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Thorin: Tomorrow begins the last days of Autumn.
Balin: Durin’s Day falls the morning after next. We must reach the mountain before then.
Kili: And if we do not? If we fail to find the hidden door before that time?
Fili: Then this quest has been for nothing.
[at that moment Bard enters and dumps the weapons, on the table in front of the dwarves, Thorin picks one of the items up]
Thorin: What is this?
Bard: Pike hook. Made from an old harpoon.
Kili: And this?
Bard: A crow bill, we call it. Fashioned from a smithy’s hammer. It’s heavy in a hand, I grant. But in defense of your life, these will serve you better than none.
Gloin: We paid for weapons. Iron forged, swords and axes!
Bofur: It’s a joke!


[the dwarves dump the weapons back on the table]
Bard: You won’t find better outside the city armory. All iron forged weapons are held there under lock and key.
Balin: Thorin, why not take what’s on offer and go. I’ve made do with less, so have you.
[to the company]
Balin: I say we leave now.
Bard: You’re not going anywhere.
Dwalin: What did you say?
Bard: There are spies watching this house and probably every dock and wharf in the town. We must wait till nightfall.
[the dwarves reluctantly sit back down, as Kili sits he tries to hide the pain from his wound]


[after hearing Thorin’s name for the first time Bard paces outside his house]
Bard: Thorin.
[suddenly realizing who Thorin is he looks over to the Lonely Mountain in the distance, Bain opens the front door and looks at his father]
Bain: Da?
Bard: Don’t let them leave.
[Bard rushes off into the town]


[on the trail of the company, Tauriel hears something behind her, she quickly raises her bow and arrow and turns to shoot only to find Legolas behind her pointing his arrow at her]
Tauriel: [subtitled] I thought you were an Orc.
Legolas: [subtitled] If I were an Orc you would be dead.
[he lowers his bow and arrow and takes a step closer to Tauriel]
Legolas: Tauriel, you cannot hunt thirty Orcs on your own.
Tauriel: But I’m not on my own.
Legolas: You knew I would come.
[Tauriel smiles]
Legolas: The King is angry, Tauriel. For six hundred years my father has protected you, favored you. You defied his orders, you betrayed his trust.


[in Elvish]
Legolas: [subtitled] Come back with me, he will forgive you.
Tauriel: [subtitled] But I will not. If I go back, I will not forgive myself.
[she turns and walks over to stand at the edge of the cliff]
Tauriel: The King has never let Orc filth roam our lands. Yet he would let this Orc pack cross our borders and kill our prisoners.
Legolas: It is not our fight.
Tauriel: It is our fight. It will not end here. With every victory this evil will grow. If your father has his way, we will do nothing. We will hide within our walls, live our lives away from the light and let darkness descend. Are we are not part of this world? Tell me, mellon, when did we let evil become stronger than us?


[Bard rushes into a shop in town full of trinkets and antiques]
Stallkeeper: Hello, Bard. What are you after?
Bard: There was a tapestry. An old one. Where’s it gone?
Stallkeeper: What tapestry are you talking about?
[Bard looks around and finds the tapestry]
Bard: This one.
[he opens the tapestry which shows the Oakenshield lineage, as Bard is looking at the tapestry he hears the towns people start gossiping about the dwarves]


Lake-town Female #1: They were dwarves I tell you. Appeared out of nowhere. Full beards, fierce eyes. I’ve never seen the like.
Lake-town Male #1: What are dwarves doing in these parts?
Lake-town Male #2: It’s the prophecy.
Lake-town Male #1: Prophecy?
Lake-town Male #2: Prophecy of Durin’s folk.
[in the shop Bard finds Thorin’s name on the tapestry]
Bard: A prophecy?
[he starts to realize what Thorin and the other dwarves are planning to do]
Bard: Prophecy.


[back in the town the towns people carry on gossiping about the dwarves]
Lake-town Male #3: The old tales have come true.
Lake-town Female #2: Vast halls of treasure!
Lake-town Female #3: Can it really be true? Has the Lord of Silver Fountains returned?
[to himself]
Bard: The Lord of Silver Fountains. The King of Carven Stone. The King Beneath the Mountain, shall come into his own.
[as he thinks the rest of the tale to himself]
Bard: [voice over] And the bells shall ring in gladness at the Mountain King’s return. But all shall fade in sadness. And the lake will shine and burn.
[Bard rushes back to his house and enters only to find the company has left]
Bain: Da! I tried to stop them.
Bard: How long have they been gone?


