Starring: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross Anderson, Anson Boon, Jose Palma



Horror directed by Alexandre Aja. During a massive hurricane, Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario) ignores evacuation orders to search for her missing father, Dave Keller (Barry Pepper). Finding him injured in the crawl space of their family home, the two become trapped by quickly encroaching floodwaters. As time runs out to escape the strengthening storm, Haley and her father discover that the rising water level is the least of their fears when they have to fight against a pack of savage alligators.


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[after young Haley loses in her swimming competition]
Dave: Don’t let them see you cry, Haley. You will get them next time. Alright? Because what are you? Huh? What are you?
Young Haley: The apex predator.
Dave: Yeah, you are. Apex predator. All day.


[Facetiming with her sister, Beth]
Beth: Anyway, Haley, listen. Have you heard from dad?
Haley: No. Why?
Beth: Oh, he’s not answering my calls.
Haley: Well, he probably had a late night too.
Beth: Yeah, I just need to know he’s okay. They’ve already evacuated the whole south coast.
Haley: Well, maybe he left already.
Beth: Or maybe he’s doing something stupid, like trying to ride it out. You know what he’s like.
Haley: Well, what does mom say?
Beth: Mom’s in Paris.
Haley: Ah, with Prince Charming?
Beth: Give her a break.


Beth: Dad should’ve returned my calls by now. He always does.
Haley: Look, I’ll drive down and check on him.
Beth: Are you crazy?
Haley: 75 South will be empty. I can be there in like two hours.
Beth: I’m not having both of you down there in a Category 5.
Haley: Then why did you call me?
Beth: Because I thought you might have heard from him.
Haley: Well, I haven’t. Not for a while.
Beth: Did you fight again?
Haley: He fights with me.
Beth: Because you’re exactly alike.
Haley: Yeah, and you’re more like mom. Empathetic from a safe distance.
Beth: Okay, forget it.
Haley: Beth, I got to go.
Beth: Stay safe. If you hear from him, text me.
Haley: Okay. I love you.
Beth: Love you too.


[Hayley has the radio on as she drives to her dad’s house]
Radio Anchor: It looks like Wendy’s now going to go right through the middle of our state. We strongly urge local residents to listen to all warnings from officials. If you’re in an evacuation zone, you got to get out. You can’t wait. We won’t be able to come for you. I hope every parent in the state is thinking, “How do I keep my family safe?”


[Haley is Facetiming with Beth from Dave’s condo]
Haley: No sign of dad, but Sugar’s here. He wouldn’t have gone without her. It’s weird. It’s like a ghost town. Everyone’s gone.
Beth: Please, just get yourself somewhere safe, even if you have to stop at a shelter.
Haley: You think he went to the old house?
Beth: No, I think it’s been in escrow since the divorce.
Haley: Beth, there’s pictures of you, me, and mom laid out everywhere. This condo is horrible. It’s depressing.
Beth: Haley, you have to stop blaming them. It was their mutual decision.
Haley: Whatever. I’m going to check the house.
Beth: No, don’t you dare.


Haley: Hey, I bumped into your ex-boyfriend Wayne on the way down.
Beth: He was not my boyfriend.
Haley: Whatever you say. I still remember the time dad caught you guys.
Beth: Stop! Oh, my God. How do you remember that? You were like…
Haley: I was eight.
Beth: God.
Haley: Scarred me for life.
Beth: I’m never going to live that down.
Haley: No. Never ever.


[to their dog, Sugar, as she drives to their old house]
Haley: Don’t give me that look. I was going to visit more. I just got busy. I’m trying to have a life of my own, you know. I love visiting the swamp. Heat, humidity, mosquitoes. What’s not to like, hey? Oh, yeah, except you, my little fur baby.


[as she crawls under the house to look for Dave]
Haley: I swear to God, dad. Only you would come down here in a fricking hurricane.


[after finding Dave injured under the house]
Dave: You need to go. Now.
Haley: Not without you.
Dave: I don’t need your help.
[Dave groans in pain from his leg wound]
Haley: Yeah, I can clearly see that.


Dave: You look good.
Haley: You look like sh*t.
[Dave chuckles]
Haley: What’s with the beard?
Dave: Oh, it’s for my Internet dating.


Dave: What’s happening with the storm?
Haley: It’s pretty bad. Everyone’s gone. And what are you even doing here?
Dave: I wanted to board up some vents.
Haley: I mean, in this house. I thought you sold the place.
Dave: Deal fell through.


[referring to his leg wound]
Haley: Oh, my God! Oh, sh*t. What happened?
Dave: Got tangled up in the pipes when he tried to drag me. That’s how I escaped.


Dave: We’re okay on this side of the pipes. It’s too big to get back here.
[Hayley hears her cellphone buzzing]
Haley: I’ve got to go get my phone.
Dave: Nobody is coming in this storm, Haley.
Haley: I have to try. I’m getting us out of here.
Dave: Okay, okay.


Dave: Go this way. It’s safer. Okay. You keep your eye on him. They can’t hear you out of the water. They can see you in the dark. They’re not as fast out of…
Haley: I know, dad. Stay here.
Dave: [sarcastically] Well, I thought I’d go for a run.


Haley: Dad, keep talking to me.
Dave: How’s your split in the hundred free?
Haley: Really?
Dave: You asked me to talk. We already talked about the weather.
Haley: I lost my last relay
Dave: When?
Haley: This morning at practice. By two hundredths.
Dave: Two hundredths, that’s nothing. You got that. You just got to want it, baby.
Haley: If I lose my spot on the travel team, I lose my scholarship. Maybe I’ve reached my limit.
Dave: No. I keep telling you, it’s not your body that’s holding you back. Because what are you?
Haley: You’re not my coach anymore, dad. That apex predator sh*t doesn’t help.
Dave: I’m just saying, you could believe in yourself a little more.
Haley: Oh, yeah. Look who’s talking.


