By Gulal Singh (Mumbai)



This film is an insane ride that doesn’t seem to end until the very last 2 minutes. It’s a story about two friends who intend to host a bare knuckle fighting club in hopes to create a cult which has the ultimate goal of disrupting society by bringing down capitalistic America. Yeah, I know, it sounds over the top but that’s not the only mind boggling thing about the plot. Fight Club’s purpose is to leave the viewer in astonishment as they are never really prepared for what the climax has to offer. Tyler Durden the protagonist of the film is not your usual salesman, he’s a ripped-junkie who also happens to be a terrorist. David Fincher has really hit it out of the park in this one because the grimy setting that surrounds the characters makes this movie really fascinating and addictive, it’s almost like you can’t miss a single frame and once you’re done with it you begin using the character’s philosophy in your own life. It has all the elements needed for an engrossing, mysterious thriller.

Capitalism seems to be the main drive for the Tyler in this film. He loathes it and can’t continue living in this consumerism world. He is in search for something that can make him feel alive and forget about all the pain he gets from his job and people around him. Edward Norton who plays the unnamed narrator in this epic is spot on. He’s funny, convincing and really exceptional. Especially when he is in a scene with Brad Pitt. Their discussions are enlightening and their chemistry is just magical probably making them the most iconic duo in cinematic history!

The world in this film is very much the reality of today that most of us tend to deny. The film attempts to leap out of the screen and also cause you to introspect in your own life. It is based on a book which offers an honest take on capitalism and its harsh reality. Hence I think this film has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Obviously, it doesn’t justify all the radicalism that the characters in the film spread, but it helps you understand it. The film isn’t restricted to the screen, in fact a lot of the times narrative style of direction and some scenes make it feel like the film is directly addressing you. It makes the viewer more engrossed and fell included.

Now I know I can’t stop praising this movie but it is still far from perfect. I have really big issue with all the fight scenes. I find them under- developed and unsatisfactory. The dark lighting and wavery cinematography ruin the bare-knuckle battles. It annoys me and gets under my skin because I know for a fact that if the fight scenes were even a tad bit better the film would have almost been perfect.

Well, despite that irritation there is really nothing more negative I have to say about this film. Fight Club is a grubby and action packed tail that makes you wonder and question society and its flaws. I loved it. Probably the best David Fincher movie, also the best Brad Pitt movie. Action, comedy, enigma, what’s not to like.

Rating: 4.5/5



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