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Christian Grey: Ana. I know how intimidating this is. I felt the same at first.
Anastasia Steele: Well, what made you change your mind?
Christian Grey: By giving up control, I felt free, from responsibility, from making decisions. I felt safe. You will too, you’ll see. I never took anyone in the helicopter. Never had sex in my own bed. Never slept with anyone. Ever. Only you.
[he kisses then drives her home, as he pulls outsider her apartment he gives her envelope]
Christian Grey: This is the contract. Read it carefully. Email me if you have any questions.
Anastasia Steele: I told you, my computer’s down.
Christian Grey: Just consider it, okay?
[he kisses her hand]
Christian Grey: I really hope you say yes.
[Ana gets out of the car]
Anastasia Steele: Thanks for the ride.
Christian Grey: Laters, baby.


[as Ana enters her apartment she sees a man setting up a laptop]
Anastasia Steele: Um…
Computer Technician: Okay, you’re all set. Your roommate let me in.
Kate: I just figured that you forgot to tell me about it. Do I look okay?
Anastasia Steele: Tell you about what?
Computer Technician: Just sign here.
Anastasia Steele: Hold on, do you have the right apartment?
Computer Technician: Anastasia Steele?
[Ana signs the form and notices it’s from Christian]
Computer Technician: Enjoy.
[the technician leaves]


Kate: Another gift, huh? Whatever happened to flowers and chocolate? I’m dying to hear everything, but I have to run right now because Elliot and I are having dinner and then we’re going to see show at the Gorge. Jose called for you, twice, by the way.
[she notices the envelope in Ana’s hand]
Kate: Did the mail already come?
Anastasia Steele: Oh, um, no. This is, these are my thesis notes, I left them at school.
Kate: Oh, alright. Well there’s yesterday’s mail.
[as Ana goes to check the mail Kate looks at her]
Anastasia Steele: What?
Kate: I don’t know. You look different.
Anastasia Steele: I feel different.
Kate: Of course you do.
[they both smile]
Kate: Okay.
Anastasia Steele: Okay.
[Kate turns and walks out the front door]
Kate: Bye.


[as Ana site to look at her new laptop she receives a message from Christian]
“Thank you for a most interesting weekend. This laptop is yours. And I’d like you to use it for research.”
[Ana replies]
“Would you now? Is this what our relationship will be like, you ordering me around?”
[Christian replies]
Oh, I hope so. And what’s more, you’d like it.


[Ana looks over the contract Christian gave her with list of explanations for the dominant and submissive]
Christian Grey: [voice over] The following are the terms of a binding contract between the dominant and the submissive. The fundamental purpose of this contract. Is to allow the submissive to explore her sensuality and her limits safely. The dominant and the submissive agree and acknowledge that all that occurs under the terms of this contract will be consensual, confidential and subject to the agreed limits and safety procedures set out in this contract. The submissive will agree to any sexual activity deemed fit and pleasurable by the dominant, accepting those activities, outlined in hard limits.
[we see Ana and Kate packing their stuff in the apartment]


[as Christian is running he receives a message from Ana]
“Busy packing for our move to Seattle. Missing that tie…”
[we continue to hear Christian’s voice outlining their contract]
Christian Grey: [voice over] The submissive agrees to procure oral contraception from a physician of the dominant’s choosing. The submissive will not enter into sexual relations with anyone other than the dominant.
[we see Ana and Kate move into their new apartment in Seattle]
Christian Grey: [voice over] The submissive will eat regularly, to maintain her health and well-being from a prescribed list of foods. The submissive will not drink to excess smoke or take recreational drugs.
[we see Christian at a business meeting checking his phone for any messages from Ana]
Christian Grey: [voice over] The submissive shall always conduct herself in a respectful manner to the dominant, and she’ll address him only as Sir, Mr. Grey, or such other title as a dominant may direct.


