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[Nicky motions for his driver to pull over]
Jess: What’s going on? Why are we pulling over? Nicky?
[Nicky gives her share of the cash]
Jess: What is this?
Nicky: It’s eighty. The job is over. You did great.
Jess: You’re kidding, right? You’re…?
[to the driver]
Nicky: Take her to the airport.
Jess: No, I’m not going to the airport.
[Nicky gets out of the car]
Jess: Wait, can you just talk to me? Can you just…
Nicky: I’m sorry.
Jess: Nicky?
Nicky: You did great. You did great.
Jess: What’s going on? Answer me!
[Nicky closes the car door and walks over the car pulled up behind them]
Jess: Nicky! Shit.
[the driver starts pulling away, heartbroken Jess begins to cry]


[three years later in Buenos Aires; racer and billionaire Garriga is watching Nicky from a distance on the race tracks]
Garriga: I wasn’t expecting such a kind face.
Owens: The tech says his gizmo checks out. But in all candor, I don’t like this. And I don’t like him.
Garriga: Why?
Owens: He’s a con man, sir.
Garriga: That’s the point.
Owens: I keep my Beretta well-fed.
[Owens turns to leave]
Garriga: Owens, why do you have to be so dramatic? Invite him to lunch.


[Garriga meets Nicky for lunch]
Garriga: You are a man known for great skills of persuasion and deception. You were very hard for me to find. Why did you take my offer?
Nicky: Went broke.
[referring to the race car that speeds by on the race tracks]
Garriga: My car. Forty million euro in R&D, easily. McEwen, Rahal, Lotus. Any team in any class, they spend half of that. But I have something none of them have.
Nicky: A fuel-burn algorithm.
Garriga: Yes. The EXR. They all want it. It’s legal. And my engineers promise it guarantees me a win. That’s not enough for me. This year McEwen is the only team standing in my way. That is why I wanted you. So…
Owens: This needs to be discreet, it needs to be safe. No holes.


Nicky: I will pose as a disgruntled team engineer of yours offering to sell the EXR to McEwen. What I will give him is a fake. It doesn’t really do anything, just gives false readings to their instruments. It will mislead the driver enough that you’ll have a slight added edge. A third of a second every few laps. Imperceptible.
Owens: Just because the techs say that it checks out what makes you think you can convince them that you’re absolutely real? That you’re…that you’re totally authentic? You can’t be dicking around here, boy.
Nicky: You don’t need to worry about me, I’m extremely well researched. We’ll proceed as planned, starting at the kickoff party tonight.
Garriga: Okay.
Nicky: I’ll be seen drinking and boisterous and disgruntled. I will approach you in full view of McEwen. An argument will ensue, I will throw my drink, I will shove you, if that’s okay with you?
Garriga: It’s okay.
Nicky: I’d be very surprised if McEwen didn’t approach me right there, but if not, I will contact him.
Garriga: Good.


Nicky: Whatever he’s willing to pay me, I will be keeping one hundred percent for myself on top of the one million from you.
Garriga: Do we have a deal?
Nicky: Yes, Mr. Garriga, we have a deal.
Garriga: That’s great.
[Nicky rises and shakes Garriga’s hand]
Nicky: Appreciate your time.
Garriga: Thank you.
Nicky: I’ll see you tonight.
[Nicky leaves]
Owens: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Garriga: Drama. I’m excited.


[Nicky goes to a party at Garriga’s place and goes to the bar]
Nicky: Do you speak English?
Marcello: Yes, absolutely. Yeah, but you speak…
Nicky: Oh, no, no, no, no.
Marcello: …good Spanish. Oh, yes.
Nicky: Oh, why, thank you, thank you. Um…
Marcello: Okay.
Nicky: Look, I’m here tonight for business and I am a recovering alcoholic. So when I ask you for a vodka martini on the rocks, if you could give me water with olives that would be fantastic.
Marcello: Great decision, sir.
Nicky: Thank you.
Marcello: Wise.


[later at the party Nicky is talking to a group of people acting like he’s drunk]
Nicky: And the thing is, I don’t even drink. That man got me drinking again.
[we see Nicky ordering a drink from the same bartender]
Marcello: Okay. Vodka martini on the rocks.
Nicky: On the rocks.
[back to Nicky talking to another group]
Nicky: I wonder if “Garriga” is Spanish for “thief.”
[back at the bar with Nicky ordering another drink]
Marcello: Oh, my God, what a drinker!
[back to Nicky talking with different set of people]
Nicky: Who the fuck put a couch full of women in the middle of this place?
[then later acting really drunk Nicky starts shouting]
Nicky: Hey! Where are the black people?!


