Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Quotes: Intense Intelligent Sequel

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Directed by: Matt Reeves
Written by:
Mark Bomback
Rick Jaffa (script & characters)
Amanda Silver (script & characters)
Pierre Boulle (novel “La Planète des Singes”)
Andy Serkis – Caesar
Jason Clarke – Malcolm
Gary Oldman – Dreyfus
Keri Russell – Ellie
Toby Kebbell – Koba
Kodi Smit-McPhee – Alexander
Kirk Acevedo – Carver
Nick Thurston – Blue Eyes
Terry Notary – Rocket
Karin Konoval – Maurice
Judy Greer – Cornelia
Jon Eyez – Foster
Enrique Murciano – Kemp
Doc Shaw – Ash
Lee Ross – Grey
Keir O’Donnell – Finney
Kevin Rankin – McVeigh
Jocko Sims – Werner
Lombardo Boyar – Terry
Mustafa Harris – Officer


This intense sequel in one word is epic! Dawn of the Planet of the Apes quotes are a rich blend of intelligence and empathy which is no mean feat considering how silly the whole premise seems but yet the narrative is told so powerfully that it leaves you awestruck.

The storyline picks up a decade after the first installment where Caesar and his fellow apes have set up refuge in the woods near San Francisco and centers on the growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar. With a family and a tribe to lead, Caesar’s new found contentment is soon threatened when evidence of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier arrives. Though they reach a fragile peace, it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth’s dominant species.

Although visually the film is stunning and sets new standards for use of CGI, at the core of the film is the intelligent, skilfully told story with its well-drawn, believable characters. The human cast is all given the hard task of being supporting characters, which they all do aptly with credit going to Clarke and Oldman in particular. But of course what everyone will remember are the astounding motion-capture ape performances led by Serkis (hopefully Serkis will receive the award he deserves for his memorable creations) and Kebbell, who has become a real revelation in this film.

Verdict: this a highly riveting, dark intelligent story which succeeds in making the most interesting characters the apes and manages to achieve what any superior sequel should do, leave the audience wanting more.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Quotes   NOVELIZATION


[first lines; we see different news footage reporting on the break of the ALZ-113 virus spread across the globe]
News Reporter #1: If you have a fever and cough or sore throat: stay home.
News Reporter #2: I’d say ninety-five chance this is manufactured, came out of a laboratory.
News Reporter #3: The source of the virus was traced back to drug testing done at Gen-Sys laboratories in San Francisco.
News Reporter #4: The lab technician now known as patient zero was accidentally exposed to retrovirus ALZ-113, an Alzheimer’s trial drug that was being tested on chimpanzees.
News Reporter #5: The infected chimps showed signs of erratic and aggressive behavior that led to their escape from the facility.
News Reporter #6: The now famous incident on the Golden Gate Bridge. A six-hour standoff with police ended with the apes disappearing into Muir Woods.
News Reporter #7: Emergency rooms are being overwhelmed with patients showing signs of what’s being dubbed the “Simian Flu.”
News Reporter #8: The CDC is projecting a fatality toll Ranging from five million to as many as a hundred and fifty million in the next six to eight months.
News Reporter #9: Anyone showing signs of a contagious illness will receive special treatment here, the airport’s purpose-built quarantine center.


News Reporter #10: Many of the new arrivals are children who have lost contact with their parents.
News Reporter #11: The mandatory quarantines have sparked civil unrest.
News Reporter #12: Families are being ripped apart.
News Reporter #13: Containment is…it is not very likely.
News Reporter #14: Prepare your families, know your evacuation route.
News Reporter #15: The survival rate is now approximately one in five hundred.
News Reporter #16: Violence erupted in the city center tonight. The third incident in as many days.
News Reporter #17: Martial law has been declared in twenty-eight nations, including the U.S. and Canada.
News Reporter #18: The reactor is overheating, we can’t stop a meltdown.
News Reporter #19: Just a total collapse of anything resembling civilian order.
News Reporter #20: Due to the extremity of the Simian Flu crisis, all regular government functions have been suspended indefinitely.
News Reporter #21: Those who aren’t killed by the virus will probably die in the fighting. So, maybe this is it. This is how it ends. Pretty soon there won’t be anyone left.


