Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Haden Church, Hannibal Buress



Comedy directed by Sean Anders which centers on mild-mannered radio executive Brad (Will Ferrell) who struggles to become a good stepfather to his wife’s, Sarah (Linda Cardellini), two children.

However, complications arise when their father, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) arrives, forcing Brad and Dusty to compete for the affection of the kids in a good old-fashioned dad-off.


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Brad: So today’s the day I’m finally meeting the father of my step-kids. Am I nervous? Yeah, but, you know? They know who’s been there…
[suddenly sees Dusty for the first time]
Brad: Holy… I hope that’s not him.
[as Dusty walks by]
Brad: Hey, are you Dusty?
Dusty: Nope.
Brad: What? Are you sure?


Sarah: Where have you been? My ex-husband’s here!
Brad: What’s he doing inside there?
Sarah: He’s giving the kids all kinds of Starbursts.
Brad: Dammit! Sorry. I’m a hot habanero pepper right now.


[Brad is sat on Dusty’s motorcycle and turns on the engine]
Megan: I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Brad.
[Dusty comes out of the house without his shirt on]
Dusty: No, look she needs a lot of bite, man.
Brad: Why don’t you go back in and take that shower so you can get a shirt on!
[Brad takes off on the bike and ends up crashing through the door of a neighbor’s house]


[after Brad’s crashed the bike]
Megan: Did Brad just die?
Dusty: I think we all need to prepare ourselves for that possibility, pumpkin, okay?


[to Brad; referring to Dusty]
Leo: If this guy was my wife’s ex I’d put a bullet in my skull!


[telling a bedtime story to his kids]
Dusty: So the king raised his mighty sword and he rained steel down upon the step-king.
[Brad walks in and joins in]
Brad: But the step-king blocked it with his shield.
Dusty: Step-king’s very upset because when the real king pulled out his sword it was long and shiny.
Brad: All the maidens in the land preferred the more average sized step-king’s sword because it knew how to listen.


Dusty: Looks like we got ourselves a good old-fashioned dad-off.
Brad: You can eat my dust, Dusty.


[Brad punches Dusty in the face but just hurts his own hand]
Dusty: Did you just punch me in the face, Brad?
Brad: Ow! Yes!

Total Quotes: 8