[later that night the dwarves attempt to break into the city armory to steal their weapons]
Dwalin: Shh. Keep it down.
Thorin: As soon as we have the weapons, we’ll make straight for the mountain.
[to Nori]
Thorin: Go, go, go.
[Nori makes run for it towards the armory building, the rest of the dwarves are kneeling in front of the window to allow Nori to step onto their backs and climb into the window]
Thorin: Next.
[Bilbo makes a run for it and does the same as Nori, he climbs onto the backs of the kneeling dwarves and jumps in through the window]


[inside the building the dwarves start collecting the weapons, Thorin gives Kili another weapon to carry on top of the ones he’s already carrying]
Thorin: You alright?
Kili: I can manage. Let’s just get out of here.
[as Kili goes to walk down the stairs he drops the weapons in his hand and falls down the stairs, the noise wakes the people of Lake-town]
Dori: Run!
[as the dwarves turn to run they are stopped by two guards, inside the armory the guards enter and capture the dwarves]


[after being captured stealing the weapons the dwarves are brought before the Master]
Master of Lake-town: What is the meaning of this?
Braga: We caught ’em stealing weapons, Sire.
Master of Lake-town: Ah! Enemies of the state, huh?
Alfrid: A desperate bunch of mercenaries, if ever there was, Sire.
Dwalin: Hold your tongue!
[Dwalin takes a step closer]
Dwalin: You do not know to whom you speak. This is no common criminal. This is Thorin. Son of Thrain, son of Thror!
[Thorin steps out to stand beside Dwalin]


Thorin: We are the dwarves of Erebor. We have come to reclaim our homeland.
[upon this revelation the towns people murmur amongst themselves]
Thorin: I remember this town in the great days of old. Fleets of boats lay at harbor, filled with silks and fine gems. This was no forsaken town on a lake. This was the center of all trade in the north!
[he turns to face the people gathered around them]
Thorin: I would see those days return. I would relight the great forges of the dwarves and send wealth and riches flowing once more from the halls of Erebor!
[the crowd cheers]


Bard: Death! That is what you’ll bring upon us.
[Bard pushes through the crowd and walks towards Thorin]
Bard: Dragonfire and ruin. If you awaken that beast, it will destroy us all.
Thorin: You can listen to this naysayer, but I promise you this; if we succeed all will share in the wealth of the mountain.
[the crowd looks pleased to hear this]
Thorin: You will have enough gold to rebuild Esgaroth ten times over!
[the crowd cheers and Bard turns to face them]
Bard: All of you! Listen to me, you must listen! Have you forgotten what happened to Dale? Have you forgotten those who died in the firestorm? And for what purpose?
[he turns to look at Thorin]
Bard: The blind ambition of a Mountain King, so riven by greed, he could not see beyond his own desire!
Master of Lake-town: Now. Now. We must not, any of us, be too quick to lay blame. Let us not forget, that it was Girion, Lord of Dale, your ancestor, who failed to kill the beast. Hm!
Alfrid: It’s true, Sire. We all know the story. Arrow after arrow, he shot. Each one missing its mark.


[Bard takes a step closer to Thorin]
Bard: You have no right. No right to enter that mountain.
Thorin: I have the only right.
[Thorin turns to face the Master]desolation-of-smaug-16
Thorin: I speak to the Master of the men of the lake. Will you see the prophecy fulfilled? Will you share in the great wealth of our people?
[the Master hesitates]
Thorin: What say you?
Master of Lake-town: I say unto you…welcome!
[the crowd cheers]
Master of Lake-town: Welcome and rise! Welcome, King Under the Mountain!