[we see Caesar, now leader of the apes, in the trees with his fellow simians, he watches as one of his lieutenants returns to alert Caesar about a herd of deer stampeding]
Caesar’s Lieutenant: [subtitled] Caesar, they are close.
Caesar: [subtitled] Koba!
[Caesar gives the order and the apes get into position on the trees to attack the deer as they pass through]
Blue Eyes: [subtitled] Now, father?dawn-of-planet-of-apes-1
[Caesar stops Blue Eyes then gives the order for the apes to attack the herd of deer, as the others attack and kill the deer Caesar and Blue Eyes notice an injured deer]
Caesar: [subtitled] Son, stay…
[Caesar notices claw marks on the nearby tree and goes to investigate when suddenly Blue Eyes is attacked by a wild bear, Caesar jumps in to fight the bear and calls for help, Koba jumps in and takes the bear down with his spear and it lands on top of Caesar, as Caesar comes out from under the bear he laughs with relief at Koba]
Caesar: [subtitled] Thank you, Koba.
[Caesar goes over to Blue Eyes to comfort him but Blue Eyes pulls away]
Caesar: [subtitled] Think before you act, son.
[Blue Eyes dismisses Caesar’s advice and walks off]


[the apes ride back on their horses to their sanctuary in the Muir Woods, Koba approaches Blue Eyes]
Koba: [subtitled] Don’t feel bad, Blue Eyes. Scars make you strong.
[we see Maurice teaching the ape children, then Caesar is summoned to come be with his wife, Cornelia, who gives birth to a baby ape, at the same time Caesar sees Blue Eyes entering the room]
Caesar: [subtitled] Come meet your new brother.
[Blue Eyes joins his parents as they hold the new baby; later Caesar is sat with Maurice talking]
Maurice: [subtitled] Another son.
[Caesar smiles]
Caesar: [subtitled] Makes me think how far we’ve come, Maurice.
Maurice: [subtitled] Seems long ago. Still think about them?
Caesar: [subtitled] Humans? Sometimes.
Maurice: [subtitled] Didn’t know them like you did. Only saw their bad side.
Caesar: [subtitled] Good, bad…doesn’t matter now. Humans destroyed each other.
Maurice: [subtitled] Apes fight too.
Caesar: [subtitled] But we are family.
[Maurice nodes is head]
Caesar: [subtitled] Wonder if they’re really all gone.
Maurice: [subtitled] Ten winters now. Last two no sign of them. They must be gone.
[Caesar not looking convinced looks out at their homes]


[we see Blue Eyes and his friend, Ash, Rocket’s son, playing around catching fish at the river, later the walk home through the woods]
Ash: [subtitled] That bear wouldn’t get me, Blue Eyes. I’m quick!
Blue Eyes: [subtitled] Shut up, Ash!
[suddenly then encounter human, Carver]
Carver: Oh, God. It’s okay.
[Carver suddenly draws his gun at them]
Carver: It’s okay. It’s okay.
[just then Ash takes a step forward and Carver shoots]
Carver: Hey!
[the noise of the gunshot reverberates around the forest waking Caesar and the other apes; back with Blue Eyes, Ash and Carver who points his gun at Blue Eyes after shooting Ash]
Carver: Stay! Help! Help! No! Hey! Over here!
[Carver’s companions runs towards him]
Carver: I shot him! I shot him.
[just then the apes appear surrounding them]


[as the apes surround the humans, Rocket holds Ash in his arms]
Rocket: [subtitled] They shot ash! Shot my son!
Caesar: [subtitled] Rocket, wait.
[Caesar looks at the human’s leader, Malcolm]
Malcolm: We don’t mean any harm!
Kemp: They’re apes, man. You think they understand what you’re saying?
Malcolm: Do they look like just apes to you?dawn-of-planet-of-apes-3
[the humans and the apes watch each other warily, then Malcolm slowly takes a step closer]
Alexander: Dad.
Ellie: Malcolm, what are you doing?
Alexander: Dad?
Ellie: Malcolm.
Malcolm: It’s okay. Put your guns down.
Foster: You can’t be serious.
Malcolm: Do it.
[the humans lower their guns and Malcolm holds his arms out, suddenly Caesar shouts]