[still acting drunk Nicky points to Garriga and shouts]
Nicky: There he is, right there, the Commander in Thief! But I guess you can do what you want when you’re a rich prick!
Pretty Woman: Maybe you should slow down a little.focus-8
Nicky: No. No, no. I just wanna talk to the man and this is a free country. Buenos Aires is a free country, right?
Pretty Woman: No, Buenos Aires is a city.
Nicky: Okay. I’m gonna go over there.
[Nicky starts walking over to Garriga]
Nicky: Hey! Hey!
[suddenly he sees Jess descending the staircase looking beautiful in a red dress, she goes to Garriga and kisses him]


[still shocked from seeing Jess, Nicky is standing on the balcony when Jess walks over to him]
Jess: Well, hello.
Nicky: Hey. Hello.
Jess: God, it’s been a long time.
Nicky: So you…? You’re here with, uh…?
Jess: Rafael?
Nicky: Yeah.
Jess: Yeah, he, um…he owns one of the teams, so…
Nicky: Is he a mark?
Jess: No, we’re together. Have been for a long time. I’m out of the game.


Nicky: Jess, um… Alright. Uh, about New Orleans, and just…
Jess: Oh, Nicky. No. I really don’t need an explanation. I mean, if anything, I should be thanking you. You did me a favor.
Nicky: Well, that’s fantastic.
Jess: He’s probably wondering where I am. Take care of yourself, okay?
Nicky: You too. Be well.
Jess: Um, Nicky. He doesn’t know about my past, so you don’t know me. Okay?
Nicky: Okay.
Jess: Thank you.
Nicky: You’re welcome.
[Jess turns and leaves; to himself]
Nicky: Alcohol.


[Nicky walks over to the bar]
Nicky: Can I get a vodka, please?
Bartender: Sure.
[the bartender pours him the drink and gives it to Nicky]
Nicky: This is water.
Bartender: No, sir, it’s vodka.
Nicky: It’s water.
Bartender: Sir, I know who you are. Marcello told me about you and your condition, so back off.
[Nicky sees Marcello at the other bar and he gives him a thumbs up]
Nicky: Alright, you’re kidding.


[Nicky is sat in a back room drinking when Owens finds him]
Owens: Are you drunk?
[Nicky doesn’t reply]
Owens: Mr. Garriga is not a guy you wanna cross. Me neither. Now just what part of the plan calls for a tray full of appletinis? Pledging a sorority?
Nicky: Mm. I’m just rethinking the plan a little bit.
Owens: Goddamn prima-donna delicate-science bullshit. You are not splitting atoms here, pal. This ain’t CERN, just do what you’re being paid to do. Shitheel.
[Owens leaves]


[Nicky walks over to Garriga, who’s holding Jess in his arms and kissing her]
Nicky: Hey! Garriga!
Jess: Oh, God.
Garriga: Don’t worry, it’s just a disgruntled engineer.
[he walks over to Nicky]
Garriga: I expect you have something to say to me.
[Nicky suddenly punches him in the face]
Garriga: Ow!
Jess: Oh, my God.
Owens: Oh, shit.
[Nicky continues to punch Garriga and McEwen notices them]
Garriga: Why are you punching?
Nicky: You stole from me! Nobody steals from me!
[Owens pulls Nicky off of Garriga]
Nicky: I am such a disgruntled engineer!
Garriga: Get him out of here!
Owens: Yes, sir.
Garriga: Out! Get out!


[as he drags Nicky out of Garriga’s party]
Owens: Oversold it a bit, didn’t you?
Nicky: I was just caught up in the moment.
[to the security guards]
Owens: Get him out. Get rid of him.
[to the guests]
Garriga: It’s okay. I’m good. Go back to the party.
Jess: Are you okay?
Garriga: Yeah, I’m okay.
Jess: What the hell was that?
Garriga: The racing business, cariño.
Jess: Jesus.
Garriga: That’s all.


[as he’s being dragged out of Garriga’s the party by the security guards]
Nicky: Wait a minute. You can’t throw me out, I’m staying in this hotel.
Security Guard: Let me see your keys.
[Nicky shows them his keys, they let him go and walk away]
Nicky: Thank you.
[as Nicky is lying on the ground another McEwen’s man walks over to him]
Gordon: Mr. McEwen would like to have lunch. Information is on the card.
[he throws the card at Nicky and walks away; to himself]
Nicky: I still got it.