[the next morning the company get ready to leave for the Lonely Mountain on the barge and with the weapons provided by the town]
Bilbo: You do know we’re one short? Where’s Bofur?
Thorin: If he’s not here, we leave him behind.
Balin: We’ll have to, if we’re to find the door before nightfall. We can risk no more delays.
[they start boarding the barge when Thorin stops Kili]
Thorin: Not you. We must travel at speed, you will slow us down.
Kili: What are you talking about? I’m coming with you.
Thorin: No, no.
Kili: I’m going to be there when that door’s opened. When we first look upon the halls of our fathers, Thorin…
Thorin: Kili, stay here. Rest. Join us when you’re healed.
[Kili looks devastated as Thorin turns to board the barge]


Oin: I’ll stay with the lad. My duty lies with the wounded.
[Oin walks off the barge and goes to join Kili]
Fili: Uncle, we grew up on tales of the mountain. Tales you told us. You cannot take that away from him!
Kili: Fili.
Fili: I will carry him if I must!
Thorin: One day you will be King and you will understand. I cannot risk the fate of this quest for the sake of one dwarf. Not even my own kin.
[Fili looks over to Kili then gets off the barge, Thorin grabs his arm to stop him]
Thorin: Fili, don’t be a fool. You belong with the company.
Fili: I belong with my brother.
[Fili turns and walks over to join Kili and Oin]


[the trumpets announce the Master as he steps onto a platform and the crowd cheers, back in the Masters house Bofur is passed out drunk under a table when he hears the trumpets and wakes]
Bofur: By my beard, is that the time!
[as he rises he bangs his head on the table, he gets up, grabs a half filled glass and drinks from it and then rushes out to join the dwarves on the dock]
Master of Lake-town: Go now with our good will.
Bofur: Wait!
Master of Lake-town: And may your return bring fortune to all!
[the crowd cheers as the company sets off on the barge down the lake, at the same time Bofur pushes through the crowd but when he reaches the dock he sees the rest of the company has left and is too far down the lake for him to reach]
Bofur: No!
[he turns and notices Kili, Fili and Oin]
Bofur: Did you miss the boat as well?
[suddenly Kili looks close to passing out]
Fili: Kili? Kili!


[Fili, Oin and Bofur take Kili to Bard’s house, as Bard opens the door]
Bard: No. I’m done with dwarves, go away!
[as he goes to shut the door Bofur stops him]
Bofur: No! No! No one will help us. Kili’s sick.
[he turns to look at Kili who looks pale and close to passing out]
Bofur: He’s very sick.


[as they reach the overlook at the Lonely Mountain they come upon an abandoned city]
Bilbo: What is this place?
Balin: It was once the city of Dale. Now it is a ruin. The Desolation of Smaug.
Thorin: The sun will soon reach midday. We must find the hidden door into the mountain before it sets. This way.
[he turns to lead them off]
Bilbo: Wait. Is this the overlook? Gandalf said to meet him here, on no account were we to…
Thorin: Do you see him? We have no time to wait upon the wizard. We’re on our own. Come.
[he turns and starts leading the dwarves]


[meanwhile, Gandalf has reached Dol Guldur with Radagast]
Gandalf: Dol Guldur. The hill of sorcery.
Radagast: It looks completely abandoned.
Gandalf: As it is meant to. A spell of concealment lies over this place. Which means our enemy is not yet ready to reveal himself. He has not regained his full strength. Radagast, I need you to carry a message to the Lady Galadriel. Tell her, we must force his hand.
Radagast: What do you mean?
Gandalf: I’m going in alone. On no account come after me.
[Radagast hesitates before starting to walk away]
Gandalf: Do I have your word?
Radagast: Yes, yes, yes, yes!
[as Radagast leaves Gandalf starts walking further into the abandoned ruins of Dol Guldur]
Radagast: Wait, Gandalf! What if it’s a trap?
Gandalf: Turn around and do not come back.
[to himself as Radagast turns and carries on walking away]
Gandalf: It’s undoubtedly a trap.
[he draws his sword and carries on walking into the ruins]


[Gandalf wanders around the ruins]
Gandalf: [subtitled] The evil that is hidden here, I command it to come forth! I command it to reveal itself!
[Gandalf slams his spear down to remove the spell but nothing happens, he carries on walking around trying to reveal the Necromancer, beneath the ruins is Azog and his Orcs]
Azog: [subtitled] The Wizard has come.
Orc: [subtitled] He is lifting the spell. He will find us!
Azog: [subtitled] Yes…he will!


