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[Gus gets out of the limo and walks towards Hazel and her parents]
Gus: Hello, Lancasters.
Michael: Gus.
[Michael shakes Gus’s hand]
Michael: Hey, nice to see you.
Limo Driver: I’ll take that, sir.
[the limo driver takes the bags from Michael]
Frannie: Gus, you’re so inventive.
[Gus embraces Frannie then turns to Hazel]
Gus: Okay, Hazel Grace?
Hazel: Okay!
[Gus embraces Hazel]


[Hazel sits nervously as they are waiting at the airport when a little girl walks over to her]
Little Girl: What’s in your nose?
Little Girl’s Father: Jackie.
[to Hazel]
Little Girl’s Father: I’m really sorry about that.
Hazel: No, it’s totally fine.
[to the little girl]
Hazel: It’s called a cannula, it helps me breathe. See this little friend right here? it feeds oxygen through the tube.
Little Girl: Would it help me breathe too?
Hazel: Maybe. Do you want to try it?
[the little girl nods her head]
Hazel: Okay.
[Hazel removes her cannula]
Hazel: Come here.
[Hazel places the cannula on the little girls]
Hazel: There you go.
Little Girl: Tickles.
[Hazel chuckles, the little girl turns to show her dad]
Little Girl’s Father: Wow, yeah. That’s something.
[to Hazel]
Little Girl: I think I’m breathing better.
Hazel: Well, I would love to give it to you, but I kind of could use the help.
[the little girl gives the cannula back to Hazel]
Little Girl: Thanks for letting me try it.
Hazel: You’re welcome.
Little Girl’s Father: Alright, Jackie, let’s go.
[to Hazel and Frannie as they leave]
Little Girl’s Father: Thank you. Take care.
Hazel: Bye.


[as they hear their flight being called for boarding]
Gus: I think that’s us.
Frannie: That’s us. We are going to Amsterdam.
Hazel: Oh, my God!
[to Gus]
Hazel: Com on. Help me up.
[she grabs Gus’s hand to stand but pulls her hands away from his in disgust]
Hazel: Ugh! Ew, ew, ew.
Gus: What, are they wet?
Hazel: Wet hands.
Gus: I’m sorry about that.
[he playfully wipes his hands on her jacket]
Hazel: Gross! Get out of here! Stop it!
[they both laugh]


[on the plane, Hazel notices Gus looking nervous]
Hazel: Have you never been on a plane before?
Gus: No.
Hazel: It’s exciting.
[Gus puts one of his unlit cigarettes in his mouth when one of the flight attendants notices]
Flight Attendant: Sir?
Gus: Uh-huh?
Flight Attendant: There’s no smoking on this plane. Or any plane.
Gus: I-I-I don’t smoke.
Hazel: Yeah, no, it’s just a metaphor. He puts the killing thing in his mouth but he doesn’t actually give it the power to kill him.
Flight Attendant: Well, that metaphor, it’s prohibited on today’s flight.
[Gus takes the cigarette out of his mouth]
Flight Attendant: Thanks.


[as the plane is starting to take off Gus looks really nervous]
Hazel: Okay?
[Gus doesn’t reply and just looks out the window]
Hazel: Gus, this is what it’s like to drive in a car with you.
[Hazel laughs]
Gus: Ha-ha-ha-ha.
[the plane shakes as it starts to take off and Gus holds Hazel’s hand]
Gus: Oh. Oh! Oh, my God, we’re flying. Oh, my God we’re flying! We’re…we’re flying!
[Hazel and Frannie laugh]
Gus: Look at the ground! Look. Nothing has ever looked like this in all of human history! Look at the cars. They’re like…
[Hazel kisses Gus on the cheek]
Frannie: You two are so adorable.
Hazel: We’re just friends.
Gus: Well, she is, I’m not.
[Gus looks out the plane window again]
Gus: Oh, my! Woh!
[later as Frannie sleeps Hazel watches Gus as he watches Aliens on his iPad]


