Captain Phillips Quotes: Intense Real-Life Thriller

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Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by:
Billy Ray (screenplay)
Richard Phillips & Stephan Talty (based on book “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea”)
Tom Hanks – Captain Richard Phillips
Barkhad Abdi – Muse
Barkhad Abdirahman – Bilal
Faysal Ahmed – Najee
Mahat M. Ali – Elmi
Michael Chernus – Shane Murphy
Catherine Keener – Andrea Phillips
David Warshofsky – Mike Perry
Corey Johnson – Ken Quinn
Chris Mulkey – John Cronan
Yul Vazquez – Captain Frank Castellano
Max Martini – SEAL Commander
Omar Berdouni – Nemo
Mohamed Ali – Asad
Issak Farah Samatar – Hufan


Captain Phillips quotes are a gripping and intimate look at desperate men forced into a drastic situation beyond their control which are equally emotionally thrilling, stirring as well as draining. Based on true events of the 2009’s Maersk Alabama hijacking incident in which Phillips (Tom Hanks) is taken hostage by Somali Pirates.

This adaptation plays mostly as a straightforward thriller with some brief back stories told in two halves; first half is the pirates hijacking the Maersk and searching for treasure and crew and then later when they take Phillips hostage in the ship’s lifeboat and make their way to Somalia. It’s only after the hijacking occurs the story becomes more vibrant as tensions rise and everything comes down to a matter of life and death. The film is wise to not show Phillips as a glossy hero but as a regular human being facing an impossible situation, or the hijackers as true villains without ever justifying or condoning their actions; instead they are humanized but held accountable for their deeds.

The main success of the movie lies with Hanks soul-baring and grounded performance as an ordinary everyman forced into a desperate act of courage and by the brilliant performance of first-time actor Barkhad Abdi who plays Muse, the pirate who is cunning, conflicted and driven to do what he must to survive, which makes him highly volatile.

Although the ending is predictable, the captivating and tension filled story, and the fact that the film never oversells the plight of the characters or reduces anyone or situation to mere caricature, more than makes up for this.

Verdict: A well-crafted, suspenseful and sensitively told tale that is so engrossing that you don’t even remember the flaws.

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[first lines; March 28, 2009 – Underhill, Vermont – Phillips is at home packing and gathering his passport and paperwork for boarding the Maersk Alabama, as he puts his things in the car, his wife, Andrea, walks out the front door and walks towards the car]
Andrea Phillips: Okay.
[as Phillips drives them down the freeway, Andrea looks at Phillips]
Andrea Phillips: You alright?
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah.
Andrea Phillips: You think these trips would get easier, but it’s just the opposite.
Captain Richard Phillips: Well, I feel the same way.
Andrea Phillips: I know this is what we do, this is our life. But it just seems like the world is moving so fast, right now things are changing so much.
Captain Richard Phillips: They sure are. I’ll tell you something, it’s not gonna be easy for our kids. They’ll be going into a different world than the one you and I came into.
Andrea Phillips: Yeah.
Captain Richard Phillips: You know, both our kids are doing great, but it worries me when Danny doesn’t take school seriously. I hate him missing class, when he comes out it might hurt him when he’s out looking for a job, you know? The competition out there. When I was starting out you could make it if you put your head down and you just did your work. But young guys coming up now, companies want things fast and cheaper. Fifty guys compete for every job. Everything’s different, big wheels are turning. You gotta be strong to survive that thing.
Andrea Phillips: I hear what you’re saying. It’s gonna be okay, right?
Captain Richard Phillips: Oh, yeah.
[she touches the back of head and he squeezes her arm]
Captain Richard Phillips: It’s gonna be okay.
[they arrive at the airport, Phillips gets his bag and embraces Andrea]
Andrea Phillips: I love you.
Captain Richard Phillips: I love you too.
[they kiss each other goodbye]
Andrea Phillips: Have a safe trip.
Captain Richard Phillips: I’ll call you from there.
[Phillips walks into the airport and Andrea gets back in the car and drives off]