[Ana receives a message from Christian as she continues to read the contract in her bed]
“Growing old here. Have you read the contract? Done your research?”
[Ana replies]
“On it, Sir. What should I research?”
Christian Grey: [voice over] The submissive may not touch the dominant without his expressed permission to do so.
[Christian sends another message to Ana]
“Try ‘submissive.’ Please.”
Christian Grey: [voice over] The safe word yellow will be used to bring to the attention of the dominant that the submissive is close to her limit. When the safe word red is spoken the dominant’s actions will cease completely and immediately.
[we see Ana researching submissives on the internet and looking shocked by the photos she finds]


Christian Grey: [voice over] Does the submissive agree to being restrained with hands bound in front? Does the submissive consent to being blindfolded? Does the submissive consent to being gagged? How much pain is the submissive willing to experience?
[we see Christian looking impatient sending another message to Ana]
“Has your research been productive? I’m impatient in Seattle.”
[Ana replies]
“It has…”
[speaks out loud as she types]
Anastasia Steele: It was nice knowing you.


[after getting doing her laundry Ana enters her bedroom when suddenly Christian shows up startling her]
Anastasia Steele: Christian.
Christian Grey: It’s been nice knowing me has it?
[Ana chuckles nervously, Christian places two glasses and a bottle of wine on the bedside table then drags her into his arms]
Christian Grey: Let me remind you how nice it was.
[he pushes her down onto the bed then holds up his tie]
Christian Grey: Is this what you want?
[Ana nods and holds out her wrists, Christian ties her wrists together, pushes her arms over her head and ties it to the bedpost]
Christian Grey: Don’t make a sound.
[Christian takes off her leggings, pulls her shirt over her eyes to serve as a blindfold, he kisses her body, runs an ice cube across her bare chest and stomach with his mouth, then turns her around and starts to have sex with her]


[after having sex]
Anastasia Steele: That was really nice.
Christian Grey: What are you doing to me?
[Ana touches his face but her pulls her hand away, Ana goes to touch his chest]
Anastasia Steele: What about here?
[Christian holds her hand to stop her]
Anastasia Steele: Why not? Is that breaking the rules?
Christian Grey: Speaking of which…
Anastasia Steele: I haven’t made up my mind yet.
[Christian gets up and starts to get dressed]
Anastasia Steele: You’re not staying?
Christian Grey: I told you, I don’t sleep with anyone.
Anastasia Steele: Can we negotiate?
[Christian smiles, kisses her on the head and turns to leave]


[the next morning Ana sends Christian a message]
“I have some issues with the paperwork.”
[Christian replies] “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. Shall we discuss over dinner? Tonight?”
[Ana replies] “As this is a contract, I’d like a business meeting.”
[Christian replies] “Fine. I’ll wear a suit.”
[Ana replies] “I’ll be wearing a burlap sack.”


[later that night Ana goes to Grey House and is met by Christian as the elevator doors open]
Christian Grey: Now that’s a hell of a sack, Miss Steele.
[Christian escorts Ana to his office, as he goes to place his hand on her back she pushes it away]
Anastasia Steele: Business meeting.
[after they are seated at the meeting table]
Anastasia Steele: Impressive.
Christian Grey: I’ve done this before. Business meetings I mean.
Anastasia Steele: Oh. Uh…
Christian Grey: Miss Steele.
Anastasia Steele: Mm?
Christian Grey: Your meeting.


