By Shelby Fielding (Lubbock, Texas, US)


With a cast filled with star-studded names like Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Felicity Jones, and Nicholas Hoult you would think this film would have a strong script that intrigued them. This idea is a false hope because the script for Collide is atrociously bland and empty. Collide follows the bland and unoriginal narrative of a man who works as a car thief and a smuggler who then falls in love with a girl. After he learns that she has a disease that requires a kidney transplant that they cannot afford, he then goes after a drug lord’s money so he can save her. Collide bland and utterly boring plot leads to this movie providing terrible direction, lackluster performances, and an underlying subplot that falls completely flat.

Collide opens with a simple question of, “If you’re doing something for love, is it crazy?” Trying to reason how sometimes you do stupid things for the right reasons. The entire premise of this line is to provide a subsequential message for the film that inspires us to try new things but to make sure those risks are for the right reasons. Instead, this message comes across as pretentious and dry due to the utterly bizarre filmmaking style used to provide the platform for this message.

As far as technical aspects of filmmaking go, Collide suffers from some terrible direction and useless montage sequences. There are multiple occasions in the film where you realize that this movie’s budget was small and their schedule to shoot was a tiny window. For instance, the central romance in this movie is explained through a montage instead of dialogue or multiple scenes. Plus there is some terrible audio dubbing in this movie. Felicity Jones is entirely dubbed in the movie, the entire film she sounds nothing like Felicity at all. Also to include that this movie has belittled Ben Kingsley in the movie to a stupid and utterly pointless character.

I feel sorry for Anthony Hopkins, who is trying to perform but this script is so unnecessary and unfulfilling it doesn’t allow him to shine. Everyone else’s performances are also bland and uncreative. Once again I have to reiterate how terrible this script is, and how no matter how talented you are as an actor it is nearly impossible to portray unique characters. The chase sequences are decently entertaining in the film, but the character development and plot development fall completely flat.

Overall, I believe Collide is one of the worst films of the year by far. Collide also one of the most disappointing movies of 2016. Because with the cast that this studio obtained, I had made expectations based upon the skills and reliability of these actors. Collide let me down completely with utterly ridiculous performances, a flawed script, and terrible filmmaking. Collide is one of those films that as a critic you walk in expecting to find a hidden gem in the rough. Instead, you find the complete opposite and leave the theater asking, “Why did I think this movie would be good?” So, in response to Collide opening question I would say that if you’re making films like this out of love, it is definitively insane.

Rating: 1/5


Best Quotes


Hagen Kahl: [to Casey] All this trouble, all this pain, for love.


Casey Stein: [voice over] We all got our reasons to do crazy, reckless things in life. But if the reason’s love, then maybe it’s not so crazy, and right now that’s the only thing keeping me alive.



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