By Hailey Fisher (USA)


I found this movie extremely disappointing, due to the lack of detail and background information. To start off with the casting was extremely wrong! Theo James (Tobias/Four) was described as having almost black hair and deep blue eyes, Theo however has light brown hair and brown eyes, this would not have been important if it hadn’t have been for the fact that Tris references his deep blue eyes a number of 6 times. Not to mention Ms. Woodley herself was supposed to have a large nose, referenced in the second book “Allegiant.” Her mother was to have blonde hair and it was dark brown. Al was supposed to be chubby and was actually quite handsome. And Eric, who was to have long straggly hair and was supposed to look unclean, was in fact very well put together with short hair.

Also, the movie left out important information. They did not show the scene where Edward gets stabbed with a butter knife in the eye, and only referenced his name once, when both his eyes and he are quite significant in the second and third book. Also, they did not show very much of the attack on Tris at the chasm, or mention that the other two attackers were Peter and Edward or that Peter tried to rape Tris and sexually assaulted her. Plus, the director did not show the emotions that Al had for Tris when he came onto her with a schoolboy crush that was short lived when she informs him that the feeling is not mutual. In addition, when they break into the control room there is a whole team of people and Jeanine Mathews is controlling the attack simulation, whereas in the book only Tobias is in the room and Tris rescues him by kissing him, Jeanine was never stabbed in the hand.

You also did not get to know insight on Will or Uriah, in fact they don’t even say Uriah’s name. Even though he is in the movie and you don’t get to know that Christina and Will have a relationship, which is important for the second movie because Christina shows hatred towards Tris. Oh yes, and they left out the scene where a muffin gets shot off of a girls head, which was not important, but a fun snippet, and they don’t show Tris getting her second and third tattoos on her shoulders.

In the end it was a good movie, but it was not correct in comparison to the books.

Rating: 3/5



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