[Eyl, Somalia – couple vans driven by mercenaries arrives at the village, a young boy goes to wake up Muse]
Somali Boy: [subtitled] They’re here! Hurry, Muse!
[Muse rises and quickly gets dressed, the mercenaries get out of their vans and one of them starts telling off a group of villagers]
Mercenary: [subtitled] What the hell are you doing? Why aren’t you out on the water? You know what you’re supposed to do! You should be out there earning money!
Hufan: [subtitled] But we caught a ship last week.
Mercenary: [subtitled] That was last week! The boss wants money today! Bring Garaad another ship soon or you will answer for it! Everybody, get back to work now!
the group of village men, including Muse, start walking away to their boats on the beach, one of the men turns to Muse
Asad: [subtitled] Stay out of my way today.
[as they walk down the beach]
Asad: [subtitled] Hufan! Hufan! I’m going to get something big! Those who want to make money, come.
Bilal: [subtitled] Muse, take me with you.
Muse: [subtitled] Does your sister know you’re here?
Bilal: [subtitled] She’s selling khat up there. This is her best stuff.
[he shows Muse a piece of the plant, Muse takes it and starts eating the leaves]


[to the group of Somali village men gathered on the beach]
Asad: [subtitled] When we get a big ship, you will be well paid.
[to one of the men]
Asad: [subtitled] You want to work? Do you know how to steer a boat? Go, go.
[the man walks off; another man calls out to Asad]
Village Male: [subtitled] I’m ready.
Asad: [subtitled] What do you have for me?
Village Male: [subtitled] Money.
Asad: [subtitled] When are you gonna give it to me?
Village Male: [subtitled] As soon as we’re paid.
[he walks off; the older village male turns to the rest of the men gathered around]
Hufan: [subtitled] Spread out!
[to Asad]
Hufan: [subtitled] Let my other man choose his crew.
[to the group of men]
Asad: [subtitled] Next time bring me something if you want to work.
[Muse looks at the group of men gathered to pick his men]
Muse: [subtitled] Come on, Bilal.
[Bilal goes over to Muse, one of the men calls out to Muse]
Elmi: [subtitled] Hey, Skinny, I can steer your boat. If you choose me, you won’t regret it.
Muse: [subtitled] Okay, Elmi.
[to the rest of the group of men]
Muse: [subtitled] I need somebody strong.
[all the men put their hands up; the older village male points out one of the men]
Hufan: [subtitled] Somebody like this?
[Muse ignores him and looks at a man, named Najee, standing at the back of the group]
Muse: [subtitled] I want him.
[Najee starts making his way to Muse pushing through the group of men]
Najee: [subtitled] Get out of the way!
Asad: [subtitled] Why did he pick him? He’s from another village!
[Muse and his men pick out their guns and set off on their boat out on the sea]


[the group of men reach a small ship and quickly start boarding it along with their weapons]
Asad: [subtitled] Move! Faster! Move faster!
Muse: [subtitled] See if you can get more power.
Elmi: [subtitled] Okay.
[shouting over to Elmi]
Asad: [subtitled] You! Get over here! Come help us!
[Elmi hesitates and looks at Muse who gives him the nod to go and help Asad]


[Salalah Port, Oman – Phillips drives in the port and pulls up next to the Maersk Alabama]
Maersk Alabama Crew: Alright there, Captain. Let me get that for you.
[referring to Phillips luggage]
Captain Richard Phillips: Morning.
[the crew member takes Phillips bag and walks away, Phillips then boards the ship and starts looking around before finding his room, he walks into the ship’s bridge]
Captain Richard Phillips: Hey.
Shane Murphy: Hey, Cap.
[they shake hands]
Captain Richard Phillips: Good to see you.
Shane Murphy: Good to see you.
Ken Quinn: Hey, Captain.
Captain Richard Phillips: Hey. Carry on.
[Phillips walks away to pour himself some coffee, Murphy approaches one of the crew members]
Maersk Alabama Crew: Yeah?
Shane Murphy: Get on that safety boat, huh?
[the crew member goes off]
Shane Murphy: Ken?
Ken Quinn: Yeah?
Shane Murphy: I want you to go down the deck office grab Jimmy, get on the lone star, get it balanced, move it five points. Take care of that now.
Ken Quinn: You got it.


Shane Murphy: How’s your family, Cap?
Captain Richard Phillips: Oh, you know. Andrea’s a champ, one kid gone another kid doing. How are the boxes?
Shane Murphy: Well, you know, just put a few last containers on. Twenty-four hundred tons of commercial cargo, two hundred tons of food aid, about a hundred and sixty-six tons of fresh water, two hundred and fifty metric tons of fuel bunker.
Captain Richard Phillips: Walk me through the plan.
[Murphy points to the map]
Shane Murphy: So, here we are on Salalah, travel down to Djibouti, then we exit the shipping lane south of Socotra.
Captain Richard Phillips: Socotra.
Shane Murphy: Then we’re…we’re on our own down the coast through the Somali Basin, all the way down to Mombasa.
[Phillips look at the map for a moment]
Shane Murphy: We should be able to unload the containers around 08:00.
Captain Richard Phillips: Well, let’s, uh…let’s tighten up security. We are going around the horn of Africa, right? We got, uh…pirate cages, they’re all open, all the doors are unlocked. I want everything closed, locked, even in port.
Shane Murphy: Right.
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright. Ready to leave 15:00?
Shane Murphy: Absolutely, Captain.