[after they arrive in Amsterdam are being driven through the streets]
Frannie: Look at this, Hazel.
Hazel: This is so crazy.
[a little while later then enter their posh hotel]
Gus: Woh.
Hazel: What?
Frannie: Look at the stained glass. It’s amazing. Oh, I’m gonna check us in.
[Frannie walks off then Gus and Hazel share an excited hug; later as they are getting reading their room]
Frannie: We better get you dressed, because you have reservations for two tonight for dinner at Oranjee.
Hazel: Oh.
Frannie: And it says, “Enjoy. Mr. Peter Van Houten.” So, I looked it up and it sounds amazing. The guide book says it’s fancy and very romantic. Right. Fancy…
[Hazel holds up one of her dresses]
Hazel: Oh, God.
Frannie: But, okay, what will you wear? Hm.


[Frannie places a bag in front of Hazel]
Hazel: Is that for me?
[Frannie nods her head, Hazel laughs with excitement, opens the bag and pulls out a dress]
Hazel: Oh, my God. It’s so beautiful.
Frannie: I’m just saying.
[Hazel laughs]
Hazel: You’re just saying? What, you’re saying that you’re totally fine with your teenage daughter running free with an older boy in a city that’s famous for its vice and debauchery is totally fine with you?
Frannie: Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m saying.


[dressed in his suit, Gus knocks on Hazel and Frannie’s hotel room door, Frannie opens the door]
Frannie: Gus! Oh, you look so handsome!
Gus: Thank you, ma’am.
Frannie: Wow. Hazel, Gus is here, looking incredible!
[she walks back into the room and Gus follows her in]
Frannie: I hear this restaurant is unbelievable.
[Hazel walks out of the bathroom wearing her new dress and Gus is stunned by how beautiful she looks]
Gus: Wow.
Hazel: What?
Gus: You look gorgeous.
[Hazel smiles shyly]
Hazel: Thanks.
[we see Hazel and Gus ride through a canal to get to the restaurant]


[as they walk up to the Oranjee]
Gus: This is it. Oranjee. Yeah, this is it.
Hazel: Oh, yeah.
[inside the restaurant the hostess takes them to their table]
Hostess: Your table, Mr. and Mrs. Waters.
Gus: Thank you.
[Gus pulls out Hazel chair for her to sit]
Hazel: Thanks, Gus.
Gus: You are very welcome.
Hostess: The champagne is our gift. Enjoy.
Hazel: Thank you.
[the waiter comes over to pour the champagne]
Waiter: Good evening.
[he pours the champagne into their glasses]
Waiter: Voilà.
[Gus and Hazel raise their glasses]
Gus: Okay?
Hazel: Okay.
[they clink glasses and take a sip]
Hazel: Woh.
[Gus laughs]
Hazel: That is amazing.


Waiter: Do you know what Dom Pérignon said after he invented champagne?
[Gus and Hazel shake their heads]
Waiter: “Come quickly,” he said. “I’m tasting the stars.”
[Gus laughs]
Waiter: Welcome to Oranjee. Would you like a menu, or will you have the chef’s choice?
Hazel: Uh…
Gus: Chef’s choice sounds wonderful.
Waiter: Mmm.
[referring to the champagne]
Gus: And, sir, um…something tells me we’re gonna need a little bit more of this.
Waiter: We have bottled all the stars for you this evening, my young friends.
[the waiter walks off and Gus and Hazel laugh]


[as the waiter walks over to their table with two plates of food]
Gus: Ooh!
Hazel: I think that’s ours.
Waiter: Dragon carrot risotto for the lady.
[the waiter places her plate in front of her]
Hazel: Thank you.
Waiter: And for the gentleman.
[he places Gus’s plate in front of him]
Gus: Thank you.
Waiter: Enjoy.
[the waiter walks off, Hazel and Gus start eating their food]
Gus: Mmm. I want this dragon carrot risotto to become a person so that I can take it to Vegas and marry it.
[Hazel laughs]


