Starring: Florence Pugh, Jack Lowden, Nick Frost, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn, Dwayne Johnson, James Burrows, Thea Trinidad, Kim Matula, Aqueela Zoll, Ellie Gonsalves, Stephen Merchant


Bio-comedy drama based on a true story written and directed by Stephen Merchant. The story centers on reformed gangster Ricky Knight (Nick Frost), his wife, Julia (Lena Headey), their daughter, Paige (Florence Pugh), and son, Zak (Jack Lowden), as they make a living wrestling together in tiny venues.

When Paige and Zak get the opportunity to try out for WWE, the family grabs a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn their wildest dreams into a dazzling future. However, brother and sister quickly discover that to become superstars, both their talent and their relationship will be put to the test.



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[as Zack is wrestle fighting with Paige]
Ricky Knight: Zak, what the bloody hell do you think you’re doing? If you really want to choke her out, then lock your fingers.
Zak: Yeah.
Ricky Knight: Now pull it tight.
[Zak pulls in his arms around Paige’s neck]
Ricky Knight: Oh, yeah. Now she’s in trouble.


Townie #1: Okay, I know you. You’re from that weird family, aren’t you?
Paige: We’re not weird.
Townie #1: We don’t like wrestling.
Hannah: How do you know if you’ve never been?
Townie #1: I’ve never had rectal bleeding before, but I’m pretty sure I’m not a fan of that.
Paige: How about I shove her head up your ass and we can find out?


Paige: Hello?
Hutch: My name is Hutch Morgan, I’m calling from WWE. We’d like both of you to come try out for us.
[every around the table jumps in excitement]
Woman: It’s all fake anyway, isn’t it?
Ricky Knight: Say what?


Paige: This is our shot, Zak.
Zak: I know.


[as they bump into Dwayne Johnson]
Dwayne Johnson: Sorry about that.
Paige: That’s The Rock! We’re huge fans.
Dwayne Johnson: Thank you so much.
Zak: What advice would you give us? We want to be the next you.
Dwayne Johnson: What are your names again?
Paige: My name…
Dwayne Johnson: It doesn’t matter what your names are! You walk around here interrupting The Rock!
[to Paige]
Dwayne Johnson: You’re like you haven’t seen the sun in twenty years!
[to Zak]
Dwayne Johnson: You’re like you just stepped out of Oliver Twist!
[in a mocking English accent]
Dwayne Johnson: “Please, sir. May I have some more advice, sir?” You want some advice? Here’s The Rock’s advice! Shut your mouth!
[he turns and starts walking off]
Zak: Thanks, Dwayne.
Dwayne Johnson: Got it.


Hutch: Good morning, wrestling nerds. This is where we see whether or not you get to go on the WWE.


Hutch: Why do you want to wrestle?
Zak: I’m the toughest bastard in any room. Probably shouldn’t swear, not when there’s ladies present.
[turns to the short guy with long hair next to him]
Zak: Sorry, miss. I’m sorry about that.


Hutch: If I call your name, that means you’ll be coming with me to Florida. Paige.
[to the rest of the group
Hutch: Thank you all very much.


Paige: You have to take my brother. No one deserves this more than Zak.
Hutch: I wish you the best, son, but this is the end of the line for you.


Zak: [to Paige] You’re not just doing this for you, you’re doing it for the family.


Zak: Do you know what it’s like to want one thing in life, and then your own sister just takes it away from you?
Paige: It was my dream too!


Paige: I have no idea who I’m supposed to be out there.


Dwayne Johnson: Paige, I myself have come from a wrestling family too. I know exactly what it means to you. But don’t worry about being the next me, be the first you.


[answers his phone]
Ricky Knight: What?
Dwayne Johnson: It’s Dwayne Johnson. How are you?
Ricky Knight: Prove it.
Dwayne Johnson: If you smell what The Rock is cooking!
Ricky Knight: Yeah, and I’m Vin Diesel, mate.
[he hangs up; to Dwayne]
Paige: I’m sorry.


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