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[to the pumpkin]
Fairy Godmother: Hello, my strangely orange vegetable friend. A quick snip for you.
[she cuts the root and goes to pick up the pumpkin]
Fairy Godmother: Ah, lovely. Oh, ooh! Heavy pumpkin!
[to the mice scattered on the ground]
Fairy Godmother: Watch out, mice!
[Fairy Godmother drops the pumpkin on the ground]
Fairy Godmother: Ah. Oh, well. Never mind. Let’s do it here.
Cinderella: Do what here?
Fairy Godmother: Turn the pumpkin into carriage.
Cinderella: Oh.


Fairy Godmother: You’re making me nervous, actually.
Cinderella: Shall I shut my eyes?
Fairy Godmother: It might be better.
[Ella covers her eyes with her hands]
Fairy Godmother: Oh, for heaven’s sake, let’s just go for it.
[she waves her wand at the pumpkin and it starts to shake]
Fairy Godmother: Ah. Well something’s definitely happening. You see the trick is…
[she sits next to Ella]
Fairy Godmother: Actually, I’ve forgotten what the trick is. Hmm.
[suddenly the pumpkin starts to grow]
Cinderella: I just…just thought, if it does get much bigger…?
Fairy Godmother: Yes? Hang on.
[the pumpkin grows so large that it squashes Ella and Fairy Godmother against the windows]
Cinderella: Is that what you meant to do?
Fairy Godmother: Do you think that’s what I meant to do? Run! Run, darling!
[Ella and Fairy Godmother run out of the greenhouse]
Fairy Godmother: Take cover!
[behind some bushes they watch as the pumpkin bursts through the greenhouse and turns into a golden carriage]
Fairy Godmother: Ah, one carriage.


Cinderella: You really are my Fairy Godmother.
Fairy Godmother: Of course. I don’t go about transforming pumpkins for just anybody. Now, where are those mice?
Cinderella: Mice?
[she starts looking for the mice]
Fairy Godmother: Mm. Mice, mice, mice, mice. There they are.
[she suddenly rushes towards the four mice she’s spotted and waves her wand at them]
Fairy Godmother: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!
[the four mice suddenly transform into horses]
Fairy Godmother: Four white chargers.
Cinderella: Gus Gus, how fine you look!
[looking at Fairy Godmother]
Cinderella: But how did you…?


Fairy Godmother: Now, where are we? We got the carriage, horses, uh… Footman.
Cinderella: Footman?
[she notices two lizards]
Fairy Godmother: Hello there, Mr. Lizard. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!
[the two lizards suddenly turn into footmen]
Lizard Footman: You called?
Fairy Godmother: Now, I need that coachman.
Cinderella: Coachman?
Fairy Godmother: Did I say coachman? I meant goose!
[she turns the goose into a coachman]
Goose Coachman: I can’t drive! I’m a goose.
[Ella laughs]


[to the horses]
Fairy Godmother: Now, shoo. Everyone to place, come on! Come on!
[they all hurry along towards the carriage]
Cinderella: Fairy Godmother?
Fairy Godmother: Yes, what?
Cinderella: My dress. I can’t go in this dress. Can you mend it?
Fairy Godmother: Mend it? No, no, I’ll turn it into something new.
Cinderella: Oh, no, please don’t. This was my mothers, and I’d like to wear it when I go to the palace. It’s almost like taking her with me.
Fairy Godmother: I understand. But she wouldn’t mind if I cheer it up a bit? Wouldn’t mind a nice blue.
Cinderella: No.
[Fairy Godmother waves her wand at Ella’s dress and turns it into a beautiful blue dress]
Fairy Godmother: There.
Cinderella: It’s beautiful! She’d love it.


[to Ella]
Fairy Godmother: Now, come on! Off you go! Quick! You’ll be late!
[the carriage with the goose coachman rides up towards them]
Goose Coachman: Oh, boy.
[to the horses]
Goose Coachman: Woh!
[Fairy Godmother and Ella rush towards the carriage, the lizard footman opens the carriage door and just as Ella is about to step into the carriage Fairy Godmother stops her]
Fairy Godmother: Just a moment!
[she notices Ella’s plain shoes]
Fairy Godmother: Mm. Are these the best you have?
Cinderella: It’s alright, no one will see them.
Fairy Godmother: No, this will ruin the whole look. Quick, quick, take them off.
[Ella takes off her shoes]
Fairy Godmother: Yes. They’re really quite hideous. Into something new for a change. I’m rather good at shoes.
[she adds glass slippers onto Ella’s feet]
Cinderella: But they’re made of glass.
Fairy Godmother: Yes. And you’ll find they’re really comfortable.


