Chronicle Movie Quotes: Cleverly Imaginative

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Directed by: Josh Trank
Written by:
Max Landis (screenplay & story)
Josh Trank (story)
Dane DeHaan – Andrew Detmer
Michael B. Jordan – Steve Montgomery
Alex Russell – Matt Garetty
Michael Kelly – Richard Detmer
Ashley Hinshaw – Casey Letter
Anna Wood – Monica
Bo Petersen – Karen Detmer
Rudi Malcolm – Wayne
Luke Tyler – Sean
Crystal-Donna Roberts – Samantha
Adrian Collins – Costly
Grant Powell – Howard
Armand Aucamp – Austin
Nicole Bailey – Cala


Chronicle movie quotes abandon the usual clichés of superhero movies and instead presents us a clever twist on the coming of age origin story. The movie follows the exploits of three teenagers when they encounter a mysterious entity that results in them developing superpowers, after which they quickly discover that their superpowers can be manipulated and honed.

The strength of the movie is that the story provides more emotional weight than the typical sci-fi found-footage thriller as it’s a character driven and explores the darker side of human nature when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

Verdict: The solid combination of clever and imaginative script and direction with talented actors provide a great, albeit imperfect movie that stands well on its own.

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[first lines; we hear knocking on a door and then Andrew, in his bedroom, positions his video camera on a tripod, facing it at a mirror]
Andrew Detmer: What do you want?
Richard Detmer: Why is this door locked, Andrew?
Andrew Detmer: I’m getting ready for school.
Richard Detmer: Open this door, Andrew? Listen to me.
Andrew Detmer: No, you’re drunk.
Richard Detmer: I’m what? Excuse me? I said, unlock the door. Andrew?
Andrew Detmer: Dad, it is seven thirty in the a.m. and you are drunk.
Richard Detmer: You don’t tell me if I’m drunk or not, you little shit!
Andrew Detmer: Aren’t you?
Richard Detmer: What are you doing in there? Huh?
[Andrew’s father bangs the door]
Andrew Detmer: I’m filming this.
Richard Detmer: Huh? What?
Andrew Detmer: I bought a camera and I’m filming everything from here on out.
[we hear footsteps as Andrew’s father walks away]


[Andrew points his camera at his terminally ill mother]
Andrew Detmer: Mom? Mom?
[his mother opens her eyes and smiles as Andrew films her]
Andrew Detmer: Hey! Say hello to my new camera for me.
Karen Detmer: Who’s the audience?
Andrew Detmer: Just the millions of people that are watching at home.
Karen Detmer: Do I look awful?
Andrew Detmer: No, no. Mom, you look…you look great.
Karen Detmer: It’s a nice camera.
Andrew Detmer: Oh, thanks, mom.


[Andrew films his cousin Matt, as drives Andrew to school]
Matt Garetty: So uh…should I ask about the camera or…?
Andrew Detmer: I don’t know. Um…I’m filming things now. I’m filming everything.
Matt Garetty: Filming everything?
Andrew Detmer: Yeah.
Matt Garetty: Okay.


[Andrew continues to film Matt as he’s driving them to school]
Matt Garetty: Have you ever read any Arthur Schopenhauer?
Andrew Detmer: No. What is Arthur Schopenhauer?
Matt Garetty: He’s um…he’s a philosopher that I’m reading at the moment.
Andrew Detmer: For school?
Matt Garetty: No. No. Uh…basically human beings have to recognize themselves as beings of pure will, right?
Andrew Detmer: Okay.
Matt Garetty: So, all emotional and physical desires can never be fulfilled.
Andrew Detmer: So, basically you’re telling me that I should give up on life.
Matt Garetty: Yes.
[they both laugh]


[as Matt drives up to the school parking lot and parks his car]
Andrew Detmer: Are you not coming in?
Matt Garetty: I’m gonna hang back a while, okay?
Andrew Detmer: Uh…you’re gonna be late for first period.
Matt Garetty: Yeah. I’ll pick you up after seven.


