By Josh Zerbini (Clarks Green, PA)


Crazy Stupid Love was released this past summer under the direction of Dan Fogleman (a director who is done various genres but is mainly know for his animated movies Cars and Tangled). The cast for this movie was brilliantly selected, insomuch that they were picked more for the chemistry they would have together instead of “hey, he can fill this role, so let’s get him!” The actors selected definitely could play their individual roles almost effortlessly, but you can sense while watching, that the potential chemistry was in continual thought during the writing of this movie.

The cast of main actors for this movie are Steve Carell (Carl), Juliann Moore (Emily), Ryan Gosling (Jacob), Emma Stone (Hannah), Marisa Tomei (Kate), and Kevin Bacon (David). I am sure many of you are familiar with Steve Carell simply because his of big-hit TV series, The Office. Since this article is not debating the TV show, I will not go off on a rabbit to debate or argue whether he should of stayed on this show. However, I do believe he is still very big on the radar map of the entertainment industry; Crazy Stupid Love being a major reason for this. You are also probably familiar with Ryan Gosling who has been in several films such as Drive, Blue Valentine, Fracture, and Murder by Numbers (one of his first main roles in a movie). I could continue to delve into the acting careers of this stellar cast, but I think you are beginning to realize what I am attempting to convey here.

Crazy Stupid Love centers around a friendship established between two completely opposite men. Carl, a shy but lovable guy who seems to have an honest and caring way about him randomly bumps into a cocky, ladies’ man. Carl and his wife Emily apparently have a great relationship. However, Emily randomly proclaims to her husband (in the beginning of the movie) that she wants a divorce. Shocked, and rightfully so, Carl chooses to mourn by frequenting the local cocktail lounge in hopes to find someone else. He goes to these lounges and sits at the counter bar, spending his time drinking and griping/mumbling about what has recently taken place.

As he is routinely going through this process of mourning, he notices Jacob (the ladies’ man) effortlessly smooth-talk his way into bringing a different girl home every night. As Jacob converses with these women, he can overhear Carl’s griping and it is clear to him what has happened in Carl’s life. Jacob decides to take Carl under his wing by supplying him with a make-over and new tips on how to pick up girls. Carl eventually, through the coaching of Jacob, meets up with Kate, while Jacob unexpectedly falls in love with Hannah. Jacob begins to gradually acknowledge that maybe there is something enticing about an honest and real relationship as opposed to a superficial one.

This clever strand of relationships brings a brilliant layer of twists and excitement to the movie. A major reason that causes this comedy to stand out, at least in my opinion, is the fact that it is composed of good-hearted people. When does this happen in Hollywood comedies these days? It is a relaxing change to the comedy realm. I am not saying that other types of comedies are horrible. I loved Just go With It and Horrible Bosses. It was just a surprising change to see a comedy with a clever plot and pleasant characters.

Also, this movie took very thoughtful concern of its characters. Not that the characters were very deep like Leonardo Dicaprio in Shutter Island or Denzel Washington in Man on Fire. This movie creatively allows the characters to convey their feelings, and to some extent become surprised by those feelings. All in all, this comedy was excellent. The direction was fantastic and the actors complimented each other very well. In my opinion, this idea to create a comedy movie different than what most viewers are used to was a clever idea.


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