Starring: John Goodman, Vera Farmiga, Ashton Sanders, Jonathan Majors, Alan Ruck, Kevin Dunn, David J Height, Machine Gun Kelly, Madeline Brewer, Ben Daniels, D. B. Sweeney, Kevin J. O’Connor


Sci-fi thriller directed and co-written by Rupert Wyatt.  The story is set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force and explores the lives on both sides of the conflict, the collaborators and dissidents.



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Voice: The state of our union is strong. Unemployment is the lowest in history. Poverty has been eradicated. Crime is non-existent. Let us give thanks. Let us give thanks.


Mayor Ed Lee: Please rise to greet our legislator.
[a massive spaceship comes into view hovering above the stadium]


Rafe: It’s a lie. Everything they’re telling you is a lie.


Voice: Their power is a poison. Find the courage to resist and join us. The match has already been lit. Watch for the signs. Wait for the signal. Be ready. The Phoenix will rise. The Phoenix will rise. The Phoenix will rise.


Man: Hello, Gabriel.
[he takes off the hood on Gabriel’s head]
Gabriel: I want a lawyer.
Man: You and I both know, those days are gone. You have a choice to make. Work for me, or windup like your father.


Man: We don’t have much time.


Rafe: Baby brother, you got to decide.


Rafe: Harmony. Peace. It’s a lie. Everything they’re telling you is a lie. They’re going to take everything.


Gabriel: What do you want me to do?
Rafe: As long as we fight back, we got a chance.


Mayor Ed Lee: Before first contact, we were fighting amongst ourselves. We needed the legislators to show us a better way.


Police Chief Igoe: They’re protecting us from anarchy.


Police Chief Igoe: Tell our friends down below that they got our full operational support.


Man: We’re facing a full blown insurgency known as Phoenix. The network to communicate.


[referring to Phoenix]
Man: They’re planning something big.


Rittenhouse: The team goes tonight.
Ellison: Are we ready?
Daniel: No one gets taken alive.


Woman: Hello, Gabriel. You have a job to do.


Gabriel: I’ve got a plan.
Woman: I have faith in you.


Rafe: Light a match, ignite a war.


Gabriel: I can take the risk, get back to the way that things used to be!


Man: It’s like I said, those days are gone.


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