By Scott Douse (Michigan, USA) divergent


Going into the movie I had no idea what expect without reading the book. Right off the bat they develop some background information essential to what is going on. The movie flows from beginning to end quite well. Essentially each person in the country that hits a certain age will be sorted into one of five factions. We see our protagonist going through a test that will determine which faction she will be placed in. She is essentially the type of child that has the need to be wild and different. As she goes through the tests she discovers her results were inconclusive, meaning she is a divergent. As the movie rolls on she goes through more and more tests to determine if she really belongs in the faction.

Everything is moving right along until the leaders discover that she is a divergent. At this point the movie seems to move at a rushed pace. It feels as if there should be a lot more filler information to develop the story at this part. Now with a time limit I understand some information would need to be cut. But, why are we leaving out vital information that will give us excitement to the next entries in the series?

As we get to the end of the story we finally discover what the balance between the other factions and divergent are. It is a battle of elimination and we begin to discover other divergent people leading us on an open ending to continue on into the next one.


The acting performances were top notch and were well casted.
The general progression of the movie fit well in the time frame of the movie.
The action was very well choreographed and did not notice major plot holes.


Missing some back story so newcomers to the series will be a little confused (not explained until 3rd book).
The movie seems a little too serious at times. Needs a tiny more humor.
There was not a lot of character development.
Not all major parts of the book were included in the movie.


This movie was definitely worth a watch. I believe the same fans of other popular teen series will flock to the movie. There’s plenty of action to keep the boys interested and even a bit of romance in it to cover all of the elements.

Rating: 7/10

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