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[Cage has managed to slip away again to find Rita whilst she trains]
Cage: No! Wait, wait! My name is Bill Cage. I…we met on the beach. We meet on the beach, tomorrow. I have what you had.
[Rita starts to combat train him again where Cage next knocked down by one of the mock Mimics]
Rita: Alright, let’s go again.edge-of-tomorrow-8
[it doesn’t take long for Cage to get hit again]
Rita: You don’t have time to think. Remember, it’s now enough knowing where they’re going to be, you have to know how to kill them.
[Cage gets knocked down again, Rita walks over to him with her weapon]
Cage: That’s it…hold on! Hold on! Listen! Listen!
[Rita gets ready to shoot Cage]
Cage: Okay, do it.
[Rita points her gun and shoots him]


[Cage wakes up again back at Heathrow]
Cruel Sergeant: On your feet, maggot!
[it skips to Cage being trained, this time he’s having more success shooting the mock Mimics]
Cage: Stop! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop! Wait! Wait a second! Wait a second!
[Rita turns off the mock Mimics]
Cage: Wait a second. You know, I’ve been thinking. I mean, this thing’s in my blood, so maybe there’s some way I can transfer it to you.
Rita: I’ve tried everything, it doesn’t work.
Cage: And have you…you know? Tried all…all the options?
Rita: Oh, you mean sex? Yep, tried it.
Cage: How many times?
Rita: Alright.
[Rita turns on the mock Mimic when knocks down Cage]


[Cage is being trained again, Rita instructs him as he shoots at the mock Mimics]
Rita: Left, left, left, left!
[Cage gets picked off the floor by one of the mock Mimics and is then crushed face first into the wall]
Rita: Keep your eyes open.
[Cage gets hit again]edge-of-tomorrow-6
Rita: Again!
[Cage get knocked down again]
Rita: Again!
[Cage gets knocked out again]
Rita: Again!
[Cage gets knocked down]
Rita: Again!
[Cage continually gets knocked down, after the latest hit Cage slides over to Rita who gets ready to shoot him]
Cage: Just wait, wait! I think I’m okay.
[Rita points her weapon and shoots him]


[Cage wakes up again back at Heathrow]
Cruel Sergeant: On your feet, maggot!
[next we see Rita shooting him again after another failed training session, then wakes up to cruel sergeant again]
Cruel Sergeant: Maggot!
[again Rita shoots him after another failed session and the loop begins again]
Cruel Sergeant: Maggot!
[Rita shoots him again and the loop begins again, Cage looks weary as cruel sergeant shouts in his face]
Cruel Sergeant: Now, I’m done being nice to you, maggot! Now move!
[as Cage gets knocked down at the next training session]
Rita: You okay, Cage?
Cage: Oh, yeah! Yeah, I’m good! I’m good!
Rita: You’re leg’s broken.
Cage: No! I…I can still feel my toes
[Rita starts walking over to Cage and tries to move away, Rita reaches him and points her weapon at him]
Cage: Oh!
[she shoots him]


[after being shot by Rita again Cage has a vision of a dam in Germany where the Omega is, but suddenly he wakes up in another loop, after which to Rita taking him to see Carter]
Dr. Carter: Rita! Rita! What is this? What are you doing here? Look, who’s this guy?
Rita: He’s me…
Cage, Rita: …before Verdun.
Dr. Carter: What…what do you mean? He’s…?
Rita: Yes! Yes!
Dr. Carter: When did he die? Where?
Rita: On the beach, tomorrow.
Cage: I’m Bill Cage, you’re Dr. Carter, we’ve had this conversation before. You have two fingers behind your back. I’ve had the visions, I’ve seen the Omega.