Caesar: Go!
Carver: Holy shit.
Malcolm: Holy shit.
[Caesar jumps down in front of Malcolm threateningly]
Malcolm: Okay. Okay, we’re going.
Koba: Go!
Malcolm: Slowly. Go, go, go!
[the humans back away with fear, Alexander drops his bag as the other apes join in telling them to go]
Alexander: Dad! My bag!
[Alexander is forced to leave his bag behind as Malcolm and the other humans run off in fear, Maurice picks up Alexander’s bag as they watch the humans leave]
Caesar: Koba!
[Koba goes over to Caesar]
Caesar: Follow!
[Koba takes a couple of apes with him to follow the humans]


[Koba and the two apes follow the humans as they drive off and cross over the Golden Gate Bridge to meet with their leader, Dreyfus]
Dreyfus: Did you find it?
Malcolm: We need to talk.
Dreyfus: What? What’s wrong?
Malcolm: The, uh…the dam is pretty much intact. It could probably start generating power for us within a week. But there is a problem, get in.
[Dreyfus gets into their truck and they drive off]
Carver: I shot him. I was scared, I didn’t know what to do.
Dreyfus: Jesus Christ. How many were there?
Malcolm: There were a lot. There were like eighty
Ellie: At least.
Carver: Okay, you’re not hearing what he’s saying. They spoke!
Dreyfus: That is not possible.
Malcolm: I’m telling you, Dreyfus, they did. It was incredible.
Carver: Incredible? They’re talking apes! With big-ass spears!
Dreyfus: Please! I don’t know exactly what you think you saw or heard. But…but you have to calm down, okay?


Dreyfus: What about the virus, Ellie? Any chance of contagion?
Ellie: We’re all genetically immune or we would’ve been dead a long time ago.
Carver: You don’t know that for sure.
Malcolm: She worked with the CDC, she knows.
Ellie: What are we gonna do?
Dreyfus: I don’t know. We need that power.
Malcolm: He could’ve killed us, he didn’t.
Carver: Maybe he kept us alive, so they could follow us. They find out where we are, and they kill us all!
Dreyfus: What do you mean, “he”?
Malcolm: That’s what we’re trying to tell you, okay? It was unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and the leader…he was remarkable.
Carver: Really? Is that what you thought?
Ellie: It’s what we saw.
Alexander: Yeah, it’s what we all saw.
Dreyfus: Not a word of this back at the colony, you understand me? Not a word until we can figure out what to do.
Carver: You gotta be kidding.
Dreyfus: No, I’m not kidding. I don’t want to create a panic.


[Malcolm and the other return to their sanctuary]
Malcolm: How are you doing, pal? Are you okay?
Alexander: I dropped my bag.
Malcolm: I know.
Ellie: Was your sketchbook in there?
Alexander: It’s gone.
[to Malcolm]
Foster: Carver just told me we’re not gonna tell anybody what happened up there.
Malcolm: Not yet, no.
[we see Koba and the two apes watching the humans; back at the apes camp Maurice is leafing through Alexander’s sketchbook while Koba reports his finding back to Caesar]
Koba: [subtitled] Must attack them now! Before they attack us!
Maurice: [subtitled] We don’t know how many there are. How many guns they have? Or why they came up here?
[Maurice shows Caesar a photo of Alexander with his mother in his sketchbook]
Koba: [subtitled] They shot your son, rocket! Don’t you want to fight?
Rocket: [subtitled] I follow Caesar.
Blue Eyes: [subtitled] Koba’s right! They almost killed you, ash!
[the other apes start getting excited]
Caesar: No!dawn-of-planet-of-apes-4
[he starts to sign language]
Caesar: [subtitled] If we go to war we could lose all we’ve built.
Caesar: Home. Family. Future.
Caesar: [subtitled] I will decide by morning.
[Koba looks dissatisfied as Caesar leaves and follows him]
Koba: Caesar.
Koba: [subtitled] For years I was a prisoner in their lab. They cut me, tortured me. You freed me. I would do anything you ask. But we must show strength!
Caesar: [subtitled] We will, Koba.
[Caesar holds out his arm and Koba takes it]


