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[referring to the aggressive driver tailgating them in his Bronco]
Matt Garetty: Go around.
Steve Montgomery: Ah, it’s just some redneck assholes.
Andrew Detmer: Steve! Steve! Steve! Take the camera. Take the camera.
[Steve takes the camera and turns it to show Andrew in the back sit turning to look at the truck tailgating behind them]
Andrew Detmer: Alright, just make sure it’s zoomed out a little.
Steve Montgomery: Gotcha, I can see you.
[the truck keeps tailgating them and honking his horn]
Matt Garetty: Okay, buddy.
Steve Montgomery: What you gonna do?
Matt Garetty: What the hell is this guy’s problem?
Steve Montgomery: What are you doin’?
Andrew Detmer: Abracadabra.
[Andrew uses his power and accidently sends the truck crashing into the lake]
Steve Montgomery: Woh! Woh! Woh! Andrew!
Matt Garetty: Shit!
Steve Montgomery: What the hell did you just do? Matt, stop the car! Stop! Stop!
Matt Garetty: Are you crazy?!
Steve Montgomery: Pull down the road. We gotta go down there, right now!
Andrew Detmer: You guys! I’m sorry!


[the three of them go down to the lake where the truck has crashed and overturned]
Matt Garetty: What did you do? Why did you do that?
Andrew Detmer: I…I didn’t mean to! I didn’t…!
Matt Garetty: What the hell is wrong with you?! Look at this!
Andrew Detmer: Will you just calm down!chronicle-6
Matt Garetty: They’re probably still in there!
Andrew Detmer: I’m sorry, okay?
[Andrew uses his power to movie truck slowly out of the water]
Matt Garetty: Andrew! Stop! Stop!
Andrew Detmer: I can help! I can get them out!
Matt Garetty: Stop doing things!
[suddenly Steve dives into the lake and swims towards the overturned truck]
Matt Garetty: Steve! Steve! Steve, be careful! Shit! Shit! Oh, my God! Andrew! Are you kiddin’ me?
[Matt dives into the lake and helps Steve pull the truck driver out of the water and Matt calls the police]


[later that night Matt grills Andrew about the accident]
Matt Garetty: Is this a game or something?
Andrew Detmer: I don’t understand how you guys can be so angry.
Matt Garetty: You don’t understand how we could be angry? Andrew, you…you put somebody in the hospital tonight. Okay? Do you understand that?
[Andrew doesn’t reply]
Matt Garetty: Andrew, look at me! You put a guy in the hospital! How do you feel about that? You hurt somebody! We need rules, okay? Rule number one; no using it on living things. Rule number two; you can’t use it when you’re angry. That’s it! Rule number three; I don’t think we should be using it in public, or telling anybody about it. Okay?
Andrew Detmer: You can’t just declare rules.
Matt Garetty: I will declare rules, when you do something…
Andrew Detmer: You’re the one that said nothing matters.
Matt Garetty: I will declare rules. If we’re gonna keep going and we’re getting stronger, we need rules.
[turning to Steve, who’s been quite and pacing around them]
Matt Garetty: We need rules, right?
Steve Montgomery: Matt’s right, we need rules.


[in Matt’s car as he drives them to meet Steve]
Andrew Detmer: Matt, what did he say?
[Matt doesn’t reply]
Andrew Detmer: Are you still mad at me?
Matt Garetty: No, I’m not mad.
Andrew Detmer: Well, you seem mad.
Matt Garetty: I’m not mad, I just…I just think that we need to be more careful now, you know? We can’t…we have to think a little bit more. We can’t just do things, we have to think first. Okay?
Andrew Detmer: I understand.
Matt Garetty: Okay.


[they arrive at an old mill and spot Steve’s car but don’t see Steve]
Matt Garetty: Why is Steve out in the boonies?
Andrew Detmer: Where are we?
Matt Garetty: Steve!
Andrew Detmer: His car’s right there.
Matt Garetty: Yeah.
[shouts out]
Matt Garetty: Steve, where are you at?
Andrew Detmer: Steve?
[Matt gets a text message from Steve and reads it]
Matt Garetty: Look up.
[they look up and see Steve floating twenty feet above the ground]
Steve Montgomery: Hello, boys!
Matt Garetty: What? What is up?


[as the other two look in shock at Steve floating above them]
Steve Montgomery: Here me out! Here me out!
Matt Garetty: What are you doing?
Steve Montgomery: It’s…it’s much easier than it looks, I swear. It’s much easier than it looks.
Matt Garetty: Oh, my God, dud!