[Carter looks shocked after Cage’s confession of seeing visions of the Omega]
Cage: It’s pretty much game over tomorrow, so can we move this along.
Dr. Carter: Okay. Okay. Where?
Cage: There’s a dam, it’s in the mountains. I saw German writing.
Rita: Do you think you can work out where that is?
Dr. Carter: Well, I mean there can’t be too many places that fit that description. I see what I can do.
[to Cage]
Rita: Training is over. I’ll see you tomorrow.
[Rita goes to leave]
Cage: We don’t even know where we’re going.
Rita: We will soon enough. In the mean time you need to figure out a way to get us off that beach.
[she turns and leaves]


[the next day on the beach as Cage and Rita are battling it out with the Mimics]
Rita: What next? Where are we going?
Cage: Yeah…
Rita: Which way? Focus! Which way?
Cage: I’m thinking. I’m thinking.
Rita: Okay…
[suddenly they’re attacked by a Mimic]
Cage: Oh, man!
[they both die and Cage is back in another loop walking along with Rita]
Rita: How far do we make it?
Cage: Well, it’s hard to say.
[the next day on the beach Rita follows Cage lead in finding the Mimics to attack]
Cage: Hold! Hold! Okay, now!
[as they move to attack suddenly a Mimic attacks them from the side]
Cage: Son of a bitch!


[in the next day’s loop Cage tries to instruct Rita where to go on the beach in order to avoid being killed by the Mimics]
Cage: I thought stepping left, ducking. Just for the record, stepping left…
Rita: Fine. Stepping left, ducking right.
Cage: It was pretty specific.
Rita: Stepping left, ducking right. Move on.
[the next day on the beach Cage leads Rita as they battle it out with the Mimics]
Cage: Hold on! Now remember, across the trench, twelve o’clock, then look to your right.
[Rita rushes across the trench starts shooting when she’s suddenly attacked and killed by the same Mimic Cage was trying to warn her from; then it’s back to the next loop with Cage trying to show Rita where she needs to go on the beach without getting killed by Mimics]
Rita: You’re not being specific, you understand?
Cage: Oh, okay.
Rita: You need to be specific, otherwise I’m dead.
[Cage pauses a moment]
Cage: Just…Rita.
[Cage looks at her indicating that’s already happened, next day on the beach, Rita tries to follow Cage’s instructions but is again killed]


[back to the loop where Cage is showing Rita how to avoid getting killed on the beach]
Rita: That takes us up to the top and then the trench. I’m gonna step left, there’s gonna be a Mimic there which I’ll kill…
[the next day on the beach Cage looks at Rita’s dead body lying next to him in the trench, obviously this repeated scenario taking its toll on him, in the next loop Cage watches Rita as she goes through the instructions of where she needs to be on the beach]
Rita: There’s an explosion, I’m gonna run thirty paces north west. I’m gonna duck at the top of that trench, and then I’m gonna turn left.
[the next day on the beach Rita ends up dying again, in the next loop Rita notices Cage watching her as she trains him]
Rita: Have I got something on my face?
Cage: No.


[that evening Cage walks out into the rain]
Skinner: Cage! We’ve been looking everywhere for you!
[Cage ignored him, Skinner and Kimmel run over to him]
Skinner: Cage! Hey…
[Skinner goes to grab Cage but Cage manages to slip out from under his hands]
Cage: Guys. Guys can we just not do this today?
Skinner: What are you talking about? Farell almost strung us up by our bullocks for losing track of you!
[Skinner goes to punch Cage but Cage easily steps aside and avoids the punch]
Cage: Okay, Skinner. Watch this.
[Cage puts his hands behind his back]
Cage: Now I’m gonna close my eyes.
[he closes his eyes, indicating he knows what Skinner is going to do as he’s been through this scenario many times]
Cage: Ready?
Skinner: Yeah.
[as Skinner tries to attack Cage he manages to avoid being hit and Skinner smacks into the wall after his second attempt, Cage looks at Kimmel who puts his hand up in defeat]
Kimmel: I didn’t mind the extra pushups.
[Cage turns and walks off]