[Ana looks down at her contract]
Anastasia Steele: Page one, strike out my old address and replace with the new one.
Christian Grey: An oversight. Duly noted.
Anastasia Steele: Page three, section fifteen-twenty. “The submissive shall submit to any sexual activity demanded by the dominant and shall do so without hesitation or argument.”
[Ana chuckles but Christian gives her a serious look]
Anastasia Steele: Uh, turn to page five, appendix three, “soft limits.”
[Christian finds the section]
Christian Grey: With you.
Anastasia Steele: Find “anal fisting.”
Christian Grey: I’m all ears.
Anastasia Steele: Strike it out.
[Christian, looking disappointed, strikes it out]
Anastasia Steele: Strike out “vaginal fisting” too.
Christian Grey: Are you sure?
Anastasia Steele: Yep.
[Christian strikes it out]


Anastasia Steele: Same page. “Is the use of sex toys acceptable to the submissive.” Vibrators, okay. Dildos, fine. Genital clamps? Absolutely not.
Christian Grey: Consider them gone.
Anastasia Steele: What are butt plugs?
[just then two of Christian’s assistant enter with some food and wine which the leave on the table and leave]
Anastasia Steele: You must go through quite a few non-disclosure agreements.
Christian Grey: My staff know only what I choose to tell them. Please resume, Miss Steele.
Anastasia Steele: Also, on page five, there are some terms which need clarification. “Suspension.”
Christian Grey: Hanging on ropes from the ceiling.
Anastasia Steele: For what possible reason?
Christian Grey: For your pleasure.
Anastasia Steele: Really?
Christian Grey: And mine. Something to consider.
Anastasia Steele: No. Hard limit.


Anastasia Steele: “Is bondage acceptable to the submissive?” I’m good with rope. Leather cuffs, hand cuffs. Please lose tape. And, uh, what’s “other”?
Christian Grey: Cable ties.
[Ana smiles]
Christian Grey: Can I just say how impressed I am with your commitment to this meeting? And in that spirit, I’m going to throw in a new sweeter. How about, once a week, on a night of your choosing, we go on a date. Just like a regular couple, dinner, movie, ice skating. Whatever you want.
Anastasia Steele: Accepted. You’re very kind.
Christian Grey: I’ll suggest it in Appendix five.
[they smile at each other]


[after they finish discussing the contract]
Christian Grey: I would like to fuck you into the middle of next week.
Anastasia Steele: You’re not fighting fair.
Christian Grey: I never have.
Anastasia Steele: I’ll review all these changes and try to arrive at a decision.
Christian Grey: You want to leave?
Anastasia Steele: Yes.
Christian Grey: But your body tells me something different. Your legs for instance. The way you’re pressing your thighs together under the table. And the change in your breathing. And in your complexion.
Anastasia Steele: My complexion?
Christian Grey: You’re flushed.
Anastasia Steele: That could just be the wine.
Christian Grey: It’s the adrenaline.


Anastasia Steele: Let’s say I did stay. What would happen?
Christian Grey: First, I would help you out of that little dress of yours.
Anastasia Steele: Yes.
Christian Grey: Then I’d be pleased to discover that you’re naked underneath.
Anastasia Steele: Really?
Christian Grey: Then I would bend you over.
Anastasia Steele: Right here?
Christian Grey: Yes.
Anastasia Steele: On this table?
Christian Grey: Yes.
[Ana bites her lower lip then looks at Christian]
Anastasia Steele: Thank you for the meeting, Mr. Grey.
[Ana rises and starts walks away]


[Christian escorts Ana to her car parked outside Grey House building]
Anastasia Steele: This is me. Didn’t know I was a collector of classic cars, huh?
Christian Grey: You’re sure I can’t persuade you to stay?
Anastasia Steele: Goodnight, Christian.
Christian Grey: When will you know?
Anastasia Steele: Soon, maybe.
[she kisses his cheek]
Christian Grey: Why do I think you’re telling me goodbye?
Anastasia Steele: Because I’m leaving.
[Ana gets into her car]


[Ana and Kate are at their graduation]
Anastasia Steele: You got your valedictory speech ready yet?
Kate: Oh, more or less.
Ray: Annie!
Anastasia Steele: Dad!
Ray: Ana’s father, Ray shows up and hugs Ana
Anastasia Steele: Hi.
Ray: Sorry I’m late, I had a hell of a time parking.
Anastasia Steele: That’s okay. You’re here, that’s all that matters.
Ray: You kidding me? I wouldn’t miss this for the world.
Anastasia Steele: I saved you a seat next to Kate’s parents, okay?
Ray: I’ll sit where you want, Miss Steele.
Anastasia Steele: Okay. I’ll see you after.
Ray: Yeah, good luck out there.