Fairy Godmother: Ella, you really must go now.
Cinderella: Oh, Fairy Godmother?
Fairy Godmother: What is it?
Cinderella: My stepmother and the girls?
Fairy Godmother: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they don’t recognize you.
[she waves her wand and places a spell on Ella so that she won’t be recognized]
Fairy Godmother: Now off you go. For you shall go to the ball.
[the lizard coachman and Fairy Godmother help Ella into the carriage]
Fairy Godmother: Up. In you get.
Lizard Footman: Oh, so lovely.
Fairy Godmother: Oh, do stop wittering on.
[Ella sits in the carriage]
Fairy Godmother: Phew.


[as the carriage is about to ride off, suddenly Fairy Godmother realizes something and turns to Ella]
Fairy Godmother: Ella, I almost forgot! Remember, the magic will only last so long. With the last echo of the last bell at the last stroke of midnight the spell will be broken and all will return to what it was before.
Cinderella: Midnight?
Fairy Godmother: Mm-hmm. Midnight.
Cinderella: That’s more than enough time.
Fairy Godmother: Off you go then.
Cinderella: Thank you.
Fairy Godmother: Goosey, go!
[the carriage starts to ride off]
Cinderella: Goodbye!
[Fairy Godmother waves goodbye as the carriage rides off]


[we see everyone, including Lady Tremaine and her daughters arriving at the ball; she holds out her invitation to the Royal Crier]
Lady Tremaine: Lady Tremaine and her daughters.
[the Royal Crier takes the invitation and announces them]
Royal Crier: The Lady Tremaine and her daughters.
[to the Royal Crier]
Drisella: I’m Drisella.
Anastasia: And I’m Anastasia. People want to know.
[Drisella whispers to the Crier]
Drisella: I’m the clever one.
[Anastasia adds]
Anastasia: And I’m very beautiful.
[the Royal Crier announces them]
Royal Crier: The very clever Miss Drisella and the very beautiful Anastasia.
Lady Tremaine: Do come on!


[the Prince is stood next to the King as they watch the guests being announced]
King: Who are you looking for?
Prince: No one.
King: It’s that girl in the forest, isn’t it? That’s why you were so generous with the invitations.
Prince: Father, it was for the people.
King: I know you love the people, Kit. But I also know that your head’s been turned. You’ve only met her once, in the forest.
Prince: And you’d have me marry someone once tonight.
King: A princess. It’s a princess or nothing.


Grand Duke: May I present her Royal Highness the Princess Chelina of Zaragosa.
[the Prince kisses her hand]
Princess Chelina of Zaragosa: You are as handsome as your picture, and your little kingdom is enchanting.
Prince: I hope the Princess will not find our little kingdom too confining.
[at the same time Ella arrives in her carriage and the lizard footmen open the carriage doors]
Lizard Footman: Miss Ella.
[he extends his hand to help her off the carriage]
Cinderella: Thank you.
[Ella looks up in awe at the palace]
Cinderella: I’m frightened, Mr. Lizard.
Lizard Footman: Oh.
Cinderella: I’m only a girl, not a princess.
Lizard Footman: And I’m only a lizard, not a footman. Enjoy it while it lasts.
[Ella smiles then with a breath of courage starts making her way inside the palace]


Royal Crier: Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, my lords, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished visitors, and people of our land: the Prince shall now choose his partner for the first dance. Let our ball commence!
[just then Ella enters the ballroom balcony and everyone looks up at her, along with the Prince who smiles and turns to Princess Chelina]
Prince: Excuse me.
[the Prince makes his way to Ella]
Grand Duke: A thousand apologies, Your Royal Highness. I don’t know what happened.
[as Ella makes her way down the staircase everyone’s eyes are on her]


[the Prince smiles at Ella as she reaches the bottom of the stairs, they walk towards each other]
Cinderella: Mr. Kit.
Prince: It’s you, isn’t it?
Cinderella: Just so.
Prince: Your highness, if I may, that is, it would give me the greatest pleasure, if you would do me the honor, of letting me lead you through this. The first…
[the Prince hesitates]
Cinderella: Dance?
Prince: Yes, dance.
[the Prince laughs]
Prince: That’s it.
[Ella smiles and nods her head]


[the Prince puts one hand around Ella’s waist as they begin to dance]
Cinderella: They’re all looking at you.
Prince: Believe me, they’re all looking at you.
[everyone watches them as they dance]
Princess Chelina of Zaragosa: Who is she?
Grand Duke: I have no idea.


