Starring: Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps, Craig Robinson, Titus Burgess, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Aleksandar Filimonovic


Bio-comedy drama directed by Craig Brewer. Based on the life of comedian Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy), well-known for his raunchy, X-rated stand up that he also infused with rapping and rhythm. He became popular for his creation of the character Dolemite in his stand-up routines that, after five years of performing as the urban hero, he decided to bring to the big screen with the 1975 movie of the same name.



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Rudy Ray Moore: Hey, auntie, you know, I was thinking about putting out a comedy record.
Aunt: Comedy? You’ve been a singer, a shake dancer.
Rudy Ray Moore: It’s real hard to break in. I do whatever it takes to get in.


Rudy Ray Moore: I’ve come up with a new character.


[to himself in the mirror]
Rudy Ray Moore: Dolemite is my name, and fucking up motherfuckers is my game!


Club Owner: What did you do to you hair? You look like a pimp!
Rudy Ray Moore: It’s all pretend. I just created a character.


[referring to his hair]
Rudy Ray Moore: Pull on that.
[she pulls a hair]
Lady Reed: Oh, that’s a weave!
Rudy Ray Moore: A weave. That’s right.


Rudy Ray Moore: Whatever it takes, I’m ready to do it. I got to be totally outrageous!


Lou Drozen: [to Ray] It’s filthy! You’ve got a product here that you can’t sell or promote.


Rudy Ray Moore: All my life people have been telling me no. I want the world to know I exist.


Rudy Ray Moore: Rudy, sometimes a dream just don’t come true.


Rudy Ray Moore: A man slam a door in my face, I just find another door.


[to Rudy; referring to the movie they’re watching in the cinema]
Jimmy Lynch: This ain’t funny. And there ain’t no brother in it either.


Rudy Ray Moore: If I get up in that light with my own movie, I could be everywhere all at once! Let’s bring Dolemite to the screen.


Agent: The actors we hire, you’re a bit doughier than them.
Rudy Ray Moore: Doughier?


[to D’Urville Martin]
Rudy Ray Moore: I’m offering you a role in my new motion picture.


D’Urville Martin: You think you can just walk up here and hire me? No!
Rudy Ray Moore: What if we let you direct?


Jerry Jones: In storytelling, it’s always best to write what you know.
Rudy Ray Moore: Man, it ain’t nothing to talk about my personal life. I deal with the nightlife, club owners, and mobsters, lots of pimps, and kung fu.
Jerry Jones: Do you know karate?
Rudy Ray Moore: No, but I’m a fast learner. I can learn how to chop me a mother…


[referring to Rudy]
D’Urville Martin: Pretending like he could be a sex machine. What planet is this cat on?!


D’Urville Martin: Cut!
Rudy Ray Moore: What it good as Shaft?


Lester Bihari: [to Rudy] If this thing flops, you’re going to be working for free for the rest of your life.


Lady Reed: [to Rudy] I’m so grateful for what you did for me, because I never seen nobody that looks like me up there on that big screen.


Jerry Jones: Goddamn, Dolemite!


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