By Luke Evans (London, UK)


Drive was my favourite film of 2011, hands down. It was obvious that a lot of thought and care had been put in the making of it and it’s displayed right there on the screen.

The cinematography was one of the best I have ever seen, aside Blade Runner. Every shot was framed and lit beautifully, leaving an audience to marvel over it. This could be a bad thing due to the fact that it could distract audiences away from the narrative but because Drive is so well paced the two really go hand in hand. The beautiful cinematography contrasts highly from the brutal, bloody violence making audiences realise that Drive is not for the light hearted and doesn’t intend to be so.

Drive’s soundtrack suited the moods of both characters in the film and people watching it. It’s uplifting which is strange because of how dark the film actually is but it left me wishing that the film could continue going on forever and actually put me in denial that anything bad could happen for the rest of it.

Although some of the characters were rather cliché, the acting of Drive’s stellar cast was still captivating: Ryan Gosling’s dark personality and night life conflicts with Carey Mulligan’s sweet and caring mother figure and ultimately changes him, leaving him a much more compassionate person by the end of the film.

Overall, Drive is a stunning film, with well selected music and emotive performances. Anyone who hasn’t watched it I highly recommend it.

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