Hazel: I like your suit.
Gus: Thank you. It’s the first time I’ve ever worn it.
Hazel: That’s not the suit you wear to funerals?
Gus: No. That one is not nearly this nice. When I first got sick they told me I had an eighty-five percent chance of being cancer-free. Great odds. But that meant a year of torture, the loss of my leg, and still a fifteen percent chance it might fail. Just before the surgery I asked my parents if I could buy a really nice suit.
Hazel: So, it’s your death suit.
Gus: That’s what it is.
Hazel: I have one of those. I got it for my fifteenth birthday. A dress. I don’t necessarily think I’d wear it on a date, though.
Gus: So, we’re on a date?
[Hazel looks at Gus and his raises his eyebrows]
Hazel: Hey, you watch it.
[Hazel chuckles]
Gus: We are Mr. And Mrs. Waters.
Hazel: Oh. That’s just because she can’t speak English.
Gus: We should be, though, if they ask. You know?
Hazel: Okay. Remember what you said about Vegas?
Gus: Yeah.
Hazel: Do you think I could join in on that deal?


[after they’ve finished eating their meal]
Gus: God?
Hazel: Maybe.
Gus: How about angels?
Hazel: Mmm, no.
Gus: Afterlife?
Hazel: Mmm…no. Well, maybe. I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t go as far as to say no, but I would like some evidence.
[Gus smiles]
Hazel: What about you?
Gus: Absolutely.
Hazel: Really?
Gus: I mean, not like a heaven where you ride on a unicorn all day and live in a mansion made of clouds, but yes, I definitely believe in something. I mean, otherwise what’s the point?
Hazel: Maybe there is no point.
Gus: I won’t accept that.
[Gus smiles at her and stares at her for a moment]


Gus: I am in love with you.
[Hazel looks happily shocked]
Gus: You heard me.
Hazel: Augustus…
Gus: I am in love with you. And I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed, and that one day all of our labors will be returned to dust. And I know that the sun will swallow the only Earth we will ever have. And I am in love with you.
[Hazel smiles and shakes her head]
Gus: Sorry.


[the waiter comes by to offer more champagne]
Waiter: More stars?
Gus: No. No, thank you. I think…I think we’ll just have the check.
Waiter: No, sir. Your meal has been paid by Mr. Van Houten.
[the waiter smiles, shrugs and walks away, Gus and Hazel look at each other in shock]
Hazel: What?
[they end their evening, walking hand in hand in across the city]


[the next morning in their hotel room Hazel is getting ready to meet with Van Houten]
Frannie: I don’t really get that shirt.
Hazel: Mmm. But Van Houten will get it. There are, like, fifty Magritte references in “An Imperial Affliction.”
[reading the logo on Hazel t-shit which as a picture of what looks like a pipe on it]
Frannie: “This is not a pipe.” But it is a pipe.
Hazel: But it’s not. It is a drawing of a pipe. See? A drawing of a thing is not the thing itself. Nor is a t-shirt of a drawing of a thing, the thing itself.
Frannie: Hey, you.
Hazel: What?
Frannie: When did you get so grown up?
[Frannie laughs and they are interrupted by a knock on the door and Gus entering the room]
Gus: Who’s ready for some answers?
Hazel: Me!


[as they walk up to Van Houten’s house]
Gus: This is it.
Hazel: I’m so excited, I can barely breathe.
Gus: As opposed to normal?
[Hazel hits him playfully and Gus laughs]
Hazel: Get out of here.
[Gus knocks on the front door, they hear Van Houten calling out to his assistant]
Van Houten: Lidewij?
[Lidewij opens the door]
Hazel: Hi!
Gus: Hi, I’m Augustus.
Lidewij: Lidewij.
[she shakes hands with Gus and Hazel]
Hazel: Hazel.
Lidewij: Please, come in.
Hazel: Thank you.


[they enter inside Van Houten’s house]
Lidewij: Peter! They’re here!
Van Houten: Who the hell is “they,” Lidewij?
[as they walk through the hallway Gus and Hazel notice there is unopened mail all over the floor]
Lidewij: They are Augustus and Hazel, the young fans with whom you’ve been corresponding.
Van Houten: The Americans?
Lidewij: You invited them.
[to Hazel and Gus]
Lidewij: Please, come in.
Van Houten: You know why I left America, Lidewij? To never have to encounter Americans.
Lidewij: You’re American.
Van Houten: Incurably so.
[Gus and Hazel enter the room where Van Houten is standing with his back to them wearing pajamas]
Van Houten: Get rid of them.
Lidewij: I will not do this, Peter. Please, be nice.


