Starring: Jim Carrey, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Agata Kulesza, Kati Outinen, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Marton Csokas


Detective drama directed by Alexandros Avranas based on David Grann’s article “True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery”, about convicted murderer Krystian Bala. The story centers on police detective Tadek (Jim Carrey), who finds similarities between an unsolved murder and a crime outlined in a book by famed writer Krystov Kozlow (Martin Csokas). As Tadek begins to track Kozlow and his girlfriend, a mysterious sex club worker, Kasia (Charlotte Gainsbourg), his obsession grows and he descends into an underworld of sex, lies, and corruption to find the shocking truth.


Best Quotes: 

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Greger: The murder happened here.


Tadek: I want on the case.
Malinowska: Be careful. They will come after you.


Greger: We have a suspect, a crime writer.


Kozlow: His victim’s body have the markings of someone choked to death using a fisherman’s knot.


Tadek: Only the killer could know those facts.


Tadek: I think the book is your confession.
Kozlow: You think.


[to Tadek; referring to Kozlow]
Greger: I know he’s guilty. Just prove it. But you get too close…
[he does the sign for killing]


Tadek: Talk.
Kasia: You want justice, this is what they made me.


Marta: Don’t forget who you are.
Tadek: This case is all I have left.


Tadek: He strangled a man!


Kozlow: What makes you think the murder ever even happened?


Kasia: Do you want to hear the truth?


Kozlow: The river has an end and a beginning.


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