By Avneesh Mehta (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


Let’s not beat around the bush like Eric Murphy and be straight forward like Ari Gold. Entourage is not an outstanding work of art, it was never going to be. It probably won’t be loved by critics, and won’t win any awards. For the casual movie goer, you probably won’t remember much of it the next day. However, for its 100 minute run time, this movie is, to borrow from Poison, “nothing…but a good time”. And if you “ain’t looking for nothing…but a good time”, then whether you’re a fan of the show or not, this film was made to serve that purpose.

I watched this at an advance screening that was literally packed with fans, we laughed at every joke, got excited as the theme song played, were overjoyed to see the characters we’ve missed back in action, and clapped when the credits rolled, it was a blast. Even if you take all that away, Entourage is a fun film. It’s got plenty of jokes, each one more offensive and capable of making hard-nosed critics cringe than the last. There’s more Hollywood cameos and references than you can keep count of, most of them very amusing.

While it’s been four years since Adrian, Kevin C, Kevin D, Jerry and Jeremy last played these characters, they slip in effortlessly and manage to hit all the right notes with their banter, friendship, professional relationships and of course, the infamous “bromance” they share. Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold is obviously the scene stealer and stand out performer here (justifying being paid $5 million compared to the $2M all the others got) and this movie will once again make fans rush to the internet and wonder why there isn’t an Ari Gold spin-off show yet

Doug Ellin, creator of the show steps in to direct and does the material justice. The show ended on a bit of a downward spiral with the last season being the worst, and a finale that underwhelmed many – including myself. This time, he gives the fan’s everything they could’ve asked for and the character arcs are rounded off much more convincingly and engagingly then they were back in 2011. As for the parties, girls, and everything else Entourage is well known for is concerned – the movie is pretty much like the show on steroids. No expense is spared with glorifying indulgence in excess and depicting, as the poster says: the “dream large, live larger” lifestyle.

I won’t waste time in talking about the plot, because it simply serves as an excuse to justify everything stated above. That being said, it’s by no means bad or lazy and is pretty much in line with what we’ve previously seen on the show. Things move at a brisk pace in this movie, and I personally was a little surprised when the credits rolled to see that it had been more than an hour and a half already. If you’ve enjoyed the show, you will enjoy this – there is no doubt about it. If you’re unfamiliar with the past adventures of Vincent Chase in Hollywood, this is an entertaining 100 minutes that you won’t regret.

Go watch Entourage with your entourage and simply have nothing…but a good time (all right, perhaps that was an overkill). On a scale of Medellin to Aquaman, the movie ranks as good as Vince’s first breakout film, Head On.

For the uninitiated, that’s a solid 7/10 (three and a half stars)


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