[to Gus and Hazel]
Lidewij: Come in, please.
[Gus and Hazel enter the room looking awkward]
Lidewij: Sorry, let me clear this for you.
[Lidewij starts clearing the papers off the couch]
Hazel: Thank you.
[Gus and Hazel take as seat on the couch and Van Houten takes the seat opposite them]
Van Houten: Which of you is Augustus Waters?
Gus: I am. And that’s Hazel.
Hazel: Mr. Van Houten, thank you so much for writing back to us.
Van Houten: Mm. Clearly an error in judgment. Yours are the first missives to which I’ve replied, and look where it got me.


Van Houten: Scotch?
Gus: Uh…
Hazel: No, thank you.
[turning to Lidewij who is sat behind them doing work on her computer]
Van Houten: Just me, then, Lidewij. Another scotch and soda, please.
[Lidewij comes over to take Peter’s glass]
Lidewij: Perhaps some breakfast first, Peter?
[to Gus and Hazel]
Van Houten: She thinks I have a drinking problem.
[Hazel smiles]
Lidewij: I also think the Earth is round.
[Van Houten does a sarcastic laughs as Lidewij walks away to get his drink]
Van Houten: So, you like my book.
Hazel: We love your book.
Gus: Yeah.
Hazel: We love it. Uh…Augustus, he made his wish meeting you so that we could talk.
Gus: No pressure.
Hazel: Yeah.
[Gus and Hazel laugh]


Van Houten: Did you dress like her on purpose?
Hazel: Kind of.
Gus: And, incidentally, sir, we both really wanted to thank you for dinner last night and for the champagne.
Hazel: It was amazing. It was magical.
[to Lidewij]
Van Houten: We bought them dinner last night?
Gus: It was our pleasure.
Van Houten: You’ve come a long way. What can I do for you?
Hazel: We have some questions…
Van Houten: Mm-hmm.
Hazel: Obviously, about what happens at the end of your book. Uh…specifically to those who Anna leaves behind. Like her mom, the Dutch Tulip Man…
Van Houten: How familiar are you with Swedish hip-hop?
Hazel: I would say, limited.
Van Houten: Uh…Lidewij, play Bomfalleralla immediately.
Lidewij: Okay.
[Lidewij reluctantly does as she’s told and turns on the music]


[as the music plays loudly Gus and Hazel look baffled at Van Houten]
Hazel: We don’t speak Swedish, sir.
Van Houten: Who the hell speaks Swedish? The important thing is not what nonsense the voices are saying but what the voices are feeling.
[Gus and Hazel listen awkwardly as the music plays for another few seconds when suddenly Gus has enough, gets up, gets the remote and turns off the music]
Gus: Are you…are you messing with us? Like, is this some sort of performance?
Hazel: Gus, sit down.
[Gus goes back to his seat]
Hazel: Alright, so at the end of the book, Anna’s…
Van Houten: Let’s imagine you’re racing a tortoise. The tortoise has a ten-yard head start. In the time it takes you to run ten yards the tortoise has moved maybe one yard, and so on, forever. You’re faster than the tortoise, but you can never catch him, you see? You can only decrease his lead. Now, certainly, you can run past the tortoise as long as you don’t contemplate the mechanics involved. But the question of “how” turns out to be so complicated that no one really solved it until Cantor’s proof that some infinities are bigger than other infinities. I assume that answers your question.
[Gus and Hazel are completely baffled by Van Houten’s behavior]
Gus: Hazel, I’m sorry. I have no idea what’s going on.
Van Houten: Yet you seemed so intelligent in print, Mr. Waters. Has the cancer found its way into your brain?
Lidewij: Peter!