[Andrew films the hallways as he walks to class]
Andrew Detmer: This is my school, I guess.


[Andrew films the football field]
Andrew Detmer: This is where I eat lunch, out here on the bleachers.
[as he sits down to eat his lunch he positions his camera behind him, filming the cheerleaders practicing, one of the cheerleaders walks up to Andrew]
Cheerleader: Hi.
Andrew Detmer: Hey.
Cheerleader: Could you not video tape us, please? It’s really creepy.
Andrew Detmer: Uh…no, I wasn’t…


Andrew Detmer: This is the hallway where my locker is.
[suddenly a bully wrestles the camera away from Andrew]
Sean: Woh! What is this? Huh? What’s on television?
[Sean turns the camera around and we see Andrew being held by another bully]
Bully #1: Man, you’re on film. Turn to the camera.
[the second bully repeatedly slaps Andrew in the face]
Bully #1: You gonna cry? You gonna cry?
[Sean makes fun of Andrew]
Sean: Man you look pretty.
[the second bully continues to slap Andrew]
Bully #1: You gonna cry?


[Sean is still filming Andrew after taking his camera away from him]
Andrew Detmer: Sean, come on. Give it back?
Sean: Huh? You want your camera? Piece of shit from like 2004?
[he drops Andrew’s camera to the ground]
Bully #1: Here you go. Here she is. In one piece.
[he kicks the camera towards Andrew nearly knocking it into the lockers]
Andrew Detmer: Woh! Guys!
Bully #1: Almost.
[Sean laughs]
Andrew Detmer: Assholes!


[Andrew films Matt as he drives him home from school]
Matt Garetty: There’s a party tonight.
Andrew Detmer: That’s okay.
Matt Garetty: Haven Hills.
Andrew Detmer: Wait, I thought Haven Hills was closed.
Matt Garetty: It’s abandoned, yeah. What, you don’t wanna go?
Andrew Detmer: No.
Matt Garetty: When was the last time you went to a party?
Andrew Detmer: I don’t go to parties.
Matt Garetty: You are a senior.
Andrew Detmer: I don’t want to go to the party.
Matt Garetty: You are a senior! Just come.
Andrew Detmer: I’ll think about it, okay?
Matt Garetty: Okay. But when we go tonight, Andrew, can I give you like a pro-tip?
Andrew Detmer: What?
Matt Garetty: Maybe leave your camera at home.
Andrew Detmer: Why?
Matt Garetty: Because, it’s a little weird.
Andrew Detmer: It serves a purpose.
Matt Garetty: I’m…I’m just trying to be a good cousin here. Okay? This is me being a friend, and telling you should probably not take the camera to a party.
Andrew Detmer: Okay.


[in his bedroom, Andrew is watching the footage he’d filmed earlier in the day when his father walks into his room]
Andrew Detmer: What do you want?
[suddenly Andrew’s father grabs him, hits him and throws him to the floor]
Richard Detmer: When I say open that door, you open the door. You got it? Finish your Goddamn homework!


[as Matt drives towards where the party is being held]
Andrew Detmer: Wow, look! A rave!
Matt Garetty: Oh wow, look! A nerd with a camera!


[Andrew is filming them walking into the party]
Matt Garetty: Just stop following me around all night, okay?
Andrew Detmer: What do you mean? I thought…I thought you wanted me to come with you?
Matt Garetty: I did. I did. But just go and do your own thing for once, okay? Just have a beer, talk to people.
Andrew Detmer: I don’t drink.


[as Andrew films the crowd of party-goers he spots another student filming the crowd, at which point she also spots him]
Casey Letter: Hey! What are you filming for?
Andrew Detmer: Uh…I…Uh…!
Casey Letter: What?
Andrew Detmer: I’m just…
Casey Letter: I can’t hear you!
Andrew Detmer: I’m just filming.
Casey Letter: Oh, cool! Cool! I’m filming for my blog.
Andrew Detmer: Oh!
Casey Letter: You should check it out. It’s actually…
Matt Garetty: Andrew!


