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Welcome back to my Star Wars – oh, wait, I’m not doing that today. If you have been following my last 6 posts you’re probably wondering where is my Force Awakens review. I am going to review within the next week hopefully. Don’t worry, it’ll be here before you know it. In the meantime, Cars 3! Hey, Pixar fans! You know that movie that we made that received 39% Rotten Tomatoes? Yes… We’re making another one! Awkward silence… Why? Because merchandise!

Cars 2 is considered one of the worst Pixar films to date, and rightfully so. The concept is weird, Mater is annoying, and spy cars? Seriously? No one asked for that sequel. The first Cars movie is okay, one of the weaker Pixar movies, but definitely not sequel worthy. So what did they do? Made another one. I wasn’t particularly excited to see this but it is a tradition in my family to watch every Pixar film when it comes out so we watched it anyway. Thankfully it was way better than the second movie. Maybe even better than the first. It has some of the best characters in it, the lesson is less predictable (still predictable though) than the first, Mater is barely in it, and I got pretty invested in it.

The characters I felt were better in this one (however, Mater is still annoying). I feel like they are more interesting and aren’t stereotypical like in the first. I thought they made Sally a bit more interesting. The new characters are great too. Especially Lighting’s trainer. Her back story, while good enough, should have had more development. The story is even better than the first. I haven’t really seen it done before and I thought it was kind of sweet. They get more into Doc’s story as well. The part where a certain character shows him the letters was pretty damn emotional. However, the story was very predictable at times.

The animation was beautiful. My mouth drops every single time I see how good the animation is in these movies. Something I realized after watching the movie however was that there wasn’t much at stake. If Lighting didn’t do what he was trying to do then there wouldn’t really be any consequences. Then there was “WTF Is This” moment, which happens in every Cars movie. In the first it’s the tractor tipping. The second, well, all of it was a WTF Is This moment. In the third it’s the demolition, dirt track, last man standing thingy. I mean, what?

I liked Cars 3 more than I thought I would. It was also more original than I thought it’d be. Is it one the best Pixar movies like Toy Story or Up? No. Is the worst like Monsters University or Cars 2? No. I’d put it at around the level of the original Cars and A Bugs Life. When going in (or with any movie really) don’t expect this huge masterpiece like Inside Out. I give it a 7.2/10.

Rating: 4/5


Best Quotes


Sterling: You are about to become the biggest brand in racing. Movie deals, informercials, product indorsements. You think you’re famous now, we’ll be rich beyond belief.
Lightning McQueen: Mr. Sterling, what is this about?
Sterling: Your legacy. Every time you lose you damage yourself. I’m sorry, your racing days are coming to an end.


Hudson Hornet: Get ready for what’s coming. More speed, more horsepower, more of everything.


[as they watch Jackson Storm on the giant TV monitors]
Lightning McQueen: Hey, Bobby, who is that?
Bobby: That’s, uh, Jackson Storm.
Chick Hicks: Yeah, he’s one of the rookies.





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