi to take the clip off his gun and Elmi does it]
Elmi: Talk too much. Too much.
[he then uses the back of his gun again to hit the window and eventually breaks it, Najee takes another swig from the water carton but tosses it aside in frustration when he sees it’s empty]
Captain Richard Phillips: You’re gonna need some more water.
Muse: When we get home, you’ll get a million barrels of it. All the water you want.
Captain Richard Phillips: Really?
Muse: Last year I took a Greek ship. Six million dollars.
Captain Richard Phillips: Six million dollars? So what are you doing here?
[Muse looks at Phillips, not happy with his criticism]
Muse: Shut up, Irish. Too much talk.
Captain Richard Phillips: Well, your problem isn’t me talking, your problem is you not listening.
[Muse doesn’t reply and turns to look out the window, Najee gets angry and grabs hold of Phillips]
Najee: [subtitled] Hey! You think you have any power here?
Muse: [subtitled] Let him go!
Najee: [subtitled] I should shoot you and be done!
Muse: [subtitled] Take your gun off him! I’m the captain! Who do you think you are?
Najee: [subtitled] You’re taking his side? You let the American do whatever he wants!
[suddenly their argument is interrupted by horn sounding then followed by the sound of an alarm]


[as they hear the alarm sounding outside the boat starts to move from side to side]
Elmi: [subtitled] I’m losing control!
[we see the USS Bainbridge arrive, inside the lifeboat the pirates start to panic, Muse opens the lifeboat door and they see the massive ship next to them on the ocean, Phillips starts to laugh with relief, Muse closes the door and turns to the others]
Muse: [subtitled] It’s the American! Do something to secure the door!
[on the Bainbridge Castellano uses the radio to contact the pirates on the lifeboat]
Captain Frank Castellano: Held in the lifeboat, this is Frank Castellano, Commander of the USS Bainbridge. We want to get Captain Phillips back safely and end this thing peacefully.
[Muse shoves his gun in Phillips face]
Muse: Don’t move!
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright.
[through the radio]
Captain Frank Castellano: Held on the lifeboat, come in.
[Muse answers through the radio]
Muse: No military action, no military action, no Al-Qaeda. We are just fishermen.
[they hear a man speaking Somalian replying through the radio]
Nemo: [subtitled] Calm down, brother…we’re here for the Captain, not for you.
Elmi: [subtitled] They have a spy with them!
Muse: [subtitled] Hey…you. Who are you?
Nemo: [subtitled] My name is Nemo. I worked with the U.S. Navy. We just want to talk.
Muse: I talk English. I want ten million dollars.
Nemo: [subtitled] It’s not that easy…but we’ll work on it. In the meantime, what if I bring you some food and water?
[there’s a pause as they wait for the pirates to reply]
Muse: No tricks or your Captain dead!
[Muse takes the gun away from Phillips’ head]


[at the same time a group of Navy officers arrive on the Maersk Alabama to rescue the rest of the crew]
Lieutenant Hicks: Shane Murphy?
Shane Murphy: Yeah, that’s me.
Lieutenant Hicks: Lieutenant Hicks, USS Bainbridge. We’re running a military engagement zone, sir. Need you to bring the ship left to two-one-zero immediately. We’re here to escort you to Mombasa to ensure that the ship’s safe, you’re Captain will be in good hands.
Shane Murphy: Alright. Bring her home, guys.
[back on Bainbridge]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: OSS, keep the camera on the lifeboat.
[to Castellano]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: Captain, sir, the boat deck is manned and ready. VBSS is on station. Request permission to lower the rigs.
Captain Frank Castellano: Execute.
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: Aye, sir. Bridge KAO, launch the rigs!
[two boats with Navy Officers are released from Bainbridge riding towards the lifeboat]


[back on the lifeboat, Muse watches as the two boats from Bainbridge approach them]
Muse: [subtitled] They’re coming. Bilal, watch him. Watch him closely.
[Bilal comes over to keep an eye on Phillips]
Muse: Irish, your crew…run. The ship go.
Captain Richard Phillips: That’s the Navy clearing the area. You gotta think about what you’re doing.
Muse: Navy good. They protect us back to Somalia
Captain Richard Phillips: The Navy is not here to protect you. They’re not here to negotiate either.
Muse: No choice, I got you.
[the two boats stop near the lifeboat, Nemo who’s on the one of the boats holds his hand up]
Nemo: [subtitled] Open your door! We are here with your supplies.
[Muse opens the lifeboat door and points his gun at them as the officers on the boat point their guns at the pirates]
Muse: Guns down! America, guns down!
Nemo: [subtitled] Calm down, brother! We’re just here to help you.
Muse: Put your guns down, now!
[one of the officer’s on the boat is using a camera to film the pirates on the lifeboat for Bainbridge to view]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: We got one outside, one in the hatch.


