By Ezekiel Salak-Sezen (Sarasota, FL, USA)


When I first ran across this movie, it was at a Redbox in Public. My first impressions were: Huh, an erotic fetish and thriller filled sci-fi. I know this movie has been praised, but honestly there’s nothing special. It’s not good but it’s not bad.

First off it has everything from famous movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey’s color saturation, warmth and contrast, The Purge’s atmosphere and setting, Rise of The Planet of The Apes dialogue, and much, much more. I love the soundtrack, the tone, the thrilling twists in sound, everything. It worked well with scenes that were pretty disturbing; after all in my opinion most of the movie is pretty damn disturbing and thrilling.

Oscar Isaac, who plays Nathan, was my favorite, his ego, his addiction, his smartness that provides for amazing rich and extremely smart dialogue. He is isolated in some suburban Alaskan mansion, or corporation (it’s that big). He is the founder of cinematic Google, and has created the very first human like A.I. He invites Domhnall Gleeson, who plays Caleb, who wins a trip there to see the life through Nathan’s eyes. Along the way we meat Kyoko, who is an A.I. servant or slave. We don’t find out she’s A.I. until the near end and twist. The other A.I. is Ava. A seductive, sexy, literal lie detecting A.I.


Throughout the movie I was approached with the best cinematography, acting, and use of amazing actors I’ve seen since WALL.E (my second favorite movie of all time). But the reason I didn’t like it was just because of the end, yes, just the end. I felt like I was having a misogynistic message being crammed down my throat that women are seductive egotistic liars.But the greater message that I did like was that you can’t trust anything because it will just betray you, even your own creations.

But back to my point, the movie became pretty illogical, and really pissed me off. Nathan is killed by Kyoko due to being impaled by her hand with a kitchen knife while trying to get Ava back to her room. He saw her with the knife, and just forgot. Kyoko then has her lower face beaten off by one blow with a metal rod from a weight lift by Nathan. Ava pulls the knife out as Nathan turns around, and he just stares and waits to be stabbed. He could’ve done the same thing to Ava that he did to Kyoko.


Let’s skip ahead, a little back story; there are two cards, one for Nathan which gives him access to the whole mansion, and one for Caleb which gives him access to certain places. Without the cards you’re locked in for life. Glass is unbreakable. Caleb wakes up after a K.O. punch by Nathan to see Ava leaving with Nathan’s key card and locking Caleb out. She lied and seduced him and backstabbed him. Caleb got to the mansion by chopper. And when the pilot steps out and sees Ava, he doesn’t think twice and doesn’t ask where Caleb is.


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