[at the Lonely Mountain the company search for the hidden door]
Thorin: Anything?
Dwalin: Nothing!
[looking at the map]
Thorin: If the map is true, the hidden door lies directly above us.
[Bilbo finds a large carving of the previous king on the side of the mountain]
Up here!
Thorin: You have keen eyes, Master Baggins.
[the company climbs up the massive carving until they reach the top where they see the wall of mountain]
Thorin: This must be it. The hidden door.
[facing the company]
Thorin: Let all those who doubted us, rue this day!
[he holds up the key and they all cheer]
Dwalin: Hey, we have a key.
[he starts touching the wall]
Dwalin: Which means there’s somewhere there is a keyhole.


[looking at the sun which is about to set]
Thorin: The last light of Durin’s Day…will shine upon the keyhole.
[he looks over to the sun light shining on the mountain’s wall but the dwarves fail to find the keyhole]
Thorin: Nori.
[Nori goes over to the wall places a glass against and uses a spoon to tap against the wall in order to see if he can hear where the hidden door is]
Thorin: We’re losing the light. Come on!
[Dwalin starts thumping his leg onto the wall trying to locate the hidden door]
Nori: Be quiet. I can’t hear when you’re thumping!
Dwalin: I can’t find it. It’s not here! It’s not here!
[as they begin to lose the sun light]
Thorin: Break it down!
[the dwarves start using their weapons to hit against the mountain wall frantically trying to break it before they lose the sun light completely]
Thorin: Come on!
[the company continue to hit the wall with their weapons to no avail]
Thorin: We lost the light.
Balin: It’s no good! The door’s sealed! Can’t be open by force. Powerful magic on it.


[the sun finally sets and they lose the light]
Thorin: No!
[he goes over to the wall and looks at the map again]
Thorin: The last light of Durin’s Day…will shine upon the keyhole.
[looking at the company]
Thorin: That’s what it says. What did we miss?
[he looks at Balin who shakes his head]
Thorin: What did we miss? Balin.
Balin: We’ve lost the light. There’s no more to be done. We had but one chance. Come away, lads. It’s over.
[dejected they all start to leave]


Bilbo: Wait a minute, what?
[to Thorin]
Bilbo: Where are they going?
[to the dwarves as they walk away]
Bilbo: You can’t give up now!
[completely crestfallen Thorin turns and lets go of the key which falls to the ground]
Bilbo: Thorin.
[Thorin starts walking away and gives the map to Bilbo]
Bilbo: You can’t give up now.
[Thorin joins the rest of the dwarves as they start making their way down]


[as the others leave Bilbo stands by the mountain wall reciting to himself]
Bilbo: Stand by the grey stone. When the thrush knocks, and the setting sun. And the last light of Durin’s Day will shine.
[turning from the wall he paces trying to figure it out]
Bilbo: The last light. The last light.
[he looks up and suddenly sees the moon appear from behind the clouds in the sky, he looks back at the wall and sees a thrush trying to crack open a snail, rapping it against the wall, then the moonlight hits the wall]
Bilbo: The last light!


[the moonlight shines on the keyhole of the hidden door]desolation-of-smaug-18
Bilbo: The keyhole!
[he goes over to the edge and shouts down to the dwarves]
Bilbo: Come back! Come back! It’s the light of the moon! The last moon of Autumn!
[he laughs to himself]
Bilbo: Where’s the key? Where’s the key?! Where’s the…?
[he starts looking on the ground for the key Thorin had dropped]
Bilbo: It was here. Come on. It was here It was just…
[as he looks around he accidentally kicks it, nearly dropping it over the edge of the mountain until Thorin steps on the string, Thorin picks up the key looking at it as the other dwarves join him, they all then look at the wall where the keyhole is now showing]


[Thorin inserts they key into the keyhole within the mountain wall, unlocks it and pushes it open, the company stares at it in awe for a moment]
Thorin: Erebor
Balin: Thorin.
[Balin is near to tears and Thorin places his hand on his shoulder, then he takes a step inside]
Thorin: I know these walls. These halls. This stone.
[he touches the stone wall as he walks further inside]
Thorin: You remember it, Balin. Chambers filled with golden light.
Balin: I remember.


