By Elisha Silk (Houston, Texas)


“Liberate te ex inferis” (Latin)

I’m as excited as a kiddo on Christmas morn; my favorite sci-fi horror movie of all time. And I’m reviewing it! Where to start…

…an experimental spacecraft creates an artificial black hole and travels through… To hell! Then it comes back. And a skilled rescue crew boards the hell-laced, tangible-nightmare manifesting spacecraft. Only the hell-ship doesn’t want them to leave. Ever!

Wait, um, that’s the whole movie.

Made in 1997, some of the special effects, such as floating debris and zero gravity coolant globules morphing and dancing like mercury, may appear stale to the modern viewer, but a clever and original script, fantastic dialogue, and horrifyingly delicious set designs and art direction make this film stand the test after nearly two decades.

Set in the year 2047, the overall tone and look of Event Horizon is one of technological sadism: a serrated, industrial, malevolent terrain, with cold, spherical surfaces and sharp, moving parts that threaten to slice or sever or grind. Combine this with a wickedly moody electronica musical score, and a douse of nightmarish gore and it’s a recipe for rad.

In addition, the dude from the first Jurassic Park, the dude from The Matrix, the butler Alfred from the Gotham TV series, and Lucius Malfoy round out just a portion of the stellar cast bringing this gem of a horror flick to life.

Also, who knew that director Paul Anderson made something other than Resident Evil movies?

On a separate but interesting note, a metalcore band used the Latin quote from this film as an album title. And a popular horror-survival video game franchise pretty much copied the morbidly scabrous spaceship architecture and crimson metallic tones from this film and incorporated such into its artwork and graphics scheme.

See this film. Then buy the Blu-ray and watch it each year, because it rocks!

“Save yourself from hell.” (English)


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