[the next morning as J Squad are getting ready to leave for the beach]
Master Sergeant Farell: It’s a new day, people! Destiny calls. The lord only expects one thing from us: that we will win!
[we see Cage riding off on a bike across London and then visiting a pub, he listens to the radio]
News Reporter: The current situation on the front line show heavy casualties…
Old Man: It’s about time we showed those things what we’re made of. My father flew in the battle of Britain, three years before the yanks came into the war. Couldn’t be broken, backbone.
Old Man 2: My Uncle George landed on the beach of Normandy, yeah. In their day this war would have been over by now.
Bar Maid: What do they want with us anyway?
Old Man: It’s obvious, isn’t it? Minerals.
Old Man 2: Minerals?
Old Man: Yeah, minerals.
Old Man 3: Oxygen they want.
Old Man: Oxygen?
Old Man 3: Think about it…
Cage: What difference does it make? They’re here, they’re winning. And whatever it is, they’re gonna get it.
Old Man: Shouldn’t you be over there?
Cage: I’ve been over there, more times than anybody. As a matter of fact I’m usually long dead by now.
Old Man 2: Coward.
[suddenly the lights in the pub go out]
Old Man 2: The power’s gone.
[hearing sirens outside Cage steps out of the pub, he runs across the city watches in horror as the Mimics attack London and he ends up getting killed]


[in the next loop Rita finds Cage training on his own and taking down the mock Mimics in anger, next they visit Carter]
Dr. Carter: I found the Omega. I found it. It has to be here. Curnera Dam, Germany. This has got to be it, it fits the description perfectly.
Cage: Yes, you found it. Again. What difference does it make? Cause we’re never gonna get there. No matter what we do, no matter how carefully we plan, we can’t get off that beach.
[Rita walks over to Cage as he smashes the mock Mimic in the training area]
Rita: You can do this. You can. You keep coming here every day and I’ll train you.
Cage: You already have.
[we see Cage and Rita on the beach fighting the Mimics, Cage now fighting the Mimics like a pro, we see Farell and his squad in the trench]
Master Sergeant Farell: I’m waiting, Nance!
Nance: Five hundred meters and closing fast!edge-of-tomorrow-10
[suddenly the see Cage shooting his weapons at the Mimics that are about to attack them]
Nance: What the…?!
[Farell watches in shock as Cage kills the Mimic, Cage and Rita kill a couple more Mimics]
Rita: What’s next?
[the Mimic he’s taken down stairs and Cage shoots his weapon at it killing it]
Cage: Straight shot, up the hill.
Rita: Okay.
[Cage and Rita start making their way; to Farell as they watch Cage and Rita]
Griff: Hey, Serge. The new guy, what’s his name again?


[as they make it past the beach]
Cage: We need a vehicle to get further inland.
Rita: Then what’s the problem?
Cage: The problem is the ambush waiting for us down there, they kill before we find a working car.
Rita: Okay, so what’s the current plan.
Cage: The two cars I haven’t tried are the Minivan…edge-of-tomorrow-9
Rita: Yep.
Cage: The green SUV.
Rita: Okay.
Cage: I’ll head for the SUV, draw the Mimics to me. You go for the Minivan, you get it started, just go, take off. Do not wait for me.
Rita: Okay.
[Rita goes to leave but Cage stops her]
Cage: Well…just don’t forget to disconnect the caravan before you take off. You are going to be in a hurry, you don’t want any dead weight.


[Cage and Rita rush on separately towards the Minivan and SUV, Rita finds the Minivan keys and tries to start the engine]
Rita: Come on.
[she manages to start the car, smashes the passenger door open and Cage runs towards the van]
Rita: Come on, Cage!
[Rita starts driving off, Cage looks back]
Cage: Can’t see!
[he sees that Rita hasn’t disconnected the caravan]
Cage: Did you…?
[as Rita drives the car radio is on with the same news report that was on when Cage was at the pub in London in his previous loop]
News Reporter: Stay where you are, remain calm. If you are in a vehicle, please lock the doors and stay inside.
[Rita gets them on to a main road]
News Reporter: The enemy has reached London. Repeat, London is under attack.
[suddenly Cage smashes the radio in anger]
Cage: That’s good driving.
Rita: I forgot to unhook the trailer.
[suddenly a Mimic smashes through the trailer behind them, Cage starts shooting at it and manages to kill it making it explode, taking the trailer with it]