[Caesar and the rest of his army ride into the city on their horses to face the humans; Malcolm pushes past the human crowd]
Malcolm: Coming through. Coming through.
[Malcolm goes to stand next to Dreyfus as Caesar and the apes face them]
Dreyfus: That’s a hell of a lot more than eighty!
[the doors to the humans sanctuary is opened and Malcolm walks out to walk towards Caesar]
Dreyfus: Malcolm!dawn-of-planet-of-apes-5
[Caesar rides his horse out of the line, the humans gasp with shock as he begins to talk]
Caesar: Apes do not want war but will fight If we must.
[Blue Eyes then gets off his horse and walks over to Malcolm carrying Alexander’s bag and then drops it in front of Malcolm; Caesar points to the woods]
Caesar: Ape home.
[he then points to the city]
Caesar: Human home. Do not come back.
[Caesar turns and a start to ride away, his army follows him, Koba gives Malcolm a menacing look before he turns and follows the rest of the apes]


[after the apes leave Dreyfus addresses the panicked humans]
Dreyfus: Everyone! Everyone, you have to calm down!
[someone hands Dreyfus the megaphone]
Dreyfus: Everybody. Everybody! Please! We’re all immune! We’re all immune, or we wouldn’t still be here!
Man in Crowd #1: How did they find us?
Dreyfus: We found them.
Man in Crowd #2: You knew they were out there!
woman in Crowd: What if they come back?
Crowd: Yeah!
Dreyfus: If they come back…if they come back they’ll be sorry they ever did! Now, this city may not have the manpower it once did but it has the firepower. Those stockpiles left behind by Fema, the National Guard, we have it all. Look…I know why you’re scared. I’m scared, too, believe me. But I recognize the trust you’ve all placed in me. We’ve been through hell together, but you all know what we’re up against. We’re almost out of fuel. Which means no more power, which means we could slip back to the way things were. That dam up there was the answer. We just had no idea they were up there, too.
woman in Crowd: So, what do we do now?
Crowd: Yeah!
Dreyfus: We find another way. Because that power is not just about keeping the lights on. It’s about giving us the tools to reconnect to the rest of the world. To find out who else is out there so that we can start to…to rebuild and reclaim the world we lost.


[after Dreyfus’ speech Malcolm waits to speak to him alone]
That was a great speech. There is no alternative power source. That dam is the only option.
Dreyfus: Well, then, we fight them. We’re two weeks away from running out of fuel, maybe three, tops.
Malcolm: I know.
Dreyfus: And once that happens I won’t be able to go out there with a bullhorn and calm everybody down. We need that power to get the radio transmitter working. It’s our only chance of reaching the outside world. We have to find other survivors.
Malcolm: Yeah. There’s not that many of us left. We can’t afford any more casualties.
Dreyfus: We founded this place, you and I.
Malcolm: I know.
Dreyfus: On the idea that power would lead us back to the life we once had. If we can’t stick together, maybe we can’t survive.
Malcolm: I lost everything. The idea of losing what little I have is…
[he pauses for a moment]
Malcolm: I want to go back up there. Listen to me, give me three days. Let me talk to him, if it doesn’t work, then we do it your way.
Dreyfus: And what if it backfires? What if he gets violent? I mean, how do you know that he’ll even understand you?
[Malcolm holds out Alexander’s bag which Caesar had returned]
Malcolm: He’s more than just an ape.
Dreyfus: I’m gonna take some men up to Fort Point. I’m gonna go through the armory, I’m gonna see what’s still working. Three days. You’re not back in three days we’re going up there, and we’re gonna kill every last one of them.


[in his Malcolm gets his gun out from the desk drawer as he packs to leave when Ellie stands by the doorway]
Malcolm: Carver is getting the trucks ready. He’ll be here with Foster and Kemp any minute.
Ellie: You’re really taking Carver? I mean, he shot one of them.
Malcolm: Well, I don’t really have any choice. He used to work at the water department. He’s the only one who knows how the dam works.
Ellie: Malcolm, What are you gonna do up there? What are you gonna say?
Malcolm: I’ll tell him the truth. Hope I catch him in a good mood.
[he stops packing and looks at Ellie]
Malcolm: You think I’m crazy.
Ellie: I’m worried.
Malcolm: Yeah, so am I. I’ve gone over it in my head and I think if I don’t at least try this, there’s gonna be a war.
[Ellie goes over to Malcolm and embraces him and they hold onto each other for a moment]
Ellie: Take me with you. What if someone gets hurt? You’ll need me there.
[Malcolm kisses her]
Malcolm: I love you. But I need you to stay here. I don’t want Alexander to be alone.
Alexander: I’m coming, too.
[Alexander stands by the doorway]
Alexander: Son, it’s not safe. But I’m safer with you than I am down here. I’m coming. Please.


