By Darren Chan Keng Leong (Singapore)


Hilarious, explicit and bloody, these three words can be use to describe the experience of finally seeing Deadpool on the big screen. It is truly a dream come through as after X-Men Origins: Wolverine, yes there are allusions to the film that Deadpool might not be making it on to the big screen anytime soon, I was wrong, things change and change is for the better. The opening credits of the film is likely to be choreograph by Deadpool himself as he makes comical references to well-known films such as Green Lantern which Ryan Reynolds starred in and other references such as Batman and Alien. Also, in a rare occasion, the film passed uncut in Singapore which means film-goers would get the full action and scenes.

Ryan Reynolds definitely has found his calling to play the Merc with a Mouth or Wade Wilson that it comes as close to that of the game and comic book counterparts. Deadpool even manages to communicate through the use of mature and explicit language to the audience which is known as breaking down the fourth wall and it was very well executed. I felt that the transition of scenes in telling Deadpool’s origin story was essential to the storyline and Director Tim Miller definitely did a spectacular job in bringing out the insanity and eccentric traits of Deadpool.

I like the fact that they showed the X-Mansion and also both Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead who wore a costume with the iconic colours similar to that of the comic book iteration which is yellow and dark blue. Hopefully, fingers crossed that the X-Men wear their iconic colours in the upcoming sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past which is X-Men: Apocalypse. Also, Negasonic Teenage Warhead could have more screen time and it would be so awesome if there was a fight scene in the film which showcased a team-up battle with Deadpool, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead in overcoming their enemies which is Ajax and Angel Dust.

The action scenes were fluid but after a few scenes, it looked too easy for Deadpool with his mutant healing abilities to overcome the bad guys with no sweat at all. Actually, despite the accuracy of the portrayal and character development in Deadpool, the film had a few shortcomings. Since Deadpool is so formidable, I felt that the main antagonist Ajax or Francis Freeman who is played by Ed Skrein does not pose a threat to Deadpool at all which is such a waste for more intense laden fight scenes.

The gore level was exciting as it showcased Deadpool’s brutality but I felt that Deadpool talked too much as most scenes were heavy with dialogue by the Merc with the Mouth that it gave little screen-time to the supporting cast. However, the ending of the film with the embrace of Deadpool and his fiancée was quite abrupt and it just sidelined characters like Angel Dust and the X-Men.

The chemistry between Wade Wilson and his fiancée Vanessa Carlysle is intimate and it adds spice and also nudity to the film. The music echoes similarities with Guardians of the Galaxy as now we know that Deadpool listens to Careless Whisper and catchy rap music, I need to check out the soundtrack, so cue the music! Deadpool also pokes fun at the DC and Marvel Universe and even goes all out to force Hugh Jackman to “cameo” in the film as a paper cut out of Hugh and in one scene, the Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a toy figurine appears in Wade Wilson’s apartment.

Overall, I am very impressed with the portrayal of Deadpool and do stay till after the end credits as there are two special after credit scenes which features Deadpool in poking fun at Marvel with the Samuel L. Jackson reference as Nick Fury in Avengers and another scene where Deadpool hints at Deadpool 2 which strongly will feature Cable, exciting right?

It is even more exciting than looking out for the cameo by Stan Lee as Cable is a mutant who is born with telepathic and telekinesis abilities. Having a techno-organic body also allows Cable to have enhanced strength and his left eye has enhanced eyesight. He is able to use his body parts to manipulate technology and has the ability to travel through time.

So this Valentine’s Day, Deadpool is a 100% must-watch as it combines love, action, sensuality and all the gore in one action packed film. Also, the audience will not feel left out as from time to time in the film, Deadpool interacts with the audience through a number of questions. It is time that Deadpool join the X-Men universe and that there will be more chances of having him fight alongside the X-Men. In the words of Deadpool, it’s time to make the chimi-fking-changas!



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