By Brandon J. Gomez (California)


Enemy at the Gates is the heroic true story of the soviet sniper Vassili Zaitsev, who successfully killed numerous Nazi German officers. The movie follows his journey from being a mere soldier among the rest, to being the symbol of hope for the Soviet Army and their fight against the Nazis. Working together with his friend Commisar Danilov, who is the one responsible for creating the image of Vassili, they both accomplish to turn the war around for the Soviet Union through battle and propaganda.

The film had the type of film work that was similar to that of Saving Private Ryan which I thoroughly enjoyed. The acting in the film was very well portrayed and the emotions of the characters brought upon by the actors were highly believable and had the viewer connected to each character and their personal dilemmas. This may be Jude Law’s best work from what I have seen him do, and definitely makes my top list in movies.

There were very few points in the movie where I felt things were not needed, such as the intimate scene between Jude Law and Rachel Weisz, however it was professionally done and it was easily passable. The love affair between Vassili, Tania, and Commisar, was a brilliantly developed love triangle, and not at all did it ever seem pathetic. The action scenes in the movie were suspenseful and kept the viewers on their toes the entire film, fearing the unexpected outcome.

I highly recommend this film to anyone in search of a great and wonderful done war movie, and also those who have a taste in drama as well.


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