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Teddy: Look at me. Are you telling me the truth? Are you telling me the truth?
Mandy: Yes.
Teddy: Are you telling me the truth?equalizer-9
Mandy: Yes.
Teddy: Are you telling me the truth?
Mandy: Yes.
Teddy: Telling me the truth?
Mandy: Yes!
[Teddy pulls Mandy over to him and she leans her head on his shoulder]
Teddy: Would you like some water?
[Mandy replies in Russian, Teddy gets up to get her some water]
Teddy: To moisten your throat.
[he leaves the room to fetch a glass of water, he returns with the glass and hands it to her]
Mandy: Thank you.
Teddy: Sweet. My angel.
[Teddy starts grabbing and stroking Mandy’s face]
Teddy: Hm? Yes.


[Mandy starts sobbing]
Mandy: Please. Please.
[Teddy kisses her forehead as she sobs with fear]
Teddy: So beautiful.
Mandy: Please, please, Teddy.
Teddy: So beautiful.
Mandy: Please, Teddy.
Teddy: But so deceitful.
[Teddy wraps his arm around her neck and starts squeezing]
Mandy: Please. Please don’t.
Teddy: So fucking deceitful.
Mandy: Please don’t.
[Teddy starts strangling her]
Mandy: You’re…you’re hurting me! Please stop.
[as she struggles Teddy strangles her to death]


[at a baseball game with Home Mart employees; referring to the ball that’s just been hit]
Marcus: Here we go. Oh, oh, oh! I got it! I got it! I got it!
[just as Marcus goes to catch it McCall runs by and catches the ball, the crowd cheers]
Man in Crowd #1: There you go! Way to go, Bobby!
Man in Crowd #2: There’s no place like Home Mart.
[we see Ralphie dressed in a security guard uniform, having passed his test, clapping]
Ralphie: Yeah!
[McCall smiles at Ralphie; to Ralphie]
Marcus, Jay: Oh!
Marcus: I see you!
Jay: Ralphie, bravo!
Jenny: You passed your test!
Marcus: Looking good, man.
Jay: Hey, did they give you a gun?
[Ralphie looks over to a smiling McCall and tips his hat who tips his hat back]


[as they wait for Teddy]
Pederson: What the hell he call us in here for?
Masters: Maybe he’s finally done chasing his own tail, you know?. Maybe he’s chased it down he needs to go home.
Remar: Wasting our fucking time.
Masters: Yeah, that sounds about right.
[Teddy enters the office]
Teddy: I matched the arrival and departure times of everyone going in and out of the restaurant and I discovered a curious thing. This person walks in the front door several minutes after Slavi arrived, but never comes out.
[shows them the security photo of McCall]


[to his work colleague]
Robert McCall: Alright. Later.
Home Mart Employee: Thanks.
Robert McCall: Alright.
[as he walks over to Jenny as she’s serving a customer]
Robert McCall: Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Can you do a quick card refund for me when you’re done? Gentleman’s in a hurry.
Thief: Open that fucking register like I just said.
[McCall sees he’s pointing a gun at Jenny]
Thief: Move, move. Empty the register. Now. Go ahead, open this thing up.
[Jenny begins to cry]
Thief: Tell this bitch to fucking move it. Open the register up right now.
[McCall just looks at him]
Thief: Move.
[McCall opens the register and start taking out the cash]
Thief: All of it. Give me all of it. Come on. Move, move, move, move.
[McCall hands the cash to the thug]
Thief: That ring too. Give me that ring.
Jenny: No.


Thief: Give me that fucking ring, I said.
Jenny: Please.
Thief: Give me the ring.
Jenny: It was my mother’s.equalizer-8
Thief: Fuck your mother. Give me that ring.
[he points his gun at her, McCall observes several details of the man, like his cap and tattoos, he doesn’t make a move as children enter the store with their mother]
Thief: Take it off.
Robert McCall: I got it.
Jenny: It was my mother’s.
Robert McCall: Shh.
Thief: I don’t care. Give me the fucking ring.
Jenny: Please.
Robert McCall: It’s okay, Jenny.
[McCall takes the ring off her finger and gives it to the thug who turns and leaves, McCall follows the man outside and gets a look at the plates on his car as he drives off]