[preparing for the Maersk Alabama to leave the port]
Captain Richard Phillips: Skully gangway, last lines in.
[the crew members in port drop the anchor lines]
Captain Richard Phillips: Bow first to full stop.
Shane Murphy: Bow first are on.
[the ship starts to slowly pull away from the dock]
Captain Richard Phillips: Tilt slow and ahead.
Shane Murphy: Tilt slow and ahead.
[we see the Maersk now fully setting off on its voyage out on the sea]


[after doing his morning round checking the ship, Phillips goes into the break room where some crew members are gathered having coffee]
Captain Richard Phillips: Shane?
Shane Murphy: Yeah?
Captain Richard Phillips: We need those time sheets.
Shane Murphy: Right.
[the others are chatting away to each other]
Ken Quinn: She’s one of the psychiatric patients, because she’s winking at me like this, but it turns out it’s something they do. I’ll show you this place, I’ll take you there, we gotta go. Okay? We’ll knock back a few.
John Cronan: I’ll have two beers and a bucket full of sin, please!
[the other men start laughing, Phillips, looking not amused, checks the time on his watch]
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah. About done with that coffee?
Shane Murphy: Yeah.
John Cronan: Yeah, we’re done. Let’s go.
Shane Murphy: That’s fifteen, guys. Back to work.


[on the pirates boat, their captain checks the radar to find ships]
Hufan: [subtitled] Their main route is packed with ships, but we can’t attack a herd.
[he looks at the radar and finds a lone ship]
Hufan: [subtitled] This one is alone.
[on that same night, as Phillips is checking his emails he gets one from United Kingdom Maritime Trace Office with subject ‘Piracy warning alert off Somali coastline’]


[the next morning, Phillips enters the bridge]
Captain Richard Phillips: Mornin’.
Shane Murphy: Hey, Cap.
Ken Quinn: Cap.
Crew Member: Mornin’, Cap.
Captain Richard Phillips: Shane, I want to do some security drills, unannounced. Starting now.
Shane Murphy: Uh…what? Fire? Man overboard?
Captain Richard Phillips: Everything. Ken, you’re the duty officer?
Ken Quinn: Yeah, Cap.
Captain Richard Phillips: Boat with two armed men in it is approaching on the starboard beam.
[Ken goes to sound the alarm but Phillips stops him]
Captain Richard Phillips: Uh…no.
Ken Quinn: Sir?
Captain Richard Phillips: Whistle first.
[Ken punches the button which starts the ship’s horn]
Captain Richard Phillips: Okay, the pirates know we’re aware of them and we’re ready to defend the ship.
[Ken turns on the emergency sound alarm]
Ken Quinn: Rustle up, let’s go.
[addressing the crew on the ship’s speaker]
Shane Murphy: Attention all crew. All crew. All hands to the deck stations. Repeat, all hands to the deck stations, now.
[to Phillips]
Shane Murphy: Let’s do this.
[he leaves the bridge as Phillips watches]


[to one of the crew members as they continue to practice the security drill for pirates approaching]
Shane Murphy: Get those keys off your hip, throw it in your pocket.
[to the rest of the men sat in the coffee break room]
Shane Murphy: Come on. Come on, guys. Pirates capture you and find those keys they have access to every door in this ship.
[on the deck the men get the fire pump hoses ready; to Phillip on the walkie-talkie]
Shane Murphy: Hey, Cap, this is Shane here.
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah, Shane, go ahead.
Shane Murphy: Well, things are looking pretty good down here. We’re getting close to the hoses.
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright, let me know when you’re ready down there.
Shane Murphy: Copy that.
[Phillips waits when suddenly he notices on the radar two skiffs approaching]
Captain Richard Phillips: Shane, come up to the bridge.
Shane Murphy: Okay.