[as they drive along the main road in France]
Cage: You don’t talk much.
Rita: Not a fan.
Cage: Of talking?
Rita: Not a fan of talking, no.
Cage: You know, you eventually do talk to me. It’s usually around Lyon, you tell me about the time you went there with your family, your brother got lost.
Rita: I’ve never been to Lyon.
Cage: You tell me your middle name. Kate.
Rita: That’s not my middle name.
[Cage smiles]
Cage: You found your brother in the arcade, by the way.
Rita: Well maybe I made it all up just to keep you quiet.
Cage: But you do talk to me.
Rita: Cage, I do not need to get to know you. And if you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t want to get to know me either. It’s the only way you make it through this thing.


Cage: What about Hendricks, you get to know him?
Rita: How do you know that name?
Cage: You mention him.
Rita: That’s not possible.
Cage: Then how do I know his name?
Rita: When did I mention him? Under what circumstance?
Cage: Is he why you won’t talk to me?
[Rita hesitates a moment before replying]
Rita: Don’t ever mention his name again.
Cage: Why, are you in love with him?
Rita: He’s dead! And I watched him die three hundred times, and I remember every detail, I remember everything, so I don’t need to talk about it.
Cage: I’m sorry.
Rita: It’s just war.


[after they run out of gas Cage and Rita walk through the countryside, leave their suits as they run out of battery, and find an abandoned farmhouse]
Rita: There’s nothing here, keep going.
[they look around and find a helicopter at the back of the garden]
Rita: We have to find the keys.
Cage: Let’s just siphon the gas.
Rita: And why drive when we can fly?
Cage: In that thing?
Rita: Let me guess, you’re afraid of heights.
Cage: I’m afraid of crashing. I’m not at all ashamed to admit it.
Rita: You’ll be fine, Cage, you’ll learn.
[as Rita goes to reach for something she winces in pain]
Cage: What is it?
Rita: It’s nothing, I’m fine.
Cage: What is it?
Rita: It’s nothing.
Cage: Rita. Let me see.
[reluctantly Rita opens her jacket to reveal a large wound on her shoulder]


[Cage tends to Rita’s shoulder wound in the garage]
Rita: We have to find the keys to the helicopter.
Cage: I’m sure they’re around here somewhere. You know the heli’s full of fuel, I found a hose.
Rita: We’re flying, Cage.
Cage: Well, let’s just say we find keys, you know? Get that helicopter started. We don’t have our jackets or ammunition and it’s gonna be dark in a few hours. Might be better just going back to the farmhouse, seeing what we could salvage. You know, spend the night there, come back here in the morning.
Rita: And curl up by the fire and open a bottle of wine?
[Cage looks at her as if to say “why not”, Rita chuckles and Cage smiles]


Rita: We should just reset.
[she brings out her weapon to shoot Cage making him jump in fear]
Cage: Woh!
Rita: It’s a dead end.
Cage: Hey, hold…just…
Rita: If it’s all the same to you, I’m tired, I’m in pain. I’d rather just start fresh.
Cage: I’ll tell you what, take a few minutes. Coffee’s ready. I’ll look around for the keys, that’s productive.
Rita: Ten minutes.
Cage: Okay.
Rita: And then I’m killing you.
Cage: Fine.