[later after they’ve informed the police]
Robert McCall: You okay?
Jenny: Yeah.
[McCall walks over to Ralphie]
Robert McCall: Hey, listen. Police said the guy’s done four like this. Shot a guy over in Somerville a month ago, so. It’s only money.
[McCall walks off and gets a sledgehammer off a rack; the next day Ralphie greets Jenny at work]
Ralphie: You okay?
Jenny: Hey, Ralphie. Still a little freaked out.
Ralphie: Yeah, well, if you need anything, let me know.
Jenny: Thanks, Ralphie.
[Jenny opens the cash register and sees her ring inside]
Jenny: Oh, my God. My ring.
[she looks around her, we then see McCall wiping blood off the sledgehammer before placing back it on the rack]


[as McCall is getting ready to leave for his usual nightly diner visit he hears a noise and as goes to leave his apartment he starts his stopwatch and Teddy shows up]
Teddy: Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: Yeah.
Teddy: Sorry to bother you. We’re looking into a homicide that occurred two weeks ago. Five dead. Russian restaurant.
Robert McCall: Oh, yeah. I heard about it on TV. I happened to be there that night.
Teddy: Oh, you were?
Robert McCall: Yeah. You wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.
Teddy: That’s right. We’re just checking to see if any of the patrons remembered anything suspicious that night.
Robert McCall: Not that I recall.
Teddy: May I ask why you dined at that particular restaurant?
Robert McCall: I like pirozhki.
Teddy: There’s five authentic Russian restaurants within walking distance of your apartment.
Robert McCall: Mm.
Teddy: I assume they all serve pirozhki.
Robert McCall: Wow. I was meeting a friend, it was her idea.
Teddy: Then I guess I should talk…
Robert McCall: Sheila. Sheila Saunders. But she won’t be any help. She wasn’t there, her daughter had a fever.
Teddy: Didn’t stay long?
Robert McCall: I didn’t check my watch.
Teddy: I see. Well, thanks for your cooperation.
Robert McCall: You’re very welcome.


Teddy: Tell me, do you know this girl?
[he shows McCall a photo of Mandy’s dead body]
Robert McCall: Yeah, I…I don’t know. I don’t remember where from. What happened to her?
Teddy: She fell down and broke her neck.
Robert McCall: Did she?
Teddy: I’ll be in touch.
[Teddy takes the photo and turns to leave]
Robert McCall: Don’t you wanna leave me your card, officer? In case I remember anything? That’s what you policemen usually do, right?
Teddy: Must have given them all out.
Robert McCall: How did you find me? I paid cash, we didn’t have a reservation. How did you find me?
Teddy: Well, that’s what we do, Mr. McCall.
Robert McCall: We who?
Teddy: We find people we need to find.
Robert McCall: We who?
[Teddy leaves, McCall stops his stopwatch, goes back into his apartment to watch Teddy getting into his car; to Masters as he gets into the car]
Teddy: Everything about him is wrong.
[McCall watches the car drive off from his apartment window]


[we see McCall’s photo being taken as he leaves work; talking on the phone]
Teddy: And his military history? No. Keep digging.
[Teddy ends the call]
Pederson: This is what we have on Robert McCall so far.
[he looks down at the file they’ve created on McCall]
Pederson: College-educated. Works a straight forty at the Home Mart. Bank statements, tax returns, all jive. Looks pretty normal.
Teddy: All lies. Fabricated.
[we see McCall making a weapon in his apartment]
Teddy: We need to take him cleanly. Alive. A place without cameras, no witnesses. A man with his skills, I want to know who he really is. I want to know who he’s working for.


[we see McCall sat in the diner as usual reading his book when a man dressed in construction clothes enters the diner]
Man: How you doing? Give me a coffee, please. An egg sandwich too. On a roll. No cheese, please.
Jake: You got it. I’ll be back in a minute.
[to the man after Jake goes into the kitchen]
Robert McCall: Is it just you, or are we waiting for someone else?
Man: I’m sorry. What?
Robert McCall: Your hands. If you really worked the power lines your hands wouldn’t look like that. I know we gotta be waiting for somebody else.
[the man laughs]
Man: Motherfucker.
[we see Masters, Teddy, Pederson and Remar sat in the car outside the diner watching; back in the diner the man takes out a gun and turns to face McCall]
Man: Hands where I can see ’em.
[McCall sets his stopwatch as the man walks over to him]
Man: We’re gonna take a little walk across the street, me and you. Black Denali.