[Phillips steps out, looks through his binoculars and spots something approaching in the distance, Shane enters the bridge]
Shane Murphy: What’s up, Captain? Everything okay?
[pointing to the two spots approaching on the radar]
Captain Richard Phillips: I don’t like the look of that.
[as they watch the skiffs on the radar getting closer to the ship Phillips makes a call to the Engine Room]
Mike Perry: Yeah, Captain?
Captain Richard Phillips: Chief, I want all your guys on station.captain-phillips-3
Mike Perry: Are we still on the drill?
Captain Richard Phillips: No, this is real. We got something comin’ up on the starboard quarter.
Mike Perry: Got it.
[to Shane]
Captain Richard Phillips: Turn twenty-five degrees, let’s see if they follow us.
[Shane turns the ship, Phillips watches the radar and sees that the skiffs follow them]
Captain Richard Phillips: Get the crew back on the muster stations.
Shane Murphy: Okay.
[making the announcement to the crew]
Shane Murphy: Attention all crew, attention all crew, return to your muster stations. Repeat, return to your muster stations. This is not a drill, this is a real situation.
[Phillips calls the Engine Room again]
Mike Perry: Yeah, Cap?
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright, come up to one-two-two.
[the ship speeds up]


[to Shane]
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright, give me U.S. Maritime Emergency.
[as Shane makes the call Phillips looks through the binoculars at the skiffs approaching]
Captain Richard Phillips: Two skiffs, can’t tell how many they’re carrying.
Shane Murphy: Copy that. There’s no answer at the U.S. Maritime Emergency line.
Captain Richard Phillips: Raise the UKMTO.
Shane Murphy: Alright.
[as Shane is about to make the call Ken enters the bridge]
Ken Quinn: What’s up?
Shane Murphy: We go two skiffs approaching, get on the radar.
[Ken goes to check the radar and Shane makes the call]
Shane Murphy: Yeah, this is the Maersk Alabama, here’s the Captain.
[Phillips walks back inside and Shane holds out the phone to him]
Shane Murphy: UKMTO.
[Phillips takes the phone]
Captain Richard Phillips: Operations?
UKMTO Officer: Receiving.
Captain Richard Phillips: This is the Maersk Alabama, position is two-degrees-two north by forty nine-degrees-nineteen east. Our course is one-eighty and speed is seventeen knots. We have two skiffs approaching at a distance of one-point-five miles, with a possible mother ship following. Potential piracy situation.
UKMTO Officer: Copy, Alabama. You should alert your crew, get your fire hoses ready and follow all security procedures.
[Phillips hesitates for a moment]
Captain Richard Phillips: Uh…yeah. Is that it?
UKMTO Officer: I’m relaying your transmission now, but chances are it’s just fishermen.
Captain Richard Phillips: They’re not here to fish.
[Phillips ends the call]


[the two skiffs carrying the pirates are speeding fast towards the Maersk Alabama, Muse looks at the ship through his binoculars and shouts to the others]
Muse: [subtitled] She’s really big! Get ready!
Asad: [subtitled] You worry about yourself, skinny rat!captain-phillips-4
[Phillips keeps an eye on the two ships through his binoculars and sees them approaching fast; to Shane]
Captain Richard Phillips: Both skiffs carrying armed men. Distance?
[Shane looks at the radar]
Shane Murphy: One hundred quarter miles and closing.
[Phillips calls down to the Engine Room]
Mike Perry: Yeah, Cap?
Captain Richard Phillips: Uh…I want to bring her to one twenty-five.
Mike Perry: We’re still good.
Captain Richard Phillips: One twenty-five.
[Phillips puts the phone down]


[as the two skiffs are fast approaching the Maersk Alabama]
Muse: [subtitled] Brothers, we’re going to make a lot of money!
Asad: [subtitled] Slow down, the waves are too big!
[back on the ship, as Shane checks the radar]
Shane Murphy: They’re on one mile now, Cap! Only one mile!
[Phillips hesitates as he realizes the inevitable is coming, then he picks up the radio and speaks into it]
Captain Richard Phillips: Coalition Warship 237, this is Maersk Alabama. Coalition Warship 237, Maersk Alabama.
[Phillips holds the radio for a second, Shane looks confused and turns to look at Ken, neither understanding what Phillips is doing, Phillips then speaks into the radio again but changes his voice, pretending to be Warship 237]
Captain Richard Phillips: Hello, Alabama. Our position is two degrees-two north by forty-nine degrees eighteen east.
[on the two skiffs, they hear Phillips making the call to Warship 237 thinking Phillips is making a call for backup help]
Captain Richard Phillips: We are being approached by two pirate skiffs and a possible mother ship following. We require immediate assistance. We have a crew of twenty, we are preparing our weapons now. We request air support if possible. Copy.
[Phillips hesitates and looks at Shane for a moment before putting on his pretend voice again]
Captain Richard Phillips: Copy, uh…Alabama. We have a helicopter in the air. The ETA to your position is five minutes.
[going back to his own voice]
Captain Richard Phillips: Five minutes. Thank you, 237.
[Phillips puts then radio down]


