By Seemant Garg (Delhi, India)


First of all, I would like to mention that how eccentric it sounds that a doctor can a superhero and more of it comes from one of the giants of Superhero comics – Marvel it is. As bizarre as it may sound to some people who just takes a laugh about this latest joke, they should seriously rethink about getting their opinions right. Many marvel characters have been brought to life through its cinematic universe but this strange doctor defines a class of his own. None of the marvel characters in the movies even compare to the power I just witnessed – THE POWER TO CONTROL TIME!!! And to reverse it, repeat it and repeat it and repeat it and yeah, it never becomes boring. Moreover, this power is just one of his several mystical powers he can use and every time he would be able to say – Eureka!!!

Scott Derrickson has got a lot of horror slides in his pocket but with this, his private collection just went through the roofs. I guess his employability just exceeded many-a-folds. The story, the whole script and the screenplay was out of bounds this time. Its track was not based on a usual movie line where the movie shows a little flashback or a peaceful start – but a jumpstart at the beginning already raced my adrenaline, something which I never expected. Now-a-days, films are getting more and more humour and funny dialogues in the middle of a serious conversation, especially the Marvel movies have quite fell into the habit of fusing humour with action which becomes drastic for simple action comedy movies but not the superhero ones and Marvel knows it two well. Hell yeah, Iron Man started it and it continued with Avengers and Spider-Man and now Doctor Strange. But it was the limit of it – any more from that may just give the opportunity to the audience to shower popcorns and if possible, eggs in the theatre.

I never expected Benedict Cumberbatch to be a Superhero for starters but his character just spun around the movie like he was born for it. His attitude closely resembled his character of Sherlock Holmes as an arrogant fool who never gets by his ego. It’s like he has become quite accustomed to these roles but nonetheless, he is the most robust person to wear that robe. So the casting was perfect! However the film could have done better without Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. Her dialogues with her personality – didn’t quite match up with each other. They could have casted many other people but to cast a young girl, now that casts a doubt upon her experience. So the movie got a bullet in the chest for it but survived unbelievably. Rachel McAdams always gets the grace of the viewers which caught the site firsthand. Although she didn’t have much of a role but only a supporting one, she did come out of her box and contented the audience.

The movie ended just the opposite of what I was expecting but still, he was a sorcerer and his real skills got the best of the audience. I expected some real action with the dark powers in the end but instead SPOILERS ALERT***** he just entangles him in a time loop and continues it again and again and again and let me tell you, it never gets boring. Instead, you would secretly want it to go on and on to prevent such a magnificent and conventional movie from ending. The reversal of time is the gem of the movie which is again a SPOILER ALERT of course. Anyways, the movie is profoundly awesome which certainly deserves the money to fall out of our deep-on-the-face-of-it-empty pockets and crawl upon the movie theatre and so you get a good time once in a while.

I would give an 8.5/10 for the movie.

Rating: 4/5



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