Dave: Every athlete reaches a plateau. It’s normal.
Haley: Dad, just stop! I need to focus, okay?
Dave: Haley, just forget about the team. Just remember what got you into swimming in the first place.
Haley: You did!
Dave: You’re going to blame me because you have a gift. And I needed to kick you in the butt a little. I know you, Haley. You’re not going to give up now.
Haley: You don’t know anything about me.


[referring to the alligators]
Haley: There’s two of them!
Dave: Are you hurt?
[Hayley doesn’t reply]
Dave: Are you hurt?
Haley: I’m fine.
Dave: You don’t sound like you’re fine.
Haley: I’m safe.


[listening to the radio in the crawl space under the house]
Radio Anchor: The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for all of southern and western Florida. Catastrophic levee failure may occur. Residents should avoid low-lying areas.
Dave: No sh*t.


Dave: Haley, listen to me. There’s another way out. Go over to the other access hatch. By the entrance to the house. Can you hear me?
Haley: Yeah!
Dave: Crawl along the foundation, until you reach the wet wall.
Haley: They’re all wet, dad!
Dave: No, listen. It’s where all the pipes go up into the house. But be careful, you’ll be pretty exposed over there.
Haley: Okay.


[after finding the access hatch]
Dave: Did you find it?
Haley: Yeah, it’s stuck. There’s something on top of it. Is there a plan B?
Dave: That was our plan B.


Dave: In less than an hour, this crawl space will be under water.
Haley: What about the overflow drainpipe?
Dave: No. They came in from there. Come back to this side of the pipes. We’ll figure something out.


[as Wayne is making his way under the house to save them]
Haley: No, Wayne, wait! Stop! Stop! Wait, don’t come down!
[Dave yells]
Haley: No! Stay there!
Dave: Hey! Wait! There’s two gators down here!
Wayne: Okay, hold on. Don’t move. Hold on!
[over the radio]
Wayne: Come in, Pete.
[the radio static]
Wayne: Pete, you copy? Pete, do you copy? Pete, goddammit, man. Where are you? I need you down here now with a snare pole! Pete, do you hear that?
[suddenly an alligator grabs him and pulls him under the water]


[after Wayne is killed by an alligator ]
Dave: I got you.
Haley: I couldn’t save him.
Dave: It’s okay. Shh. It’s okay. They can’t get in here. We’re safe here.


Haley: [crying] I never thought it would end like this. We should never have come back here.
Dave: Haley, you stay strong. We’re getting out of here.


Dave: You remember when you were little, and Beth could hold her breath for the length of the pool and you couldn’t?
Haley: I’m not really up for memory lane right now, dad.
Dave: Yeah, well, you got so mad and you stormed off.
Haley: Yeah, I was a little jerk.
Dave: Yeah, well, Haley, that night, I woke up about two in the morning because I heard something outside. I thought it was a burglar, so I snuck down, and I saw you in the pool, taking your giant breaths again and again. And you did it, Haley. You figured that sh*t out all by yourself. And that’s when I knew, this kid’s a fighter. So we may be stubborn, but we do not give up.


Haley: You gave up on mom.
Dave: Mom was not happy, and I was selfish, and I didn’t pay enough attention to her.
Haley: Because of me.
Dave: No.
Haley: Yes, because you were always with me. Every weekend at the meets. On the road away from home.
Dave: It had nothing to do with you. Is that what you think?
Dave: It was you and Beth that kept us together. When you girls left, we were just two lonely people in a big empty house. Nobody to even pretend for. Your mom got a second chance, Haley, and she deserves to be happy.
Haley: So do you.
Dave: I don’t think I deserve one.


Haley: I miss you. I miss seeing your face in the stands when I win. Why don’t you come anymore?
Dave: I thought you were mad at me.
Haley: I am!
Dave: I know.
[Hayley laughs as she cries and Dave pulls her closer]


Dave: We are going to beat these pea-brained lizard sh*ts. You and me. They didn’t like it when I was banging on the pipes. I think I can distract them if you can dive all the way under, until you get to the stairs.
Haley: Yeah, I can do it.
Dave: You ready?
Haley: Yeah. I’m coming back for you, okay?
Dave: You better.


Haley: Dad, what do we do?
Dave: Boat! You see over there?
Haley: No, there are too many of them. We need to stay here.
Dave: No, those levees are going to break, and when they do we can’t be here. That boat’s our only chance to leave. I think we can make it.
Haley: It’s impossible.
Dave: They gather in the floodwaters because it’s easier to hunt, and they hunt what splashes. So no splashing, no hunting. I think the rain should cover us.
Haley: Okay.


Dave: Haley, you need to swim. You got this! You’re faster than they are! What are you? Swim!
[Haley swims to the boat as the alligators chase after her, she manages to get on it and start the motor]
Dave: Wooh!
Haley: Apex predator, all day!


[as she sees the house has been flooded]
Haley: You got to be f*cking kidding me.


[over the radio]
Haley: Hello? Hello! Can anybody hear me?
[Hayley hears someone over the radio]
Haley: Yes! Yes, hello! I’m trapped with my father in our house in Coral Lake. It’s flooded. There’s alligators everywhere. Please send help. Please, can you hear me?


[to the alligator]
Haley: Come on, you son of a b*tch!


Dave: The house made it after all.
Haley: Yeah, she’s a strong one. Come on.
Dave: I lied to you about the deal. I just couldn’t sign the papers. I don’t want to sell.
Haley: It doesn’t matter, dad. It’s just a house.
Dave: It’s not just a house. It’s our home. The last place we were a family.
Haley: This house isn’t our home. Me and you, that’s home.

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