[Malcolm drives them back to the edge of the woods and stops the truck]
Malcolm: No one gets out of the trucks. No one.
Ellie: Okay.
Malcolm: If I’m not back in two hours, you get everyone back to the city. It’s gonna be okay.
[Malcolm gets out of the truck, he walks alone into the woods when a gorilla catches him and yells out to warn the others, he’s suddenly surrounded by more gorillas who carry him to their sanctuary, he is surrounded by the apes when Caesar shows up and one of the gorilla’s pushes him to the ground]
Malcolm: Please. Please. Please. Please.
[Malcolm looks up at Caesar]
Malcolm: Please don’t kill me. Just hear what I have to say.
[Caesar just looks at him]dawn-of-planet-of-apes-6
Malcolm: I know. “Don’t come back.” I know. I just…I wouldn’t be here unless it was…
[as he goes to stand the gorilla pushes him back down]
Malcolm: okay! Okay! Okay! Okay, okay, okay.
[he looks at Caesar again]
Malcolm: I need to show you something. It’s not far.
Koba: Human lies!
Malcolm: No! No!
[the other apes start getting excited]
Malcolm: No. No. No. I swear. If I could just show you, then you’ll understand. Please.
[the other apes start yelling again, Caesar holds up hand to silence them]
Caesar: Show me.


[Malcolm takes Caesar and the apes to the dam with the power systems]
Malcolm: This is what we used to call a “small hydro.” It was built to service areas to the north of here, but we’ve been working to reroute the power lines to the city. Because the city used to run off nuclear power, but that ran out years ago. So we’ve been using diesel generators and gasifiers. But if we can just get this…this dam working then we have a shot at restoring limited power.
[he looks over to Caesar who is looking at him coldly]
Malcolm: Is any of this making any sense to you?
Caesar: The…lights.
Malcolm: Yes. The lights. This is your home and I don’t want to take it away from you, I promise. But if you can allow us…let us do our work here…
Koba: You brought others?
Malcolm: Just a few.
[he looks at Caesar]
Malcolm: I’m not a threat. If I am then I guess you can kill me.


[as they wait for Malcolm in their trucks suddenly they find themselves surrounded by the apes, Carver goes to start the truck]
Carver: Come on!
Alexander: Wait, wait, wait! Stop, stop.
[they see Malcolm appear being escorted by the apes, he walks over to their truck as Carver points his gun at the apes]
Malcolm: We need to give them our guns. That’s the one condition.
Ellie: What does that mean?
Malcolm: We can stay.
[later that night the apes break the humans guns, Koba goes over to Caesar]
Koba: [subtitled] If they get power, they’ll be more dangerous! Why help them?
Caesar: [subtitled] They seem desperate. If we make them go, they’ll attack.
Koba: Let them.
Koba: [subtitled] We’ll destroy them while they’re weak.
Caesar: [subtitled] And how many apes will die? We have one chance for peace. Let them do their human work. Then they’ll go.
Koba: Human work?
[he points to one of his scars on his neck]
Koba: Human work.
[he points to the scar on his arm]
Koba: Human work.
[he points to the scar that runs across his face and eye]
Koba: Human work!
[Caesar rises looking at Koba with anger, Koba reluctantly backs down, extends his hand for forgiveness and, Caesar accepts then Koba leaves, Blue Eyes goes over to Caesar]
Blue Eyes: [subtitled] Koba say apes should hate humans.
Caesar: [subtitled] Enough! From humans Koba learned hate. But nothing else.


[we see the humans have set up camp in the woods, Ellie enters their bringing food to Malcolm who’s working writing in his notebook]
Ellie: Hey. You need to eat.
Malcolm: Okay. I just…
Ellie: That was brave, what you did today.
[Malcolm just carries on writing]
Ellie: Malcolm, I know everyone’s depending on you.
Malcolm: I don’t care about that. I don’t care about any of that.
[referring to Alexander]
Malcolm: I care about him. He saw things that no kid should see, and I’m not letting us go back to that.
Ellie: I know.
[she looks at Alexander who’s sat outside round the camp fire drawing in his sketchbook]
Ellie: I have been trying to get closer to him. But…
Malcolm: You will.