[at the graduation ceremony]
WSU University President: And he’s also a major benefactor to our university. Please join me in welcoming, Mr. Christian Grey.
[the crowd claps for Christian as he gets up to give speech]
Christian Grey: Thank you. I am deeply moved by the great compliment accorded to me today.
[as Christian is giving his speech Ana overhears two female grad students talking about him]
Female Grad #1: He is so hot.
Female Grad #2: Oh, my gosh. He so is.
Anastasia Steele: I heard he’s gay.


[as he continues to give his speech at the graduation ceremony]
Christian Grey: Sustainable methods of farming for third world countries. The goal? To eradicate hunger and poverty across the globe. I myself have known what it’s like to be profoundly hungry. So this is a very personal mission for me.
[the crowd claps; later as Ana gets her graduate certificate on the podium she walks over to Christian and shakes his hand]
Christian Grey: Congratulations, you must be very proud.
Anastasia Steele: I am. Nice tie, by the way.
Christian Grey: Truthfully it’s become my favorite. Do you have your answer yet?
Anastasia Steele: I’m still thinking.
Christian Grey: Anastasia, just try it my way. Please.
Anastasia Steele: Okay.
Christian Grey: What?
[Ana smiles and walks away]


[Ray hugs Ana at the graduation party]
Anastasia Steele: Dad, hi!
Ray: I’m so proud of you, Annie.
Anastasia Steele: Thank you!
Ray: And, Kate, best valedictorian speech ever.
Kate: Oh, thank you.
Ray: It was awesome.
Anastasia Steele: Yeah, I agree.
[just then Christian joins them]
Christian Grey: Ana? Hi.
Anastasia Steele: Hi.


Kate: Ray, have you met Christian Grey? Ana’s boyfriend?
Christian Grey: Ah. Great pleasure to meet you.
[Christian shakes Ray’s hand]
Ray: Likewise. I really enjoyed your speech.
Christian Grey: Thank you, sir.
Ray: Sounds like you’ve accomplished some pretty impressive things.
Kate: I’ll say. Well, I’m going to go find my family, impatiently waiting to embarrass me. Bye.
[she kisses Ray’s cheek]
Kate: Come see us in Seattle soon?
Ray: Soon as I get an invitation.


Ray: So, how long you two known each other?
Anastasia Steele: Um…
Christian Grey: A few weeks now.
Anastasia Steele: Mm-hmm.
Christian Grey: We actually met when Anastasia interviewed me for the student newspaper.
Graduation Photographer: A picture please, Mr. Grey?
[to Ray]
Christian Grey: Excuse us for one second.
[Christian takes Ana to one side to be photographed with him]
Graduation Photographer: Big smile now.
[Ana smiles uncomfortably as Christian pulls her next to him to be photographed]


[later at Ana’s apartment, Christian pours them some champagne into tea cups]
Christian Grey: To celebrate your graduation. Among other things.
[Ana rolls her eyes at him]
Christian Grey: Roll your eyes at me again and I will take you across my knee.
Anastasia Steele: Oh.
Christian Grey: So it begins.
[they are interrupted by the doorbell ringing]
Christian Grey: Come on, I have something to show you.
Anastasia Steele: What?


[Christian takes Ana outside her apartment building where Taylor is waiting next to a brand new red car]
Anastasia Steele: That’s cute. Doesn’t really seem like your style though.
Christian Grey: It’s not. Happy graduation, Anastasia.
[he hands a shocked looking Ana the car keys]
Anastasia Steele: Oh, my God. Christian, that’s a car.
Christian Grey: You don’t miss much, do you?
Anastasia Steele: Thank you, but I can’t. This is too…
Christian Grey: Do you like it?
Anastasia Steele: Of course I like it, it’s beautiful. But I have a car. I have… Where’s my car?
Christian Grey: I told Taylor to fetch a decent price.
Anastasia Steele: Christian, this is way too much.
Christian Grey: Did you just roll your eyes at me?