[as they watch their man and McCall in the diner]
Masters: Here we go.
[suddenly a truck stops right in front of the diner cutting off their view]
Masters: What the fuck?
[back in the diner; to McCall]
Man: Now you vary from these instructions and I’m gonna kill you, you understand?
[McCall just watches him]
Man: Alright. Stand up.
[McCall looks at the man’s hand and gun, he suddenly stands up, hits the man in the stomach with his book and kills him by slamming his head down on the table and breaking his neck, he then kills the lights by sticking a knife in an outlet]
Pederson: What the fuck is this? Masters, let’s go.
[as Pederson takes out his gun to leave Teddy stops him]
Teddy: No witnesses.
[as the truck leaves McCall starts walking out of the diner]


[as they watch McCall walk out of the diner]
Masters: What the fuck?
Pederson: Let’s go.
Teddy: Shh.
Masters: What the hell is this guy doing?
[as he walks away from the diner McCall takes photos of Teddy and his men in their car, as McCall walks down an alley Teddy and the cops get out of the car]
Masters: Remar, you got A side. Front, follow.
[to Pederson]
Masters: You got C. I got B.
[to Masters]
Teddy: Alive.
Masters: Yeah, yeah, alive. I’m on it.
[they all follow McCall from different angles, McCall manages to knock Remar down and take his phone; after McCall leaves Teddy, Master and Pederson arrive on the scene]
Remar: Motherfucker. Motherfucker suckered me.
Pederson: Goddamn it.


[Teddy and the cops turn up at McCall’s apartment, inside McCall boils some honey to tend to his wound sustained from the gunman in the diner, as Teddy and the cops enter his bathroom it looks as though McCall has given them the slip]
Masters: Fuck.
[we see McCall is in another apartment watching them on his laptop from cameras hidden around his apartment]
Masters: Pederson, check the closets, the kitchen and the back porch.
Pederson: The closet’s empty. Nothing on the back porch.
Remar: Fucking guy. Lives like a monk. Man, this guy’s got a lot of fucking books.
Masters: Remar, stop fucking around. Check the computer.
[Remar finds a pill bottle McCall had left for them to find]
Pederson: This place is way too clean, boss. Something doesn’t feel right.
Masters: We’ve got an empty script and Meclizine. It’s used for airsickness.
Pederson: Bunch of travel items purchased three days ago.
Remar: Bought an open-ended plane ticket to Mexico two days ago. Leaves Logan 10 a.m. tomorrow.
Masters: The guy knew this was coming. He’s on the run.
Remar: Get someone down the airport.
Teddy: He is not going anywhere.
Masters: Wait, what are you talking about?
Teddy: He’s watching us.
Masters: What do you wanna do?
Teddy: Find him, or I will bring people who can.
[McCall watches on his laptop as Teddy and the cops drive off, we then see that McCall is in an apartment nearby]


[McCall goes to the home of his friends Brian and Susan Plummer; later that night after they’ve had dinner]
Susan Plummer: If you’ve come for my help, I can’t give you any.
Robert McCall: I understand.
Susan Plummer: Do you?equalizer-10
Robert McCall: Just came for tea.
[Susan gives him a cup of tea]
Robert McCall: Just, uh…
Susan Plummer: Robert, I have very little influence these days. I’m not at the Agency anymore. I consult on a few things, that’s it.
Robert McCall: Susan, I just need to know who this man is.
[he holds up his phone to show her the photo of Teddy he’d taken]
Susan Plummer: Who is he to you?
Robert McCall: That’s why I’m here, trying to find out.
Susan Plummer: Tell me what’s going on. Please.


[the next day McCall is sat playing chess with Brian]
Brian Plummer: You had a nice funeral, in case you were wondering.
[McCall chuckles]
Brian Plummer: You know, when they told Susan you were dead, she couldn’t comprehend it. She said, “Oh, no. Not Robert. And not from something as trivial as a car bomb.” That you’re alive is a big relief. But it didn’t come as a complete surprise to her. We used to talk about you over the years, and she said if anyone could have figured a way out, a way to walk away from it all for good, you know, like a real fresh start it would have been…you.
[McCall watches as a helicopter lands in the back garden and Susan gets out]