Nemo: [subtitled] Listen, we need to see our guy. We’ve got supplies, food, water for you… but we need to see our Captain.
Muse: Okay. Wait.
[Muse steps inside the lifeboat]
Muse: [subtitled] They want to see him. Bring him out.captain-phillips-12
Najee: [subtitled] Bring him! Bring him!
[Bilal grabs Phillips shirt to drag him up]
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright. Alright, Okay, okay.
Najee: Down!
[Bilal pushes Phillips forward, Najee points his gun at his back, Phillips sticks his head out of the lifeboat door]
Nemo: You alright, Captain?
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay. Yeah, yeah.
[Castellano watches the footage back on Bainbridge]
Captain Richard Phillips: Listen, let my family know where I am!
Nemo: Yes, sir. We’re keeping them updated.
Captain Richard Phillips: It’s important they know where I am! I’m in seat fifteen! Do you understand? I’m in seat fifteen!
[back on Bainbridge as they watch the footage being filmed]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: All stations log at seat fifteen. Right seat. TAO, send that to CTF one five and zero top.


Nemo: Don’t worry, sir, we’ll handle it!
Muse: [subtitled] Get him back inside.
[Muse pushes Phillips back into the lifeboat]
Najee: [subtitled] Shut up and don’t move!
Nemo: [subtitled] Calm down, we just want to talk. We’ve got your supplies here…food, water.
Muse: Where is the money?
Nemo: [subtitled] Give me time.
Muse: I don’t want your food, I want your money!
[the camera footage being shown to Bainbridge shows Elmi siting in the lifeboat control’s area]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: OSS, maintain camera footage.
Navy Officer: Hold on a second.
[shouting to Nemo]
Muse: Ten million dollars sign! Ten millions dollars!
[Muse holds up his injured hand]
Nemo: [subtitled] Listen, you’re hurt. We’ve got doctors on board. Let us take care of you.
[shouting to Muse as he holds Phillips at gunpoint in the lifeboat]
Najee: [subtitled] Hurry up! They’re treating us like children!
[shouting to Nemo]
Muse: Ten million dollars, right!
Nemo: [subtitled] It’s not that easy, so we need time. We’ve got to talk about this.
[shouting to Muse again]
Najee: [subtitled] Hurry up, I said!
[at that moment the officer holding the camera stands and Muse notices him]
Muse: No camera! No camera!
[getting more and more angry and agitated Najee suddenly shoots his gun right next to Phillips ear]


Captain Frank Castellano: Who fired? KAO, who fired? Get the rigs out of there!
[giving instructions]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: Scram the rigs. Scram the rigs.
[the two boats quickly turn and leave going back to Bainbridge; inside the lifeboat]
Elmi: [subtitled] Are you crazy? What are you doing? You’ll get us all killed!
[shouting at Muse]
Najee: [subtitled] Do you have to talk all day?!
Muse: [subtitled] You’re crazy! What do you think you’re doing?
[Muse pushes Najee]
Najee: [subtitled] All you do is talk!
Muse: [subtitled] Move!
[Muse pushes past Najee]
Najee: [subtitled] You have to be strong to get what you want!
[at that moment they are interrupted by Castellano contacting them on the radio]
Captain Frank Castellano: Alabama lifeboat, come in. Alabama lifeboat, we have to talk.
[Muse picks up the radio]
Muse: Just an accident! Just an accident!
Captain Frank Castellano: Is anyone hurt?
Muse: No, American fine. American okay.
Captain Frank Castellano: I need to hear it from him.
Muse: I said he okay!
Captain Frank Castellano: I need to hear it from him!
[shouting to Phillips who’s being held at gunpoint by Najee]
Muse: Come here and talk!
Najee: Get out! Get up! Get up!


[Phillips gets up and start to go towards Muse]
Najee: Move! Move!
[Muse holds out the radio to Phillips]
Muse: Talk!
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah, yeah, it’s me.
Captain Frank Castellano: Are you okay?
Captain Richard Phillips: It’s falling apart in here. He just fired off a round right next to my head.
Captain Frank Castellano: Is the leader there?
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah, he can hear you.
Captain Frank Castellano: Captain, listen to me. We will not tolerate this. As Captain of the ship, you are responsible for the lives of everyone on board, and right now you’re putting them in serious jeopardy. We want to resolve this thing peacefully, so let’s find a way out of this together before someone gets hurt.
[there’s a moment’s pause as Muse looks at Phillips]
Captain Frank Castellano: Alabama lifeboat, respond.
Muse: I talk when I go Somalia.
[he forces Phillips to sit]
Muse: Sit down! Sit down!
[Elmi starts the lifeboat engine and takes off; on Bainbridge the radar shows the lifeboat moving]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: Captain, sir, the lifeboat’s twelve hours from the Somali coast. Boxer and Halyburton have arrived. ETA on the SEAL team is 0400.