Hazel: Can we, for one second, just focus on Anna? Please? I understand that the story ends in the middle of a sentence because she dies, or that she becomes too sick to continue…
Van Houten: I am not interested in talking about that book.
Hazel: But that doesn’t mean that her family and friends don’t have a future, right? Right?
Van Houten: I said I’m not interested.
Hazel: But you promised!
Van Houten: Nothing happens! They’re fiction! They cease to exist the moment the novel ends.
Hazel: But they can’t! I get it in a literary sense or whatever, but…
Van Houten: I can’t do this, Lidewij.
Hazel: But…it’s impossible not to imagine what…
Van Houten: I will not indulge your childish whims! I refuse to pity you in the manner in which you are accustomed.
Hazel: Hey, I do not want your pity!
Van Houten: Of course you do! Like all sick kids, your existence depends on it. You are fated to live out your days…
Lidewij: Peter!
Van Houten: …as the child you were when diagnosed. The child who believes there is a life after a novel ends. And we as adults, we pity this. So, we pay for your treatments, your oxygen machines.
Lidewij: Peter, that’s enough!
Van Houten: You are a…a side-effect to an evolutionary process that cares little for individual lives. You are a failed experiment in mutation.


[Van Houten gets up to pour himself more drink, Hazel rises from the couch]
Hazel: Listen, douchepants, there is nothing that you’re gonna tell me about my disease that I don’t already know! Okay? I came here for one thing and one thing only. That is for you to tell me what happens at the end of this Goddamn book!
Van Houten: I can’t tell you.
Hazel: Bullshit!
Van Houten: I can’t.
[suddenly Hazel smacks Van Houten’s drink out of his hand]
Hazel: Then you make something up!
[Gus rises to stand next to Hazel]
Van Houten: I want you to leave.
[Hazel smiles at Van Houten then starts to leave with Gus beside her, as they reach the front door Van Houten interrupts them]
Van Houten: Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you care so much about your silly questions?
Hazel: Oh, go fuck yourself!
[Gus and Hazel walk out the door]


[outside Van Houten’s front door Hazel looks emotion and shaken]
Gus: Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll write you a sequel. Alright? I’ll write you…I’ll write you a sequel.
[they start walking away from Van Houten’s house]
Gus: It’ll be better than any piece of shit that drunk guy could write. It’ll have blood, and guts, and sacrifice. You’ll love it.
Hazel: I’m so sorry that I spent your wish on that asshole.
Gus: No, you did not spend it on him. You spent it on us.
[just then Lidewij walks out of Van Houten’s house and calls out to them]
Lidewij: Hazel and Augustus!
[she walks over the them]
Lidewij: I’m very sorry. Circumstance has made him cruel. I thought meeting you would help him that he could see that his work has shaped real lives. But…I’m very sorry. Perhaps we can do some sightseeing? Have you been to the Anne Frank House?
Hazel: I’m not going anywhere with that man.
Lidewij: No. He is not invited.


[at the Anne Frank House Lidewij walks out of the ticket kiosk where Gus and Hazel are waiting]
Lidewij: I’m afraid there’s no elevator.
Hazel: Oh, that’s alright. I mean…
Lidewij: Well, there are many stairs. Steep stairs.
Hazel: I can do it.
Gus: You know, Hazel, we don’t have to…
Hazel: I can do it. Let’s go.
[they all go inside, as they walk inside they pass monitors showing the Nazi invasion of Holland with a vocal recording of Anne Frank’s diary, then they walk over to the first flight of stairs]
Lidewij: Shall we?
Hazel: Yeah.
Gus: Yeah.
[as Hazel goes to pick up her oxygen tank]
Gus: Hazel, I’ll carry it if you want.
Hazel: I got it.
[they walks up the stairs with Hazel carrying her oxygen tank]


[as they reach the first room]
Hazel: Wow.
Lidewij: So this is the actual bookcase that hid the Frank family.
Gus: Woh.
[they walk over to the next flight of stairs and Hazel goes to carry her oxygen tank]
Lidewij: I got it.
[Lidewij grabs the tank]
Hazel: Thank you.
[as Hazel starts walking up the stairs she stops, looking out of breath and weak, at the same time they hear a vocal recording of Anne Frank’s diary]
Anne Frank: [voice] We’re much too young to deal with these problems but they keep thrusting themselves on us until, finally, we’re forced to think up a solution.
[Hazel slumps against the wall]
Gus: You okay, Hazel?
Hazel: Yeah.
Gus: Don’t worry, take your time.
[Gus turns to the people behind them]
Gus: Sorry.
Anne Frank House Visitor: Not a problem.