[Steve gives instructions to Matt as he attempts to fly]
Steve Montgomery: Make sure you catch yourself, and don’t try and jump.
Matt Garetty: I got it! I got it!
Steve Montgomery: Flip yourself.
Andrew Detmer: Come on, Matt. Come on.
[Matt tries to fly, but is unsuccessful and just lands straight onto the dirt on the ground]
Matt Garetty: Oh, shit!
[Steve and Andrew laugh]
Andrew Detmer: Oh, man! In dirt, man.
Matt Garetty: Get behind me, you’re in my way.
Andrew Detmer: What do you mean, I was in your way?


[Matt is behind the camera filming Andrew as he learns to fly]
Matt Garetty: Is that your focus face?
Andrew Detmer: Oh, my God, dude! Wooh!
[Andrew starts to float up]
Matt Garetty: Bullshit! Are you kidding me?
Andrew Detmer: Holy crap!
Steve Montgomery: Hold it!
Andrew Detmer: Oh, my God, dude!
Steve Montgomery: Hold it!
Andrew Detmer: I’m doing it!
Matt Garetty: Holy crape, dude!
Andrew Detmer: I am doing it! Aah!
Steve Montgomery: Yeah! You’re doing it!
Andrew Detmer: Okay! Wooh!
Matt Garetty: Andrew, don’t fart, we’ll never find you again.
[Andrew floats up next to Steve]
Andrew Detmer: Steve, stop me! Stop me!
Matt Garetty: Oh, my God!
Steve Montgomery: You are flying!
Matt Garetty: You guys look so cute together. I’m coming up. I’m bringing the camera, okay? Alright.
Andrew Detmer: Alright, how do we get down?


[after the three are fooling around flying, the three plummet to the ground when an airplane nearly slams into Steve]
Steve Montgomery: We have broken history! I mean, I’m talking about since the caveman time! Uh…uh…or the Egyptians! The Wright brothers!
[Steve pulls in Matt in front of the camera]
Steve Montgomery: Come here! Come here! Get in here! Get in here! Say it, ‘I can fly.’
Matt Garetty: I can fly.
Steve Montgomery: I can fly!
Andrew Detmer: Oh, come on.
Steve Montgomery: Come on, stay it with your chest.
Matt Garetty: I can fly!
Andrew Detmer: Say it, Matt!
[Steve and Matt both shout loud]
Steve Montgomery: I can fly!
Matt Garetty: I can fly! I can fly!


[fooling around at Steve’s place]
Matt Garetty: I tried to save you, man! Andrew was just quicker.
Steve Montgomery: How does that go again?
Andrew Detmer: You almost died!
Steve Montgomery: Oh, please.


[referring to Steve’s girlfriend]
Matt Garetty: How does she not notice though?
Steve Montgomery: I mean, come on. Let’s be serious guys. She definitely noticed that it’s gotten better. You just gotta be, you know?
Matt Garetty: Yeah?
Steve Montgomery: You gotta be…you gotta be subtle.
Andrew Detmer: Woh, that is so cool!
Matt Garetty: Dude, I haven’t had sex since summer.
Andrew Detmer: I haven’t had sex since ever!
Matt Garetty: Oh, really?
Steve Montgomery: That is completely unacceptable. How are you guys so cool? How are you guys so cool, man?
Matt Garetty: Liquid Nitrogen.
[they all laugh]


[as they all fall asleep, Andrew’s camera floats up]
Matt Garetty: Hey, guys? Guys? You guys up?
Andrew Detmer: Yeah.
Matt Garetty: I, um…today was like, it was like…I think the best day of my life. Like, I mean, I’m…I’m thinking about it and I can’t…I can’t think of any day that I liked better than today. You know? I really…I think it was.
Andrew Detmer: Yeah.
Steve Montgomery: Unanimous.
Andrew Detmer: Yes.
Matt Garetty: Okay.


[the three are studying in the school library]
Steve Montgomery: Okay. Check this out, right? Say what you want, but I’m thinking about booking at Malibu for the weekend. What’s up with that?
Matt Garetty: Seriously?
Andrew Detmer: Well we could do it. I mean, I was thinking of the same thing, except I’ve always wanted to go to Tibet.
Matt Garetty: Why Tibet?
Steve Montgomery: Tibet?
Andrew Detmer: Yeah. I don’t know, it…it seems really beautiful, you know? With all the like…
[Matt starts doing the Tibetan chant loudly and Andrew tries to stop him by putting his hand over his mouth]


[referring to Tibet]
Andrew Detmer: The monuments and mountains, you know? I don’t know. And the…the monks have achieved such a high level of enlightenment that they can like, they can like float and shit, you know? So we could fit right in.
Matt Garetty: We could really mess with their heads as well.
[Steve and Matt laugh]
Andrew Detmer: Yeah. But like, seriously, okay? I think we should go. It would be really cool. Peaceful.
Matt Garetty: No, I think it’s a really good idea. I actually would like to go. I’m down. Are you down, Steve?
Steve Montgomery: Well, I…I don’t know, man. There’s no bikini’s in Tibet, so I don’t know if I’m down for that.


