Starring: Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, Albert Brooks, Luke Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Arliss Howard, Paul Reiser, David Morse



Sports drama written and directed by Peter Landesman, based on the true story of the David vs. Goliath journey of Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith), the forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of football-related brain trauma in a pro player and fought to bring awareness to the public.

In his search for the truth behind the devastating malady, Omalu’s quest humanizes the price paid by professional athletes in impact sports and puts him at dangerous odds with one of the most powerful institutions in the world.

Verdict: Will Smith gives one of his best performances but the movie just didn’t do enough to draw you into the story as it should have so in the end it just felt underwhelming as a whole.



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'Need is not weak. Need is need.' - Dr. Bennet Omalu (Concussion) Click To Tweet


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Dr. Cyril Wecht: What the hell is going on down there?
Dr. Bennet Omalu: The dead are my patients, I treat them with respect.
Dr. Cyril Wecht: But do you have to talk to them?


Dr. Bennet Omalu: When I was a boy, heaven was here…concussion-2
[he puts his hand up]
Dr. Bennet Omalu: And America was here.
[he puts his hand just little below]
Dr. Bennet Omalu: You could be anything, you could do anything. I never wanted anything as much as I wanted to be in America.



Dr. Cyril Wecht: You need to touch somebody alive once in a while.
Dr. Bennet Omalu: I think more about why people die, that is all I do.


Dr. Bennet Omalu: Cardiac arrest maybe how he died but not why.


[to the dead body]
Dr. Bennet Omalu: Mike, I can’t do this alone. I need to tell the world what happened to you.


Dr. Bennet Omalu: I think I found a disease that no one has ever seen before.


Dr. Bennet Omalu: Why does an apparently healthy favorite son of this city die in disgrace at fifty?


Dr. Bennet Omalu: I can tell something is wrong.


Dr. Cyril Wecht: [to Omalu] In twenty-five years I’ve never requested a test like this. What are you looking for?


Dr. Bennet Omalu: I am the wrong person to have discovered this.
Prema Mutiso: If you don’t speak for them, who will?


Dr. Bennet Omalu: Repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. It turns you into someone else.


Dr. Bennet Omalu: Need is not weak. Need is need. You have to be the best version of yourself. If you don’t know what that is you pick something and fake it.


Dr. Julian Bailes: You have to keep going.
Dr. Bennet Omalu: In order for me to keep going more have to die.
Dr. Julian Bailes: Unfortunately, that’s already happening.


Dr. Julian Bailes: [to Omalu] Tape, needles, Vicodin, Toradol. Whatever it takes to keep them in the game. It’s business.


Dr. Julian Bailes: [to Omalu] The NFL has known about the concussion issue for years.


Dr. Julian Bailes: [to Omalu] What’s happening now, what you think they’re doing to you, that’s nothing.


Dr. Bennet Omalu: If I continue to speak things could get very difficult.
Dr. Ron Hamilton: No one would blame you if you stopped.
Dr. Cyril Wecht: Well no one is stopping anything.


Dr. Cyril Wecht: They’re terrified of you. You’re going to war with a corporation that owns the day of the week!
Dr. Bennet Omalu: This is bigger than they are. They have to listen to us now.


Dr. Cyril Wecht: [to Omalu] They’re accusing you of fraud.


Reporter: Where is the science coming from?
NFL Executive: From nowhere.


Dr. Bennet Omalu: If you continue to deny my work, your own men continue to die!


Dr. Joseph Maroon: Do you understand the impact of what you are doing?
Dr. Bennet Omalu: Tell the truth. Tell the truth!


Dr. Cyril Wecht: They want you to say you made it all up.


Dave Duerson: Drop it, or they’ll be doing your autopsy, Mr. Omalu.
Dr. Bennet Omalu: Dr. Omalu.


Dr. Julian Bailes: You have no idea how bad this could get.
Dr. Bennet Omalu: I have to keep going.


Dr. Bennet Omalu: These men are not machines. We must honor our warriors.


Dr. Cyril Wecht: I think you’re gonna be an American hero.
Dr. Bennet Omalu: But I’m not even an American.
Dr. Cyril Wecht: That’s even better.


Dr. Cyril Wecht: What if they show up here with a warrant?
Dr. Bennet Omalu: On suspicion of what? Science?


Dr. Cyril Wecht: Did you think the NFL would thank you?
Dr. Bennet Omalu: Yes.
Dr. Cyril Wecht: What the hell for?
Dr. Bennet Omalu: For knowing.


Prema Mutiso: I can’t tell what you are more afraid of: what you will find or what you won’t.

Total Quotes: 29




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