[as they sit around their camp fire]
Foster: You know the scary thing about ’em? They don’t need power, lights. Heat. Nothing.
[to Alexander as Malcolm Ellie join them]
Malcolm: Hey, pal.
Foster: That’s their advantage. That’s what makes them stronger.
Kemp: Malcolm, I’m thinking one of us should stand guard tonight.
Foster: With what? They took our guns.
Malcolm: If they wanted us dead, we’d be dead already.
Carver: Maybe they’re just taking their time. They killed off half the planet already.
Ellie: Come on.
Carver: What?
Ellie: You can’t honestly blame the apes.
Carver: Who the hell else am I gonna blame? It was a Simian Flu.
Ellie: It was a virus created by scientists in a lab. The chimps they were testing on didn’t really have a say in the matter.
Carver: Spare me the hippie-dippie bullshit. You’re telling me you don’t get sick to your stomach at the sight of them? Huh?
[Ellie doesn’t reply]
Carver: Didn’t you have a little girl?
Malcolm: Carver, that’s enough.
Carver: How did she die?
Malcolm: That’s enough!
Carver: Or your wife, for that matter.
Foster: Carver, you better shut up before I kick your ass.
Carver: Okay. I’m the asshole.
[he gets up and leaves; to Ellie]
Malcolm: You okay?


[back at the apes sanctuary Caesar goes over to join Cornelia as she sleeps with their baby son in her arms, she opens her eyes and as looks at Caesar she seems to have trouble breathing]
Caesar: [subtitled] You sound sick, you okay?
Cornelia: [subtitled] Just need rest. You worry about the humans.
[she brings their foreheads together to comfort him; the next morning Alexander wakes up to find Maurice staring at him outside their tent, Malcolm and Ellie wake and look outside to see the rest of the apes sat outside their tent; as Caesar and the other apes prepare to go on another hunt]
Caesar: [subtitled] Where’s Koba?
Maurice: [subtitled] Still angry. Said he was going hunting…


[Koba and two other apes go into the city to spy on the humans in their compound]
Koba: [subtitled] Look, humans below!
[they get closer to watch the humans]
Ape #1: [subtitled] Why are we here?
Koba: [subtitled] Caesar trusts humans. Koba does not.
[at the human camp where they are gathering the firearms]
Human Colonist #1: Most of the arsenal seems functional.
Human Colonist #2: Good.
Human Colonist #1: We’re testing them out back.
Koba and the other two apes hear gunshot noises and go to investigate, they find two men practicing shooting the firearms, Koba then goes out the back to find the humans weapon supply when he’s discovered by one of the two men that was practicing shooting
McVeigh: Hey! Don’t you move! Don’t move, do you understand me? Huh? Terry! Terry, get in here, quick!
[Terry comes running in, they’re both pointing their weapons at Koba]
Terry: Holy shit.
McVeigh: What do we do? What do we do?
Terry: Where did he come from?
McVeigh: Should we shoot him?
Terry: Maybe. Yeah, I don’t know.


[to Koba]
Terry: You are one ugly son of a bitch, aren’t you?
[for a moment Koba looks like he’s going to attack when suddenly he pretends to be playful and starts blowing raspberries and hooting]
Terry: Woh, man.
[Koba points to his mouth]
McVeigh: Dude, I think he’s hungry.
Terry: He must have gotten separated from the others.
[to Koba]
Terry: You lost? Trying to get home? Go on! Get out of here, stupid monkey!
McVeigh: Go on. You heard him. Go!
[Koba leaves with a snarl on his face and joins the other two apes]
Koba: [subtitled] Enough guns here to kill every ape. Must warn Caesar. Who knows what humans are really doing up there?


[Malcolm, Carver, Kemp and Foster enter the dam to start making it work]
Carver: Well, we gotta clear this blockage.
[Alexander and Ellie are sat waiting for the men]
Alexander: I didn’t know you had a daughter.
Ellie: Yeah.
Alexander: What was her name?
Ellie: Sarah.
Alexander: I’m really sorry.
Ellie: Well, now I have you and your dad, so…
Alexander: Yeah.


