Cowboys & Aliens Quotes: B-Rate Pulp

(Total Quotes: 48)

Directed by: Jon Favreau
Written by:
Roberto Orci (screenplay)
Alex Kurtzman (screenplay)
Damon Lindelof (screenplay)
Mark Fergus (screenplay)
Hawk Ostby (screenplay)
Mark Fergus (screen story)
Hawk Ostby (screen story)
Steve Oedekerk (screen story)
Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (Platinum Studios comic book)
Daniel Craig – Jake Lonergan
Harrison Ford – Woodrow Dolarhyde
Abigail Spencer – Alice
Buck Taylor – Wes Claiborne
Olivia Wilde – Ella Swenson
Sam Rockwell – Doc
Matthew Taylor – Luke Claiborne
Cooper Taylor – Mose Claiborne
Clancy Brown – Meacham
Paul Dano – Percy Dolarhyde
Chris Browning – Jed Parker
Adam Beach – Nat Colorado
Ana de la Reguera – Maria
Noah Ringer – Emmett Taggart


This movie is a simple entertainment, but Cowboys and Aliens quotes lack the structure and consistency needed to make it a really great movie! The melodrama was a touch too ham-fisted and the high concept plot felt a little wasted but the simple structure of the storyline does seem to actually work, giving the audience enough action pieces to make it an entertaining ride. At best this movie is best described as B-rate pulp fiction delivered in an A-rate glossy package.

Verdict: Before watching this movie just make sure you put any high expectation aside, then you are free to enjoy a couple of hours of eye gloss.

Cowboys & Aliens Quotes


[first lines; Jake wakes up in the desert with a mysterious shackle on one wrist when some riders approach him]
Wes Claiborne: We’re riding towards Absolution. You know how far west we are?
[Jake doesn’t answer]
Mose Claiborne: Maybe he’s a dummy.cowboys-and-aliens-3
Wes Claiborne: Is there a reason you’re not answering my question?
Luke Claiborne: Look here, pa. Got iron on his wrist. He’s been shot.
Mose Claiborne: Could be done broke out of Hueski. Might be worth bounty money.
Wes Claiborne: That could be.
[he takes out his rifle, gets off his horse and walks towards Jake]
Wes Claiborne: It’s not your lucky day, stranger. Turn around and start walkin’.
[Jake doesn’t movie]
Wes Claiborne: I said turn around and start walkin’!
[Jake grabs Wes’s knife stabs Luke, grabs hold of his gun shoots Wes and then beats Mose to death]


[holding his rifle at Jake]
Meacham: Alright, turn around. Nice and slow.
[Jake holding his hands up turns around]
Meacham: I’ve seen good men do bad things and bad men do good things.
Jake Lonergan: I’ve been shot.
Meacham: Only two kinds of men get shot. Criminals and victims. Well, which one are you?
Jake Lonergan: I don’t know.
Meacham: You got a name, friend?
Jake Lonergan: I don’t know that either.
Meacham: Well, just what do you know?
Jake Lonergan: English.


[looking at Jake’s wound]
Meacham: Now that…That’s a right odd looking wound there. Looks almost cauterized.
[holding a bottle of alcoholic drink in his hand]
Meacham: Alright, this might sting a bit.
[pours the drink onto Jake’s wound]
Jake Lonergan: Is this a mining town?
Meacham: Yeah. Well, that was the notion. People moved on though. Gold.


[stitching up Jake’s wound]
Meacham: This is no gun shot. Where did you get this, son?
Jake Lonergan: I don’t know.
Meacham: Well, I can’t rightly absolve you of your sins if you don’t recall, can I. That being said, I’ve seen good men do bad things and bad men do good things. Whether you’re gonna end up in heaven or hell, is not God’s plan, it’s your own. You just gotta remember what it was.


[Ella approaches Jake whilst he’s standing at the bar drinking]cowboys-and-aliens-4
Jake Lonergan: I’m just here to drink.
[Ella doesn’t move but keeps staring at him]
Jake Lonergan: Do I know you?
Ella Swenson: No.
[Ella watches Jake as he takes another drink]
Ella Swenson: My name’s Ella. Where did you get your bracelet?
[she goes to touch the bracelet but he moves his arm away]


Jake Lonergan: Is there something you know about me, lady?
Ella Swenson: You don’t remember anything, do you?
Jake Lonergan: What do you want?
Ella Swenson: I know you’re looking for something. So am I.
Jake Lonergan: Well, good luck to you.


Sheriff John Taggart: Jake Lonergan.
[enters the Saloon and moves to stand behind Jake]
Sheriff John Taggart: You can follow me all the way to the office so we can have us a little chat.
Jake Lonergan: I think you got the wrong man.
Sheriff John Taggart: Well, I’m gonna need you to come with us, all the same.
[to one of Sheriff Taggart’s men as he comes closer to Jake]
Jake Lonergan: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.


[as he spits on Jake who’s unconscious in the next cell]
Percy Dolarhyde: Rise and shine!
[Jake becomes conscious and look over at Percy]
Percy Dolarhyde: You’re in trouble now. You’re gonna burn. You know, my pa’s coming for me. He learned how to kill a man good and slow in the war. I am gonna watch you suffer, for a long, long, long time.
[Jake gets up from his bed and comes to stand close to Percy in the next cell]
Percy Dolarhyde: You thought…you thought that cheap shot pecker hurt…
[Jake grabs hold of Percy through the bars of the cell and smacks his head hard against the bars of the cell]


[as he’s torturing one of his men for thinking he’s killed his cattle]
Woodrow Dolarhyde: You don’t know who you’re dealing with, Roy. Nobody calls me Colonel. Them that did are mostly dead.