[the guests applause for the Prince and Ella after they finish their dance]
Drisella: Who is that, mama?
Lady Tremaine: I’m not exactly sure, but this does not bode well.
Drisella: That’s a lovely dress she’s got on.
Anastasia: And how pretty is she?
Lady Tremaine: Concentrate! You must turn the Prince’s head, you fools! Now, get out there!
Anastasia: But no one’s asked us to dance!
[Lady Tremaine pushes her daughters forward towards some guests]
Lady Tremaine: Gentlemen, may I present my daughters, Anastasia, Drisella.
[Anastasia and Drisella are picked by two male guests]
Lady Tremaine: Off you go!
[they head off to the dance floor and begin dancing along with the other guests; to her daughters as they dance]
Lady Tremaine: Smile!


[as they are dancing]
Prince: Come with me.
[the Prince takes Ella off the dance floor; to her daughters]
Lady Tremaine: Over there! Smile!
[the Prince takes Ella to a private room]
Cinderella: So you’re the prince?
Prince: Well not “the” prince exactly. They are a bunch of princes in the world, I’m only “a” prince.
Cinderella: But your name’s not really Kit.
Prince: Oh, sadly it is and my father still calls me that when he’s especially unpeeved at me.
Cinderella: But you’re no apprentice.
Prince: I am an apprentice monarch. I’m still learning my trade.
[Ella looks overwhelmed]
Cinderella: Oh, gosh!


Prince: Please forgive me. I thought you might treat me differently if you knew. I mistook you for a good honest country girl. Now I see you didn’t want overwrought a plain soldier.
Cinderella: Little chance of that.
Prince: No more surprises?
[he extends his hand to Ella]
Cinderella: No more surprises.
[Ella takes his hand for a moment when she notices his painting]
Cinderella: Is that you?
Prince: I hate myself in paintings, don’t you?
[Ella laughs]
Cinderella: No one’s ever painted my portrait.
Prince: No? Well they should.


[as they leave the ball room]
Grand Duke: Who is she?
Royal Crier: She gave no name, Your Grace.
Grand Duke: You didn’t ask?
Royal Crier: Well, I was out of breath, Your Grace. On account of introducing princesses to the royal…
Grand Duke: Oh, shut up, will you?!
Royal Crier: Shut up? Absolutely.


Royal Crier: I don’t believe this!
[his assistants go through the invitations to look for Ella’s name and show him one of the invitations]
Royal Crier: No, not her!


[the Prince takes Ella to the palace gardens]
Cinderella: Won’t they miss you at the ball?
Prince: Maybe. But let’s not go back just yet.
[as they walk in the garden]
Cinderella: What’s wrong?
Prince: When I go back they will try to pair me off with a lady of their choosing. I’m expected to marry for advantage.
Cinderella: Oh. Well who’s advantage?
Prince: That is a good question.
Cinderella: Well, surely you have a right to your own heart?
Prince: I must weigh that against the king’s wishes. He’s a wise ruler, and a loving father.
Cinderella: Well, perhaps he’ll change his mind.
[the Prince hesitates before replying]
Prince: I fear he hasn’t much time to do so.
Cinderella: Poor Kit.


Captain: People are saying she’s a princess. Our prince seems quite taken with her.
Grand Duke: She went straight for him. You have to appreciate her efficiency.
Captain: Surely if she is a princess this may be good.
Grand Duke: I’ve already promised him in marriage to the Princess Chelina.
[just then Lady Tremaine comes up behind them and interrupts them]
Lady Tremaine: Oh, forgive me, Your Grace. I did not mean to intrude.
Grand Duke: No, it’s you who have to forgive me, Madam.
Lady Tremaine: Your secret is safe with me.