[Hazel forces herself to start to climbing up the stairs]
Hazel: Okay.
Lidewij: Yeah?
Hazel: Yeah.
[as Hazel reaches the top and enters the room she leans against the wall]
Anne Frank: [voice] And yet, when I look up at the sky I somehow feel that everything will change for the better. That this cruelty, too, will end.
[Gus grabs hold of Hazel’s shoulders]
Gus: You okay?
Hazel: Yeah.
[as they move along they come to a another staircase, which is like a ladder, Lidewij starts climbing up but Gus stops Hazel as she goes to climb up]
Gus: Hazel, I think…I think that’s enough. You don’t need… You know?
Hazel: Uh-uh. I got this.
[Hazel puts the bag holding her oxygen tank on her back, then as she goes to take the first step she hesitates]
Anne Frank: [voice] All is as it should be. God wishes to see people happy. Where there is hope…
[as Hazel starts to slowly climb up Lidewij offer her hand to help her]
Lidewij: Hazel.
Anne Frank: [voice] …there is life.
[Hazel takes Lidewij’s hand and she helps her up the last stair]


[as Hazel reaches the top floor and pulls herself through she slumps down]
Lidewij: Well done.
Hazel: Yeah.
Gus: You okay?
Hazel: Yeah.
Gus: This is it, look.
[Gus helps Hazel stand]
Gus: Alright?
Hazel: Oh, yeah. Oh, my God.
[Lidewij hands her the oxygen tank]
Hazel: Thanks.
[they walk further into the room and notice photos of the family on the wall]
Lidewij: The only member of the Frank family to survive was Otto. Anne’s father.
Anne Frank: [voice] At such moments I can’t think about the misery but about the beauty that still remains. Try to recapture the happiness within yourself. Think of all the beauty in everything around you and be happy.
[Gus and Hazel stare at each other for a moment then share their first kiss, the onlookers, including Lidewij, applaud them]


Hazel: [voice over] I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.
[they enter Gus’s hotel room kissing, they stare at each other for a moment as they lie in the bed and then start kissing, as Hazel starts to undress him Gus looks nervous]
Gus: It just sort of, like, ends right above where the knee would be, and it tapers off.
Hazel: What?
Gus: My leg. You know, just so you’re prepared.
[Gus looks away, Hazel grabs his face and turns his face to her]
Hazel: Gus, get over yourself.
[she laughs as he pulls his shirt off, then as he goes to pull her t-shirt off it gets tangled in with her oxygen tube]
Gus: Wait.
[Hazel starts laughing]
Hazel: I can’t, it’s stuck.
[they both laugh and Hazel manages to get her t-shirt off, takes the tube away from her nose and looks at Gus]
Hazel: I love you so much, Augustus Waters.
Gus: I love you too, Hazel Grace. So, so much.


[as they start kissing Hazel stops]
Hazel: Augustus, I can’t breathe.
Gus: It’s okay.
[Gus helps her to put her oxygen tube back under her nose]
Gus: Hazel. You’re so beautiful.
Hazel: Stop.
Gus: No, you’re so beautiful. I’m so lucky.
Hazel: I’m so lucky.
[they start kissing and make love for the first time; the next morning Gus wakes up, looks around for Hazel but she’s not there, Gus laughs to himself, then notices a note on the bedside table from Hazel which reads, “Dear Augusts,” then a drawing of a large circle labeled “Virgins” and a smaller circle labeled “18 year-old dudes with one leg” on the edge of the large circle, signed “Yours, Hazel Grace”, Gus smiles to himself]


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