Sheriff John Taggart: I’m turnin’ you over to Federal Marshall.
Jake Lonergan: You gonna tell me what I’m charged with?
Sheriff John Taggart: Arson, assault, mayhem, hijacking.
[he gives Jake the ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ poster with Jake’s photo on it]
Sheriff John Taggart: Says you robbed a stage last month.


[as Taggart informs him of his crimes]
Jake Lonergan: Is that it?
Sheriff John Taggart: Murder. Prostitute out of Cotton Wood Grove, the next county over. Name of Alice Wills.
[he gives Jake the photo of Alice]
Jake Lonergan: You sayin’ I killed this woman?
Sheriff John Taggart: You tell me.


[Ella approaches Jake as he’s being prepared to be taken to Federal Marshall]
Jake Lonergan: Go away!
Ella Swenson: Listen, I’m sorry. But I had no choice. I couldn’t let you leave.
Jake Lonergan: Well, I’m leaving now.
Ella Swenson: I need you.
Jake Lonergan: You got somethin’ to say, say it!
Ella Swenson: I need to know where you came from.
Jake Lonergan: So do I.


[referring to the alien flying machine that Jake has shot down with his mysterious bracelet]
Woodrow Dolarhyde: What is that thing?
Jake Lonergan: Why are you asking me?
Woodrow Dolarhyde: Because you shot it! With that thing. Where did you get that thing?
Jake Lonergan: I don’t know.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: What do you mean, you don’t know?



[referring to the aliens that have just attacked their town and abducted their people]
Emmett Taggart: Is it demons?
Meacham: Demons! I can’t rightly say. It sure does fit the description, but I…I don’t think I
Doc: Demons? What are you talking about? Talking about bible stuff? Demons!
Meacham: I’m not talking about anything. I’m just…
Doc: Well, what in hell are you talking about?
Meacham: You gotta calm down, Doc.
Doc: Calm down?
Meacham: He’s just a boy.
Doc: You tellin’ a bunch of demons took my wife?
Meacham: I ain’t sayin’ any such thing now.
Doc: Took our people?
Meacham: Get a hold of yourself!


[to Doc]
Meachum: My advice to you is to get yourself a gun and learn how to use it.


Woodrow Dolarhyde: You’re going with us. I need that weapon. It’s the only thing that counts. I figure you owe me.
Jake Lonergan: I don’t see it that way.
[Dolarhyde hits Jake and Jake hits him back hard]


[grabs hold of Ella as she’s been following him]
Jake Lonergan: What do you want?
[Ella looks at him scared]
Jake Lonergan: What do you want? You tell me right now, or I’ll kill you.
Ella Swenson: They took my people too! I’ve been looking for them a long time. I know you can help me find them.
Jake Lonergan: You stay away from me.


[Ella rides up to Meacham as Dolarhyde and his men are off to search for the aliens]
Ella Swenson: If it’s all the same, I’d like to ride along too?
Meacham: Yes, ma’am.
[to himself as Ella rides on ahead]
Meacham: We got a kid and a dog. Why not a woman?


[as Jake rides towards them to join their search posse]
Woodrow Dolarhyde: Well, well, well! Looks who’s back? I see you, but I don’t see my gold.
Jake Lonergan: Well, let’s say we find those people first, and then you can take your best shot at collecting.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: Well, maybe that reward on your head would be more attractive proposition. Or I could just shoot you in the chest and cut that thing off your arm.


Woodrow Dolarhyde: You fixing to say somethin’?
Nat Colorado: Maybe…maybe we should have called in the army.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: I ain’t gonna turn this over to no West Pointers. Gotta get on the telegraph-assed Washington which hand to wipe with. I’ve waited around for the M.T. for ’em to tell me what to do. I lost three hundred and twenty eight men over a corn field.
Nat Colorado: I remember those stories.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: I don’t recollect telling you any stories.
Nat Colorado: I’d listen when you’d tell them to Percy.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: You get this through your thick Indian skull. Them stories weren’t for you, they were for my son.


[to Emmett who’s been sat silently watching Dolarhyde cut an apple with his knife]
Woodrow Dolarhyde: You’ve been looking at this knife. You like this knife?
[Emmett nods his head and Dolarhyde gives him his knife]
Woodrow Dolarhyde: You look after that. Don’t lose it.



[teaching Doc how to shoot a rifle]
Meacham: Don’t yank on this. It’s not your pecker! Now, here. Look, you’re holdin’ onto this thing like you’re hangin’ from it.
[Doc takes another shot and misses again]
Doc: Aah! What the hell am I doin’? Shit!


[referring to his wife being taken by the aliens]
Doc: It’s my fault she got took. I never should have taken her to that town.
Meacham: Oh, no! No! No! It’s not your fault. You’ll get her back. You’re setting things right. Just gotta have faith, that’s all.
Doc: Faith?
Meacham: Mm-hmm.
Doc: Yeah. God’s been real swell to me. I don’t mean no disrespect, preacher, but either he ain’t up there or he don’t like me very much.
Meacham: Well, surely you don’t expect the lord to do everything for you. Do you, Doc? You gotta earn his presence. And then you gotta recognize it. And then you have to act on it.


Jake Lonergan: Is there something you need?
[referring to the picture of Alice that Jake carries with him]
Ella Swenson: Who is she?
Jake Lonergan: She’s the only one who know who I am.
Ella Swenson: You know who you are. You just have to remember it.
Jake Lonergan: Well, I can’t.
Ella Swenson: Yes, you can.
[she touches the wound below just below his chest]
Ella Swenson: Does it hurt?
Jake Lonergan: It’s fine.


Total Quotes: 48



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