[later that night McCall is sat with Susan]
Susan Plummer: You didn’t take out five pimps, Robert. You took out the East Coast hub of Vladimir Pushkin.
[she hands him a file on Pushkin]
Robert McCall: Pushkin.
Susan Plummer: Mm-hm. He’s similar to the other oligarch’s who jumped in bed with the Russian mafia, only he funds everything: gasoline, weapons, girls, you name it. He’s built an intricate network on both U.S. coasts that are incredibly well insulated. His money and political ties make him untouchable.
[she gives McCall a photo of Teddy]
Susan Plummer: Your friend here is who Pushkin sends when he’s got a problem. Teddy Rensen. Real name, Nicolai Itchenko. Skill set honed in Spetsnaz. He’s formidable and smart. Ran a wing of the secret police for years. Went private when the Union fell. Your friend here is who Pushkin sends when he’s got a problem. Teddy Rensen. Real name, Nicolai Itchenko. Skill set honed in Spetsnaz. He’s formidable and smart. Ran a wing of the secret police for years. Went private when the Union fell. Basically, he’s a sociopath with a business card.
Robert McCall: Mm.
[Brian joins them handing Susan a drink]
Susan Plummer: Thank you, darling.


Susan Plummer: You know these two?
[Susan shows McCall photos of Pederson and Remar]
Robert McCall: Uh…Boston P.D. Probably on Pushkin’s payroll, I assume.
Susan Plummer: Three years. Detective Remar and Detective Pederson. Only now they’re dead. They found them yesterday in the trunk of their car in the precinct parking lot.
[McCall looks at the photos of the dead Remar and Pederson]
Susan Plummer: Suffocated. Testicles blown off and shoved down their throats. Classic Russian mob hit. Teddy’s work. Third one, Detective Masters hasn’t shown up for work in several days. Robert, I don’t have to tell you what happens next. He won’t stop until he kills you and anyone you care about.


[the next morning Susan finds McCall sat on the back garden steps]
Susan Plummer: Didn’t sleep a wink, did you?
Robert McCall: Hey.
[she sits next to him]
Susan Plummer: Mm. Robert, that girl, Alina… Why?
Robert McCall: I couldn’t tell you why it mattered. Why what they did to her that mattered to me so much. One day somebody does something unspeakable to someone else, to someone you hardly knew, and you…do something about it cause you can.
Susan Plummer: Hm. Because it’s who you are?
Robert McCall: Hm.
Susan Plummer: Hm? Who you’ve always been?
[McCall smiles]
Susan Plummer: Sometimes we make the wrong choices to get to the right place.
Robert McCall: Mm.
Susan Plummer: I know a part of you died when Vivian did. But not the part she loved the most. Go be him.
[she smiles and McCall chuckles]
Robert McCall: Yep.
Susan Plummer: Don’t forget to say goodbye.
[Susan rises and leaves]
Robert McCall: Goodbye.


[as Susan enters the house after leaving McCall in the back garden]
Brian Plummer: Everything alright?
[she nods her head]
Brian Plummer: Were you able to help him?
Susan Plummer: He didn’t come for help. He came for permission.


[we see Masters hiding in his house, he gets a call from Teddy which he ignores, he then hears his car alarm go off, he goes out to investigate with his gun when the garden hose goes off]
Masters: Fuck.
[he enters his garage, opens his car door to see a hose inside it]
Masters: What the fuck?
[suddenly McCall comes up behind him, smashes his head against the car, Masters drops his gun, McCall knocks him out, puts him in his car, handcuffs him to the steering wheel, then turns off the alarm, McCall then sits in a chair by the car, turns on the car engine, turns up the car window remotely, trapping Masters in the car suffocating on the car fumes]


[into the microphone that he’s set up for inside Master’s car]
Robert McCall: Testing one, two, three, four.
[McCall uses the remote to bring car window down, Masters gasps for air]
Robert McCall: Pushkin. I need to know everything: who, what, when, where, why. Before you tell me you’re not gonna talk…
[he uses the remote to turn up the car window]
Masters: You can go fuck yourself, you know that?
[Masters starts coughing as he suffocates on the fumes, he bangs on the car window, McCall uses the remote to wind down the window]
Robert McCall: You’re gonna give me what I need. Or not.
Masters: You’re such a fuck. Why don’t you get out of here and go fuck yourself, you fucking motherfucker?
[McCall presses the remote again]
Masters: You know who the fuck you’re dealing with, huh? I am a cop, you moron!
[the car window winds up again and Masters starts banging on it]
Masters: I swear to God, I’ll fuck…!


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