By Roy Hendrick (Fairbanks, AK)


I started off thinking this movie would be a way to pass some time. I saw Hugh Jackman was the bad guy in the preview and thought how good could it possibly be. As the movie started I wondered how could the science work but luckily the movie did not get too deep into the science.

As the movie developed I found myself investing in characters that I normally wouldn’t associate with in real life. This movie slowly draws you in. As the main character develops so does your appreciation for the movie.

Sigourney Weaver’s performance was fairly weak. This really wasn’t much of an issue since her character only had a minor role. Still, her character would have been better played by an unknown actress.

Hugh Jackman played his character very well. I feel this way because I neither cared about nor hated his character by the end of the movie. His character was a petty man who deserved his fate.

Chappie’s adopted family was a bit of an odd lot. I found that as time went by I began to care more about these people who showed more of what they really were. I actually liked Poppy by the end. America actually seemed like a caring, reasonable person. And Yolandi was very sweet.

The music was exceptionally appropriate for this gritty movie. Truthfully, I really had a hard time not going back into the theatre to watch it back to back. I drove away from the theatre with a smile on my face that is still there an hour later as I write this review.

I very rarely will bestow this honor upon any movie but here goes. I not only feel like I got my money’s worth but I would have actually paid a little more to see this gem. Hopefully the larger Hollywood movie houses will realize that you don’t have to spend 200 million dollars to make a great movie.


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