By Vinod (Singapore)


Ex Machina is a Cerebral Science Fiction movie about a breakthrough experiment that a brilliant scientist is carrying out on a female A.I. that he invented. It is a movie that explores some very thought provoking subject matter, such as the definition of consciousness and what separates intelligence from artificial intelligence.

I liked the fact that this movie was much more focused on its concepts and messages rather than its plot as an abundance of story driven A.I. movies already exist, such as Blade Runner.With the lack of action and special effects this movie has further distinguished itself from other A.I. movies. Though it is dialogue driven, I did not find it slow paced at all as I was very intrigued by the way the plot was unfolding and even though the majority of the movie takes place in one location, complications were constantly arising.

And for that, Alex Garland should get major props. I think he did an excellent job with the script. Though the dialogue is very cleverly written, there is not much of it, and he chose to let the actions of the characters take over. For me, this is where the movie truly excels. It is the quieter moments, such as when Eva is wearing a dress, that are the most impactful. The story was also very unpredictable. Throughout the movie, I only knew as much as the main character, which made it easier for me to relate to and sympathize with his situation.

Speaking of characters, the 2 other main characters in the movie, Nathan, the scientist who invented the A.I. and Eva, the A.I herself, were also very compelling. Nathan in particular stood out to me as he wasn’t your typical ‘genius’ character in movies. His personality was very chilled and he did things like working out and drinking like a regular guy. Alicia Vikander did a fantastic job at managing her facial expression to make herself more believable as an A.I.

The main flaw of the movie for me was the ending. Though unpredictable, I felt that it dragged on a little too long and also left some things a little too open ended. However, because of the questions it raises and the possibilities that it presents, the journey of the movie is well worth it, especially for those interested in robots and artificial intelligence.


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