By Shaun Chambers (March, Cambridgeshire, UK)


Okay, I will just say first off, this started a comment about the exciting stuff coming out from DC Comics to the Live Screen soon, and it just sort of… got away from me a little bit, and turned into some sort of DC TV/Movie Article, enjoy if you wish!

I have to say, DC have finally started to really pump it up a few gears and kick some Live-Action ass recently. I mean with Man Of Steel, while not the greatest movie in the world, was still pretty damned good and by far one of the best DC movies to date, and I think that it will be beaten to by its sequel and its spin off, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad (Will Smith and Eva Green baby!). I’m looking forward to not only seeing the villain ‘Doomsday’ make a live-action movie debut but also seeing for myself if Ben Affleck is up to task of ‘Bruce Wayne/Batman’ as well which I think will surprise us all, Jesse Eisenburg’s young and energetic (must be the hair) ‘Lex Luther’, so BvT:DoJ Is sure to be a must watch.


And of course I have to mention Will Smith as the ‘Suicide Squads’ Anti-Hero leader, ‘Deadshot’, who while not often appearing as a big character, is certainly a good one that I think Smith is going to make much more popular for the future. Then of course there is Jared Leto’s ‘Joker’, of which a lot of fans have been complaining far too much about, just because he is different from his previous incarnations, if he was then everyone would just bitch about it not holding up to Heath Ledgers astounding standards, he looks different but he looks cool, get over it.


And then there are the frankly goddamn freaking awesome TV series’, which I won’t go into too much as that could take days however, I will scrape the surface. The Arrow and The Flash series’, being really quite expertly done and keeping you always wanting to watch so much more, I believe have paved the way for the upcoming movies as well as with the what’s likely to be equally awesome Legends Of Tomorrow and Lucifer. Lucifer looking to be not only incredibly funny (Devil takes a holiday) but also very captivating. And Legends often being wrongly called some sort of Avengers rip-off, when I may be wrong but I am fairly sure that the DC lot came at the same time as Marvels, if not before, which really any sort of open minded person would be a fan of both, it doesn’t have to be “One or the other” as I have enjoyed these shows just as much as I have enjoyed most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies. Both of which I feel are just going to continually impress us all.

Lastly, I may not have watched any of Gotham yet but I have read and been told that its refreshingly brilliant and getting to see all those Heroes/Villains in their formative times sounds exciting for not only fans but newcomers alike. Though I still won’t ever understand why it was that the Constantine series, which aired last year got such poor ratings, it was fantastic, as was the actor playing the titular character ‘John Constantine’. His performance was so good in fact that he got to play the character again in a fairly recent episode of Arrow. I do have to be fair though and say that while it is quite good for a laugh iZombie doesn’t stand out in the crowd to me even though it’s in its 3rd season and the Supergirl series, well I am not expecting a 2nd season of that.

So I’m seeing some very exciting things from DC Movies and TV Series’ coming in our future, just remember that there have been some amazingly good DC Movies in the past such as, the Bale Batman Trilogy, not to mention Watchmen, V for Vendetta and RED which were all fantastic. So come on, be fair people, they’re not all like Green Lantern, hehe.

Thanks if you actually managed to read all of this, it started off as merely a comment on upcoming DC television and just sort of got out of my hands a little. Feel free to voice your opinions, I would love to hear them good or bad.



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