[as Matt interrupts Andrew’s conversation with Casey]
Matt Garetty: Hey, Casey.
Casey Letter: Hey.
Matt Garetty: How are you doin’?
Casey Letter: I’m good. I’m good.
Matt Garetty: This is pretty lame, right?
Casey Letter: Why is it lame?
[she points her camera at Matt and we also see the footage from her camera]
Matt Garetty: You know, Jung said parties are just people’s way of seeking widespread validation. I’m not one to clamber to be cool, you know?
Casey Letter: [sarcastically] Wow! Way to put it in analytical psychology spin on this barn party, Matt. That’s awesome. Awesome.
[Casey turns and walks away]
Matt Garetty: You’re awesome.
Andrew Detmer: Hey, Matt? Hey, what did Jung say glow sticks?
[Matt gives Andrew the finger and walks off]


[Andrew retreats outside and silently cries after he’d been spat on by a guy at the party for filming his girlfriend dancing]
Steve Montgomery: Andrew! Andrew, with the camera. Can we…can we use that thing?
Andrew Detmer: What?
Steve Montgomery: We found the craziest shit and we gotta get it on tape.
Andrew Detmer: Uh…it’s not
Steve Montgomery: What’s up, man? You okay?
Andrew Detmer: Yeah, I’m…I’m Andrew.
Steve Montgomery: Okay. I’m Steve.
[he hold out is hand to shake with Andrew]
Steve Montgomery: Steve Montgomery.
Andrew Detmer: Yeah, I know.
Steve Montgomery: Really?


Steve Montgomery: Matt and I were just hanging out and we found this cool little…this thing.
Andrew Detmer: Wait, you’re with Matt?
Steve Montgomery: You might wanna…
Andrew Detmer: No, I just
Steve Montgomery: You might wanna get this on tape.
Andrew Detmer: No, I don’t really…
Steve Montgomery: Dude, just come on. Just come get it on tape. It’ll be cool.
Andrew Detmer: I don’t know.
Steve Montgomery: Trust me.
Andrew Detmer: Alright.
Steve Montgomery: Yeah, man.


[Andrew films as he follows Steve into the woods]
Steve Montgomery: You know there are like tons of girls around here, right? And you’re all by yourself, next to a tree.
Andrew Detmer: I’m just really picky.


[Andrew continues filming Steve as they walk into the woods]
Andrew Detmer: What were you guys doing out here?
Steve Montgomery: Bunch of people were out here, cause we were like obsessed with the thing.
Andrew Detmer: What thing?
Steve Montgomery: You’ll see.
[they continue to walk into the woods]
Steve Montgomery: Ah, that’s right! Andrew Detmer! I remember you from home in freshman year, you always had that grey zip-up hoodie.
[Steve calls out to Matt]
Andrew Detmer: You remember that?
Steve Montgomery: Yeah. I got…I got a thing for faces, which is why I’m going into politics.


[Steve finds Andrew, and calls out to him]
Andrew Detmer: Guys, what is that?
[Matt is standing next to a mysterious crater in the earth]
Matt Garetty: Do you see it? Is that the camera?
Steve Montgomery: Yeah! I got him!
Andrew Detmer: Do you guys know how to get back from here?


[as they get close to the crater, Steve jokes around]
Steve Montgomery: Andrew, what’s making that sound?
[Steve and Matt lie down next to the crater to listen to the sounds that are echoing from the crater]
Matt Garetty: Come here. Listen to this. Listen to this.
[Andrew hesitates close to the crater]
Steve Montgomery: No! No! No! You gotta get in! You gotta literally…almost…!
Andrew Detmer: Okay. Don’t push me!
Matt Garetty: We’re not gonna push you in. Were just trying to get in on camera.
Steve Montgomery: Listen.
[Andrew gets closer to the crater and point the camera down the hole]
Matt Garetty: Listen. Can you hear that?
Andrew Detmer: What…?
[suddenly they hear a loud screeching noise coming from the crater]
Steve Montgomery: Wait! How creepy is that?


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Total Quotes: 84



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