By Emily-Jane Mathews(Galway, Ireland)


A funny sort of movie to say the least, but it was a good watch. Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart take up most of the movie because it is based on the play (Maloja Snake) where an older distraught woman falls for a seductive younger woman. Binoche became famous in the film for playing the younger woman but now around 40 years on somebody wants to reboot it but instead now she’ll be the older woman.

Throughout the film there are similarities between the play and Binoche’s real life. A lot of the time when Binoche was rehearsing, for the older woman part, I didn’t know if she meant what she was saying or if it was her just rehearsing. This, to me, was a common question throughout the film and the film did blur out from reality to the life of the people in the play Maloja Snake.

The cinematography in this was really good, a lot of it was set up in the mountains and it looked stunning. Even little things like making the coffee and lighting a cigarette to me looked amazing. That’s not being weird but I think Yorick Le Saux , the cinematographer, purposely did that to make everything seem important and it suited, because the setting they were in, the mountains, is a place where you think and you suddenly start to notice things that seemed unimportant back home or wherever.

I haven’t really seen any of Binoche’s films but her French accent was just perfect for this role, I think she was meant to be French in the film but Binoche’s accent was just so nice to hear that I wasn’t bothered. Stewart won the French Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress and she deserved it, again another role that she acted to perfection. The film itself was quite unusual but the trailer for it was good so I decided to watch it. ChloĆ« Grace Moretz plays the seductive younger woman and she too plays her part really well, she isn’t in the film that much but the scenes she is in are really good and she even seems like a reincarnation of the girl from the play.

It was quite long for 2hrs and 4 minutes but it was worth all that because it was an easy film to follow that showed the struggle of a forty year old woman who is losing her fame to a young quite psychotic girl. I don’t think this film is for everyone because it is quit basic and not a lot happens in a lot of scenes, but for me after watching it, taking it all in and thinking about it, I actually quite liked it.

I think the ending brings the mood of it back up and the end is left open, so we have a few unanswered questions. I watched it because the trailer was good and I saw Kristen Stewart was going to be in it, but even if you aren’t fans of them I would still say watch it.


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