By Matthew Turner (Erdington)


Vin Diesel isn’t someone you would associate the word genius with, however, taking the original format of underworld street racing and replacing it with heist movie was an incredible way to reinvent a franchise that lacked any fast or furious feelings just after the release of the Diesel light sequel, Paul Walker is a so so actor but he shined most when he was sharing the screen with Vin Diesel.

The first movie was great and a real keep your brain at home movie, but none the less exciting or exhilarating, the sequel lost that weight as Paul Walker was the only returnee for what seemed to be just a cash in movie on the originals success, although it wasn’t awful it didn’t have the same injection that first one did and the characters were not worth caring or hoping for. That didn’t put off the movie minds behind Tokyo Drift which took the action to a different country in order to feel different, but the movie for me was a 3 out of 10 and that’s just because I was getting bored of the street racing theme and again characters weren’t that interesting either and Paul Walker didn’t even reprise his role. But the sight of Vin Diesel right at the end was a welcome and nice surprise. Then comes number 4, where the game relatively changes hands, we are no longer watching movies about speedy cars rather we are seeing the beginning of the heist era, bringing back all the characters we did like from previous chapters was also a highlight.

So now we are into the 6th instalment and my one nagging thought is, are they making it up as they go along? The movie itself was enjoyable and the action scenes were good if only on the no way would that happen side, however, the story was a bit lame and I would have liked to see more of the Diesel-Walker scenes together. It was good to see Letty back, but again going down the old amnesia route seemed quite a cop out.

The movie is worth seeing to see how the team are getting on but anyone who hasn’t seen the previous instalments better get themselves down to blockbuster first and catch up, also be sure to stick around when the credits roll because there will be a 7th for sure and boy I was excited to find out who will be in it!


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