[after hearing Phillips making the pretend call to Warship 237, the pirates all look worried and look up to see if the helicopter is coming]
Asad: [subtitled] Did you hear that? Did you hear that? We’ve got to get out of here! Turn back, turn back!
[Asad’s skiff starts turning around]
Muse: [subtitled] What are you doing? Where are you going?
[Asad’s skiff goes back towards their ship]
Muse: [subtitled] Come on! Keep going!
[Muse’s skiff carries on going ahead towards the Maersk Alabama; back on the Alabama Shane notices on the radar that one skiff has turned around]
Shane Murphy: Yeah, we got one down. But the other one’s still coming, half a mile out.
Captain Richard Phillips: We need to make a bigger wave.
[Phillips makes a call to the Engine Room]
Mike Perry: Yeah?
Captain Richard Phillips: Cancel the limits. One two nine.
Mike Perry: Yeah, you’re right on the edge, we’re still at number five.
Captain Richard Phillips: Do it.
[Phillips hangs up the phone]
Captain Richard Phillips: Forty-five degrees.
Shane Murphy: Forty-five degrees.
[the ships keeps on speeding as fast as it can making a slight turn; Muse skiff continues to speed on following the Alabama]
Muse: [subtitled] Faster, faster!
[Shane checks the radar]
Shane Murphy: Captain, it’s a quarter of a mile now!
Captain Richard Phillips: Starboard at five degrees!
Shane Murphy: Starboard at five degrees!
[the skiff continues to follow Alabama at full speed]
Muse: [subtitled] Hurry, hurry! Go!
Elmi: [subtitled] We’re pushing this engine too hard!
Muse: [subtitled] Faster, faster!
[suddenly the skiff’s engine stalls and they are unable to restart it and the skiff sits adrift]


[later that night, Phillips addresses all the crew members]
Captain Richard Phillips: Obviously we all just went through a dangerous situation. Two skiffs, both with armed intruders. Now, we all know that’s the kind of that is a hazard in these, uh…waters. But you performed well, the ship performed well. The, uh…authorities have been made aware of what’s going on, so I think we have the situation pretty well in hand. From now on we just follow our normal duties.
[to Shane]
Captain Richard Phillips: Mate, what have you got?
Shane Murphy: Yeah, we’re all on double shifts until we make it through these waters.
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright. Chief, can you keep your engineers on roster form.
Mike Perry: We’ll keep a guy down there in the ECR round the clock.
Captain Richard Phillips: Alright. Enjoy your coffee.
[as Phillips turns to leave]
John Cronan: Captain. They’re coming back.
[Phillips hesitates a moment]
Captain Richard Phillips: If they come back we’ll follow the procedure, they worked today, they’ll work again. We got the speed, we got the height, we got the hoses, it can escape those skiffs. We will follow the procedures, even if we have to shut down, lock down, go dead in the water and wait for help.
Ken Quinn: I don’t think there’s any way…
John Cronan: Wait, stop! I mean…okay. I’m a marine guy, okay? I got twenty-five years, alright? But I’m telling you, right now, that they’re not paying me enough to fight pirates, okay?
Shane Murphy: You all signed up for a route that went around the Horn of Africa. What did you expect?
Maersk Alabama Crew: I didn’t sign up for the Navy over here, okay? I didn’t sign up.
Shane Murphy: You signed up for the route. You signed up for it.
Maersk Alabama Crew: Right, for a cargo ship.
Shane Murphy: What did you expect?
Maersk Alabama Crew: Not getting attached without weapons.