[the next morning sat on his balcony with McEwen, Nicky watches Jess down by the pool walking over to Garriga and kissing him]
McEwen: You ever heard of Udo Pappenphus?
[Nicky doesn’t reply as he continues to watch Jess]
McEwen: What the fuck are you looking at?
Nicky: Nothing. I’m sorry, I’m, uh…
McEwen: Udo Pappenphus was an engineer for Ferrari for many years. Fucking brilliant. One day, Udo Pappenphus was found behind a berm with his throat cut. Udo, he was that prick Garriga’s man.


Nicky: I want three million euro.focus-9
McEwen: Well, fuck. Jesus.
Nicky: It’s the EXR.
McEwen: The EXR. You’re Father fucking Christmas to me, mate. I’m gonna need to see some proof. You understand? Proof.
[Nicky gets distracted again watching Jess with Garriga]
McEwen: What the fuck are you looking at, mate?
Nicky: Nothing, just repeat what you said.
McEwen: What, the pool go Euro?
[McEwen walks over to where Nicky is sat on the balcony and looks down]
McEwen: Gordon! Get me fucking field glasses, mate. They’re on the…on the thing.


[pointing down to Jess]
McEwen: Oh, yeah. She is a beauty. I love these race skanks.
Nicky: She’s not a race skank.
McEwen: Course she’s a fucking race skank, the town’s lousy with them.
Nicky: Can we get back to business? Please.
McEwen: She’s a little small on top for my taste, but who cares.
Nicky: One man’s small is another man’s perfection. It’s like a “breasts are a subjective opinion” topic.
McEwen: Maybe if you’re booking a fashion show, mate. I’m talking about fucking slapping balls, mate.
Nicky: Do you…do you want the thing or not?
McEwen: I’m gonna need to see proof.
Nicky: I’ll contact you.


[Nicky turns up at the hotel bar at the same time as Jess orders her drink]
Nicky: And a vodka and cranberry, please.
[to Jess]
Nicky: Hey, you need to put some clothes on.
Jess: Excuse me?
Nicky: There’s Australian people here.
Jess: What is that supposed to mean?
Nicky: I’m just saying, Jess. They shipped all those people down there for a reason.
Jess: Okay.


[as Nicky sits next to her at the bar to have his drink]
Jess: Woh, what…? You don’t know me, remember?
Nicky: Oh.
Jess: And what was that last night? Was that about me?
Nicky: Please. No.
Jess: Are you working an angle on Rafael?
Nicky: No, Jess. I’m working for him. But I wouldn’t trust him if I were you.
Jess: But I should trust you?
Nicky: Alright, Jess.
Jess: That’s interesting.
Nicky: Okay. Jess, come on.


[Jess gets up to leave]
Jess: Nicky, if Rafael sees us together, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, okay? He’s the jealous type. You need to stay away from me.
[Jess starts walking away]
Nicky: Fuck Rafael.
Jess: And, Nicky?
[Nicky looks at her]
Jess: You’re still an easy lift.
[she throws him his wallet that she’d just lifted from him]
Nicky: Stop touching my shit, Jess.


[on the race tracks McEwen is testing out the Garriga’s EXR that Nicky has just given him]
McEwen: Well?
McEwen Tech: Looks credible.
[to Nicky]
McEwen: Three million, eh?
Nicky: Yes, sir. I can have the complete package in forty-eight hours. Codes, documentation and analysis.
McEwen: No worries, mate. No worries. So, what’s next?
Nicky: Wait for my call.


[Jess walks into a clothes shop]
Jess: Hola.
Saleswoman: Hola. Señor Garriga’s assistant called. She pulled a few things she said you might like.
Jess: Great.
[after she leaves the shop she sees a woman drop her bag before getting on the bus, Jess picks up the bag and goes to give it to her but the bus leaves]
Jess: Sorry, Miss? You…you forgot…your bag.
[when Jess goes to the woman’s building to return the bag she finds Nicky waiting for her]
Nicky: You really should be more aware.
Jess: Oh, God. Seriously?