[Balin and the rest of the company step inside, Gloin spots an engraving on the wall]
Gloin: Herein lies the seventh kingdom of Durin’s folk. May the heart of the mountain unite all dwarves in defense of this home.
Balin: The throne of the king.
[referring to the engraving of a stone on the throne with light shining around it]
Bilbo: And what’s that above it?
Balin: The Arkenstone.
Bilbo: The Arkenstone. And what’s that?
Thorin: That, Master Burglar, is why you are here.
[Bilbo looks around at the dwarves suddenly realizing the task ahead of him]


[back in the Lake-town at Bard’s house Kili continues to be agonized by the poison in his leg]
Bofur: Can you not do something?
Oin: I need herbs, something to bring down his fever.
Bard: We have nightshade, feverfew…
Oin: They’re no use to me. Do you have any Kingsfoil?
Bard: No, it’s a weed. We feed it to the pigs.
Bofur: Pigs?
[to himself as he gets an idea]
Bofur: Weed? Right.
[turning to the pain riddled Kili lying in bed]
Bofur: Don’t move.
[he turns and leaves the house]


[as they walk further in through the mountain]
Bilbo: You want me to find a jewel?
Balin: A large white jewel, yes.
Bilbo: That-that’s it? Only I imagine there’s quite a few down there.
Balin: There is only one Arkenstone. And you’ll know it when you see it.
Bilbo: Right.
[Balin walks on ahead and stops]
Balin: In truth, lad. I do not know what you will find down there. You needn’t go if you don’t want to. There’s no dishonor in turning back.
Bilbo: No. Balin, I promised I would do this. And I think I must try.
[Balin chuckles]


Balin: It never ceases to amaze me.
Bilbo: What’s that?
Balin: The courage of hobbits. Go now, with as much luck as you can muster.
[Bilbo nods and starts making his way down the steps]
Balin: Oh, and, Bilbo.
Bilbo: Mm?
Balin: If there is in fact a um…a live dragon down there…don’t waken it.
[Bilbo nods, turns to make his way down again but stops goes to ask Balin something but sees that Balin has already walked off leaving him on his own]


[back in Dol Guldur Gandalf continues to try and draw the Necromancer out when suddenly Azog and his Orcs arrive to attack, Azog knocks down Gandalf]
Azog: [subtitled] You have come too late, Wizard! It is done.
[as Azog goes to hit Gandalf again Gandalf uses his magic to ward him off]
Gandalf: Where is your master? Where is he?
Azog: [subtitled] He is everywhere. We are legion!
[Gandalf looks down the edge of a cliff and sees all the masses of Orcs beneath]


Azog: [subtitled] It is over.
[as Azog goes to attack Gandalf suddenly uses his magic to disappears with blinding white light; to his Orcs]
Azog: [subtitled] Run him down!
[as the Orcs chase Gandalf hears the Necromancer’s voice]
The Necromancer: [subtitled] There is no light, Wizard…that can defeat darkness.
[as the Necromancer attacks Gandalf uses his power to form a shield around himself and a duel begins as Gandalf tries to ward off the Necromancer’s attacks but the Necromancer overpowers Gandalf, destroying his staff and pinning him to the wall, he then reveals himself taking the shape of a man while a fire forms around him]
Gandalf: Sauron.


[back inside the mountain, Bilbo enters the area where all the treasure has been kept]
Bilbo: Hello.
[he goes to knock on the wall but stops and looks around for a moment before continuing to walk further inside]
Bilbo: He’s not at home. Not at home. Good. Good, good, good.
[he looks down and sees a sea of gold, he walks down quietly through it and starts looking through a pile of gold for the Arkenstone, he picks up a large gem]
Bilbo: What’s that?
[he shakes it, looks at it then throws it aside, but as it hits the gold coins it makes a loud noise]
Bilbo: Shush. Shush.


[to himself as he looks around him]
Bilbo: Arkenstone. Arkenstone. A large, white jewel.
[he looks at the piles and piles of gold]
Bilbo: Very helpful.
[he walks through the mountain of treasure and as he picks up a gold cup it releases a pile of gold to slide down which reveals the eye of Smaug as he sleeps under the gold]


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