Ken Quinn: Why don’t we just get out of here? We get out, we put some room between us and them…
Captain Richard Phillips: Go where? Go where?
John Cronan: In eight hours we could be, what, a hundred miles from here.
Ken Quinn: A hundred…a hundred and fifty easy.
Captain Richard Phillips: There’s five pirate bands that are working this part of the world right now. You’re, uh…go out three hundred miles you’ll run into one, you go out six you’ll run into another. Look, our job is to move the cargo as fast as possible, that’s the job. But now if anybody doesn’t like it, if anybody wants to get off the ship, if anybody doesn’t like this route between Salalah and Djibouti and Mombasa, come up to my office and we’ll sign the paperwork per the union and you’ll be on the first flight home out of Mombasa.
[the room goes silent, he looks around the room for a moment]
Captain Richard Phillips: Enjoy your coffee. Let’s get back to work.


[in the Captain’s quarters, Phillips writes an email to his Andrea]
Captain Richard Phillips: [writing] Hi, honey…working hard, new crew to get in shape.
[he hesitates contemplating if he should tell her about their near attack by the pirates, but decides against it]
Captain Richard Phillips: [writing] Ordinary days, you know. I’ll call when get to port. Love you. Rich.


[the same evening, on the pirates ship]
Asad: [subtitled] The ocean was rough…really rough. Hufan, I’m telling you, our boat couldn’t take it. Nothing was working for us.
[to his crew]
Muse: [subtitled] We need a bigger one for that ship. I want this welded by the morning. By tomorrow, got it? Elmi, when will that Engine be ready?
Elmi: [subtitled] We’ve gotta fix it. This one is old and weak. It’s a piece of shit.
Muse: [subtitled] Shut up and fix it…for your crew of women.
[to Asad]
Muse: [subtitled] Why don’t you give me your engine?
Asad: [subtitled] Shut up, Skinny. You talk too much!
Muse: [subtitled] I may be skinny, but I’m not a coward.
[this angers Asad and he walks over to Muse]
Asad: [subtitled] What did you say? Say it again! You think you’re somebody? Say it again!
[Muse grabs a wrench and whacks Asad over the head, killing him]
Elmi: [subtitled] The coward is the first one in the grave.


[the next morning, as Phillips is getting dressed he gets a radio call from Shane]
Shane Murphy: Captain, this is Shane.
Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah, go ahead.
Shane Murphy: I think you better get up here.
Captain Richard Phillips: Coming.
[Phillips rushes up to the bridge]
Captain Richard Phillips: Where are they?
Maersk Alabama Crew: Four quarter. 1.7 miles, Captain.
[Phillips walks over to Shane and looks through the binoculars]
Shane Murphy: It’s coming on its own.
[Phillips sees one skiff approaching them fast]
Captain Richard Phillips: Sound the alarm. Get the U.S. Maritime Emergency on the phone.
[Phillips radios in to all the crew on the Alabama]
Captain Richard Phillips: Muster stations, this is not a drill. Everyone to muster stations.
[all the crew rush to get to their station, Phillips then call down to the Engine room]
Mike Perry: Yeah, Captain?
Captain Richard Phillips: Chief, they’re coming back again. I want max rev, take all the limits off.
Mike Perry: Copy that. Canceling all limits.
[to Shane]
Captain Richard Phillips: Five degrees starboard.
Shane Murphy: Starboard five degrees.


[on the skiff, Muse and his men are approaching the Alabama as fast as they can]
Muse: [subtitled] Get ready!
[on the Alabama, Shane holds the phone out for Phillips]
Shane Murphy: U.S. Maritime Emergency line.
[Phillips takes the phone]
Captain Richard Phillips: This is the Maersk Alabama, we are under pirate attack at a distance of two-degrees-two north…
[at that moment Ken enters the bridge]
Ken Quinn: What’s happening?
Shane Murphy: Ken, get out here. I need eyes on the wing, we got a skiff coming in.
[Shane hands the binoculars to Ken]
Captain Richard Phillips: Fourteen east. Our course is one-six-six, speed is nineteen knots.
US Maritime Officer: Copy that, Alabama. Relaying to military channels now.
Captain Richard Phillips: Copy that.
[Phillips puts the phone down, Shane checks the radar]
Shane Murphy: They’re coming in fast, Captain.
[suddenly they can hear the pirates on their radio]
Muse: Alabama! Alabama ship! Somali Coastguard! This is a routine skiff! Stop your ship now! We are coming aboard. We’re here to help you!
[Ken looks through the binoculars]
Ken Quinn: Shane, they’re near the stern.
Shane Murphy: Jesus Christ.
[Phillips calls the Engine room]
Captain Richard Phillips: Chief, we’re gonna need hoses.
Mike Perry: Yeah, you’re pumps are good.
[Phillips puts the phone down]
Captain Richard Phillips: Count it down for me, Shane.


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