[later Jess is sat down having a drink with Nicky]
Jess: Malbec?
Nicky: Yes, it is. Where’d you learn that?
Jess: It’s all they drink here, and it says it on the label.
[she gives him a small smile]
Jess: You know, Nicky, I’ve been thinking about all this.
Nicky: And?
Jess: And, um…Nicky.
Nicky: Let me have it.
Jess: Nicky, if we just ran. If we just…you know, if I could slip away or if we could…
Nicky: Yes.
Jess: Can we just…?
Nicky: Whatever, yes.
Jess: I can’t. I can’t, I’m sorry.


[Jess gets up to leave]
Nicky: Wait, wait, wait. Wait, Jess. Whatever you want. I can keep you safe.
Jess: Nicky.
Nicky: Come on, Jess.
Jess: Nicky, you taught me so much. But I’ve learned a lot since then. And I’d really like to show you all the things I’ve learned.
[she leans into Nicky and touches her mouth to his]
Jess: Like how I learned how to play men, like I just played you.
[Nicky looks taken aback]
Jess: How does it feel?
Nicky: Wow.
Jess: Yeah.
Nicky: Oh.
Jess: Wow.


Jess: I think you’re losing it. That was pathetic. I’ll keep you safe? What was that?
Nicky: That was a…
Jess: Does that work? Does that get you laid?
Nicky: Hey, that was not a line.
Jess: I’m not falling for your shit again.
Nicky: Don’t…
Jess: Okay? And I’m very happy.
[she turns and starts walking away]
Nicky: So stay away from me.


[Nicky picks up Farhad from the airport]
Farhad: Hey, let’s get a steak.
Nicky: A steak? It’s nine in the morning.
Farhad: Take that up with God.
Nicky: How was the flight?
Farhad: Jesus Christ. They had me squeezed between two fat guys.
Nicky: It sounds like you’re complaining and you shouldn’t be, because I’m giving you a cut.
Farhad: Alright, where’s this going down?


[Nicky pulls up outside a market]
Nicky: You got the piece?
Farhad: It’s in my bag. Can you get it? I’m too fat to reach it.
[Nicky gets the bag]
Farhad: Watch this. Nothing but net.
[Farhad opens the car door to get out but falls down]
Nicky: Ah, fuck. You alright?
Farhad: Yeah.
Nicky: Alright?


[inside the market Farhad walks over to Jess, who’s sat down at a cafe reading]
Farhad: Hey, there.
Nicky: Farhad? Hi! How are you?
[she hugs him]
Nicky: God, look at you! You’ve lost so much weight.
Farhad: I did a cleanse.
Nicky: You here with Nicky?
Farhad: Sort of.
Nicky: Do you mind?
Farhad: Please.


[in his car, Nicky watches Farhad having coffee with Jess in the market]
Farhad: You must be really turned on by all these beautiful women here.
Jess: I…I suppose.
Farhad: You do more than suppose.focus-10
Jess: What does that mean?
[he sticks his tongue out and waggles it]
Jess: Oh, dear God.
Farhad: I’m just saying.
Jess: Please, never make that face again. I don’t even want to know what that means.
Farhad: Oh, I think we do.
[Farhad chuckles]
Jess: I think we don’t. God, I missed you.


Farhad: It’s alright, everybody knows you’re a lesbian. It’s completely fine.
Jess: Who knows I’m a lesbian?
Farhad: It’s especially fine to me.
Jess: Where are you getting this from?
Farhad: Every other time you speak, I smell a vagina.
[Jess laughs in shock]
Jess: It’s not true.
Farhad: That’s not a bad thing, believe me.
Jess: Oh, Jesus.
Farhad: Okay, alright.
[Farhad gives her a knowing wink making Jess laugh]


Farhad: Listen, you got Nicky all nuts.
Jess: I do?
Farhad: Yeah.
Jess: Good.
Farhad: I’ve never seen him like this. You know, he’s barely worked since New Orleans.
Jess: Seriously?
Farhad: I know he’s an asshole. I mean, a really big asshole.
Jess: Yeah.
Farhad: He should’ve handled it better. But he’s my friend, and I’m gonna bat for him. So can you give him a break?


Jess: I don’t care what Nicky told you, I’m not falling for this shit.
Farhad: I don’t think you got that right. He seems different now, and I’ve known him a long time.
Jess: How do I know that?
[Farhad places a black box on the table]
Jess: What is that?
Farhad: It’s an orange.
[he bites into an orange; Jess opens the black box to reveal the necklace she’d liked in New Orleans]
Farhad: He kept it for you all this time.
[Jess nods her head]
Farhad: Flea market!
Jess: Shit.


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