[Christian takes Ana back into her apartment, he sits on the couch and puts Ana over his knee to spank her]
Christian Grey: Do you know why I’m doing this?
Anastasia Steele: Because I rolled my eyes.
Christian Grey: And is that polite?
[Ana chuckles]
Anastasia Steele: No.
Christian Grey: Excuse me?
Anastasia Steele: No, sir.
[Christian pulls up her dress, pulls her pants down and spanks her twice]
Christian Grey: Do you want more?
[Ana doesn’t reply so he spanks her again]
Christian Grey: Welcome to my world.
[he pulls up her pants, fixes her dress]


[Christian kisses Ana then gets up to put on his jacket]
Anastasia Steele: What are you doing?
Christian Grey: I have a few things at the office that require my attention.
[Ana looks disappointed]
Christian Grey: You okay?
Anastasia Steele: I just thought that…
Christian Grey: I enjoyed tonight. I’ll see you at my place tomorrow.
[Christian leaves]


[after Christian leaves Ana gets a call from Carla]
Anastasia Steele: Hi, mama.
Carla: Anastasia, what’s going on? I’ve left you two messages this week.
Anastasia Steele: I know, I’m sorry. I, there, uh, I just got a little distracted.
Carla: Sorry I missed your graduation, honey. I heard it was lovely. And your new beau? Ray told me all about him, he sounds like quite a young man. Of course, I would’ve preferred to have heard about him from you.
Anastasia Steele: Ana starts crying
Carla: Ana? What’s the matter?
Anastasia Steele: Nothing, I’m fine.
Carla: Is he not making you happy?
Anastasia Steele: He is, yeah. Most of the time, yeah. It’s complicated.
Carla: Listen, honey, if you need a break, you just come right on down here. Even if it’s for a day or two. I have air miles, so we could talk and have girl time. Promise me you’ll think about it?
Anastasia Steele: Yeah, I promise. I promise. I love you, mama.
Carla: I love you too, darling.
Anastasia Steele: I got to go. Bye.


Kate: Looks like you and Grey did some celebration last night.
[Ana laughs]
Kate: Is he still asleep?
Anastasia Steele: Uh, no, he couldn’t stay.
Kate: Whose car keys are those then?
Anastasia Steele: Those are my keys.
Kate: Wow, Ana.
Anastasia Steele: What?
Kate: Nothing, he just… Make sure you’re taking it at your own pace, okay?
Anastasia Steele: I am, I am. I got to go.
Kate: Where are you going?
[Ana smiles and leaves the apartment]


[Ana’s is in Christian’s apartment when she picks up the newspaper which has the photo taken of her with Christian]
Anastasia Steele: Look at this.
Christian Grey: I’ve seen it. It’s not a bad picture.
Anastasia Steele: “Christian Grey with friend.” Says we’re friends.
Christian Grey: Well it must be true, if it’s in the paper.
Anastasia Steele: Mm.
Christian Grey: So how did it go with Dr. Greene?
Anastasia Steele: It was fine. But she said that I have to abstain from all sexual activity for four weeks. You know, after I start the pill.
Christian Grey: What?
Anastasia Steele: I’m just kidding.
[Ana smiles]


[Christian starts kissing her and lays her down on the couch]
Christian Grey: I want to take you to my playroom.
Anastasia Steele: But I haven’t signed the contract.
Christian Grey: I’m well aware. Call it due diligence.
Anastasia Steele: Okay.
[Christian and Ana stand outside his playroom holding hands]
Christian Grey: You ready?
[Ana nods her head, Christian unlocks his playroom and they enter]


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