Prince: I’ve never shown this place to anyone.
[he opens the door to a secret garden]
Cinderella: A secret garden! Oh, I love it.
[Ella walks over to the swing]
Prince: Please.
Cinderella: Oh, I shouldn’t.
Prince: You should.
Cinderella: I shouldn’t.
Prince: You should.
Cinderella: I shouldn’t.
Prince: You should.
Cinderella: I will.
[Ella sits on the swing as they Prince stands behind her]
Prince: May I?
Cinderella: Please.
[he starts to swing her gently]


[as the Prince swings Ella she drops one of her glass slippers, the Prince picks it up]
Prince: It’s made of glass.
Cinderella: And why not.
Prince: Allow me.
Cinderella: Thank you.
[he gently lifts her skirt and places the slipper on Ella’s foot]
Prince: There.
Cinderella: There.
[he pulls Ella closer to him]
Prince: Won’t you tell me who you really are?
Cinderella: If I do I think everything might be different.
Prince: I don’t understand. Can you at least tell me your name?
Cinderella: My name is…
[just then she hears the clock begins to strike for midnight]
Cinderella: I have to leave. It’s hard to explain. Lizards and pumpkins and things…


[Ella suddenly rushes off as the clock continues to strike for midnight]
Prince: Wait! Where are you going?
[Ella looks back at the Prince]
Cinderella: You’ve been awfully nice. Thank you for a wonderful evening, I’ve loved it! Every second!
[Ella turns and rushes off again; looking baffled the Prince sits on the swing]
Prince: Lizards and pumpkins?
[he smiles to himself and decides to rush off after Ella]


[Ella makes her way through the ballroom dance floor]
Cinderella: Oh, excuse me! Sorry! Terribly sorry!
Grand Duke: Oh, your highness!
[as the Prince follows behind Ella on the dance floor Anastasia sees an opportunity and grabs the Prince to dance]
Anastasia: My Prince!
Prince: Oh. How do you do?
Drisella: You’ve got the wrong one! You’ve got the wrong one!
[Ella rushes up the stairs]
Royal Crier’s Assistant #1: He need her name!
Royal Crier’s Assistant #2: I know he needs her name!
Royal Crier: Her name, you ninny! Her name!
[he suddenly bangs his head on the stairwell arch as he goes after Ella]
Royal Crier: That really hurt!


[as Ella is about to leave the ballroom she bumps into the King]
Cinderella: Oh, Your Majesty!
King: Young lady!
Cinderella: Oh, I’m so sorry.
[Ella curtsies]
King: Oh, think nothing of it, my dear.
[Ella goes to leave]
Cinderella: I wanted to say, Your Majesty, your son Kit is the most lovely person I ever met. So kind and brave. I hope you know how much he loves you. Excuse me.
[she turns and rushes off]


[as Ella flees down the palace steps she drops one of her glass slippers]
Prince: Wait!
[Ella turns to pick up her slipper]
Prince: Wait! Where are you going?
[Ella rushes towards her carriage]
Cinderella: Hurry! Hurry!
[the lizard footman, who’s been napping, suddenly wakes]
Prince: Come back!
[Ella enters her carriage]
Cinderella: Hurry! Hurry, please, Mr. Goose!
[the goose coachman rides off]
Prince: Wait!


[as Ella’s carriage leaves the palace the Prince picks up her glass slipper]
Prince: Captain, my horse.
Grand Duke: No, this may be some trick to lure you from the palace. Your father needs you here.
[the Grand Duke walks off]
Grand Duke: Captain!
Captain: I was having a fine old time. You had to go and choose that one, didn’t you?
[the Captain walks off and the Prince smiles to himself]
Prince: Yes, I did.


[the Grand Duke, Captain and the guards go after Ella, at the same time the clock continues to strike for midnight]
Cinderella: Hurry, Mr. Goose!
[to the horses]
Goose Coachman: Come on!
Cinderella: Be careful, Mr. Goose!
[the nearly topple over the cliff’s edge]
Cinderella: Oh, my goodness!
[as they chase after Ella’s carriage]
Grand Duke: You there! Stop in the name of the King!
[to herself]
Cinderella: Such bad timing.
[the lizard footmen start growing back their tails]
Lizard Footman: I know what to do!
[he uses his tail to drawn down the iron fence and stop the Grand Duke and his guards from chasing them]
Grand Duke: Get this thing open!


[as the clock is getting near to its last strike everything starts transforming to their normal state]
Goose Coachman: Oh, dear!
Cinderella: Oh, no!
[as she watches the lizard footmen and good coachman transforming back]
Cinderella: No, no, no, no, no!
[eventually everything transforms to its true form and Ella is left to walk back home; to the mice as they follow her]
Cinderella: Oh, I’m sorry.
[she allows them to get into her glass slipper]
Cinderella: You’ll find it’s very comfortable.
[she then laughs to herself as it starts to rain]


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