By Amelia Hinch (Iowa)


While the storyline was terrible and the acting could have been better, Fifty Shades of Grey was an interesting film. For those interested in psychology, this would be (even if it is fictitious) a very interesting case to study. Christian Grey, while very manipulative, abusive and possessive, is troubled because of the way he was raised. Instead of watching the plot of an abusive relationship on the surface, one might find it interesting to analyze the characters and their development throughout the movie.

Watch their mannerisms, keep an eye out for body language and really listen to small things they have to say and how they behave around other characters in the film. You’ll find that when doing this, understanding the characters is much easier and you’ll be able to sympathize with them and their actions. This is not justification for the abusive nature of the film, but rather a different view, something to ponder and think about before you are so quick to judge.

As for the cinematography, I was very much impressed with the clean, crisp shots in this film. It very much reflects on Christian Grey’s personality, as he likes everything to be in order and under his control. The exterior shots were beautiful and sets were designed with excellent taste.

Many of you have seen the advertisements for the film, and it has probably piqued your interest. (If not, no hard feelings, just move along down your newsfeed). The film is a very controversial topic. Sex? Between two adults? The audacity of Hollywood! While I understand there is so much more going on than just sex in this film, many of you believe this is going to be terrible and disgusting experience because it’s glorified porn shown in theaters. While there is sex in this film, genitalia is not shown. Many will feel uncomfortable during this movie due to the excessive nudity, and that is absolutely normal.

Sex is very controversial, very intimate, and to some people; very taboo. There is a great deal of nudity in this film, breasts and buttocks are shown to the audience during very heated scenes. What viewers must understand is that this movie is about the sexual relationship between a man and a woman, a very intimate relationship, and while we all feel uncomfortable with the whole idea of it, this is the world that the characters live in. This is the life they choose and this is the norm for them. Ana’s nudity is used to show her vulnerability in the relationship. She’s shy, she’s quiet, she is the lamb.

Keep in mind, movie-goers, Fifty Shades is based on Twilight fanfic (and please, no comments regarding this, we have all had our fill of Twilight bashing for one lifetime). Ana is in place of Bella; the lamb, with Christian as the lion. These two have very differing personalities, and I think it’s very important that (Spoilers) Ana stands up for herself and tells Christian that she will not tolerate his behavior. If anything, this movie could he educational. We could view this film as every red flag in a relationship and use it as an example of unhealthy relationships and this will hopefully let women (and men) see what these dangerous relationships are and they can figure out ways to avoid them. Ana may not be the best role model for love and while in the books she does end up staying with Grey, women should be able to see that this is unhealthy, and seeing it on the screen can make it that much more real to them.

For those of you who want to see the film: go see it!
For those who don’t: don’t go see it!

If you are afraid of what your friends and family will think of you once they know you went and saw a soft core pornographic film, please remember that aside from its controversial topic and explicit content, Fifty Shades of Grey is just a movie. It does not tie you to the sexual world of BDSM, it does not suggest that you support abusive relationships and it certainly does not insinuate that you are ignorant. Many people enjoyed the books, for their own personal reasons and everyone goes to the movie for different reasons. You went to write a bad review? Okay. You went because you loved the book? Okay! You went because you wanted to be entertained? Okay, okay, okay!

So is Fifty Shades really the worst thing that’s aired in a theater? No. It’s not, nor will it be the last controversial thing that will be released in the next ten years. If anything, this movie is good for us all. This film could be a door to a world where we can show the naked body on screen without slut shaming.

Art for thousands of years has incorporated the naked human body. Why are we so against the exploration of sexuality and baring naked skin? We laugh and cry with characters on screen and on page, we sympathize with them and we live adventures through them. Whether they are delivering The Ring to Mordor, going on a first date, or involving in sexual activity with a loved one for the first time on their wedding night, I feel that we should be able to experience all of that with them without it being frowned upon, because we live out these fantasies through these characters, we desperately want their lives, and as much as you all like to deny it; sex is a very big part of our lives. Hate to break it to ya, but without sex you wouldn’t be here. So why not allow it to be a part of the fictional characters’ lives as well?

This film opens our eyes to see that there is more going on in this world, there isn’t just love and heartbreak, not all relationships are happy and easy, and there is danger in a pretty face. This film teaches us that this world is more than just black and white, and opens us up to the gray areas that we all choose to ignore.

Rating: 3/5



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