[Cage pours Rita some coffee]
Rita: I can’t believe you found coffee.
[he hands the mug to her]
Rita: Thank you.
Cage: Oh. Sugar, right?
[he goes to get her some sugar from his bag]
Rita: Yeah.
[he puts sugar in her coffee]
Rita: Thank you.
Cage: Hold on, three. You like three.edge-of-tomorrow-11
[Rita looks at Cage realizing they’ve been to the farmhouse before in another loop]
Cage: There’s a shirt over there, it should be your size.
Rita: How many times have we been here?
[Cage doesn’t reply]
Rita: How many times? Where are the keys?
[Cage still doesn’t reply]
Rita: Where are the Goddamn keys?
Cage: Okay.
[Cage takes the keys out of his pocket and hands them to her]
Rita: You can fly it, can’t you?
Cage: No. Well…yes. I mean, I can take off, I’m still working on my landing.
Rita: What are we still doing here? You’re wasting time!
[she turns to get her jacket and leave]
Cage: Rita, you start that engine, you die!
[Rita stops and faces him]
Cage: This is as far as you go. No matter what I do, this is as far as you ever make it.


[looking shocked and offended Rita walks out of the garage and goes over to the helicopter with Cage following her]
Cage: There’s a Mimic buried twenty yards away. It attack when you start the engine.
Rita: Get your weapon and get in the helicopter, Cage.
Cage: There’s more than a field battle there. Only one of us ever makes it.
[she gets into the helicopter]edge-of-tomorrow-12
Rita: Get in.
Cage: The only thing we haven’t tried is a version where you walk away, just go back to the farmhouse. There’s food, you wait there until I get back. You’ll be safe.
Rita: I’m a soldier, I volunteered, I’m not walking away.
Cage: You die here! Right here! I…can’t save you. And if I go on and kill the Omega, you’re dead. Forever.
Rita: Why does it matter what happens to me?
Cage: I wish I didn’t know you, but I do.
[suddenly Rita starts the engine which immediately brings out the Mimic, it attacks the helicopter, Cage runs into the garage to get his weapon but it’s too late as the Mimic brings down the helicopter, Cage kills the Mimic and finds Rita lying down on the ground gravely injured, she takes his hand]
Rita: My middle name is Rose.
[Cage watches her die and in the in next instant the other Mimics attack and Cage wakes up in another loop]


Cruel Sergeant: On your feet, maggot!
[Cage wearily gets up, takes his uniform from the sergeant and walks off, next he meets Farell and Farell gives his usual speech as he takes him to meet J Squad]
Master Sergeant Farell: Looks there’s hope for your, Private. Hope in the form of glorious combat, battle is the great redeemer, the fiery crucible in which the only true heroes are forged. The one place…
[next Cage meets Rita for the first time as she trains]
Rita: Yes? Who said you could talk to me?
[Cage looks at her as he thinks for a moment]edge-of-tomorrow-13
Rita: Do I have something on my face, soldier?
Cage: I’m sorry to disturb you, Sergeant.
[deciding to not involve Rita any further, turns and walks away, next he gets ready as Griff straps him into his suite]
Griff: Alright, man. Let’s get this show on the road, I gotta suite up. Where’s your helmet?
Cage: I’m not gonna wear one, it’s a distraction.
Griff: Have you been drinking?
Cage: I need three more clips of five-five-six, eight grenades and an extra battery.
[Griff looks at Cage with shock]
Cage: Get it.
[Griff nods his head]


[next Cage is on the airship taking them to France when Skinner does his usual line]
Skinner: Oy! Oy, mate! I think there’s something wrong with your suite!
[Cage looks at him coldly and finishes his line]
Cage: There’s a dead guy in it.
[after the drop onto the French coast Kimmel does his usual cheering before being squashed to death]
Kimmel: Yeah! Wooh-hoo! We made it! Thank God, we made it! Yeah…!
[Cage watches Kimmel as the airship lands on him then sets of with determination, making it to the farmhouse, kills the Mimics there and flies off in the helicopter to the German dam alone he discovers that the Omega isn’t there and is then ambushed by a Mimic]
Cage: Finish it!
[as the Mimic goes to attack Cage it suddenly stops, Cage looks around to see an Alpha behind him, the Alpha tries to steel Cage’s blood in order to reset the day but Cage realizes and quickly manages to kill himself by drowning underneath damaged water pipes]


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