By Tanmay Dubey (Delhi, India) django-unchained-20


This ‘new film by Quentin Tarantino’ is a portrayal of the ugly Wild West, where blood and money are traded against flesh, but in true ‘Tarantino style’. The movie is about slave trade which was very common in the mid-1850 in America. The slaves were traded in inhuman way, like objects, and they often succumbed to the brutality and the amusement of the land lords or the plantation owners. Django Unchained is a story of one such slave Django with ‘D’ silent, played by Jamie Foxx who fights for his love against the brutal world with the help of a white man Dr. Schultz played by Christoph Waltz.

This movie is essentially an action love story, and all the scenes are ‘bloody’ good, with blood spilling every time the bullet strikes ‘any part’ of the body. These scenes create a merciless visual impact on the audience. The background score of the film is amazing and almost creates the joyful narration in the true west style. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a very powerful performance as a baddie (we are not used to see him in such roles and he pleasantly surprises us!) Samuel L. Jackson is superb as wicked Samuel. Another good part of the film is its cinematography and the subtle dark humor in the dialogues.

Christoph Waltz transformation from a professional bounty hunter who fearlessly faces and reads them well before they happen, to a man who gives up to the situation during the climax is superb. Superlative performance by all the actors/actresses in the movie raises the bar of the film and takes it into the league of its own.

All in all, this film is action packed look on the wicked world which existed pre-civil war days in America, watch it for lots of bloody action scenes in style where the oppressed wins the war against the world of his existence for love…!!!

This one ain’t no nonsense…aaei…!

Score Stack Up:

+ ive: Brilliant performances, great screenplay, fantastic direction, and cinematography

– ive: Action scenes might not be good for children and weak hearts

Rating: 3.75/5

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