[we see footage from Casey’s camera as Matt comes to her house]
Matt Garetty: Can I tell you something?
Casey Letter: Mm-hmm.
Matt Garetty: I just…I…I just want you to know I’m not, you know, who I was now. You know? I’m cool, I’m just…just…
Casey Letter: You’re cool.
Matt Garetty: High school popularity just seem like this weird backward contest. And I thought that since I knew that…
Casey Letter: That…that made you better than everybody else.
Matt Garetty: No. No. No. No. I just…I just separate myself from that.
Casey Letter: I know what you mean. I get it.
Matt Garetty: You get it?
Casey Letter: Mm-hmm.
Matt Garetty: I know it sounds weird. I just wanted you to know that.
Casey Letter: To know that you’re cool.
Matt Garetty: Wow, I really screwed this up.
Casey Letter: Not as much as you think.
Matt Garetty: Really?
Casey Letter: Goodbye.
Matt Garetty: Casey…
Casey Letter: I gotta go, bye.
[she shuts the door in his face]


[as they sit on top of a building and Andrew is controlling the camera by using his power]
Steve Montgomery: Dude, when did you start doing this? Like since when?chronicle-8
Andrew Detmer: What, with the camera?
Steve Montgomery: Yes, with the camera.
Andrew Detmer: Um…I don’t know. It’s been little while, I guess.
Steve Montgomery: See, Oh my… I can’t do that. I can’t do stuff that requires finesse. I tried to type my name out yesterday and I cracked my keyboard in half.
Andrew Detmer: No, dude. It’s really easy. You just, okay, you think that you’re holding it.


Andrew Detmer: See it’s different, cause you’ve always had friends. And…and people wanna talk to you and be around you. I never had any of that. I mean, before this, I barely even hung out with Matt, and he’s my cousin. We were close when we were little. But, I don’t know, in high school everything changed.
Steve Montgomery: You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Winter break is coming up, you should go to talent show with me.
Andrew Detmer: No way.
Steve Montgomery: Why not? It’ll be good for you to get out there, you know? Meet some people. Meet some girls.
Andrew Detmer: No. No. It’s just not…
Steve Montgomery: What?
Andrew Detmer: Look, I’m just really shy. Okay? And I don’t…I mean, I don’t even really have any talents, so?
Steve Montgomery: What are you talking about? You don’t have talent? You have talent. You’ve got talent.
[Steve looks at the camera which Andrew controlling by using his powers]
Andrew Detmer: Oh, dude. No way!


[as Andrew is about to head off to the talent show, Richard stops him]
Richard Detmer: How you getting to school?
Andrew Detmer: I don’t know what you mean?
Richard Detmer: Don’t bullshit me, you idiot. Matt doesn’t come, doesn’t drive up. You leave the house, who the hell is giving you rides to school?
Andrew Detmer: Matt.
Richard Detmer: Alright. You know what? You’re lying. You’re up to something and you can’t hide it. You think you can just sneak? Hmm? Sneaking. Sneaking around my house smiling? I’m on to your shit.


[at the talent show, Casey films Matt as films the various acts of the students]
Casey Letter: What are you doing here?
Matt Garetty: I’m filming for the…the talent show.
Casey Letter: Matt Garetty is filming for the talent show?
Matt Garetty: Yes, I am.
Casey Letter: Wow. What is this? Some kind of new found school spirit?
Matt Garetty: How do like it, huh? Being on camera?
Casey Letter: I actually don’t mind being on camera.
[as he hears Steve being introduced onto the stage]
Matt Garetty: Oh, here we go.
Casey Letter: What? No philosophical come back for me?
Matt Garetty: You probably wanna get this on camera.


[Matt films as Steve introduces Andrew to the audience and Andrew nervously comes onto the stage]
Casey Letter: What are you guys doing? Are you playing a prank on your cousin? That’s mean, Matt.
Matt Garetty: Just watch.
[Andrew takes out a pack of cards]
Casey Letter: What’s he doing?
[they watch as Andrew, using his power, pulls of numerous amazing magic tricks which bring the house down]


[after the talent show, Matt is driving them to the after-party]
Matt Garetty: Oh, my God! I can see your head is like exploding right now.
Andrew Detmer: What?
Matt Garetty: This is the beginning of your downfall. Hubris, right there.
Andrew Detmer: What’s hubris?
Matt Garetty: Ha-ha-ha!
Andrew Detmer: No! What does hubris mean, Matt?
Matt Garetty: Seriously?
Andrew Detmer: What does seriously mean?
Matt Garetty: What? I’m…


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