[Malcolm sets up the explosive to clear the dam blockage]
Malcolm: Alright, you grab that, Kemp.
[they slide across the dam’s tunnel setting up the wire for the explosive]
Malcolm: Woh, woh, woh. That’s all the wire we got. Brace yourselves. Three, two, one.
[as Malcolm sets off the explosive the apes hear the explosion, inside the dam the debris caused by the explosion starts falling on the four men]
Alexander: Dad!
Ellie: Malcolm! Malcolm! Malcolm!
Alexander: Dad?
Malcolm: I can’t see Carver.
[Ellie and Alexander see some of the chimps have entered the dam, they come over to help get the four men out of the wreckage]


[Ellie tends to Carver’s wounded leg]
Carver: Don’t!
Ellie: Leave it there.
[Alexander helps her bandage up Carver’s leg]
Ellie: It’s not broken. Good. Let go, let go. Good.
[Malcolm notices Caesar with the other apes watching them, Malcolm goes over to him]
Malcolm: Thank you. You saved our lives. We’ve got a lot of debris to clear now. We might need a bit more time.
Caesar: How long?dawn-of-planet-of-apes-10
[suddenly Caesar’s baby son pulls out of Blue Eyes arms and goes over to Ellie and Alexander]
Alexander: Hey, buddy.
[Ellie and Alex immediately find him adorable and get distracted by him]
Alexander: Hey, hey.
[Carver looks at them with disapproval]
Carver: What are you doing? You finished?
[to Alexander]
Carver: What are you looking at?


[Carver notices Caesar’s baby son going over to his tool box which contains a gun]
Carver: Hey! Hey! Hey, get out of there!
[he pulls the baby ape out of the box, Blue Eyes comes over to defend his brother and in the process Carver pulls out his gun and points it at Blue Eyes]
Carver: Hey!
Foster: Carver, what’re you doing?
Carver: I’ll kill you!dawn-of-planet-of-apes-9
[suddenly Caesar grabs the gun from him and knocks him down in anger, Caesar then picks up the gun and as he’s about to strike Carver with it Malcolm intercepts]
Malcolm: Don’t! Don’t! Caesar, no! No.
[Caesar looks at the gun]
Caesar: Said no guns!
[he points the gun at Malcolm]
Ellie: No, don’t.
[Caesar then points it at Ellie and Alexander]
Malcolm: Please.
[he then points it at Kemp and Foster, Caesar then throws the gun into the river and looks at Malcolm]
Malcolm: I didn’t know.
[Caesar picks up his baby son and starts walking away]
Caesar: Human leave now!


[Caesar returns to their home to find Cornelia is very sick; back at the human camp they all start to pack]
Foster: Man, we’re screwed now.
[Malcolm decides to go and talk with Caesar]
Ellie: Malcolm? Malcolm, where are you going? Malcolm.
[Ellie follows him as he leaves and goes to the apes sanctuary; to the apes]
Malcolm: Please, please, I just need to speak to him.
[the apes lead Malcolm and Ellie to Caesar who is sat with the very ill Cornelia]
Malcolm: I’m sorry. That was all my fault, but I will make him leave.
Caesar: This my home. You should not be here.
Malcolm: I understand.
[Ellie notices how sick Cornelia is]
Ellie: Malcolm.
Malcolm: She’s sick.
Ellie: How long has she been this way?
[Caesar turns to look at her]
Ellie: I have medicine. Antibiotics.


[to Caesar, referring to Ellie]
Malcolm: Maybe she can help.
Caesar: Do not trust you.
Malcolm: I don’t blame you. But believe me we are not all like him.
Ellie: Please, let us help you.
[Ellie walks over to Cornelia and puts down her bag]
Caesar: One day. You stay one day.
Blue Eyes: [subtitled] Father, no…!
Malcolm: We might need more time.
Caesar: One day! Ape will help.
[Caesar looks at Blue Eyes]
Blue Eyes: [subtitled] I will not help!


[back at the human camp, Foster forcefully takes Carver back to the truck]
Carver: This is bullshit, man!
Malcolm: Get him out of here.
Foster: Move! That’s enough! Come on! Get out of here! Come on, man.
[Malcolm walks over to Caesar and the other apes who are sat watching on their horses]
Malcolm: Okay?
[Foster pushes Carver to the truck]
Foster: Move, come on! Get in!
[he forces Carver to sit in the truck, takes the key and shuts the door]
Foster: See you tomorrow, asshole.


[Koba returns to the apes sanctuary to warn Caesar of his findings from the human compound, he goes over to Blue Eyes]
Koba: [subtitled] Just came from the city. Humans very dangerous! Where is Caesar?
Blue Eyes: [subtitled] With the humans.


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