Starring: Gabriel Bateman, Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill, Brian Tyree Henry, Tim Matheson, Marlon Kazadi, Ty Consiglio, Beatrice Kitsos, Nicole Anthony, Anantjot S. Aneja


Horror slasher reboot directed by Lars Klevberg. The story follows, a mother, Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza), who gives her son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman), a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature. The toy is a defective Buddi doll, Chucky (Mark Hamill) whose programming code was hacked so that he has no limitations to learning and violence.



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[advert for the Buddi dolls]
Voice: At Kaslan we believe that happiness is about more than entertainment. It’s about being known, understood, loved. Introducing your new best friend.


Karen Barclay: Andy, I know this move has been really tough, but this is supposed to be a new start for us. Remember? You said you were going to try to make new friends.


[watching an advert on TV for Buddi]
Henry Kaslan: Buddi can connect to and control all of your Kaslan products and smart home devices. Introducing your new best friend.


Chucky: Goodnight, Andy.


Andy Barclay: Chucky?


Andy Barclay: Mom, I need to tell you something. And I need you to believe me. I think Chucky did something.


Detective Mike Norris: Andy, if you know something, you better tell me.


Andy Barclay: Something’s wrong with Chucky!


Karen Barclay: Chucky is a toy.


[referring to Chucky]
Andy Barclay: He could be anywhere.


[referring to Chucky]
Andy Barclay: We have to stop him!


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