[back on the lifeboat, Muse looks at Phillips]
Muse: Irish, don’t worry. Everything gonna be okay.
[Phillips just looks at him]
Muse: After this, I go America. I always wanted to go America. Go to New York, buy a car.
[Muse starts coughing, his wound looking as though it’s infected, Najee looks out the window]
Najee: [subtitled] Hey, this situation has gotten bad. There are two more ships, one on either side. That one is huge!
[Phillips wanting to understand their agitation rises from his seat and notices Boxer and Halyburton have arrived]
Captain Richard Phillips: Oh, God!
Elmi: Sit down! Sit down!
Najee: Sit down!
Elmi: Yeah, sit down!
Muse: Sit down, now!
[Muse pushes Phillips back down to his seat]


Muse: [subtitled] Bilal, get the ropes! I want him tied up.
Captain Richard Phillips: Hey, Captain, it’s all over. It’s all over, Captain.
Muse: [subtitled] The other ropes…
Captain Richard Phillips: There’s a reason your boss took off on you and isn’t coming back, cause he doesn’t want to take on the Navy. He’s gone. He’s left you all alone. You had a plan, Captain. You had a plan to take my ship and that didn’t work out, so you thought you could take me?
Muse: Shut up, Irish!
Captain Richard Phillips: And make a run to Somalia? You got half the U.S. Navy out there, you gotta give up. You gotta stop.
Muse: I can’t stop, Irish!
Captain Richard Phillips: The Navy is not gonna let you win. They can’t let you win. They would rather sink this boat than let you get me back to Somalia! It’s over!
Muse: I come too far, Irish. I can’t give up. No.


[later that night on Bainbridge Castellano receives a call]
Captain Frank Castellano: Hello?
Bainbridge Crew: Sir, the SEALs are inbound, deploying three miles up our stern.
Captain Frank Castellano: Roger that.
[we see the SEALs jumping off their aircraft parachuting down to Bainbridge; back on the lifeboat Phillips watches the pirates trying to come up with a plan to escape]
Captain Richard Phillips: I need to piss.
Muse: Fast.
[Phillips gets up and makes his way out and steps off the lifeboat where Bilal is standing keeping watch, Bilal looks at Phillips]
Captain Richard Phillips: Salt water ain’t good for your foot.
[suddenly Phillips pushes Bilal into the water and he also jumps into the water and starts to swim towards Bainbridge as fast as he can]
Muse: [subtitled] He got out! Turn the boat around! Bilal, you idiot!captain-phillips-14
[Najee sticks his head out of the lifeboat hatch to keep an eye on what’s going on]
Muse: [subtitled] Turn it! Faster, faster! Move, or we’ll leave you!
[on Bainbridge they notice two bodies swimming in the water]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: Captain! Captain! Captain, two in the water! Two in the water!
Captain Frank Castellano: What have we got?
Bainbridge Crew: We go two guys in the water.
Captain Frank Castellano: What about Phillips? Is one of them Phillips?
Bainbridge Crew: We don’t know, we can’t tell.
[they go out onto the deck]
Bainbridge Crew: One maybe Phillips and the other a pirate, but we don’t know.
Captain Frank Castellano: We gotta be sure. Get a flare in the air!


[shouting to Najee as they look for Phillips in the water]
Muse: [subtitled] Find him. Don’t kill him!
[at the same time the Navy SEALs land with their parachutes in the water, in the lifeboat Najee spots Phillips and starts shooting at him]
Muse: [subtitled] Don’t shoot!
[Najee ignores him and continues to shoot]
Muse: [subtitled] Stop! What are you doing?!
Najee: [subtitled] He’s getting away!
[Phillips continues to swim away]
Muse: [subtitled] Don’t kill him!
Najee: [subtitled] Better to kill him than let him escape! There he is!
Muse: [subtitled] I’m ordering you! Don’t kill him!
[the Navy SEALs have all landed and are making their way towards Bainbridge in their boats and make contact with Bainbridge on the radio]
Navy SEAL Group: Bainbridge, this is grid three. We have SEALs inbound.
[on Bainbridge they start shooting flares]
Bainbridge Crew #1: Targeting 0-2-0 on the lifeboat right now. We can’t tell who’s in the water.
Bainbridge Crew #2: No clear shot at the tango.
Captain Frank Castellano: Nobody shoots unless there’s a clear shot!


[back on the lifeboat they continue to look for Phillips]
Najee: [subtitled] Where is he?
[Muse spots Phillips coming up on the side of the boat to catch his breath]
Muse: [subtitled] Here he is! Here he is!
[Phillips goes under water and tries to swim away but can’t hold himself under and he’s spotted again]
Muse: [subtitled] He’s here!
[Muse jumps into the water to go after Phillips; on Bainbridge they watch as Muse jumps into the water]
USS Bainbridge VBSS Officer: One more in the water!
Bainbridge Crew #1: We’ve got one more in the water.
[Muse grabs Phillips and tries to pull him back and in the process Phillips loses his shirt, Phillips shouts for help to Bainbridge]
Captain Richard Phillips: Help!
[Muse pushes Phillips down into the water]
Captain Richard Phillips: Help!
[Muse finally manages to get hold of Phillips, Najee shoots into the water near them to keep Phillips from escaping]
Muse: Don’t shoot!
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright, alright! Alright!
Najee: [subtitled] Get over here! Now!
Captain Richard Phillips: Okay, okay!
[Muse and Phillips grabs at the end of the lifeboat, Phillips looks back at Bainbridge with despair]


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If you enjoy visiting our site, and already shop through Amazon, please consider supporting us to help us keep the site going by shopping through our Amazon link here. You get your items from Amazon as per normal and we get a small commission to help us run the site at no extra cost to you!

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