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The thing that I think I love about film is to be able to transport myself into a different world or life for an hour or two, clear my head and have some fun. They say anything can happen in the movies, but unfortunately this amazing quality sometimes can take us out of the movie as fast as it can leave us with some timeless moments, for Will Smith’s new film, Focus, this is just the case.

Despite how charismatic Will Smith is his performance in this was just a rehash of his same punk attitude and quick-witted one liners that I did not find funny. The writing in this movie was bad. I feel like they tried to throw in these ridiculous stats to make it believable but it just made it stupid. The chemistry between Margot Robbie and Will Smith was stale and bland, which makes me a worried about Suicide Squad even more.

This film really did not impress me, but I will say this, the general story line minus the BS stats, the poor performances, and the chemistry between Robbie and Smith kept me wanting to stay and find out if it was as predictable as I thought it was, which it is with one twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.

If you are a fan of either actor I could see how you could dig this movie, or if you looking to watch some mindless fun with absolutely no substance, I could also see how someone could like this. Me personally, I compare some of these theatrics to Steven Seagal using a two liter bottle as a silencer, just over the top stupidity that I didn’t find fun at all.

I give Focus a 4 out of 10. I’m nervous about SUICIDE SQUAD!!!!!!!!

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