Starring: Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder


Romantic comedy written and directed by Victor Levin. The story follows two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests, Lindsay and Frank (Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves), who are invited to a mutual friend’s wedding. While there, the two blow off their grievances about each other and their friends and develop a mutual affection despite themselves.


Best Quotes: 

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[while waiting at the airport]
Frank: That’s a nice dress.
Lindsay: Thank you. I like your jacket.
Frank: Thanks. I hope our flight’s on time.
Lindsay: Oh, it is.
Frank: Great.
[he takes a step forward]
Lindsay: I’m sorry, what was that?
Frank: What?
Lindsay: You just took a step forward there.
Frank: I did?
Lindsay: Yeah, you did. You know you did. And what’s funny is there’s no way you can board first because the only way you could board first is if you have a special need. Do you have a special need?
Frank: Yes. I need to be over there.


[sitting on the plane]
Frank: What brings you to Paso Robles?
Lindsay: I’m going to a destination wedding.
Frank: Please don’t tell me it’s Keith and Ann’s.


[at the wedding reception]
Lindsay: So we’re just the people you don’t know where to stick?
Frank: You might as well just stick us together.
Lindsay: I don’t want to be a person you don’t know where to stick.


Frank: Destination wedding is presumptuous. They’re in a fool’s paradise.
Lindsay: Don’t you believe there’s someone for everyone?
Frank: Close. I believe that there’s nobody for anyone.


Frank: I don’t understand how even after Keith did what he did to you, you can possibly still be mooning over him.
Lindsay: Because you’re a monkey who doesn’t understand the human condition.
Frank: Having met you I understand why it’s a condition.


Lindsay: You know, I’m not wearing anything under my pajamas.
Frank: Why would you, they’re so alluring.


Lindsay: What is that?
Frank: I think it’s a mountain lion.
Lindsay: Could it be a jaguar?
Frank: What difference does it make?!
Lindsay: A cougar maybe?
Frank: Oh, Jesus Christ!


Lindsay: How do you not install a pathway? The heels won’t make it. Can’t you carry me please?
Frank: What?
[we see Frank carrying Lyndsay trying to walk on the pathway]
Lindsay: This is the slowest I’ve ever been carried.
Frank: Oh, dear God. Be quiet!


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